How To Use LinkedIn As A B2B Link Prospect Development Tool

LinkedIn-Logo-2C It's no secret that LinkedIn is widely considered one of the top social media platforms for B2B marketers. As illustrated in the fourth annual B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, put out by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 91% of B2B content marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute their content. And in Holger Schulze's 2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report, LinkedIn tops the list as the most effective social media platform for delivering content. In recent years, I've invested much more time in LinkedIn. But I don't use it [...]

Search In Pics: Google Cookie Tower, Android Framed & Google Whiskey Delivery

In this week's Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more. Google Whiskey Delivery Via Telepresence Robot: Source: Google+ Cup Cakes From Covario: Source: Google+ Framed Android Photos: Source: Google+ GuuGle Gentleman's Club In Thailand: Source: Google+ Google Cookie Tower: Source: Google+ [...]

Google’s Still Lagging On Mobile Search Warnings

shutterstock_122145442-mobile-search No one applauded louder than I did when Google introduced their warning in search results for faulty redirects in June of this year, and then, warnings for Flash earlier this month. It’s definitely a step in the right direction for Google — and for searchers, who have had to endure less than usable mobile search results in Google for years. But mobile search results are still way behind where they should be. For my specific suggestions to Google, check out my full column on Marketing Land. [...]

Use Contextual Data To Gain A Competitive Search Marketing Advantage

The Importance Of Big Data, Integrity And Security - Enterprise SEO Marketers have been dreaming about the possibilities of contextual data for decades, and as consumers have become more mobile and their behavior more quantifiable, it has only stoked those flames further. What's The Big Deal About Contextual Data? Contextual data provides an opportunity for marketers to gain a competitive advantage based on outside trends that may be unique to their industry or business. For example, think of the oft-cited (albeit unfeasible) use case of a person getting pinged with a location-based offer just as they walk by a coffee shop. Or the pharmaceutical compa [...]

Penguin: Google’s Punitive Algorithm – And A Call To Google To Fix It

Google's Penguin Devastates Many For many years, a staple of my discussions with people who had been penalized by Google was the following advice: "Don't worry -- at Google, there is a culture of letting you repent of your sins and then be forgiven." Even if you had made some bad choices, if you started doing the right things, you could prosper once again in the search results. Boy, that has changed, and in a big way. Penguin is Google's algorithm for punishing bad SEO link building -- and not letting you get back up. I am not sure what changed internally at Google, but it sure feels like something has. I say this al [...]

Run Your Established SEO Like PPC & Maximise ROI Long-Term

Persistence Pays Off

The biggest SEO improvements available are often a more profound shift in strategy that continues to deliver improvement day after day for the entire duration of your SEO campaign. One such strategy is taking the same weekly approach to auditing your SEO strategy using search query reports as a PPC manager would.

8 Small Tweaks That Can Deliver Big Link Building Results

link-building-student-chalkboard-featured About this time every year I reflect on my progress thus far and start thinking about what I want to do differently in the second half of the year. Consider taking a good, hard look at your link building campaigns. Even if your strategy isn't six months old, making changes to your plan multiple times throughout the year keeps your tactics fresh. When it comes to adjusting your link building strategy (or any marketing strategy, for that matter), the biggest misconception is that you have to make these grandiose changes in order to see any sort of impact. The reality is that the smallest c [...]

How To Generate Experience Reviews For SEO – Part II

mobile-review-shutterstock In part 1, we talked about some practical tips for converting a satisfied customer to a raving fan who is willing to talk about their experience with your service-based company online. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get that fan to talk about your website in a way that benefits your search marketing efforts. Creating The Experience Review 1. Master The Art Of Asking Everyone hates being rejected, but often the fear of rejection robs us of amazing opportunities. In a service industry, you may need to ask your satisfied client if they would consider sharing their experie [...]

How To Conduct A Winning Local Search Audit

shutterstock_141227494-winning-audit Every week, our support team at BrightLocal fields numerous questions from our customers about how best to conduct a local search audit. The questions range from the type and quantity of data to include, to what processes and tools can be used to speed up the audit. This topic is well covered on many blogs, but I want to share my thoughts on the why, how and what of conducting a winning audit. Why Do You Want To Do An Audit? SEO is a journey, and any seasoned traveler knows that all successful journeys start with detailed planning. Conducting a search audit tells you where you are tod [...]

Managing The Very Short Tail: 9 Tips To Manage A 10 Keyword Account

manage-the-short-tail Everybody loves the long-tail and diversified PPC accounts. However, sometimes these ideals just aren't possible. Some accounts inherently have only a short tail. This applies heavily to lead gen advertisers that measure post-lead activity to determine actual profitability. Are the insurance quote requests turning into policies? Are the edu inquiries turning into students? Are the mortgage loan applications turning into loans? Let's call these final post-lead conversion points "Revenue Conversions." What most single-service lead generating companies find is that they have a very sho [...]

Search In Pics: Hillary Clinton At Google, Google’s Iron Chef & Alice Cooper Band At Google

In this week's Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more. The Next Iron Google Chef: Source: Google+ Hillary Clinton Interviewed By Google's Eric Schmidt: Source: Google+ Google Photobomb: Sundar Pichai Photobombs Jonathan Rosenberg & Hillary Clinton: Source: Google+ Bing Street Maps Car: We're Better Than Google: Source: Google+ Alice Cooper Band At Google: Source: Google+ [...]

Google’s Matt Cutts: Link Building Is Sweat Plus Creativity

link building sweat and creativity Back in June, Google head of webspam Matt Cutts participated in the annual You&A at SMX Advanced in Seattle, an hour-long event in which he was interviewed by SEL founding editor Danny Sullivan live in front of a large audience. A variety topics were covered, including important Google news, changes, and updates. The video itself is now on SMX’s YouTube Channel, and definitely worth an hour of your time: As always, Sullivan asked outstanding questions, doing his best to ascertain definitive answers with minimal wiggle room. Cutts was as frank as he ever is, although representing a [...]

It’s Time For Marketers To Attend To The Branding Benefits Of Search

chart Google recently released a study that concluded, "Search Ads Lift Brand Awareness." The study tested brand recall for searchers who had seen the target brand in paid search ads against a control group who had not been exposed to the brand. The study concluded that brand-exposed searchers had a 6.6% increase (80% lift) over the control group. In Search Engine Land's writeup, editor Ginny Marvin pointed out that the study only tested the top brand position; it did not determine the degree to which the lift carried through to other, less prominent search ad positions. And, any study that exami [...]

Paid Search Portfolios: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

DMR Last month, I suggested that spending beyond observed profit maximization in paid search can make a great deal of sense on a number of grounds. In a nutshell, the argument is that a combination of other factors can make "losing money" on the incremental investment rational. Here's why: You might not actually be losing money. There is more "return" than meets the eye. There is cookie breakage There are cross-device tracking losses There is affiliate cannibalization There is offline spillover There are other valuable actions you may not be crediting to paid search Short ter [...]

Hearing The Rhythms Of Human Search Behavior: What We’ve Learned

(Click to enlarge.) Watching people search is great entertainment. It's not a one-note performance. It's an all-day, around-the-clock jazz show, with the performers constantly changing their themes, rhythms, even their instruments. Along the way, one gains some great insight into human behavior and how people go about their connected lives. Search marketers that pay attention to this tune will come away with some big advantages. Why do I make the analogy to jazz? Because consumer search behavior is extremely varied, but also tends to follow patterns that we can discern, like the way a drummer can anchor a j [...]

Automated Tools To Help Local Businesses Tackle Online Marketing

SEL 1 When asked to rate their biggest challenges with managing digital media for their business, 47% of local business owners said they don't have enough knowledge or expertise; 43% said they don't have enough time; and 26% said they don't have enough resources, according to a Local Search Association/Thrive Analytics survey conducted earlier this year. Furthermore, 30% of local business owners said their advertising budget simply isn't large enough. These numbers show that local businesses are struggling to keep up with the fast-changing digital advertising and marketing landscape. In order [...]

How To Generate Customer Experience Reviews For SEO Profit – Part I

mobile-review-shutterstock Here's a question for all you search marketers out there: given the option, would you prefer to optimize a site that sells products, or services? Personally, I find product-based websites far easier to optimize than service-based sites due to their generally clearer site architecture, access to photos and videos, and the ability to incentivize content creation through influencer marketing and free samples. But service-based sites have one ace up their sleeve: experience reviews. Experience Reviews I recently bought my first house; thus, I had my first experience working with a real [...]

Reach & Frequency: The Forgotten Dimension Of GDN On AdWords

google-data-knowledge-brain-featured The Reach and Frequency report lives under the Dimensions tab in AdWords; yet this information often gets overlooked in favour of analysis on areas such as geographic location or time of day. What Can You See From This Report? Very simply, this report shows the following: Reach:  The number of unique users who saw your adverts Frequency: The minimum number of times a unique user saw your adverts. You can select the length of time you wish to see: day, week or month. Where Can You Find The Report? This report can be found under the dimensions tab (see image below). The data are av [...]

It’s Not Just Links: Why Nothing Is Safe In Online Marketing

chess-board-featured Links have been under fire for years. And while I'm someone who provides link development services, I've never thought that links are all you need. In fact, if all of my clients would let me become more involved in other aspects of their marketing, I'd be absolutely gleeful. Links, while important, aren't the alpha and the omega of SEO. I think that they serve a crucial role in online marketing, and my job is to get the best links I can. In most of the link posts that I read, there's at least one commenter who bemoans links as a ranking factor. Look at the following comments from various [...]

A Review Handout Alternative: Try P&P To Get More Local Reviews

review handouts vs. review postcards Everyone knows how important reviews are -- they factor in to the local algorithm and they play a huge part in click-throughs and building trust. Good reviews can make you, and bad reviews can break you… so businesses do everything they can to get positive reviews. Since Google doesn't allow on-site reviews, we have to rely on customers to take the time and effort after leaving the location to sit down, log in, and write a review. Small business owners and SEOs the world over know how hard that is to actually do. As Local SEOs started to really specialize in reviews, the review han [...]

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