How To Get Your Content Linked To From Top-Tier Websites

shutterstock_180324497-links Creating great content that other websites will organically and editorially link to is a core part of a modern-day SEO campaign. In premise, it sounds simple: you create a piece of content that is relevant within your niche and holds a certain level of value, then other websites will see the content and mention it on their website or share it across social media. In reality, it doesn't always pan out like this. I speak with tons of business owners that say the same thing to me: "Matt, we're creating a load of articles on our company blog, but nobody seems to read them, never mind link to [...]

How To Repurpose Content Without Looking Like A Total Jerk

recycle-shutterstock When content first hit the search scene, search marketers wanted to produce as much content as humanly possible. That's a lot of work -- so much so, in fact, that it's ushered in wave after wave of crappy content. The great news is that you don't have to create a lot of content to rank well and reach your users. You just have to better use the content you already have by repurposing it. First, let's make a key distinction: Spinning content is rewriting your content just enough (usually with the help of some automation) so that search engines think it's a new article. This includes thi [...]

A 7-Step Guide To Maximizing The Reach Of Your B2B Content

SEO Content Plan Forrester Research recently released a report called Put Distribution at the Heart of Your Content Marketing, which addresses an issue of increasing importance within the content marketing world. Many marketers are very focused on writing top quality content. The process of brainstorming, creating, editing and even designing that content is a full-time job in midsize and major B2B organizations. But on the distribution end of the cycle, many companies are struggling to find a successful formula. Yet here’s the simple truth: without a clear dissemination strategy, you’re not maximizi [...]

Perspective Matters In B2B Website Content

web content In B2B marketing, relationships lead to conversions. Content strategy is an essential tool for driving traffic through SEO and social media, and for engaging and building trust with audiences online. This means choosing the best content type (e.g., copy, video, print, audio, whitepaper, etc.) and the right words to convey your message. But all too often, companies miss the mark with their website copy. [caption id="attachment_172953" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via shutterstock[/caption] Your website copy is a creative asset, just as your website design, print collateral and vi [...]

You Probably Think This Search Is About You: Survey Says 56% Of Internet Users “Google” Themselves

search-click-top-news To mark Google's 15th birthday, the PEW Research Center released a survey conducted between April and May of this year to evaluate the number of people who Google themselves. According to the report, 56 percent of Internet users have used Google or another search engine to search on their own name, a 22 percent increase since the study was conducted in 2001. Of course, with the rise of social media sites, the need to monitor online reputations, and the number of careers that are directly linked to a person's online presence, vanity isn't the only catalyst prompting people to type their name [...]

Bing News Gets Easy Way To Spot Trending Stories On Twitter & Facebook

bing-news-featured What are the top stories being shared on Facebook and Twitter? There's a new way to get a sense of that. Bing News got a makeover today, including new "Trending" boxes that show news content that's popular on both of those social networks. Bing News Now Features Trending Topics From Facebook & Twitter on Marketing Land had the drill-down on the new features, so check it out. [...]

DMD Webcast Tomorrow: How to Create Quality Content

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 20 at 1 PM EDT, our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot will host a webcast on creating quality content that your audience - and search engines - will love. "How to Create & Measure Quality Content that Your Audience & Search Engines Will Love" will help you develop content that will resonate with your audience, discover new content ideas and an understanding of how to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Speakers Nathan Safran and Ryan Howard, both from Conductor, will explore the shift taking place when brands transition into publishers, regularl [...]

How to Create & Measure Quality Content – Webcast Aug. 20

Digital Marketing Depot presents “How to Create & Measure Quality Content Your Audience & Search Engines Will Love,” Tuesday, August 20 at 1 PM EDT. Speakers Nathan Safran of Conductor and Ryan Howard of Trident Marketing will share their expertise. Registration is free at Digital Marketing Depot. [...]

Google Introducing “In-Depth Articles” To Search Results

google-news-articles-featured Google is rolling out "in-depth" articles this morning. We previously wrote about the test when it appeared a couple of months ago. In-depth articles exist for a wide range of topics (e.g., censorship, secret societies, e-waste, Legos, Taylor Swift) and call out longer-form content from what appear to be recognized and higher quality sources. Google suggests that the new block will appear most often for broad topics and themes. In-depth articles will not appear for every query, however. It's not yet clear whether all publishers and sites will have equal access to this area via s [...]

PRWeb Claims Percent Of Releases Put On Editorial Hold Doubled Since Updating Policies & Software

PRWeb logo Last November, a fraudulent release claiming Google was acquiring Wifi provider ICOA was circulated by the popular release distribution service PRWeb, exposing a number of loopholes in their verification and editorial processes. Our own Danny Sullivan published a comprehensive story explaining how such releases find their way through PRWeb's system. After posting a statement on the fake release, PRWeb began a series of technology and editorial updates that have resulted in a more stringent review process, doubling the percentage of releases put on editorial hold. "We wanted to combat PR [...]

Are You Taking Advantage Of Content Byproducts?

what would you like to see In my last column, I discussed how to create linkbait by writing about other people. Shari Thurow made a comment that fits in perfectly with an idea I had about finding ways to expand existing content and better market the byproducts of your business: "Instead of linking to the link-bait article, I'll write my own POV (point of view) in the proper context and promote it elsewhere." Shari's idea was to respond further to interviews by writing more on her own site. This allows you to clarify any statements you made that were possibly taken out of context or misquoted, for example. But, I thin [...]

As News Publications Experiment With Sponsored Content, Google Says Keep It Out Of Google News

news-money-ads-featured News publications having "sponsored content "deals are on the rise, and Google's apparently concerned enough that it's issued a warning today that publishers should keep such content out of Google News. In a post today on the Google News blog, the company writes: If a site mixes news content with affiliate, promotional, advertorial, or marketing materials (for your company or another party), we strongly recommend that you separate non-news content on a different host or directory, block it from being crawled with robots.txt, or create a Google News Sitemap for your news articles only. O [...]

Need A Google Reader Alternative? Meet Newsblur

newsblur With the shutdown of Google Reader having just been announced, the Web is full of discussion about where those of us who utilize RSS should turn next. I'm happy to report there's a solution I already use and love: Newsblur. I have been a user of the completely Web-based Newsblur since 2011 and have been nothing but impressed. It's easy to use, dependable, fast, and gets the job done. Plus, it has a ton of features for those who want them. I use several. Newsblur is the work of a sole developer based in Brooklyn named Sam Clay and has been online since 2010 with a growing but still s [...]

25 Questions To Ask When Executing B2B Content Marketing Campaigns

With the new year upon us, search engine marketers are focused on putting the foundation together for campaign execution throughout 2013. Central among the strategies meant to deliver B2B SEO results will be content marketing. Just in time for preparation in the new year, MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute launched their 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report, looking at budgets, benchmarks, and trends to watch for with B2B content marketing. As I reviewed the report, a few key takeaways were important to me, as it pertains to B2B SEO programs we're launching this year. After [...]

When Google News Fails, Here’s How To Fix It

google-news-featured In today's world of instant gratification, with Twitter often "scooping" traditional news sources, we still turn to professional journalists for accurate, timely news, and confirmation of the events that transpired. While "breaking" news offers instant awareness, we still want to read news accounts reported by trained pros, who have dug deeply for facts and have published stories that have been vetted by qualified editors. Nonetheless, we want "fresh" news, and increasingly we want to sample viewpoints from a diverse number of sources. We definitely don't want yesterday's "fish wrappers" a [...]

How PRWeb Helps Distribute Crap Into Google & News Sites

Search News Release Archives and RSS Feeds at PRWeb - Page 1 "What's the use of PRWeb?," tweeted Megan McCarthy of Reuters, trying to digest how that service ended up circulating a fake Google acquisition story. Come along, Megan and others, and I'll explain one of the sorriest uses, getting crap into Google News and out into news sites. For those who somehow missed today's big tech news, PRWeb ran a press release saying that WiFi provider ICOA was being acquired by Google for $400 million. Plenty of outlets carried the news, until denials from both parties started circulating. Instead, the release appears to have been written by someone trying t [...]

Firefox To Add Search Engine Hijacking Warnings To Browser

firefox-keywordurl-hijack-warning BrowserFame reports the latest "nightly channel" of the Firefox browser, version 19, is warning browser users when it appears someone is hijacking the search engine results. This is to warn users when they may be "falling victim" to "search hijacking" according to the feature page. The page goes on to explain how the feature works in more detail: Some of these cases are triggered by aggressive malware that wants to steal search referrals, but other cases can be resolved by us simply resetting the pref to its default value once: - poorly written add-ons that legitimately change t [...]

How Does Color Usage Affect SEO & Conversions?

Many search engine optimization professionals have different interpretations of the term search-engine friendly website design. Learn how color affects your SEO efforts and conversions.

Google News Adds Expandable Clusters To Search Results

Google News announced they have improved the search results in Google News to enable expandable clusters, like they have a year ago on the Google News home page. What this means is if you do a search within Google News, you will be able to expand a news cluster to see more sources. You will also see videos and photos related to that news cluster and the improved layout within the cluster as well. Here is a picture: Here is how Google explains the added features: Click-to-expand news results clusters: Each news results cluster is collapsed down to one result with the exception [...]

Google News Now Ten Years Old

google-news-birthday On Saturday, Google News turned ten years old - launching on September 22, 2002, in reaction to the September 11th events. Google News was a response to enable people to find and search for news with multiple view points, opinions and perspectives. Since then, Google News has added over 50,000 news sources with 72 editions in 30 languages. Google News attracts over one billion unique users a week! We've covered the news portal and search engine well over 150 times here in our Google News category. From new features to bugs to optimization techniques. Such as Google News readopting the [...]

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