• http://www.seoskeptic.com/ Aaron Bradley

    Great article Brian. My forehead has indeed suffered from much banging as a result of propelling landing page improvements forward (or – much forehead pain – from *failing* to make progress with landing pages). But that’s what analgesics are for, right? Because as you point out, you must indeed be prepared to fight these battles, even if you can’t win ’em all.

  • http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey

    “HEAD ON! Apply directly to the forehead!”

    Aaron, you brought this classic ad to mind. Thanks for the comment.

  • Leah Kinthaert

    thanks for the article. Would have been great to see some “good” examples as this tells us what a “bad” landing page has.

  • Jeremy Arnone

    Good stuff, Brian. Agree that testing is usually the best response to, ahem, creative suggestions or pushback. That a senior-level sponsor who helps ensure the tests get discussed, prioritized, and recapped post test. Often it takes just a couple of wins to show the $ value of optimization, at which point it’s the status-quo that gets defensive.

  • http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey


    You point about having a senior-level sponsor is a great one, for internal and external marketing people. We always gauge the success of a project on the quality of our champion.

  • http://adpearance.com renbyrd

    I agree with most of what you’re saying, Brian, but I have to add one note: social media integration on event-based landing pages are effective. We recently tested this on a client (a casino) by plugging in a comment wall with a prompt (such as, “Which George Benson song is your favorite?”) and saw a spike in the amount of Buy Ticket clicks. Thought you would be interested in that data.