• heidi123

    “…Both Duane and Matt said that articles syndicated hundreds of times across the web just don’t provide valuable links and in any case, they aren’t editorially given. Duane made things simple: “don’t do the article marketing stuff….”

    Good bye article marketing…here’s to guest blogging!

    Does this mean all the links from ezinearticles, goarticles, etc are no longer valid and we should re-purpose this content?

  • http://www.Blippitt.com Chris Monty

    This is great information, but it leaves a few questions unanswered. On our site, we post in-depth news stories, as well as viral videos. On the viral video posts, we post a line or two of commentary along with the video and then embed said video.

    Should we now go back and add that “noindex” tag on thousands of viral video posts, or does Google view the YouTube video itself as content and we shouldn’t worry about it?

    Are those “thin” video posts dragging down the rest of the news stories on our site?

  • http://searchengineland.com Jonathan Hochman

    Cloaking for search friendly URLs… Huh?

    Why would anybody do this? If you want to beautify URLs, use Apache’s mod_rewrite’s silent rewriting feature. Apache convert the user-friendly URL to a parameterized url based on pattern matching. This happens behind the scenes, without any redirects. The same processing works for both users and search engines, no cloaking at all.

  • SEO 33

    \Google’s Maile Ohye recommended using a on the pages until they have unique and high-quality content on them\
    Why Google always assumes that all site owners are technicaly sofisticated and SEO savy.

  • http://lilwayne-brasil.blogspot.com/ Mário Luan

    I didn’t have the chance to be on SMX, but I’m pleased that you’ve took your time to write down your thoughts on the event. Thanks!

  • http://wefollow.com/EasternEngland Easyroute holidays

    I had read I think on the Google Blog that metrics like bounce rate would be a factor in the algo deciding on quality, was this discussed at SMX at all?

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    @Jonathan: ” If you want to beautify URLs, use Apache’s mod_rewrite’s silent rewriting feature”

    Not everyone has that capability.

  • http://www.razordriven.com Logan Flatt

    @Michael Martinez – “Not everyone has that capability.”

    Well, they need to develop that capability — use of .htaccess is invaluable for good SEO and searcher usability.

  • http://tysonbailey.com tysondbailey

    I didn’t have a chance to make it this year. I loved the post though. Especially low crawl rate, low quality content, and the little impact of links in Press Releases. I also enjoyed hearing about SEOmoz getting it wrong with retweets. Good stuff.

  • http://www.nua.ie Mick Russotti

    “Only reconsideration requests from sites that have a manual penalty are routed to Googlers for evaluation.”

    I’d like to know what happens to the many requests Google gets from web masters who think they have a penalty but do not.

    Do they get the same reply that penalised websites get or are they informed that they are not penalised?

  • http://www.Blippitt.com Chris Monty

    “Links in tweets is not currently part of Google’s rankings”…emphasis on LINKS…but what about brand name mentions on Twitter? I think they’re indirectly dropping a hint here.

  • http://www.videojug.com Robert Reeve

    I wonder whether the Panda update will have an affect on their own properties such as YouTube? Many companies use Youtube (for video) in a similar fashion to ezinearticles, hubpages, and suite101 for their article distribution. Basically, will Youtube be affected by this change as ultimately they have a large number of videos that are duplicated copies of the content provider. Will Youtube stop showing up above the actual content provider? My guess is “no”.

  • http://www.TheAlternativeToAttorneys.com/ A.A.

    I still haven’t figured Google out, and although there was a lot of good content here, I’m not sure it will help. I’ll stick with Yahoo!

  • Darin Walker

    Policing content is something Google should NOT do. Policing RELEVANCY IS! Lets not forget that Google is using an automated system to tell everyone else NOT to use automated systems. Google is rolling out it’s value system for us. Here comes the will of God, as Google sees it!

  • http://twitter.com/BarefootNomads Micki & Charles

    Thanks for this Jonathan. Wasn’t aware of this, and was a little concerned about using something like GoCodes or PrettyLink on some of our non-travel blog sites.  Will look into this, but as Michael says below, it may be too “technical” a solution for us.