Google Expands Their Web Definitions

google-define Google announced on Google+ that they have overhauled the Web definitions interface and results, adding a lot more meat and details to your definitions queries. The new options include an expandable box that contains additional synonyms, ways to use the word in sentences, the origins of the word, translation, the use of the word over time and much more. Also, when translate the word within, future definition searches will consistently provide a translation to that same language Here is a screen shot of it in action: Google said on Google+: You may be familiar with using Google to [...]

Google Tests Search Results Overview Snippets Overlay

Google logo Google is testing a new search feature within the search results to show you a search result snippet overlay with additional details about that search result. The interesting fact is that this overlay doesn't have text from the search result itself, the text may be sourced from Wikipedia or other third-party sources. Techno-Net first spotted this and Google Operating System covered it in more detail. Here are some screen shots of the overlays: You can even test this yourself by editing your cookies and go to and change the value of the NID cookie to: 67=p2 [...]

Google News Showing Web Site Results For Some Navigational Queries

google-news-logo-square Google News is now showing the top web search result listing in the news results when the query has navigational intent. For example, if you search Google News for [] at the top of the search results page, you will see a search snippet and link to their web site. Clicking on the link takes you to the web site and not to a news story. Clicking on the "all results" link below that listing, takes you to more web results. Below that, you will find the news results. Here is a screen shot: This works for me sporadically for searches on large and even small brands. It wo [...]

Google Display Planner Tool To Replace Ad Planner, Placement Tool & Contextual Targeting Tool

google-adwords-square-logo Google announced they are migrating three existing AdWords tools directly into a new version of the Google Display Planner. Specifically, the Contextual Targeting Tool, the Placement Tool and the Google Ad Planner are all going to be built into the Display Planner Tool. Google says this makes your life easier giving you access "with one click you can add all the keywords, placements, or other targeting ideas you choose directly into your campaigns." Google will be sunsetting the Contextual Targeting Tool and the Placement Tool over the "next few days" and Google Ad Planner will be kil [...]

What B2B SEO Professionals Need To Know About Marketing Automation

A few weeks ago, Marketing Land covered the release of an update to the Digital Marketing Depot 2013 B2B Marketing Automation Tools Buyer’s Guide. The 61-page report covers "key trends impacting the marketing automation software market, as well as detailed information about the leading pure play marketing automation platforms that primarily target the B2B market." This column takes an in-depth look at topics discussed in this guide, as well as perspective and recommendations for B2B SEO professionals. Growing Interest In Marketing Automation First off, what is marketing automation? Acc [...]

Google News OneBox Card Style

google-news-logo-square Aaron Bradley spotted a new look for the Google News OneBox results, as you would see them in the Google web search results. The new design for the news results in the web search results look more like "Cards" that Google has been using within their Google Now and mobile views. Here is a screen shot from Bradley: The top image is the new card view, the middle image is the standard news result with an image and the bottom image is the standard news result without an image. I would not be surprised if we see Google continue to unify the interfaces among desktop and mobile. If you [...]

Google Alerts Drops RSS Delivery Option

rss-icon-200px Google has quietly dropped the support to deliver your Google Alerts via RSS. A warning at the top of the page, for those who had RSS delivery previous set up for Alerts reads: Google Reader is no longer available. To continue receiving Google Alerts, change to email delivery. Here is a screen shot: In October 2008, Google added RSS support for Google Alerts of wWeb search results. Since then it worked very well, that is until Google Alerts in general started to break earlier this year. For me, losing RSS as an option for delivery of Google Alerts is a big problem. I use it as a [...]

Google Testing Larger News Photos In Search Results

google-news-logo-square Google Operating System reports Google is testing showing larger photos in the News OneBox Google Web results page. Often, when you search for news related topics in, Google will show news results at the top, middle or bottom of the results. This is part of Google's universal search launch from years ago. Often, the news onebox result will show a small photo next to the news items. Now, it seems Google is testing showing larger news photos. Here is a screen shot from Google Operating System showing the larger version of the news OneBox photo: Here is what it typic [...]

What’s The One Thing That Keeps Searchers From Converting On Your Site?

There is an insidious voice speaking to your visitors from the moment they click through to your site. It camps in the back of their minds, setting up a tent and proceeding to talk your visitors out of taking action. While there are many angles this voice can work to fill visitors with doubt, there is likely one that is common to a large number of your visitors. It's "the thing." If you can discover and address the thing -- the major concern shared by a significant number of your visitors -- then you can make some major improvements in your conversion rates and revenue per click. Wh [...]

Google Drops Another Search Operator: Tilde For Synonyms

google-tilde-operator-gone Google has quietly dropped another search operator, the tilde (i.e., ~) search operator. Google Operating System blog noticed the lack of support for the tilde operator over the weekend. Reportedly, Dan Russell, a Search Research Scientist at Google, confirmed Google dropped the feature. Dan said the feature was dropped to "lack of use." Dan told Alex from Google Operating System: Yes, it's been deprecated. Why? Because too few people were using it to make it worth the time, money, and energy to maintain. In truth, although I sometimes disagree with the operator changes, I happen to agr [...]

The Quintessential Marketer Scientist

Philosopher kings. Warrior poets. Scholar athletes. These compound nouns embody the grand ideal of the "hybrid" — those rare individuals who fuse multiple disciplines and talents into an epic combination. They're larger-than-life heroes of history and literature. Modern marketing deserves its own mythical hybrid: the marketer scientist. [caption id="attachment_163161" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Courtesy of Ion Interactive[/caption] The marketer scientist is not a reincarnation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (Or maybe Dr. Spock and Mr. Ogilvy?) No, these aren't two opposing person [...]

Facebook To End Sponsored Search Ads — For Now

facebook-search-featured Facebook has said that it's getting rid of sponsored search results for the time being. It's not walking away from "search advertising," however. In the future, there will be ads in Graph Search. But, the company is still in the process of working all that out. Facebook told me this morning that, as a practical matter, most of the sponsored results in search were for app installs. Accordingly, Facebook wants marketers to use mobile app install ads and Page post link ads for the time being as alternatives to sponsored results. The following is a statement issued today by Facebook: In kee [...]

Google Image Search Adds Arrows To Browse Through Image Thumbnails

t-google-images-1312982585 Google Operating System noticed that Google Image search added navigational arrows to browse through image search results large thumbnail by large thumbnail. When you load the image results, click on an image to see a larger preview; you will see arrows left and right on each side of the black background of that image thumbnail preview. Here is a screen capture: We suspect with these navigational arrows added to the new image search design that referrer traffic from image search will even decline more so than before the navigational elements that have been added. We will keep an e [...]

George Bush “Miserable Failure” Google Bomb Back, This Time In Knowledge Graph

george-bush-featured The Google Bomb is back! Searching for [miserable failure] in Google now returns George W. Bush's knowledge graph in the search results. The Google Bomb first became popular back in 2004 when Google and some other search engines ranked George W. Bush as the number one result for a search on [miserable failure]. In 2007, Google killed the Google bomb from showing up. But why did it rank in the first place? Google ranks pages based on anchor text of links, among other factors, and many sites bombed Google by linking to George Bush's webpage with the anchor text [miserable failure]. In [...]

SMX Advanced: Microsoft’s Gurdeep Singh Pall Talks About Voice Search, Entities & More

bing-click-featured Day two of our SMX Advanced event is getting started with our second keynote event: a conversation with Microsoft's Gurdeep Singh Pall. He's the VP for the Information Platform & Experience team at Microsoft, and is responsible for vision, product strategy and R&D for Bing. Search Engine Land's founding editor, Danny Sullivan, is leading the conversation and we're set to get started. So feel free to follow along below. I'll use "DS" for Danny and "GSP" for Gurdeep as I type. We're going to start with a short presentation from Gurdeep before the conversation part. Bing is do [...]

Conversion Testing for Low-Traffic Websites

In my almost twenty years of online marketing, I've rarely seen a  report showing the average worldwide visitor traffic most sites receive on a monthly basis.  Truth be told, around 95% of all websites are below 30 visitors a day. Unfortunately, this number tends to include friends and relatives and seemingly random visitors from countries around the world. [caption id="attachment_161611" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] Some of these low-traffic websites have pretty good content, and the site owner makes a real effort to increase sales leads by improvi [...]

Google’s Matt Cutts On Common Disavow Link Tool Mistakes

disavow links penguin Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts, posted a new video discussing some of the more common mistakes when using the disavow tool. Below are the six most common mistakes. Note the first one is by far the most common mistake of them all. (1) The file you upload should be a regular text file only. No syntax or fonts or sorting should be done in this file. People often upload Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and so on. Just upload a text (TXT) file. (2) Typically, the first attempt by users are to be very specific and fine-tuned with their individual URLs. Instead use a d [...]

Majestic SEO Takes Their Site Explorer Tool Free

majestic-seo-logo-1 The Majestic SEO team announced today that they have made their Site Explorer tool free for verified domains. With that, they also announced improvements to the user interface, additional features and unlimited use for paid users of the tool. Free user accounts can get up to 2,500 links to their site, while paid users can go beyond those 2,500 links. Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO said that 2,500 links will provide smaller business with all of their "important link data." They can also get the new links the site acquired on a daily basis. Plus, the tool will show you which old links are [...]

Google Testing “In-Depth Articles” Search Results, A New Rich Snippet?

Google mobile app logo Dr. Peter Meyers, the Marketing Scientist at Moz (formerly SEOmoz), tipped us off to a new Google search interface test. It appears Google is testing showing "in-depth articles" in the search results for local queries. In the screenshot below, Pete triggered these results by searching for [mexican restaurants]. The local results and maps came up, and also restaurant reviews from Reason, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Below is a screen shot (here is a full size screenshot): We've reached out to Google for a comment on this finding but have not yet heard back. Google is [...]

Google Images Tests New Related Searches User Interface

search-by-image-google The Google Operating System reports Google is testing a new Image Search interface for related searches. The example given shows images for [nexus 7], At the top is a carousel of related searches to the [nexus 7]. When you click on one of those related images, Google will show you a larger thumbnail image of the images that match that related search within the black preview window. Below are screen shots from Alex Chitu: Then, click on a related search phrase: [...]

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