Google: We Prefer To Assess Reconsideration Requests On Links Within Webmaster Tools However…

google-webmaster-tools-video-1330350240 What do webmasters do when receiving a manual action from Google telling them they have a penalty because of paid or bad links pointing to their site? Google told us back in June that we should use Google’s “links to your site” report within Webmaster Tools to analyze bad links pointing to our sites. In fact, earlier that month, a Google engineer who works in search quality named Aaseesh Marina told an SEO named Marie Haynes that using Google Webmaster Tools "Links to Your Site" section would be enough to discover the bad links pointing to your site and to submit a reconsideration [...]

Google Brings More “Now” To Search With New Quick Answers

google-now-card-featured Google is bringing more of the capabilities of Google Now to the search box and providing a range of personalized "quick answers" regardless of platform. These new search capabilities focus on "travel and logistics" use cases: reservations, flights, package tracking and calendar entries, among a few others. The content and capabilities will likely expand over time. Google's general objective is to make it easy to get information quickly without having to shift through email or drill down into other Google apps. Google Now has been delivering much of this information to mobile users for s [...]

AdWords Editor Update Brings Upgraded Sitelink Management And More

google-adwords-square-logo Google released an update to AdWords Editor, version 10.2, that supports upgraded sitelink management and several other smaller feature updates. Apparently now dubbed upgraded sitelinks, these new sitelinks rolled out in June just prior to the enhanced campaign roll-out. They give advertisers the ability to include additional details for each sitelink. So far, they've been spotted on brand queries only, but perhaps this is a sign they'll start to display more frequently on nonbrand results. The new sitelink functions available in Editor 10.2 include: View and manage sitelinks an [...]

Revealed: The 17 Other Search Engines The FTC Warned Over Paid Ad Disclosures

ftc-featured In June, the US Federal Trade Commission warned seven "general purpose" search engines -- including Google, Bing and Yahoo -- about the need to ensure they were properly disclosing paid ads. But 17 other "specialty" search engines were also warned. Which ones? The FTC wouldn't say. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, Search Engine Land can now reveal the names. Our story from June -- FTC Updates Search Engine Ad Disclosure Guidelines After “Decline In Compliance” -- explains the warnings that were sent in more detail. At the time, the FTC said that AOL, Ask, Bing, Blek [...]

Changes Afoot At Search Engine Land & Marketing Land Columns

marketing-land-logo-square I'm pleased to announce that we've made some changes in our columns line-up to better showcase the great work contributed by our talented columnist-practitioners. The biggest change is that we're moving some of our columns from Search Engine Land to Marketing Land, so we want to let you know where you'll be able to find the contributors and content you've grown to know and appreciate. When we launched Marketing Land, it was an acknowledgment that the world of online marketing was changing dramatically. A lot of folks who'd started out in search were now turning the expertise they'd gaine [...]

Google: Links In Press Releases Should Use Nofollow Like Paid Links

news Friday we broke the news that Google updated their link schemes webmaster guidelines. Now that the dust has settled, I aimed at getting more clarification on what Google meant by the new example around keyword-rich anchor text links within articles or press releases. The specific line in the link schemes document is: Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites. John Mueller, one of Google's lead Webmaster Trends Analyst, was kind enough to answer some of my questions around this documentation change in a video hangout. The questions from SEOs [...]

In Memoriam: Ilya Segalovich Of Yandex, Search Engine Pioneer, Leader & Visionary

candles-featured [caption id="attachment_168188" align="alignright" width="200"] Ilya Segalovich. Source:Yandex[/caption] Ilya Segalovich, co-founder of Yandex, Russia's largest search engine, was disconnected from life support on July 27. During routine cancer treatment, he unexpectedly slipped into a coma earlier in the week from which he did not recover. I had the honor of knowing Ilya personally. In addition to being one of the most brilliant search scientists I've ever met, he was also a humble, compassionate, and funny human being. I thought it appropriate to pay tribute on the news of his unfortun [...]

Google Warns Against Large-Scale Guest Posting, Advertorials & “Optimized Anchor Text” In Press Releases

Google logo Google has quietly updated the link schemes document under their Webmaster guidelines to add large-scale guest posting, advertorials and optimized anchor text in articles or press releases to the list of types of links that violate their guidelines. The new guideline examples that were added to this document include: Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links Advertorials or native advertising where payment is received for articles that include links that pass PageRank Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases di [...]

Google: Today’s Enhanced Campaigns Rollout Will Take Several Weeks To Complete

google-adwords-featured Account managers have been bombarded with alerts in their AdWords dashboards for months now. Today, notices like the one below started appearing upon login to AdWords -- upgrade your campaigns by July 22  or Google will do it for you. Now, in a new blog post, Senior Vice President-Ads & Commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy states that a grand switch to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns will not happen today, as most believed. Ramaswamy states, "As with many product launches, the rollout will be gradually completed over several weeks." So, yes, enhanced campaigns are coming, just maybe not for y [...]

Google Enhanced Campaigns Are Here: What You Need To Know Now

google-adwords-square-logo If you haven't done it, Google will do it for you. Beginning today, many AdWords "legacy" campaigns will be "enhanced" and in the near future, all will be. Many expected to wake up to an exclusively enhanced world this morning. But, the big switch-flip at midnight didn't happen. Google has said it will still take several weeks to complete the transition. In the meantime, you can even still create legacy campaigns -- targeting tablets only, no less. But, that's an exercise in futility. The change is coming. Now that we are here on the cusp of the completed migration, it's time to learn [...]

Are Google’s Results Getting Too Ad-Heavy & Self-Promotional?

google-serps-broken-featured Are Google's search results getting too ad-heavy and leading back to Google's own content too much? A new blog post suggesting that Google's non-paid listings make up only a tiny fraction of the entire search results page has sparked some discussion, though the exact percentage actually varies on how you count what's on the page and from query-to-query. According to the blog post by Aaron Harris, co-founder and CEO of Tutorspree, organic search results -- listings that are not paid ads but ranked highly because Google thinks they are the best answer to a query -- made up from 0-to-13% of a [...]

The Definitive Guide To Technical Mobile SEO

mobile-seo-featured At SMX Advanced, I moderated a panel about technical SEO. Google’s Maile Ohye spoke about SEO best practices for technical implementation of mobile sites based on how Google crawls, indexed, and ranks mobile content and presents it to searchers on mobile devices. She also talked about Google’s recent announcement that the mobile user experience is a factor in how Google ranks results for smartphone searchers. Below are more details on that, as well as resources on how best to architect your site’s mobile experience for optimal search acquisition (and happy mobile users). Responsiv [...]

Facebook’s Graph Search Then & Now: What’s Changed

facebook-graph-search-featured Facebook has started rolling out Graph Search to all US English users, a move that comes about seven months after the product first launched to a small number of users in mid-January. Graph Search has gone through some changes since then, perhaps none more obvious than when Facebook changed the search box white to make it more obvious than the original blue that blended in with the site's interface. Before that change, you might've had Graph Search access and not even known it because the search box was practically invisible. There are other changes, both under the hood and in the visibl [...]

Snowden Petition Blocked From Google? Like All Petitions, It Won’t Be When It Gets Enough Signatures

donotenter-block-caution-featured Search for "edward snowden petition" on Google to find the petition filed through the White House petitions site, and you'll see something odd. The petition has no description, because the White House won't let Google crawl the page. But it's not a move against Snowden, as some might think. It's part of how the petitions site has worked with search engines for some time. Here's how the listing looks: Notice the description: "A description for this result is not available because of the site's robot.txt -- learn more." iAcquire noted the oddity this week, that the page is listed [...]

FTC Updates Search Engine Ad Disclosure Guidelines After “Decline In Compliance”

ftc-building-featured In 2002, the US Federal Trade Commission issued landmark guidelines to search engines, to ensure they were make a clear distinction between their paid and unpaid listings. Now, the FTC has updated those guidelines, saying it has seen a "decline in compliance" since they were first issued. The FTC posted the news today on its site, along with letters that were sent to over 20 general-purpose and specialty search engines. The move comes just over a year since I wrote to the FTC noting that there were several compliance issues I was seeing with search engines and its guidelines. In part [...]

Google Rolls Out AdWords Dynamic Retargeting For Retailers

AdWords Dynamic Retargeting Template ModCloth In another move to beef up its retargeting offerings--and take on retargeting platforms like Adroll, Retargeter and Mediaforge--Google is rolling out dynamic retargeting to all AdWords retail customers with Google Merchant Feeds. The company is also piloting dynamic retargeting in the travel and education sectors and plans to expand availability to more sectors later this year. With dynamic retargeting ads are created on the fly with product images pulled from your Google Merchant feed. Google's product recommendation engine determines which products and messages are shown based on an [...]

Duck Duck Go’s Post-PRISM Growth Actually Proves No One Cares About “Private” Search

duckduckgo-featured Look out, Google! Duck Duck Go is on the rise, posting a 50% traffic increase in just eight days. Is this proof people want a "private" search engine, in the wake of allegations the PRISM program allows the US government to read search data with unfettered access? Nope. Google has little to worry about. People don't care about search privacy, and Duck Duck Go's growth demonstrates this. Don't get me wrong. If you ask people about search privacy, they'll respond that it's a major issue. Big majorities say they don't want to be tracked nor receive personalized results. But if you look at [...]

Enhanced Campaigns Countdown: Latest CPC Trends & Mobile Bid Test Results From Adobe

google-adwords-square-logo With the July 22nd mandatory migration to Google AdWords enhanced campaigns looming, we will be checking in with marketers over the next several weeks to get their perspective on the transition process, hear what they've learned so far and what advice they have to share. Today, Sid Shah, Adobe's Director of Business Analytics for Advertising Solutions, released new findings and predictions for enhanced campaigns based on nearly 100 major U.S. advertisers representing over $100 million in ad spend from March through May 2013. I spoke with Kohki Yamaguchi, Senior Business Analyst for Adobe [...]

Big Data + Big Math = Big Mess or Big Money?

SMX adv up close What happens when you combine big data with some big math? Good things, bad things and things we have yet to truly comprehend. Big Data is the most talked about, misunderstood and nebulously defined component of online marketing. Big data can mean anything from large scale consumer behavioral analysis to a relatively simple study of baseline intent analytics. Big data has effectively replaced predictive modeling as a buzz phrase in the digital marketing universe. As is often the case, search marketers feel they are the center of said universe—and rightly so—since all the best things [...]

Now Updated: The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Periodic Table of SEO Success Two years ago, we released "The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors." Now we're back with an update. We've introduced some new elements, adjusted a few rankings and given the table a more encompassing name, The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors. Clicking on the image above will take you to the permanent home of the table, where you can see a larger copy. You can also view a "condensed" version without the descriptions on either side of table. Both versions are available if you wish to embed on your web site or in PDF form, should you want to print them. Philosophy Behind The Tab [...]

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