• http://www.resourceshelf.com gary price

    Thanks for the intro and overview Greg!

    A related-database (a variation on a theme?) that comes to mind for “attorney research” comes from Thomson/Findlaw and is called the Thomson Legal Record

    Thomson Legal Record is a unique research tool, combining an attorney’s litigation history on Westlaw with the attorney’s profile on FindLaw…he profile contains biographical information, background on litigation experience and areas of practice, links to the attorney’s Web site and published works, and much more.

    What’s also useful is that now, the primary documents posted in the FindLaw News Document Archive often contain direct links to profile pages for the attorney’s/firms involved.


  • queen_of_hearts

    I like the concept but I am a little uncertain as to how the client rating aspect will work. Too much margin for manipulation?

  • http://www.lawguru.com/ LawGuru

    With respect to the Avvo ratings scheme is not being transparent enough, LawGuru allows you to make your own determination regarding whether or not an attorney is right for you based on the quality of their replies to legal questions.

  • Henry

    It seems Avvo wants to rate every Attorney, but perhaps not every attorney wants to be rated. They really need to rethink their rating plan, as LawSuits seems to be headed their way. LawGuru.com is miles ahead by having a strong user base ready to ask questions and active attorneys ready to answer.