• http://www.visionefx.net Rick Vidallon

    Google Local Places needs to clean up it’s act first before encouraging businesses to use Google Plus in combination with Google Local Places. While Google does a great job for returning mapped results for local businesses and vetting whether a business actually exists, Google does little to nothing for the ‘hundreds’ of fake reviews (both positive and negative reviews) posted for businesses in Google Local Places.

    I cannot encourage my website clients to use Google Plus & Google Local Places to expand their reach when so little is done to clean-up the phony review process.

    At the bare minimum, Google should require a user who is posting a good or bad review to have a valid, vetted account on some other website? Or maybe a mobile phone check?

  • http://www.eBizROI.com Rick

    Funny that my comment is almost completely counter to the Rick’s comment (funny because my name is Rick too ?;-) which is that legitimate reviews left by satisfied customers with active Google accounts seem to disappear or never appear at all. Some have entered the same review more than once to only have it disappear, costing me good will with those accounts and to no end benefit for the our business. I guess going forward, we will move to leverage reviews on other local review sites (Yelp, Yellow Pages Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, etc.) and live with the remaining 7 Google Places reviews that remain on my Google Places profile. Love them or hate them, if you are an Internet marketer, you have to pay attention to Google and leverage the tools like Google+ which will continue to increase in prominence in the Google search results.