Credit Is Due covers Attribution Management issues – currently one of the biggest challenges facing marketers using multi-channel marketing strategies such as SEO, paid search, social media, email, mobile and beyond – which create multiple touchpoints with consumers online and offline. Quantifying the total impact of these strategies is the next frontier for marketers, as they look to various reporting methods and implementing strategies to act on insights found in attribution metrics.

10 Industry Benchmarks For Your Call Tracking Conversion Rate

When launching a new marketing initiative, you often set a benchmark or baseline against which you measure success. You can gather a "baseline" before you make improvements, pick a number out of thin air or compare yourself to the industry average. Since neither picking a number out of thin air nor delaying improvements while you gather a baseline is ideal, finding an industry benchmark is a good way to begin. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association publishes an annual guide to the "Average Direct Marketing Response Rates" across various marketing channels. For example, here are the s [...]

Post-Click Activity Offers Key Mobile Attribution Insights

I wanted to take a deeper dive into mobile this month. It’s a hot topic that’s here to stay, and leading mobile ad network xAd recently shared some interesting and relevant stats. xAd’s local mobile ad network generates, on average, a click-through rate (CTR) of 5% to 8%, compared to an average general mobile network CTR of 2.9%. Mobile advertising is for real -- and a huge opportunity for local. While smartphone adoption is growing exponentially -- even without an iPhone 5 yet -- 70% of the mobile market today is still on a feature phone, which means mobile marketing strategies must [...]

How Search Conversions Are Driven By Display Impression Frequency

Along with the most obvious campaign attributes that impact cross-channel marketing performance -- traits like publisher, size, creative, keyword, placement, etc. -- are a number of less intuitive factors that can significantly influence your results. Among these more ancillary factors is "frequency" -- specifically the frequency with which online users are exposed to a given marketing tactic in advance of an eventual conversion. A byproduct of applying multidimensional attribution modeling to your cross-channel marketing results will be findings that uncover the number of impressions ge [...]

18 Considerations To Determine Which Call Tracking Metrics Matter For Your Business

One challenge for online marketers is data overload. There's often so much data that sometimes it's hard to know which key performance indicators matter. Revenue, leads, clicks, calls, conversions, or revenue . . . what should you pay attention to? If you're considering adding call tracking data to the mix, here are three sets of questions to ask yourself: A. Should I consider call tracking software in the first place? Does your website have a phone number? Does your sales team field inbound phone calls? At what point in the sales process do you speak with your prospects? [...]

Mobile Takes Center Stage As Key Attribution Vehicle For Small Businesses

Talk about summer being over. September’s conference season has kicked into high gear. At SMX East last week, I discussed mobile search ads on a panel alongside thought leaders from Microsoft, Google and xAD. This week I flew west for a keynote on performance media at BIA/Kelsey’s DMS show in Denver. While SMX East is targeted to search marketers and DMS is targeted to publishers reaching SMBs, there were common themes as SMBs are embracing mobile at a breakneck pace. Mobile marketing is no longer a nice to have – it is essential. And attribution is key to furthering the model. [...]

Understanding Attribution’s Contribution To Customer Quality

Cross channel attribution management provides the benefit of insights that can inform marketing strategies by revealing the true impact that every marketing tactic, campaign and channel has on your overall marketing success. It does this by scientifically calculating the impact that every marketing touchpoint experienced by your prospects has on achieving a specific marketing goal – such as conversions, revenue, return on advertising spend (ROAS), etc. But where the attribution process ends for most marketers is with the acquisition of a new customer and looking solely at media metrics [...]

4 Ways PPC Goals Can Affect A Call Tracking Strategy

Do eager prospects ever visit your website then call your sales team to learn more? If your answer is yes, at some point, you may have wondered how to measure a phone call as a conversion. While Web analytics tools track online conversions, you may also need a call tracking tool to measure phone calls as an offline conversion event. What’s the best way to evaluate and configure a call tracking solution? The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish by tracking phone leads. Here are the four most common reasons online marketers implement a call tracking solution: Get f [...]

8 Tips For Getting Dashboards Right With Cross-Channel Metrics

Measurement and attribution go hand in hand, and one of the most basic elements of a good attribution model is a solid dashboard with tangible metrics that are clear and easy to read. With the evolution and rise of digital advertising, dashboards have become increasingly popular and complex. While dashboards originated largely with clicks (and most dashboards are click based) there are many other post-click actions and data points that indicate consumer engagement and are helpful to monitor and evaluate for a complete picture of media performance. Dashboards are meant to inform the user [...]

How Attribution Helps Search Marketing Inform Other Channels

One of the many beauties of attribution management is the multi-dimensional nature of the analysis that it performs, and the extremely granular nature of the cross channel insights that it delivers to marketers as a result. So not only can a marketer learn which publisher is producing the best ROI or most revenue, but he/she can learn which creative within that publisher is producing the best performance based on the offer, size, placement, day, time and frequency (among other campaign attributes) – taking into account all the influences that exist between campaigns and channels. As lo [...]

Resolving The Online-Offline Attribution Challenge With DNI

It is a classic online attribution challenge: tracking offline leads driven by online sources. Interactive agencies and digital publishers are using SEM to drive leads for national and local advertisers but aren’t getting credit for the calls generated by the programs. The solution is DNI (dynamic number insertion) technology which enables a business’ phone number appearing throughout a website to be dynamically replaced with a call tracking number indicating how the consumer arrived there. When a business receives a call from the number on the website, it can then be tracked back to th [...]

How Attribution Management Enhances Search Retargeting

The concept of search retargeting isn’t especially new, but it certainly remains in the early adopter stage from a practical perspective. For a while now, companies like, Magnetic and Chango have been offering marketers the ability to identify Internet users who have performed a search on a given search term on one of the websites with whom these vendors have partnerships. Marketers then use that information to target these individuals with online display ads via the ad exchanges. The search engines have actually been doing this between their paid search platforms and thei [...]

But Wait, There’s More! 3 SEM Lessons From Infomercials & Direct Response Media

The $150 billion infomercial industry uses lines such as, "but wait, there's more" and "if operators are busy, please call again" to create a sense of urgency and boost response rates. Given marketers’ success advertising on television, what lessons can you apply to your online marketing efforts? Let’s explore the following three principles: Your customers make purchases over the phone Your sales will increase as you improve response time Your advertising effectiveness will improve if you measure what works Now, how does each of these ideas apply to online marketing? Custome [...]

Measuring & Monetizing The Instant Gratification Of Mobile Search

No matter where you are in your mobile marketing efforts – whether you are an advertiser still developing a mobile strategy or a growing mobile ad network selling to national advertisers – you should know how to effectively measure mobile and your measurement efforts should include call tracking and attribution metrics. Mobile attribution is key to helping validate the channel and monetizing the high quality leads it delivers. Mobile Searchers Need It Today Consider the mobile searcher profile. Leads that come from a mobile search program are not only more likely to buy, but will ofte [...]

The Prettiest Person In The Room: The Impact Of Data Sources On Attribution

Imagine a room filled with 20 men or 20 women. Setting aside for a moment that attraction is subjective, if we were asked to identify the most attractive person in the room, most of us could easily narrow it down to the one to two we thought were most attractive. Now, imagine a room with just three men or just three women. Were we given the same task we could still carry it out, but not only would our selection be far more limited than when we could select from 20 people, but we might not find any of the men or women to be truly attractive. We might have to "settle" on the most attract [...]

4 Ways Post-Call Conversation Analytics Demonstrate Intent & Validate Conversions

Advertisers today should be leveraging new developments in voice recognition speech-to-text technologies to glean key insights and identify important trends across their inbound caller base. Post-call conversation analytics are most effective in determining which ads or SEM campaigns are driving quality inbound phone leads and drilling into key caller intelligence. When combined with pre-call analytics and real-time call data, companies can evaluate the full lifecycle of a caller and determine which ads, campaigns, conversation topics and keywords are ultimately resulting in sales. Are Ad [...]

Is It Time For A New Compensation Model For Search And Digital Marketers?

Pay for performance is certainly not a new concept. But a number of digital marketing industry pundits have publically suggested that attribution measurement should drive a new compensation model for publishers and search engines that’s based on the actual contribution they make to each conversion and dollar of revenue, rather than for the credit that would be given using the "last click" method of measurement. A lot can be said for the wisdom and fairness of such a compensation model given the ability of some attribution platforms to accurately and fairly calculate this credit. But gaini [...]

Real-Time Call Data Yields Key Insights on Phone Leads

In my prior article, I focused on the value of pre-call analytics in determining which ads or SEM campaigns drove consumer calls, as well as identifying specific pre-call consumer behavior and engagement points. Now we’re moving into the second piece of the call measurement puzzle—capturing real-time insights from consumer calls. This step allows companies to get a behind-the-scenes look at their inbound consumer calls, including caller demographics, how calls are being handled and which media channels or even which keywords are driving the most quality leads. Real-time call i [...]

Searching For Answers To Phone Leads: What Channel Drove Calls?

[caption id="attachment_69922" align="alignright" width="240" caption="courtesy of"][/caption] When a business receives a call from a potential new customer, a slew of questions immediately pop up:   How did they find us? Which search engine or ad drove the call? Did they visit our website first? Did they make a purchase as a result of the call? A business that can quickly answer these questions and extract relevant call details and caller demographic information is equipped to measure the effectiveness of their online and offline advertising programs and immediately [...]

Attribution Management: The New Frontier In Search

Had you exchanged pleasantries at a 2001 cocktail party, describing yourself as a search marketer, you’d have undoubted been met with a moment of uncomfortable silence and a blank stare. A decade later, it’s hard to imagine a company of any size, in any industry, that isn’t using SEO or paid search advertising to market its products or services. In fact, a company not pursuing these activities now is almost universally viewed to be at a disadvantage to its competitors who are so engaged. Well, marketing history appears to be repeating itself in the form of attribution management. I [...]

Attribution Technology: What’s Best For Your Needs?

A few months ago, I wrote an article titled Attribution: What It Is And Why It’s Important where I discussed two types of attribution: operational and project based attribution. For this post, I want to go one step further and explain how you can use several different types of technologies for operational and project-based attribution. The tables below should help you select the most appropriate technology based on your own attribution needs. Operational attribution allows an advertiser to see all the steps or clicks that led to conversion in real-time and continuously attributes conve [...]

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