Percy Julian Gets Google Logo Marking The Famous Chemist’s 115th Birthday

Percy Julian 115th Birthday Google logo Today's Google logo honors renown chemist Percy Lavon Julian, the first African American scientist to be inducted into the National Academy of Sciences. During his career, Julian made a number of significant chemical advancements, including the creation of Aero-Foam, a soy-based product widely used to extinguish fires during World War II. Julian discovered how to synthesize the male and female hormones progesterone and testosterone, as well as cortisone, which lead to the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Born in Montgomery, Alabama on this date in 1899, Julian rose to acclaim within [...]

Google Updates Its Privacy Policy

google-locks-privacy-featured You may have noticed Google's Privacy Policy has been updated as of March 31, with a red letter "Updated" call-out the site's home page preceding Google's Privacy & Terms link. This is the first time the company has updated the policy this year, following an update in December of 2013. There were only two updates last year, one occurring on June 24 and the other on December 20. Google posted a "Comparison" page to outline the most recent Privacy Policy updates, along with an archive of updates dating back to June 9, 1999. "As you use our services, we want you to be clear how we're [...]

Bing Testing New Search Results Design

bing-test-experiment-600 Bing is testing a new search results layout that changes the color of the logo from gray to the yellow/orange, changes the color of the search button and removes the gray background color from the right side rail. Bing has also cleaned up the interface, giving it a tighter but more open look, while keeping most of the existing content and features. @rgomezric notified me of the change and posted a YouTube video. Here is a comparison, showing you both the new and the current design. New Test Bing Layout: Current Bing Layout: [...]

Want News About New York In Yahoo News? Too Bad.

yahoo-purple-y-logo If you try to search Yahoo News for [new york], you will be out of luck. Yahoo News is returning an error that reads "we did not find results for: new york." Here is a screen shot: Other states do work, such as Florida or California, but not New York. Why? We are not sure, it is likely a bug or maybe Yahoo has something against New York State? Hat tip to Steve Baldwin from DidIt for spotting this. Postscript: At 9pm EST, a Yahoo spokesperson told us the issue is now resolved but would not comment further on the matter. [...]

More April Fools: Everything From Tools To Make Your Video Viral To Free Nexus Phones

april-fools-day Yesterday, our editor in chief Matt McGee found a number of Google April Fools jokes already in play, including a Google Maps Pokemon challenge and Google+ David Hasselhoff photobombs. Not wanting Google to be the only one having all the April Fools fun, a number of other companies have released their own April 1st shenanigans. Here's what we have found so far: Bing Sells Link Juice Promising 100 total links, Bing claims its new bottled Link Juice is "loaded with all the nutrients and goodness you need to successfully grow." Shipped in discreet plain brown paper packaging, the snake [...]

Bing Snapshot Adds 150 Million New Entities & Relationships To Search Engine

bing-satori-knowledge2-featured Dr. Richard Qian from the Bing Index and Knowledge Team announced that they've added an "additional 150 million entities" to power Bing's Snapshot results. This is part of Microsoft Bing's efforts to improve and grow their knowledge engine they named Satori. Most recently, they added tax help and famous people data to the engine. Now, they have grown it by another 150 million entities bring in Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists and Real Estate Properties into the mix. In the post, Bing gives Google a little jab saying, "unlike other search providers, we let you do something with that information [...]

Google’s April Fools’ Day Jokes For 2014: Google Maps Pokémon Challenge, Magic Hand & More

google-april-fools Is it just me, or does it seem like Google starts celebrating April Fools' Day earlier and earlier every year? No company on the web takes April 1st more seriously than Google, as we've been covering for years now. So what about this year's April Fools' Day antics? Let's have a look. Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge It was a little past 12 pm ET today (March 31), when the Google Maps team posted its April Fools' Day gag -- the "Pokémon Challenge," a game/adventure where Pokémon masters are tasked with using Google Maps to find game characters out in the wild. Winners will (facetiously) ha [...]

Google Now Allows You To Rearrange The Google Navigation Bar

google-new-navbar-2 Google announced last night that you can now, or in the upcoming weeks as Google rolls it out, customize and rearrange the order of the products and apps within the Google navigation bar as you like. Meaning, if you want to move up the Google Maps icon and move down the Google Sites icon in that navigation bar, you can by dragging and dropping the icons where you want them. Here is an animated GIF of it in action: If you do not see this yet, do not worry, Google says they are "rolling this out over the next couple weeks, so please hold tight if you aren't seeing it yet." [...]

Dorothy Irene Height Google Logo Marks Civil Rights Leader’s 102nd Birthday

dorothy irene google logo Today's Google logo marks the 102nd birthday of civil rights leader and women's rights activist Dorothy Irene Height. While working at the Harlem YMCA, Height became a force of the civil rights movement after meeting National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) president Mary McLeod Bethune and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt during their visit to the facility in 1937. As a result of the meeting, Height started volunteering for the NCNW, and was eventually named its president, a position she held from 1957 to 1998. In 1965, she also started the YMCA's Center for Racial Justice, which she led [...]

Agnes Martin Google Logo Celebrates Abstract Painter’s 102nd Birthday

Agnes Martin Google logo Today's Google logo marks what would have been the 102nd birthday of abstract painter Agnes Martin, adding another female to the list of women Google has honored on its homepage this year. Born in Canada, Martin spent much of her career first in New York City, and then New Mexico. She is best known for her canvas portraits of lines and grids painted in subtle, muted colors as represented by the illustration used in place of today's Google logo. At the age of 46, Martin was awarded her first solo-exhibition at the Betty Parsons Gallery in New York City. Her work as been the subject of mor [...]

Google Alerts Adds Filters For Regions & Languages

google-alerts Google has added two more filter and delivery options to Google Alerts. Google Alerts informs you of updates within Google results via email or RSS feed. The two new filters let you refine those alerts by language or region. You can tell Google you only want alerts for specific keyword phrases within a specific region or country or a specific language. You can select all regions or languages or you can be specific and specify one language or region. You cannot currently select a select number of regions or languages, it is either all or one. Here is a picture of the new Google Alerts [...]

Google Can Now Solve Your Geometry Math Questions

google-geometry Google has quietly upgraded their search calculator to not just answer your basic math questions or graphical or 3D math questions; now, it can do your geometry homework. You can ask Google geometry related questions and it will solve them for you, such as [perimeter of a trapezoid]: As Alex Chitu notes, you can also search for these geometry questions: [solve triangle] [area of a circle] [volume of a sphere] [perimeter of a trapezoid] [area of a pentagon] [hypotenuse calculator] [triangular prism volume] [calculate the diagonal of a cube with 6mm edge] [volume of [...]

Google Knowledge Graph Adds “Related Topics” Section

google-knowledge-graph-featured Alex Chitu noticed that Google's Knowledge Graph has now added a "related topics" for certain types of queries. The example provided shows a search for [equilateral triangle shows a Knowledge Graph that also adds topics for equilateral polygon, square, regular polygon, and pythagorean theorem. Clicking on each brings up the knowledge graph answer for each of those topics. Here is a picture: [...]

Spring Equinox Google Logo Marks First Day Of Season With Blooming Flowers

First day of Spring Google logo March 2014 After an especially long winter, today's Google logo is a site for cold eyes, celebrating the much anticipated start of Spring with an animated illustration of flowers blooming. The logo starts with a white amoeba-shaped character holding a watering can on a blank screen. As the oddly-shaped character waters the ground and himself (herself?), flowers sprout and grow in place of the Google letters. Clicking the logo delivers results for Spring Equinox. Also known as the Vernal Equinox, the Spring Equinox marks the first day of Spring when the Sun is in its zenith over the Equator, ma [...]

Google Voice Search Easter Egg Unlocks “Cheat Mode”

google-easter-egg-featured Googler Pierre Far has found a Google Easter egg  that opens up "Unlimited free Google searches" for everyone. According to Far's Google+ post, doing a Google voice search for, "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right" on his Android phone prompted the voice response, "Cheat mode unlocked, unlimited free Google searches." According to Search Engine Land news editor Barry Schwartz, the search only works by speaking your query from the Google Search App or Google Search page on your smartphone, or using voice enabled search on a Chrome browser. Schwartz created the following video [...]

Holi Google Logo Celebrates India’s Festival Of Colors On Google India’s Homepage

Holi Google logo2 While many will see a St. Patrick's Day logo on Google's homepage today, Google India users will see a Holi logo to mark India's spring festival of colors. Celebrating the arrival of spring, Holi events include a Holika bonfire on the eve of the holiday with singing and dancing. Holi festivals are hosted openly in the streets with everyone dousing each other in a rainbow of colors, using dry powder or water guns and water balloons filled with colored-water. The actual date of Holi varies every year as it coincides with the approach of the vernal equinox, but usually takes place in Ma [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day Google Logo Marks The Holiday With Irish Claddagh Symbol

St. Patricks Google logo2 Today's St. Patrick's Day Google logo celebrates the patron saint of Ireland with a green stained-glass style illustration featuring a Claddagh symbol - two hands holding a crowned heart. From the village of Claddagh, Ireland the Claddagh, commonly seen on rings, represents love, friendship and loyalty. Never actually canonized by the Catholic Church, St. Patrick is known for bringing Christianity to Ireland. He is said to have used shamrocks to teach the Holy Trinity, making the color green and the three-leafed clover forever associated with the Irish Saint's holiday. March 17 is recognize [...]

Bing’s New “Image Match” Button Helps Locate Images Of Varying Resolutions & Sizes

Bing "Image Match" Button Bing announced today it is launching a new "Image Match" button, a feature that helps users quickly find alternative resolutions and sizes of a desired image. When viewing an image from the Bing image search page, users should see the "Image Match" button below the photo. Clicking the new "Image Match" button delivers a list of varying sizes for the selected image, allowing users to narrow their image search by size. Users can also click the "View all sizes" link to see all image options. Similar to the Google image search feature released nearly three years ago, Bing u [...]

Google Testing I’m Feeling Lucky Search Button Within Search Suggestions Drop Down

google-imfl-instant A reader sent us a screen shot of Google testing displaying the Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky search buttons within the search suggest or Google Instant drop down menu, as you type. Here is a screen shot sent by the reader showing the search buttons directly in the search suggestions drop down: It doesn't surprise me when I see unusual Google tests and yet here is one more. The buttons are available on the home page. But no one really gets a chance to use them since Google Instant launched. But now, maybe that they are being tested in the Google Instant search sug [...]

Google Makes It Official: New Search Results Design Goes Live For All

google-new-design-experiment A day after Google said the new look was still an experiment, it has decided that the experiment was good enough to make for an official change. Now everyone should be getting the new design. Jon Wiley, Google's lead design for Google Search, said on Google+, "you may have noticed that Google Search on desktop looks a little different today." Jon is talking about Google rolling out the new design to desktop searchers. The new design, as Jon describes it has a larger titles, the underlines were removed, and Google "evened out all the line heights." Jon said this "improves readability and [...]

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