View-Through Attribution For The Search Marketer

Ah view-through! Rarely does a topic in our industry solicit as much debate as this seemingly innocent metric. Display planners rely on it, search marketers don’t trust it (but would secretly love to get credit for it from PPC), and the clients are confused and uncertain. When 3 CMOs all asked for help on this topic within the space of a single week, I decided we needed a new resource that looked at the arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’, and so have published a new white paper on the subject: View-Through Attribution Exposed: What Last Touch Isn’t Telling You. In order to reach a [...]

How To Extend & Improve Your Retargeting Efforts

Invariably, when people get a taste of a good thing, they want more of it. This is definitely the case with online advertisers and their use of first party data in site retargeting. Site retargeting has been one of the hottest sectors in the online advertising space over the last couple of years, as advertisers with Web properties have experienced high return on their advertising spend (ROAS) by targeting ads to users who have already visited their site.  Because of the excellent performance of site retargeting, networks, advertisers, and their agencies often ask us how they can extend [...]

A Different Type Of Industry Confession – Or A Rant?

There has been a fascinating and brilliant series of secret confessions taking place over on Digiday, and everyone from a ‘startup CEO’ to a ‘junior copywriter’ has had their turn. Some have criticized what seems to be mostly negative commentary that paints a picture of everyone being unhappy, underpaid and cheating their way through the display workdays. I see it differently; I see it as the tough love this industry needs to be able to grow at our full potential, and the smart ones of us will be listening and learning. Like ‘Undercover Boss’, this is our window into what’s [...]

“Search” Beyond The “Engine”: Alternative Search Sites

By now, you’ve all heard about this new whatchamacallit – the Googles. We all use the Googles quite a bit in our daily routines, and some of us even do a bit of marketing on them, too. However, as search evolves and continues to be fused with display, it’s important for marketers to take a step back and consider how and why consumers use conventional search engines, what type of data is afforded from these search engines and what types of results marketers want to gain. Why Do Consumers Use Search Engines? 1.  People use search engines to decide if they want to buy a product or ser [...]

How Search-A-Likes Can Improve Both Search Retargeting & SEM Campaigns

Regardless of medium, the best marketers know cross-channel integration is key, and the exchange of information between channels should be a two way street. The world of online marketing is no exception, as more and more search marketers are looking to search retargeting as a way to leverage their knowledge of search engine marketing over into the rapidly evolving world of online display advertising. There are several motivations for search marketers to get involved with display advertising. These include: Lower CPC costs. In many cases, CPC costs are lower in display than they are in s [...]

How To Sell Search Retargeting To The CMO

Whether you are a search marketer or a display planner, chances are you now know what search retargeting is and are contemplating a test (for those of you not familiar, search retargeting is a display media buy that focuses on just those individuals who have searched for something that matters to you but who haven’t yet visited your site). The last barrier to overcome is to convince the CMO of its merits. How Does Search Retargeting Work? If you are going to sell a search retargeting test internally, you need to know the basics better than they do: search retargeting is a display me [...]

7 Tips For Lowering Cost Per Action (CPA) Using Search Retargeting

Value, like beauty, is usually in the eye of the beholder. In online advertising, the relative value of various campaign metrics has been subject to much debate. For brand marketers, well-designed banners shown to targeted consumers on high quality sites are perceived to have high value. Similarly, clicks and high click through rates (CTRs) that drive targeted consumers to the advertiser’s site are often seen as very valuable to brand marketers. However, in the world of performance display, where high return on advertising spend (ROAS) and/or return on investment (ROI) is the goal, [...]

Google Improves AdSense Reporting And Bolsters Smart Pricing With New Research

517screenshot2 Google has introduced several new reporting improvements for AdSense publishers, and it has released new research that shows publishers make more money with "smart pricing" -- even though their revenue-per-click is discounted as compared with search ads -- than they would without it. One reporting improvement is that AdSense publishers can now view "all time" stats, meaning they can view all earnings, impressions, and clicks ever accrued over the life of the account. This is a feature that existed in the previous AdSense interface, and it's now been brought back. Google has also made [...]

Do Search & Display Really Belong Together?

The premise is simple – PPC and display are both media buys trying to achieve similar outcomes; both are forms of ‘bought media’ and now with display moving to a biddable environment both now require quantitative skill sets to manage them. It’s not a tough sell to convince a budget holder that a single agency or resource should own both the PPC and the display media campaigns. Back in November, I asked 4 experts from AKQA Media, Booyah, ethology and iCrossing whether the overlap was real (see: The Industry Speaks On The Overlap Between Search & Display) and the general consensus [...]

A Search Retargeting Guide for Search Marketers

If you are a search marketer, you have probably heard of search retargeting, and most likely, graciously let your counterparts on the display teams take charge. In some ways, search marketers are right in this action, since display advertisers manage campaigns for creative display ads and naturally search retargeting falls into the display camp. Yet, this can sometimes lead to a huge missed opportunity for search marketers to expand search campaigns. Search retargeting can be an incredibly effective tool for search marketers who are capped out on search, cannot afford certain keywords, o [...]

How To Combine Search Retargeting & Keyword Contextual Targeting To Reach More In Market Searchers

In the world of online advertising, sometimes two effective targeting techniques are even more effective when used together. Search retargeting is a highly effective targeting technique that has been attracting lots of buzz lately. Using search retargeting leading brands and agencies around the world are deploying successful display campaigns targeting online consumers based on search behavior. Search retargeting has been hailed as a major leap forward in both reach and effectiveness for search marketers and display marketers alike. Traditional paid search conversion rates are typically le [...]

Four Things You Need To Know About Search Retargeting

target-aim-dart-featured In two very short years, search retargeting has been created, tweaked and matured to the point where most serious marketers already have it on their media plans or are considering it for a 2012 test. In short, search retargeting finds those individuals who have searched for a term that matters to your business but who have not yet visited your site. In contrast to site retargeting, search retargeting is a prospecting tool and is best used when looking for new customers. Search retargeting from companies like ours (Chango) is in common use by retail brands, personal finance clients, trave [...]

What Does Big Data Mean To You?

I recently participated on a panel at Brand Innovators E-commerce. The title of the panel was "Big Data Meets E-commerce," moderated by Mike Peralta, COO at MediaMath, and it included panelists from Kraft, Dell and New York Life Insurance. The panel discussion provoked thoughts around the value of each user, customer interaction, ad creative, and the impact on one channel on another, from TV to online. However, what I really started to think about later that day was not just data meets e-commerce, but this idea of Big Data. What really does this all mean and how should we define it? T [...]

Group: Google Should Halt All Online Dating Ads Until They’re Sure None Are Fronts For Human Trafficking

Phillip J. Cenendella [caption id="attachment_117580" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Philip J. Cenedella of the NAHTVA"][/caption] Google says it's spending "millions of dollars" to police AdWords ads to ensure they're not contributing to human trafficking, but the head of a victim's rights group seems to believe that's not enough. Asked what he thinks Google should do, Philip J. Cenedella of the National Association of Human Trafficking Victim Advocates (NAHTVA) says they should, "stop ALL of these ads until they can guarantee 0.0% of the providers of the services are NOT trafficking victims, explo [...]

AdSense Ad Review Center Gets Overhaul

google-adsense-logo Google has revamped the Ad Review Center for AdSense, aiming to make it easier for publishers to control the ads that appear on their sites. The new Ad Review center will show ads of all targeting types that have previously appeared, and allow publishers to review and block future display of them. If ads are targeted by placement, publishers can review them in advance, before they appear on the site. Ads can be blocked one-by-one, rather than by groups. Google will take the information about ads that are blocked and use it to predict ads that might offend, highlighting them for the publi [...]

Why Search Marketers Are Losing Out With Search Retargeting

Search retargeting finds those individuals who have searched on Google, Yahoo! or Bing for a keyword that matters to your campaign, but who have not visited your site before. Unlike site retargeting that talks only to those people who have abandoned the site without competing an action, search retargeting is for new customer generation. Arguably the people with the best skillset to manage a search retargeting program are those skilled in PPC - search retargeting (when done right) is setup and optimized at the individual keyword level, and often a campaign begins by using the terms from an e [...]

How To Use Search Retargeting Data For Site Retargeting

[caption id="attachment_113496" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Retargeting Campaigns Walk Hand-in-Hand"][/caption] Sometimes the devil is in the details. That’s definitely the case with search data and search retargeting. Search data is the basis of search retargeting. But it is also the intersection of search and display. At that intersection is site targeting, and this detail is often overlooked. Above all targeting strategies, site retargeting goes hand-in-hand with search retargeting. Search data captures users who may have not visited an advertiser’s site but have ex [...]

Bringing Order To Sequence In Search Retargeting

Last month, we started looking at the types of keywords that make search retargeting campaigns work. This week, we’re going to dive in even deeper by exploring the importance of sequence in searches and how to leverage that sequence to further improve campaign performance. The order of the words your company enters into the search engine algorithm has everything to do with success in search retargeting. For example, let’s look at the search history for someone who is in market for auto insurance. Let’s call her Sarah. Sarah has performed three searches in the past 24 hours relating [...]

How To Make Unstructured Data Actionable In Display

I wrote recently about the new era of display marketing, and how real time bidding and other advances are bringing the precision and performance of search advertising to display. Well…a new era of unstructured data is also upon us. A widely cited 2011 IDC study found that the amount of data in the world is now doubling every 2 years. This trend is especially apparent in marketing, as massive amounts of data are being created by ever-increasing numbers of search queries, SKU views, social signals, page visits, and more. Unstructured Data Volumes Exploding Traditional paradigms for ma [...]

2012 Is The Year To Cut Your Site Retargeting Budget

Having made the switch from ‘agency guy’ to ‘vendor guy’ a year ago, I have talked to dozens of agencies in the last 12 months and have been completely blown away by the vast quantity of media dollars that are being poured into bad site retargeting programs. Good money is disappearing into irrelevant impressions to talk to an audience that doesn’t care and would rather the brand stop stalking them at all. The causes of the problem are varied, but usually boil down to a lack of time to fix something ‘that isn’t broken’, a lack of understanding of what retargeting really is [...]

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