Not familiar with Google’s OneBox, Plus Box or direct answers? See our Meet The Google OneBox, Plus Box, Direct Answers & The 10-Pack article that explains them all, complete with illustrations.

Google Quick Answers Adds Images

google-hummingbird3-featured Google's quick answer results have recently added images to some of the answers. Alex Chitu spotted this and I was able to replicate it for many queries. Such as for [how old is barack obama] to [how many children does michael jordan have?] Here are both desktop views and mobile views of the images in the quick answers on Google. The images do not come up for all searches, such as [how much does the iphone 5s weigh?] and []how many megapixels for iphone 5s] but it does work for iphone 5s focal length]. [...]

Some Of The Weird Issues When Google’s Quick Answers Come From Random Sources

google-hummingbird3-featured As Google's Hummingbird algorithm continues to shape the answers within Google's search results, webmasters, SEOs and searchers ask themselves, why is Google showing this knowledge graph or that quick answer. Often webmasters find themselves at a loss because Google takes their content and puts it at the top of the search results. While searchers ask, why is this the proper source for the answer - why not license content versus scrape content from webmasters? I participated in a Google+ Hangout with Google's John Mueller, who was presented some interesting cases of "branded" quick answers [...]

Google Finally Adds Bitcoin Conversion Search

bitcoin-featured Following in the footsteps of both Yandex and Bing, Google has finally added Bitcoin currency conversion to their knowledge graph/one box results. If you search for a conversion for Bitcoin, you will get the answer: TechCrunch reports Google has partnered with CoinBase to power the conversion feature. A Google spokesperson told You can also ask Google to do conversions – if you have the Google Search app on your smartphone, for example, ask it, ‘How many Bitcoins are in 500 U.S. dollars?’ and you’ll get the answer in a handy conversion tool. Again, Bing added [...]

Google Adds Zip Code Matches In Knowledge Graph Carousel

Google-Voice-Logo-rm-verge_large_verge_medium_landscape Google has added zip code matches and lookups to the knowledge graph section of the search results. If you search for [new york, ny zip codes] in Google, you will be presented with all of the zip codes in that location. This loads a carousel that lets you slide through the various options: When you search for zip codes in smaller cities, such as [tarrytown, ny zip codes] you simply get a single zip code match in a OneBox style result. Bing also offers the zip code matches for these types of results. If you search on Bing for [new york, ny zip codes you get the following result: [...]

“America” Movie Filmmaker Sends Legal Demand For Google To Fix Showtime Results

Google TV Logo The Hollywood Reporter writes that Dinesh D’Souza's movie, "America" is not coming up properly in the Google search results and as a result, they are getting complaints that the movie is not available in local theaters near movie-goers. Dinesh D’Souza's lawyers sent a letter to Google's chief legal officer, David Drummond demanding Google fix the issue. If you search for [america movie] in Google, you won't get the showtimes box you'd get for searching for other popular movie names. Here is what you see in Google: Note, you see the carousel of movies, but none show the new [...]

Google’s Knowledge Graph Is Showing Step By Step Instructions: Here Are Some Examples

google-data-knowledge-brain-featured Earlier this year, Google began offering much more detailed answers in the top Knowledge Graph box. Shortly after that was introduced, Google also began expanding those answers into a bulleted list format. We've been seeing these bulleted lists, especially in "how-to" like queries for months now and here are some interesting examples. In the example above, notice how the first result is not being used for the answer here. Google is making an effort to give the publisher a nice big link, but the truth is the user really has no need to click through to the publisher's site to get the a [...]

New Google Sports Knowledge Graph May Include NBA Video Recaps

google-nba-recap-video Search for [miami heat] on Google and you may not just see information about scores, schedules, standings and so on, but you may also see a video hosted on YouTube from the NBA with a game recap. Google is now showing video thumbnails in the NBA knowledge graph. The picture above shows how the result looks like today but when you click on the video, Google overlays a black background on top of the results and plays the full video on top of the search results. The video contains data on the top of it, including the teams that played, their standings and the final score, including thei [...]

Google Can Now Solve Your Geometry Math Questions

google-geometry Google has quietly upgraded their search calculator to not just answer your basic math questions or graphical or 3D math questions; now, it can do your geometry homework. You can ask Google geometry related questions and it will solve them for you, such as [perimeter of a trapezoid]: As Alex Chitu notes, you can also search for these geometry questions: [solve triangle] [area of a circle] [volume of a sphere] [perimeter of a trapezoid] [area of a pentagon] [hypotenuse calculator] [triangular prism volume] [calculate the diagonal of a cube with 6mm edge] [volume of [...]

Now Official: Google Adds Restaurant Menus To Search Results

bonefish-grill-menu That Google menus experiment we told you about a couple weeks ago? It's now official. But it's only available in the U.S. at the moment. Google announced that it's now showing restaurant menus as a OneBox-style answer at the top of its search results. It seems to be primarily triggered by searches that involve both the restaurant name and the word "menu," although Google's example involves a query that starts with "show me the menu for...." The menu OneBox shows multiple food options and is divided into different categories, depending on how the individual restaurants (or chains) [...]

Googling The Weather: From 20% Project To Sophisticated Query Analysis

google-weather-600 Millions of us have asked Google to play weatherperson. In order to get an answer to one of our oldest and most basic questions, we type a variety of words and numbers -- city names, neighborhoods and ZIP codes, plus words like "weather," "forecast" or maybe "temperature" -- into the Google search box, and Google typically has an answer back to us in less than a second. But have you noticed that our weather-related searches can be more complex now than ever? It's true. In recent years, Google has gone from focusing on the keywords we use to figuring out the meaning of our search que [...]

Google Showing Restaurant Menus In Card-Style Search Result

menu-food-featured Google has started showing complete restaurant menus in its search results when a query specifically looks for menu information. We think Allie Brown was the first to spot this when she shared the results of a search for "jones brunch menu" on Twitter. For that query, Google begins the search results with a card-style answer that details the restaurant's menu across several categories -- appetizers, entrées, sandwiches and more. (For the record, Google actually seems to be getting the details wrong. In looking at the Jones website, this looks like their "all day" menu, not the brunc [...]

Google Search OneBox Answers Are Getting More Detailed

google-data-knowledge-brain-featured There are several reports throughout the search community that Google's OneBox answers or a form of the knowledge graph, are now more aggressive about answering even more complex questions with more detailed responses or answers. When we asked Google about this, a Google spokesperson told us, "we're always experimenting with different types of answers, but we don't have more details to share at this point." Some questions Google attempts to answer now include: [why is the sky blue?] [who ended world war 2?] But some answers might be a bit off or unusual such as: [what are the largest mammals [...]

Google’s Latest Search Trick: “As The Crow Flies” Distance Calculation

Google logo Move over, pandas. Fly away, hummingbirds. Waddle away, penguins. Google has a new animal friend: crows. But unlike its past associations with the animal world, this one isn't about SEO or algorithms -- it's a new search trick that adds distance calculation to Google's OneBox feature. (The OneBox is where Google often presents immediate answers to search queries rather than just presenting links relevant to the query.) As Google explained late Friday, the OneBox can now answer how far it is between two remote locations. It does the measurement "as the crow flies." Google's examples were [...]

The Full March Madness Bracket Shows In Google Search Results

I suspect that most college basketball fans will be following the NCAA College Basketball Tournament on TV and via their favorite bracket contest website, but they could follow it via a simple Google search, too, if they want. As Google's Dan Vanderkam shared this afternoon on Twitter, certain college hoops-related searches are now showing the entire NCAA tournament brackets. You can see it via searches like [march madness], [ncaa bracket] and even just [bracket]. By default, it shows eight games from round one this week ... err, "round two" by the NCAA's weird current system ... [...]

Google Fixes Definition URLs, Makes Them Clickable Links

define speed of light When Google introduced a new format last month for the definitions it sometimes shows at the top of its search results, something was missing. The source URL wasn't a clickable link. That's now been fixed. Here's an example, the definition box that Google shows for a "define speed of light" search: The URL shown under the definition previously wasn't clickable. Instead, the only way to click through to the source of the definition was to use the smaller "Source" link at the very bottom of the box. Reader Martin Panayotov pointed this out to us at the end of December. We checked [...]

Google Updates OneBox Results Design To Match Mobile Interface

google-currency-onebox Google announced they have updated their OneBox results, also known as quick answer results, to match the mobile and tablet designs they released back in August. The new results are cleaner, take up more space, but also are more interactive. For example, here is the stock quote for GOOG and the chart on the search results page is interactive: All the OneBox result designs were updated today. They include definitions, currencies, flight information and more: Other results include unit conversion, holidays, sunrise times, weather results, time conversions and much more. [...]

Google Calculator Gets A Major Upgrade

Google's calculator results has just got a major upgrade to the answers provided and the user interface. Now when you search Google for a math answer, Google will not only show you the answer but also give you a new interface for the answer, including a full size 34-button scientific calculator. Here is a screen shot: So not only do you get the answer quickly, you can now make additional calculations on the virtual scientific calculator. In addition, when you search for conversion related queries, such as [100 feet to inches] Google will give you a new user interface for that as w [...]

Google Graphical Calculator Now 3D & Animated

Google has quietly expanded the graphical calculator feature in Google's search results to be 3D and animated. Now if you search for certain math equations, the graphical display will be 3D and animated. Google shared this news less than an hour ago on their Google+ page and math junkies (mostly Googlers) are eating it up. This does one-up WolframAlpha's graphic calculator by making the free graphs animated. I believe the paid version does offer animated graphs. Here is a video: Postscript: Google has announced this on their blog a couple hours later: Just type any real [...]

Google Adds Graphical Math Calculator To Search Results

google-g-logo-96x100 Google announced their answer to Wolfram Alpha's advanced math skills with math graphing functionality on Google search results. All you need to do is type basic and complex math functions into the Google search box and Google will return neat graphics. From basic charts for sin(x) to more complex graphs for x/2, (x/2)^2, ln(x), cos(pi*x/5). Of course, Google gets their 'geek on' by showing off their math skills: Did I mention you can zoom into these charts? This is Google's graphical calculator, right on the search page. [...]

Official: Google’s New Travel Search OneBox

As we expected, Google officially announced the launch of their new flight onebox. The new travel onebox will show up when you search for flight related keywords with destinations. For example, [flights from new york to san francisco] or [flights from new york or [flights to new york]. They all work to five you an expandable box of flight options from or to a location. Google is not currently using the search technology from the ITA acquisition but implied the ITA software may be used in future versions of flight search. This is currently available in 10 languages: English, Fr [...]

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