Searching For TV News Online

Most news organizations provide video content on their sites, and aggregators like Google News also offer video clips for some stories. But there are also some excellent search tools that focus exclusively on broadcast television news, and they can often take you to "all the news that's fit to watch" more quickly and efficiently than browsing the Web. Today, a look at "TV News Search and Borrow" (TV News), one of the many services the Internet Archive makes available, such as the incredible Web history archive, The Wayback Machine. "TV News Search and Borrow" allows you to keyword [...]

Facebook’s Graph Search & YourTrove’s Social Search: 5 Questions With Jesse Emery

5-Questions [Ed. note: This is the first of what will be an ongoing interview series called "5 Questions With...," in which we'll publish brief interviews with interesting and important online marketing newsmakers. Depending on the topic, the interviews may be published on Search Engine Land or Marketing Land and, depending on the topic and interview subject, we may occasionally ask more than five questions.] Facebook made a splash this week when it announced Graph Search, an upgrade to its long-neglected search tool. It's very much a beta product. Facebook emphasized that the product will expand to in [...]

Facebook Still Top Search Term In 2012 As One-Word Searches Rise 16 Percent [Experian]

facebook-searched-featured For the fourth straight year, "facebook" was the most common search term in the U.S. this year -- part of an increase in navigational searching that saw one-word searches rise 16 percent in 2012. That's according to Experian Marketing Services, which announced its list of 2012's top search terms today. The data covers search activity on more than 60 search engines and website visits between January and November of this year, but doesn't include mobile searches or traffic. Experian says "facebook" accounted for 4.13 percent of all searches, a 33 percent increase over 2011. Other Faceb [...]

2012 Yahoo! Year In Review: Over 500 Top Searches In 50+ Categories

yahoo-2012-featured Last year, Yahoo! celebrated ten years of sharing its annual Year In Review feature, marking the occasion by releasing 30 categories of the most popular searches on Yahoo! in 2011, one of the biggest lists up to that point in time. For 2012, Yahoo! one-upped themselves by providing us with the top 10 most popular searches in over 50 categories, giving us a mega list of the most common queries and questions asked by Yahoo! searchers over the last year. Vera Chan,Yahoo!  senior editor and Web trend analyst, has possibly the 2nd best job at Yahoo! next to Marissa Mayer, as she has been in [...]

Election 2012: Searching And Researching The Presidential Debates

The final debate between U.S. presidential candidates Obama and Rommney airs tonight. Until the election next month, a lot of attention will continue to be on the presidential and vice presidential debates. Here's an easy and free way to keyword search debate video and then immediately view the video online. In fact, all of the presidential debates back to 1988 can offer keyword searchable video. Where do you search and access? Visit the wonderful, irreplaceable and important C-SPAN Video Library. I'll be taking an in-depth look at this resource in an upcoming report but [...]

An Illustrated Guide To E-Commerce Markup Using GoodRelations

In How Search & Social Engines Are Using Semantic Search, I started this series with an overview. This article will give you a walk through on generating local and organization markup for a store. We will look at an alternative vocabulary, namely GoodRelations, and take a deeper dive into the specifics of generating semantic markup for the e-commerce domain using GoodRelations. To clarify, GoodRelations is a vocabulary for e-commerce. Microdata and RDFa are syntaxes. for product is an alternate vocabulary for e-commerce. The diagram below from Linked Open Commerce gives an [...]

How Search & Social Engines Are Using Semantic Search

The term "Semantic Search" is certainly not new. However, it has taken on a new dimension and implications in both search and social engines today. In addition, it has had a strong impact on targeted semantic advertising. This special series of forthcoming articles on semantic search will take a look at the history behind the development of semantic technology and why it has now become so commercially viable and topical. It will also take a look at how the technology enables "answer engines," rather than simple search engines, to improve the user experience. For example, look at the dire [...]

Google Algorithm Changes, Mobile Internet Have Most Significant Impact On Search Marketers [SEMPO]

sempo-logo About nine out of 10 search marketers say Google's recent algorithm changes have had a significant impact on them, and about the same amount say that the rise of the mobile internet and local search are also having a significant impact. The data comes from the SEMPO State of Search Marketing Report 2012, which was just released this week. Nearly 900 search marketers responded to this year's survey, which was conducted online between March 12 and May 15, 2012. Survey takers represent 36 countries, with about 64 percent being in the US. What Impacted Search Marketers Most Whether workin [...]

A Gold Medal Roundup Of Online Olympics Resources

London 2012_LOGO The games of the XXX Olympiad have begun in London. For the next two weeks people around the globe will be viewing the games in person, on television and on the web. There will also likely be record numbers of posts, tweets, pins, etc. from viewers, media and athletes and other participants in the games. There are tons of Internet information resources that can help enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the games. Hopefully these resources will also provide you with some interesting facts (with links to discover even more) that will help you "wow" your  friends, colleagues and others ab [...]

Politwoops: A Search Engine For Deleted Tweets From Policitians

At the beginning of the year I wrote about PolitickerUSA, a free tool that allows users to quickly and easily read tweets from members of congress and other political leaders. Today, I want to point out another free service named Politwoops that launched at the end of May. Here, users can access and read tweets that have been deleted by members of congress. In their words: Politwoops, the only comprehensive collection of deleted tweets by U.S. politicians. From minor typos to major gaffes, Politwoops is now there to offer a searchable window into what they hoped you didn't see. The P [...]

New Orleans Residents: Dear Google, It’s Time To Update Our Street View Images

new-orleans-street-featured A pair of New Orleanians are trying to get Google to update the Street View imagery of their city -- some of which is five years old and still shows the ruins from 2005's Hurricane Katrina. "We basically just want to let Google know that there's a real need for updated images this many years after Katrina," says Annalisa Kelly, who, along with Hunter King, recently launched Update Google Street View in New Orleans! It's a blog that juxtaposes current city photos with Google's images to shine a light on the need for new Street View photos. As King and Kelly say on the blog, New Orleans is [...]

The Definitive Guide To Google Authorship Markup

google-plus-authorship-featured At SMX Advanced 2011, Matt Cutts announced the Google initiative to begin attributing content to original authors. Since that time, the process in which authors and websites attribute content to authors has evolved. A lot. Many times over, in fact. If you’ve heard about Google authorship markup, but have been confused as to how to get started with it, you are definitely not alone. I’ve been writing about this topic since August of 2011, and have worked to get this process up and running on three separate blog sites (Search Engine Land, Internet Marketing Ninjas, and The SEO Ace– all c [...]

Report: Microsoft Did Shop Bing To Facebook

bing-sale-offer-featured You know that rumor about Microsoft shopping Bing to Facebook? It sparked lots of speculation about whether that would be a good move for both companies. Turns out it did happen, according to a report in the New York Times citing executives who made overtures to Facebook on behalf of Microsoft -- but without the effort being sanctioned by CEO Steve Ballmer. This happened more than a year ago, according to the report. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declined to discuss the matter, telling those Microsoft executives that the company had too much else to focus on. Neither Google nor Facebook spok [...]

Panda Update 3.5 Is Live: Winners & Losers

panda-face-top-news Last week, Google released a new update to its Panda algorithm that targets low-quality content. Who won and who lost? Searchmetrics has posted an analysis of that. Our original story here reported the winners/losers list, as Searchmetrics did, showing who was estimated to have gained and lost in the new Penguin Update that was released this week by Google. Penguin targets not low-quality content but outright spam. No one knew that there had been a Panda Update that also happened, one that in fact was likely responsible for most of the changes on the lists. This was confirmed by the h [...]

Dropped In Rankings? Google’s Mistake Over Parked Domains Might Be To Blame

car-accident-featured Search rankings got you down on Google recently? It's not the expected over-optimization penalty, as some have been guessing at. Rather, Google may have thought your site was a "parked domain," when it wasn't. Search forums like Webmaster World and Google's own search discussion areas have had much discussion about recent drops in ranking, such as here, here and as summarized by Search Engine Roundtable. Some have wondered if this was the release of what's been dubbed an "over-optimization penalty" that Google previously said would be coming this year. Whether that really will be a [...]

In Depth: Search Gear For The Titanic Centennial

[caption id="attachment_118292" align="alignright" width="294" caption="Credit: Library of Congress"][/caption] April 15th marks the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and there will be no shortage of news coverage (or hype) commemorating the event this weekend. The good news is that if you want even more information, facts, images and history, you can take a deep dive on the web to get to the bottom of the historic event. Here's a roundup of a few sources that we think you might find interesting and useful.'s The Titanic Collection Passenger Lists Crew Li [...]

Watch, Know, Learn: A Rich Online Video Academy

The Khan Academy gets a lot of deservedly favorable attention for its breadth and depth of online video instruction. But there's another, similar site that I think deserves applause for quality, authoritative online video instruction. It also happens to be a freebie. It's called and it’s being developed for K-12 students and educators. While I don’t fit directly into either of those categories I like to think of myself as a "lifelong learner" and for that reason WatchKnowLearn has become an essential reference tool for me, perfect for a quick knowledge "tune-up," [...]

March Madness: Stats, stats, stats!

March Madness (an annual U.S. tradition where virtually all sports fans go crazy over college basketball finals tournaments) is underway. Want to keep track of what's going on? There are many places on the internet to access statistics and other useful information as the games are played and teams move toward the Final Four games in New Orleans. So, here's a collection of direct links to databases, record books, searchable archived video and other material direct from the official information source for the Final Four, the NCAA. Men's Tournament 1. 2011-12 Men's Basketball Statistic [...]

Four Seriously Cool Information Resources

As a librarian, researcher and frequent blogger, I'm constantly coming across incredibly useful online information resources that are most effectively searched using their own site search tools, rather than relying on general-purpose engines to surface their valuable content. I plan to start writing about these on a regular, ongoing basis, using a bullet-point format that highlights the most useful features of each resource, rather than doing in-depth reviews. Without further ado, here are the first four (of many more to come). C-SPAN Video Library Cost: free In three words, amazin [...]

Scroogle’s Gone? Here’s Who Still Offers Private Searching

online-privacy You've probably read the news already that Scroogle is gone forever. It launched back in 2003 and was popular among searchers who wanted to get Google search results in a private setting. Now that it's gone, where can searchers go for a more private search experience than Google and Bing offer by default? Here's a list of a few alternatives. Note that different search engines below make different privacy-related claims; I haven't investigated them in detail -- i.e., by examining cookies, etc. -- so anyone looking for a private search experience should do his/her own research. Private Sea [...]

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