I agree. I am actually the sole marketing employee for a B2B company. I started about a month ago, straight out of college. Most of this company’s SEO and SEM has been done by the engineers who work here – the problem? All they have done is racked up an insane AdWords bill. In less than a month I have been able to get our site ranked in organic searches and cut our AdWords bill in half! But thanks for this post, you’ve certainly provided me with some more tips to try to make this less than sexy industry a bit more appealing!

  • http://www.helpdesktechnologies.biz Shadab Malik

    Thanks for an eye-opening article. I recently have got a project to handle but this is a B2C. Do you think both the models would work on the same principles as you have mentioned above?

  • http://www.francis-seo.com Galen De Young

    Shadab, the issues apply to B2C as well. B2B companies, however, seem to be behind the curve in terms of adopting SEO. When they do adopt SEO, they often struggle with how to “create” the necessary content. B2C marketers tend to create a lot more marketing content on an ongoing basis, so they don’t typically struggle with lack of content for SEO as much as their B2B counterparts do.