All Things SEO covers a variety of topics related to improving website visibility in the natural (free or unpaid) listings of search engine results pages by employing the best practices for organic search engine optimization (SEO). Columnists share technical expertise on how to build search engine friendly websites, how to use search engine tools and webmaster dashboards, how to avoid common SEO problems such as duplicate content and spam penalties, plus SEO advice from a marketing perspective, opinion and commentary about algorithmic shifts in the search engine industry.

Can Bing Be More Competitive In Search?

bing-satori-knowledge2-featured Recently, Nathan Safran wrote a piece titled, "The Bing Dilemma: What To Do With The Little Search Engine That Can't." In it, he posits that everything Bing has done in the past to grab market share is not working, partly because people are so used to using Google that any hope of capturing market share from the #1 player is an impossible dream. He suggests that, since the online division has been "bleeding rivers of cash with little to show for it" for many years, it might be time for Bing to give up altogether. I would grant Bing a little more gravitas and a little more time. With new [...]

Lessons From Google On Optimizing Your SEO

SEO Assets Strategy Dan Cobley, Google UK's Managing Director, recently revealed that Google's infamous 2007 "50 Shades of Blue" experiment involving ad links in Gmail increased revenue by $200 million a year. These results switched the balance of power from design-driven to engineering data-driven decisions, and famously led Google's top designer, Doug Bowman, to ultimately to resign in frustration. Search professionals have since observed and reported hundreds of UI experiments, and the search engine results page has gone through dozens of iterations since the days of 10 blue links. Universal Search, embedde [...]

Prioritizing SEO Strategies In 2014: Where To Focus

SEO-girl Although there may not be a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy -- due to the fact that ideal strategies will vary greatly between industries, company capabilities and business models -- one thing remains true for everyone regardless of the size of the search team: ruthless prioritization of SEO efforts remains a critical component of SEO planning tasks. Still, prioritizing SEO efforts often presents itself as a common challenge, especially for those that lack direct experience managing both SEO and analytics regularly enough to gauge the impact of potential SEO changes. Proficiency in SEO pr [...]

The Importance Of User Experience: 4 Things Every Marketer Should Know

The term "user experience" gets tossed around a lot in the online marketing world these days. We use it as a justification for many choices, especially with regards to design, development, site architecture, and content strategy. User experience is definitely here to stay, but how well do marketers really understand it? We may claim that we're making changes to a website for the purpose of improving user experience, but are we actually basing these choices on any data? In my column on Marketing Land today, I discuss several important things that online marketers ought to know about user [...]

Showing Value In 2014: SEO Attribution Deep Dive

The gap between traffic and spend for mobile devices in the UK was marked at the start of 2013 and remains under exploited.

Carefully thought out campaign attribution can show your SEO campaign’s true value to your business. Settling on a model which paints the least-wrong picture is your starting point, but pretty quickly you can make your model sing, providing real value and efficiency to your marketing budget blend.

Advanced SEO Analysis – Part 1: SEO Research & Wisdom Of The Crowd

Wisdom_of_the_Crowd A couple of years ago, I was invited to speak at the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle on the topic of SEO and competitive intelligence. It is an area of SEO I'm passionate about, not only because it is one of the most difficult things in SEO to scale and do right,  but also because it is one of the foundations of a good SEO program. Before I dive into outlining one of the advanced approaches to SEO analysis that I shared at the conference, it's important to understand the genesis of the approach. Before I was building the machine-learning algorithms behind our Enterprise SEO platform, [...]

How Google Glass Will Change Search — And What It Means For You

google-glass-local-search-featured Last week, Google officially announced that Glass will be made available for purchase to the general public by the end of the year. The impending launch of Glass is exciting, but it does present some new challenges for search marketers. Given the differences between how Google Glass handles search versus a desktop or traditional mobile device, we can predict that optimizing for search on Glass will require marketers to devise new strategies and tactics. So what exactly makes search different on Glass? And what can we, as marketers, do to prepare for the Glass invasion? To find out, che [...]

Authority Is The New Links: Reading Between The Lines Of Matt Cutts’ Guest Post Critique

guest blogging authority The SEO industry has been all aflutter over the last few weeks, ever since Matt Cutts stated that guest blogging is dead. In The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO -- a headline that is a particularly strong statement from Google's Head of Webspam -- Cutts essentially said that if you are link building by guest posting thin content across the Internet, stop. It is reasonable to conclude that Cutts' post serves as an announcement of Google's intent to crack down on those more interested in building links than quality content. Now, I hate to climb on the parse-Matt-Cutts's-every-w [...]

Google Is Not Broken

google logo - basic 570x270 In spite of what many think, Google is not broken. But wait, naysayers will say, Look at this search result, it stinks! This spammer is succeeding in ranking high, they emerged from nowhere and are now in the top three results! It's true -- there are many such examples that you can point to. Making sense of this landscape can be quite confusing, but that's what I will attempt to do in today's post. Firstly, there are two basic reasons why Google can be quite slow to address some of the problems you might find. 1. They Can Afford To Be Thoughtful And Patient Why, you ask? They have domi [...]

Single Page Websites & SEO

One Page Website SEO Single page websites are quite popular right now; I see more and more each week on sites like The Latest and Product Hunt. No doubt they look cool when filled with great fonts, graphics and transitions. But can you SEO a single-page site and rank? Google's Matt Cutts had this to say: (video autoplay) It's going to depend on what your particular area is, what the topic is, and what kind of layout you come out with. But if it works for you and for users to have that all on one page, for the most part, it should work for Google as well. I took a look at what others have to say about SEO opti [...]

From 10 Blue Links To Entity SERPs: Is Your Website Ready?

Digital Data Consumed and Processed Search is changing and along with it the landscape of search results. SERPs are more adaptive, more engaging, more informative, more interactive and more personalized. The adoption of Semantic Search- and Semantic Web-related enhanced displays in SERPs initially appeared via Yahoo and its SearchMonkey results. This was in due course followed by Google's Rich Snippets and further compounded by their Knowledge Graph initiative and its associated altered displays in SERPs.   [caption id="attachment_182631" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Digital Data Consumed and Processed[/caption [...]

Secure Search & SEO Methodology: Key Strategies & Enablers

Secure Search Brightedge Methodolgy One of the primary ways SEO changed forever in 2013 was Google's move to 100% secure search -- otherwise known as "Keyword Not Provided." SEOs long accustomed to measuring their performance at the keyword level have been forced to rethink their measurement criteria in order to prove the value of their efforts. After Google's announcement in late September 2013, SEOs may have seen charts such as the one below that show a sharp decrease in organic traffic from keywords ranked on Page 1. Yet organic visits to the site may not have actually declined; it's just that the keyword traffic data [...]

Keyword Research After The Keyword Tool, (Not Provided) & Hummingbird Apocalypse

keyword-research-apocalypse (1) It wasn't all that long ago that our world came crashing down around us. In a very short span of time, Google took keyword research and ripped out its heart and shoved it down its throat. Then, it put all our keywords through a meat grinder. Then cooked them up, ate the dish with a spoon and barfed it up on my computer screen as a new algorithm called Hummingbird. (HT to the great Bill McNeill for the use of that [slightly altered] quote.) The dust is still settling on the new algorithm, but there is no shortage of SEOs talking about the death of keywords. We are told Google changed ever [...]

Are PDFs Optimal For SEO? The Pros And Cons

seo-featured I expect that most everyone working in SEO knows that PDFs are indexable by search engines. PDFs can also appear with an authorship-rich snippet in Google SERPs. But, just because a file format can be indexed doesn't always mean that it's the ideal approach. Today, I'd like to explore the pros and cons of PDFs from an SEO perspective. The Pros Of Using PDFs There are some pros to using PDFs. Besides ease of use, they can help with indexing because these documents contain meta data, links, indexable content and authorship attributes. 1. Easy to Create PDFs can be very helpful for market [...]

Buyer Beware: 5 Tips For Spotting SEO Charlatans

buyer beware I have written numerous times on the many myths that abound in SEO. But it seems that no matter how many times I try to bust these myths wide open, they still persist. Perhaps I am fighting an uphill battle here because the world of SEO unfortunately has its fair share of charlatans who want to perpetuate the myths, keeping the customer in the dark so they can continue to make quick and dirty money with dubious SEO practices. Case in point: One of my readers, Kristin McGowan, reached out to me after receiving an automated voicemail that raised all sorts of red flags. The friendly voice i [...]

5 Not-So-Common Reconsideration Request Errors

SEO I've been struggling with a particularly difficult link cleanup project lately. On the occasion of my 100th reconsideration request (4th for this particular client), I thought it might be helpful to share five not-so-common problems that you might run into during your own link cleanup project. [Editor's note: Since this post was originally published, it's received praise from two Googlers: webmaster trends analyst John Mueller and webspam head Matt Cutts! Which just goes to show how important it is that you continue reading!] 1. Don't Block Your Pages With Robots.txt One good solution to [...]

How To Use Excel To Easily Spot SERP CTR Trends


Get better insights from your SERP Impressions Vs Clicks report with Excel wizardry for SEO content teams.

Lessons From An Accidental Tourist On The Inter-Webs

aquarium lp I live in a double bubble when it comes to my perceptions of how "America" uses the Internet. The first bubble I live in is Silicon Valley, where the latest venture-funded "SoMoLo" website always seems more important than, say, The second is my profession of internet marketing, where we obsess about every pixel of real estate on a website in an effort to drive increasingly more efficient conversions and ROI. This week, I stepped out of both of these bubbles by taking a family vacation to Tampa and Orlando. My experience with numerous travel planning websites has been a great re [...]

Secrets Of Successful Enterprise SEO Part 2: Building A Winning Team

winning-race-featured In the first part of this series, I outlined a powerful method used by successful enterprise SEOs to tackle the challenge of enterprise SEO. While operational planning is critical to get in place, the best laid plans are useless unless you can execute on them. In this second part, I would like to share another secret of highly effective enterprise SEOs that I've learned over the years while working with many of the largest and most successful enterprises in the world: their unique perspective on developing a "winning team." Surprise -- it's not about hiring the best SEO talent out there to [...]

WMT: Google Gets Personal With SEOs?

wmt Christmas morning, I got something I never expected: a personal email from Google. And it truly felt like a gift! Right out of bed, I had my 3 cans of Red Bull and checked my messages, as usual. Initially, I wasn't surprised to see that I had an email from Google. I figured it was an automated message about profile linking or something like that. But I was wrong. The email was actually from one of Google's Webmaster Trends analysts. He was contacting me about a rankings situation -- in smartphone rankings -- for one of my brand's domains! But don't confuse this with Google's recent ann [...]

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