• garsidestephen@yahoo.com

    I agree that a landing page should be interesting and compelling, but the 3.0 example you talk about could be misleading. A landing page can look as flashy as you like, but if you are relying on organic SEO then serious considration still needs to be given to the text based content. To me, its like opening a new store on a back street – you could spend thousands on making it look great, but if no one can find it you are wasting your time (and money). As you point out – a balance between well structured content and some compelling marketing media is always a good approach

  • Scott Brinker

    I agree completely. The example I gave is definitely not intended as a “all landing pages should do this” recommendation. Instead, it’s an example how marketers should build post-click experiences that serve their audience in a specific campaign — without feeling constrained by a universal set of “best practices.”

  • http://www.astoundcommerce.com A.C.

    People browsing skills evolve just as fast as the Internet itself. They don’t spend as much time on reading and getting to the sale point as they used to that’s why visual tools like infographics become more and more popular among content developers. No wonder landing pages are leaning towards visualization as well. The ecommerce competition is getting tougher so marketers will have no choice but become more creative.