Enterprise SEO was written by search marketers responsible for managing SEO for large scale websites or managing a number of enterprise-level or multiple brand sites under one corporate umbrella. Topics ranged from handling technical challenges to working with multiple key stakeholders and getting everyone to play nice together. It no longer runs as a standalone column but instead has been incorporated into the All Things SEO column.

Examining Real World Uses Of Rich Snippets & Markup

Semantic markup is becoming more and more popular in conjunction with large scale SEO. Adding rich snippets to send rich signals to alert search engines as to the relevancy of your content − whatever vertical they may appear in − is not only a wise move, but an SEO best practice. Included below is an illustrative guide highlighting currently available Chrome extensions, which you can leverage to both test on-site markup as well as expose any information regarding your competitors. An example is illustrated below, and what follows is a guide to getting the information.   Installi [...]

10 Reasons Enterprise SEO Is Trouble, Plus 4 Ways To Make It Work

It sounds really attractive: 9-5 hours. You get to focus on a single product. You can win over a single IT department. The grass is way greener over there. But the truth is, in the SEO world, the large enterprise is in trouble. I know about brand favoritism. And I know large enterprises have massive resources at their disposal. All marketers have if only moments: after a particularly grueling client meeting or a day of fighting one fire after another, we think ‘If only I was an in-house SEO at a big, big company.’ The problem? They can never seem to use those resources. And except [...]

Why You Need To Get To Failure As Quickly As Possible

The cliché Failure is not an option, in my opinion, is misguided, and unless on the back of some high school wrestler’s shirt, is annoying. Sure, failure isn't an option if you’re piloting a 777 on final approach or are Ed Harris. Failure can mean certain defeat; I’m certainly not implying there’s not an end-point in some situations. Technically, though, failure is an option, but typically not the desirable one. Hell, I made my trainer, Rusty, rename his push ups till failure workout to push ups till exhaustion, attempting to spin my internal dialogue to say that even though I c [...]

How Larger Companies Can Break The Crappy Link Building Habit

All too often, I encounter many enterprise organizations that are mired in the habit of manipulative link acquisition. It often falls to me to try and talk them out of doing it that way. This can be very challenging. There are always reasons why they want to continue to do what they are doing. That the current methods still work for them is usually the most basic one. They go out and place a bunch of low-quality blog posts on low-quality sites with low relevance, and with rich anchor text, and they see rankings for the related terms rise. The reason why it may still work for them is th [...]

7 Tricks To Take The Scary Out Of SEO

Does your company use SEO for online marketing guidance? If you are a regular Search Engine Land reader, I suspect you will answer with something like, "Of course we do. We're enlightened marketers, not Neanderthals." And, you probably are. Actually, I would not ask you this question without reason. Being an inbound marketing consultant, I get to enjoy conversations with people in many different roles. From the c-suite to marketing and sales directors, to Web designers, developers, copywriters, community managers, social media managers, and search engine optimization professionals -- I g [...]

6 Ways To Shatter The Ceiling With An Enterprise Site Quality Audit

Enterprise SEO has always emphasized visibility, authority and relevance. If you’re optimizing a site with more than 10,000 pages, you now need a streamlined way to audit site quality. Quality matters, and it matters even more on large sites, because you can repeat the same issues so many times. That drags down your entire site. Here’s what I include in any large site quality audit: 1.  Check For Busted Links Well, duh. Hopefully I don’t have to write about this. Do make sure you’re checking both onsite and outbound links, though. 2.  Check For Duplicate Content Again, d [...]

The Publisher’s Guide To Enterprise News SEO

At Define Media Group, we jokingly say that we are unafraid to be the best in the world at an industry that is imploding faster than Amanda Bynes's career. With many major media conglomerates as bedrock clients and hundreds of news and magazine titles under our watchful eye, the following thoughts represent our attempt at saving you the blood, sweat, and Olympic-sized pool of tears those very same entities endured in News SEO. Understanding The Life Cycle & Lifetime Economic Value Of Your News There are two distinct News SEO periods: the first 48 hours and the lifetime archive value. Ev [...]

Practical Tips For Central Management Of Multiple Sites

Many large enterprises face the challenge of dealing with a diverse portfolio of sites. This by itself is very complex, but that complexity is multiplied when those sites are operated by different teams of people. Some common scenarios where this happens are: Different product lines which are owned and operated by different business units. International sites operated by local country based divisions / subsidiaries. Marketing sites designed to run separately from the main company sites. This brings up a host of problems, including: Some internal groups may resort to questiona [...]

Using Share Of Voice To Measure SEO Results

Sometimes the biggest problem for any marketer is language: communicating results in a way that makes sense to your boss/client. Nowhere is that more true than for SEOs. We talk about rankings, but we know rankings mean diddley squat. We point at ROI, but no one believes us. We try to lobby for changes like text-based navigation, but we’re told "We can’t risk the brand!" There’s a better way, particularly for any SEO geek in an enterprise: share of voice (SOV). What’s Share Of Voice? In classic marketing and PR, share of voice is the number of times your brand is mentione [...]

What The Convergence Of Publishing & Ecommerce Means For Enterprise SEO

The convergence of publishing and ecommerce has been evolving for some time and is picking up steam. On the one side, publishers who are facing declining advertising revenue are branching out and looking for new income streams. For many, ecommerce is the best opportunity at the moment. Recent articles from The New York Times and Folio illustrate how lifestyle publishers are experimenting with deeper shopping integration. On the other side, ecommerce sites, in response to Panda and May Day before it, are taking steps to reduce thin, low-value pages and to improve the overall quality o [...]

How To Build An Authority Strategy For Your Company

On June 7, 2011 Google announced rel=author. There are many articles that explain the mechanics of how to setup rel=author tagging, including this excellent one by Rick DeJarnette on Search Engine Land. While this announcement got people thinking about author authority, an "authority strategy" for your business involves a lot more than rel=author. It invoves creating great content, and establishing a highly visible presence on the Web with that content. Many enterprises have difficulty implementing a strategy to build up the visibility and expertise of key individuals on their staff. So tod [...]

How Google Autocomplete Can Affect Your Brand’s SEO & ORM Strategy

google-autocomplete-featured Have you ever typed a company name into Google and been instantly greeted with words like ‘scam’ or ‘complaints’ by Google Autocomplete? That can’t be good for business, and it is a situation that more and more organizations are finding themselves in. Being part of a firm that is heavily involved in Online Reputation Management (ORM), we take on a wide range of tasks. There is a bit of everything, from helping individuals clean up search results for their names to partnering with corporations to identify and fix reputation problems. One of the most common issues we get now, fro [...]

What Is In Your Enterprise SEO Toolkit?

Enterprise SEO ain't like the others. As I've said before, simply saying "I'm an enterprise SEO!!!" doesn't make you one. You need different tools, and different skills, and a whole different level of diplomatic kung-fu. I lack diplomatic-fu. And skills are always open to debate. But the tools are forever. This is a very incomplete list of the tools you probably want to look at if you're responsible for SEO in an organization so big you get lost finding the restroom. No favorites—if it's on this list it'll do the job nicely: Rank Tracking For the record, I do not support rank tracking a [...]

How Scattergraphs Can Be Your Best Friends

Recently, I was on an in-house SEO panel at SMX with REI's Jonathon Colman. Most of the audience's questions centered around explaining and reporting relevant metrics to upper management. Turns out, while search has come a long way, many execs still use terms like "Google Juice" and define success as launching a PPC campaign to "rank number 1 for our competitor's name". This issue is even more pronounced in larger, established companies where search makes up a smaller portion of the marketing mix. :::sigh::: Jonathon's primary recommendation centered around "data visualization" - expl [...]

Getting Dev Team Mindshare For Your SEO Projects

Getting in the development schedule in an enterprise environment can be one of the most challenging parts of the job for an SEO professional. The dev team has so many different people coming at them with projects to do, and prioritizing those projects can be a mess. Add to that the frustrating reality that the person/people setting the priorities often do not have nearly enough information to decide which projects could have the biggest impact for the organization. This can leave you in stunned shock at a conference room table when that killer project you were pushing for did not make th [...]

Don’t Forget The Other Type Of Enterprise Search

As SEOs, we focus on external customers: Getting more people outside an organization to sign up, buy, read, follow and otherwise participate. We don’t invest a lot of effort at helping internal customers: Colleagues at our own company who need help finding critical information, but end up grinding their teeth after 10 minutes lost in the company’s ‘search’ tool. It’s time for a career tune-up, everybody. As an SEO, you have a lot to offer in the field of enterprise search. Here’s how you can help, and how you can capitalize on internal needs. Content Collection Enterprise sear [...]

5 Ways To Better Integrate Social Media & Enterprise SEO

Social media has a direct and indirect impact on SEO but few large organizations are integrating the two as well as they should. At the enterprise level, the two disciplines actually have a lot in common beyond the strategic and tactical crossover. Like SEO, social media cannot be segmented as a separate activity or fully owned by any one department. Yet social media is often siloed within an organization, making it more difficult to effectively coordinate social and SEO. In addition, for every way that social media initiatives can support SEO, there as just as many ways they can create [...]

How To Leverage Brand PR To Drive SEO & Social Media

In most enterprises, PR generally focuses on creating a certain image or viewpoint about a company or its products. In doing this, PR departments seek to get coverage in print media and develop relationships with thought leaders and influencers in the company's market space. The general purpose is to build the brand, resulting in increased interest in the company's product or services. This is a good classic definition of what a public relations group does. But in today's Internet environment, the opportunity exists to get a lot more out of the PR department. This is especially true in larg [...]

You Know You’re An Enterprise SEO If…

What the hell is ‘Enterprise SEO’? Most people use the phrase when: Angling for a raise. Selling me their SEO widget. Trying to re-define their now-banned content spinning service. Those aren’t good criteria. So, I’m tackling the question: What is enterprise SEO? Are you an enterprise SEO professional? Here’s a test. Check off each item, adding up points as you go. Then see the scoring at the bottom: 1.  You Don’t Control Site Changes Your site recommendations shuttle between at least 3 e-mail inboxes before implementation. You say a silent prayer every time you su [...]

10 Numbers Every Enterprise SEO Needs On Speed Dial

As I have written in earlier columns, SEO is not rocket science. What the industry has labeled "Enterprise SEO" is more project management and compliance work than it is the algorithm-chasing or link-whoring that smaller institutions have to take on in order to compete in the search marketplace. [caption id="attachment_125547" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Call Me Maybe?"][/caption] In our Enterprise SEO work, we have had the good fortune of working alongside the executives and in-house teams at many of the world's biggest brands and most prolific publishers of content. Like [...]

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