Enterprise SEM is written by search marketers running massive search advertising campaigns. Running large budget campaigns with millions of keywords can be an entirely different animal than running less complex ad campaigns. Additional details, such as more complex ROI metrics, optimizing efficiently, managing creatives and automation become the focus of such campaigns. Experts share real-life experience and perspective to running search campaigns of such scale.

Drive PPC Revenues By Addressing The Bing Dilemma

Life Beyond Google Meme In February, comScore released their monthly analysis of the US search marketplace, reporting Google with a 67.6% share of the search market and Bing, which powers Yahoo! search, a 28.7% share. Though these findings continue to confirm Google’s dominance in the search landscape, it’s important to highlight that Bing’s share of the market has continued to grow year-over-year, accounting for 3.6 billion searches per month. As advertisers continue to navigate an increasingly competitive and complex landscape, these search trends underscore an incredibly profitable and accessible oppor [...]

5 Conversion Tracking Tips For AdWords

google-adwords-square-logo Last month, I covered how to use call tracking for AdWords to shed some light on how to track phone calls as conversions. This month, I'd like to continue in that vein and share some more tips for tracking and optimizing by conversions, whether they are of the call or online variety. When I first joined Google in 2002, conversion tracking didn't even exist in AdWords until I helped build it. So it gives me great pleasure to see how much more advanced it's gotten since those early days of PPC. 1. Automate Bidding Based On Call Data Shortly after I wrote about the complexity of counting the [...]

3 Paid Search Strategies For Maximizing Brand Equity In Retail

consumer shopping online Paid search continues to be a highly effective channel for retailers, driving traffic and a profitable return on investment (ROI). In fact, retail advertisers invest more in paid search than almost any other industry. [caption id="attachment_170720" align="alignright" width="239"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] For the most part, search represents an integrated step in the purchase cycle for consumers with selection, price-transparency and convenience as differentiating factors compared to traditional brick-and-mortar retail. Unfortunately, these factors result in a constant struggl [...]

Single-Keyword Ad Groups: Maximizing Mobile Performance With Enhanced Campaigns

In early February of 2013, as part of the most debated AdWords update in recent history, Google introduced the concept of mobile bid adjustments, giving search marketers the power to optimize bids across devices for a single campaign. Though these adjustments were originally introduced at the campaign level, Google subsequently expanded the capability to individual ad groups. In tune with industry feedback, this additional control was much needed and well received. However, as the July 22nd migration deadline approaches, many advertisers worry about their ability to optimize mobile per [...]

Why Big Data Is The Future Of Bionic SEM

Once and for all, I will prove why Big Data is the future of bionic SEM. But first, indulge me for a minute. In the classic 1970s TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man, when all-American test pilot Steve Austin (played by Lee Majors) teeters on the verge of life after a crash, the government famously declares, "We have the technology to rebuild this man." By surgically altering him with futuristic bionic technology, Austin is reborn with superhuman strength, speed, hearing, eyesight, etc., and becomes a superhero that could weekly battle (in one episode) bad guys, aliens, and even Bigfoot. [...]

PLAs: Cannibals? Allies? Or Both?

The spectacular growth of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) over the past 2-1/2 years has been a boon for Google and advertisers as well as for consumers. This growth was spurred by the visual appeal of the ads themselves, by Google’s increasing sophistication in serving the right PLAs for the right queries and by Google’s decision to eliminate the visual competition on the SERP produced by the once-free Google shopping listings. The question has been raised, though: is some of this growth also artificially produced by cannibalization? For Enterprise AdWords advertisers, might some of th [...]

Why You Should “Bing It On” In Your Online Marketing

Bing commercials have been running rampant on TV lately -- they have amped up their service and definitely have something to prove. Among other things, they're becoming increasingly integrated into Windows 8, possibly increasing public interest in Bing. For many people (online marketers in particular), there is a tendency to forget that Bing even exists -- after all, Google is the head honcho. But market shares are increasing for Bing, having recently risen to above 17%. Bing also has some great things to offer marketers. They currently have a lovely SEO Analyzer, for example, and have [...]

Optimizing Google Enhanced Campaigns: Success Starts At Migration

In February of this year, Google made headlines with its launch of enhanced campaigns. Since the initial outpouring of both interest and concern, advertisers have been seeking to understand how enhanced campaigns will not only reshape their campaign structures and strategies, but also how this will impact their ability to acquire revenue. With the July 22, 2013 migration deadline fast approaching, the attention has shifted from "why" to "how." How do search marketers efficiently migrate to enhanced campaigns and optimize them to ensure post-migration success? During this critical time pe [...]

Will Enhanced Campaigns Drive Mobile CPCs Down?

google-adwords-square-logo There are two pieces of conventional wisdom surrounding Google's Enhanced Campaigns that seem to get tossed around a lot without much thought or examination. The first is that this new campaign model will make it easier for small advertisers to get into the mobile advertising game. The second related piece is that Enhanced Campaigns will likely lead to higher mobile CPCs and that this is one of Google's primary motivations for changing its model. I have personally been guilty of echoing both of these sentiments to varying degrees -- but as we get closer to the mandatory transition in Jul [...]

Welcome To The Mobile Era Of Search

It’s rare when you can pinpoint the moment of a major game changer for an industry to a single day. Usually, these shifts happen over time; and then one day, you look back and realize how momentous a particular event really was. For paid search, there have been many catalysts that have accelerated the industry, most of which were not even specifically search related. For example, the widespread availability of consumer-priced, high-speed Internet access  took years to mature and was the result of multiple global telecoms working in parallel. This development led to more daily time spe [...]

How to Automate AdWords Ad Creation & Landing Page Checks

Automating AdWords as much as possible is every advertiser’s dream, especially when dealing with the massive accounts we see in enterprise-level SEM. This article provides a few examples of how we at Top Tier Marketing have automated some of the more laborious tasks of running AdWords. Hopefully, these examples will give you some ideas for your own accounts. There’s even a full script that should work by simply copying it into your own account toward the end of this post.  Automate AdWords Ad Creation From Your Catalog [caption id="attachment_158965" align="alignright" width="212"] F [...]

Advanced Paid Search Bidding Solutions: 5 Must-Have Capabilities

In the competitive paid search landscape, advertisers rely on sound bidding strategies to drive clicks and conversions, and ultimately acquire more revenue. However, business and bidding requirements that vary significantly across industries, publishers, devices, and geographies create a highly complex auction environment. To address this complexity and satisfy bidding requirements, search marketers lean on a wide variety of proprietary, publisher and third-party bidding solutions for calculating optimal bids. Unfortunately, of the solutions that are characterized by the six core attribute [...]

Relax, The Search Industry Is Doing Just Fine

For enterprise SEM practitioners looking to set budgets or otherwise anticipate their needs in the space for the months and years ahead, it's been a particularly difficult time to get a read on how the industry is really trending. Conflicting data and opinions abound; new threats to the hegemony of search, real or just perceived, continue to spring up; and, there are times when all of us may wonder just how much the numbers are actually changing and whether we should be concerned. Case in point: comScore recently showed U.S. core searches increasing 11% year-over-year to hit an all-time [...]

A Good Start For Paid Search In 2013

It's April, which means that spring is here and the first quarter of 2013 is in the books! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the ads are clicking. Aren't the landing pages pretty at this time of year? At Kenshoo, we sit on some massive data sets that we share each quarter in our Global Search Advertising Trends reports. You can download the full Q1 2013 report here; but, let's dive in and look at some of the highlights. Note: In the report, you can read about our methodology to see how we arrived at these numbers, so I won't go into that here. Just know that our [...]

4 Ways To Take Your AdWords Scripts To The Next Level

Last week, I presented at HeroConf in Austin and shared some advanced tips for automating AdWords account management with an audience of PPC account managers. They seemed to like what I had to say; so, I’ll share a few of the more advanced scripting tips with you here. When you manage PPC accounts, you likely experience at least one of these two frustrations: You know exactly what you should be doing, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it done You’ve bought a tool that automates AdWords account management, but you find yourself locked into a cookie-cutter solution t [...]

6 Requirements For A Sound Paid Search Bidding Strategy

[caption id="attachment_154994" align="alignright" width="225"] Courtesy of Marin Software[/caption] Whether it’s to drive traffic, increase conversions, or maximize revenue, bid optimization is the cornerstone of any effective paid search program. Across industries, publishers, devices, and geographies, bidding strategies vary tremendously as search marketers leverage a wide variety of proprietary, publisher, and third-party bidding tools and solutions. However, the success of these tools and solutions is tied to their ability to not only address the needs of the advertisers, but also [...]

3 Location Requests For Enhanced Campaigns

The shift to Enhanced Campaigns is important to every advertiser, but critically important to Enterprise programs, particularly those with meaningful brick and mortar footprints. The reality of Enhanced Campaigns today doesn't create much urgency to switch over. We don't get any more controls, and in fact, we lose some. However, the near-term future of EC is very exciting, particularly with respect to improved location targeting. Chain business operations from retailers, to package delivery firms, to insurance companies with local agents will see the true benefits of the new structure; h [...]

Do You Really Need An Agency To Help Manage Large Campaigns?

[caption id="attachment_83846" align="alignright" width="240"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] The in-house versus agency debate is largely over because for 90% of businesses, it is no longer possible to run a significant (large budget/large volume) online marketing program without agency help. Since I'm an online marketing agency CEO, it'd be fair of you to accuse me of bias and self-interest in making this statement, but please put away the rotten tomatoes until you have at least heard my argument. For what it's worth, it's an informed one; I spent eight years as an in-house SEM and [...]

Workarounds To Make Enhanced Campaigns More Flexible

Enhanced Campaigns Bid Strategies Last week at SMX West, I was on the "SEM Best Practices Debate" panel. Several of the topics we debated were related to Enhanced Campaigns, clearly something on the minds of search marketers these days. This month, I’ll recap a few take-aways from the event and share some ideas for workarounds and automation that may make your transition to Enhanced Campaigns a bit easier. Does It Make Sense To Target Tablets & Desktops In The Same Campaign? This debate topic was a tongue-in-cheek jab at Enhanced Campaigns which make the answer largely irrelevant since splitting out desktops and tablet [...]

Do Tablet Trends Support Google’s Shift To Combine Desktop & Tablet Targeting?

In the last three years, on the heels of Apple’s debut iPad in 2010, the rapid proliferation of tablet devices has changed the way consumers and advertisers interact across the paid search landscape. Consumers now rely on their tablets more than ever before to gain instant access to local business information, product details and reviews, coupons, and competitors. The way tablets are used by consumers has resulted in a seismic shift in thinking from Google. [caption id="attachment_150904" align="alignright" width="320"] Image from Google Enhanced Campaigns microsite[/caption] In an ef [...]

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