What Does Google+ Add To The Social Graph?

Is there anything else that this week's column could have been about? After months & months of rumours, leaks, presentations and high-profile talent grabs, Google finally launched its Facebook competitor™*. After the farce that was Wave, and the let-down that was Buzz, Google+ seems to be Google's big push to date to get into social.   However, outside the reams of press about how it looks a bit like Facebook, or acts a bit like Friendfeed, or isn't as good as Twitter, the one question that I haven't seen asked, is exactly why Google would bother to launch a social network? [...]

Marketers Root For Expanded Opportunities Represented By Google+

Marketers have had a close eye on the launch of Google+, and what I'm hearing at this point is similar to what I once heard about Bing. In short, it's great to have a potential competitor to the behemoth in the space (Facebook, in this case), but how important Google+ becomes to marketers will depend on what kind of scale it achieves, and what kind of audience it ends up having. As Efficient Frontier's senior director of business analytics Siddharth Shah notes in a blog post: "While features and tools might draw advertisers to a platform, it's access to large audiences that is the biggest d [...]

Google+ Opens To More People, But Will That Last?

google-plus-featured-2 Haven't gotten into Google+ yet? It appears anyone can sign-up now at the Google+ home page. Hitting the page now brings up a sign-up box, rather than the usual "Keep Me Posted" message that I believe had been there: Tony Steward on Google+ seems to be the first, or one of the first, to have spotted this, saying: Just got news that Google Plus is open for everyone. Earlier this week, Google opened up an invitation system for people to use. That was closed after only a few hours. So, it might be this opportunity will go away soon. Note that some people are reporting that they get [...]

Google+ “Pages” Coming For Businesses

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 9.20.05 AM Where are the Google+ company "Pages" for brands, something similar to Facebook's "Fan Pages?" They're coming apparently. Google's head of Commerce and Local Jeff Huber confirmed what some people were hoping for: the imminent arrival of Google+ pages for entities. This was in a comment on Mike Blumenthal's blog: And pre-emptively answering a question — yes, we will have (smb) business profile pages on Google+. I can’t announce a launch date yet, but we want to make them *great*, and we’re coding as fast as we can. Right now it's pretty tough to make Google+ work for companies. Da [...]

Google +1 Reporting Now In Google Webmaster Tools

plus-1-image As expected Google has launched the +1 metrics within Google Webmaster Tools in addition to social tracking in Google Analytics. Google breaks down the +1 reporting within Webmaster Tools into three reports: (1) Search Impact Report shows you an idea of how +1‘s affect your organic search traffic. You can find out if your clickthrough rate changes when personalized recommendations help your content stand out. Do this by comparing clicks and impressions on search results with and without +1 annotations. Google will only show statistics on clickthrough rate changes when you have enough i [...]

First Look: “Hands On” With Google+

Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 10.02.54 AM I've been manically playing with Google Plus for about an hour now and, while there is disagreement here among the editorial team at Search Engine Land, I give it a qualified "thumbs up." At first glance many people will dismiss Google Plus as redundant and derivative of Twitter and Facebook, in particular. This was also true of the ill-fated Buzz. But this is a much better and more thoughtfully designed product than Buzz. Familiar UI but Takes Getting Used To Accordingly the interface is familiar and relatively intuitive but Google Plus still takes some "getting used to." Some have alre [...]

Google’s Facebook Competitor, The Google+ Social Network, Finally Arrives

google-plus-featured-2 Google's long expected second shot at taking on Facebook in the social networking space has arrived in the form of the Google+ Project. It has some interesting twists on the social networking model but is far from a Facebook-killer. That Name The terrible name is a bad start. Google+? Google+! I can't even question or exclaim about the bad name without it looking bad in writing. Pronounced "Google Plus," the product is officially written as Google+ -- making placing any punctuation after the name fairly awkward. Seriously, I'm cursing whoever made the final decision to go with Google+ [...]

Google’s +1 Button Goes Global

plus-1-image Google's +1 button is rolling out internationally. The company has announced that 1 buttons will start showing on a few select Google search engines at first: Google.co.uk Google.de Google.jp Google.fr The +1 button will be "expanding quickly to most other Google search sites" in the near future. Up until now, the +1 button has only been seen on Google.com's English-language search results. [...]

New: Google Now Showing Local +1 Counts

Last week we confirmed Google was showing raw +1 counts in the search results and now today, Google seems to be testing showing location based +1 counts. @tomcritchlow shared a screen shot with us showing Google only displaying the people in New York who +1'ed a page. Here is that screen shot: As you can see, it shows 145 people in New York have +1'ed this page. If you are logged in, you would see your friends who have +1'ed the page. Here is a screen shot: If you are signed out, I personally just get all the +1 counts for this page. I am based in New York, not New York [...]

Confirmed: Google Showing Google +1 Counts To Logged Out Users

plus-1-image Google is now showing the Google +1 counts for logged out users. When the Google +1 feature launched in March, searchers were only able to see who in their Google network +1'ed a search result. Now, if you search while logged out, Google will show you the total +1 count for some search results. This may help Google promote the Google +1 feature and encourage additional users to try it. Search Engine Watch spotted the change earlier. Google has since confirmed to us that it is new and showing to all signed-out users. "We're now showing aggregate +1 annotations for signed-out users in sear [...]

Comparing Facebook Like vs. Google +1

Google’s new +1 feature was one of SMX Advanced Seattle most engaging sessions and, as a speaker, I have received a wide variety of feedback and questions. It seems this feature has fomented a great deal of speculation and inquiry. Here is a bit more food for thought. Like vs. Google +1: What Are The Main Differences? As Google product manager Daniel Dulitz mentioned, Google +1 is an annotation system which reinforces the interactions between organic and paid results, web pages, and your Google contacts. That being said, your Google contacts are not necessarily your friends… and, you [...]

Google’s “Me On The Web” Pushes Google Profiles — Take That, Facebook?

google me on the web Google has launched a new "Me On The Web" section within its Google Dashboard area, which seems designed to push more people toward creating Google Profiles, as well as create greater awareness of how things that leak out of Facebook and other social networks may end up on Google. The Facebook Factor Perhaps I'm reading too much into the feature. But I think it has to be taken in context with Facebook's recent accusations that Google has been somehow been secretly collecting information about people from Facebook and other social networks without their permission or their knowledge. Exami [...]

Google +1 Analytics Coming Soon; Here’s What To Expect

Although webmasters can install the new Google +1 button on their websites today, it may be a little while before the expected +1 analytics are available. Google product manager Christian Oestlien tells us that the company is working with launch partners to make sure the reporting is accurate before offering the data on a wide basis. He also shared a preview of what to expect when +1 analytics is rolled out. How Google +1 Analytics Will Work When it's ready, Google will report aggregate +1 data in four categories: Geography: webmasters will learn where +1 activity is happening D [...]

It’s Here: Google +1 Buttons For Websites

google-plusone-featured As expected, Google is now offering +1 buttons that can be placed on any web page via a short code snippet. The code/button is supported in 44 languages, but +1 activity continues to show only on English-language search results on Google.com. (Google says it's working to expand +1 worldwide.) Webmasters can use Google's self-serve code generator to customize the size and language of the button, along with a few other advanced options. There's more about the advanced options here, and be sure to read the FAQs at the bottom where you'll learn, among other things, that Google recommend [...]

Official: Google +1 Button For Websites Comes Tomorrow

google-plusone-featured It's official. Google's +1 button for websites will be coming tomorrow. A launch partner accidentally tipped the news of the release to TechCrunch, and Google's since confirmed with me that it will be happening. UPDATE: See our new post about the actual launch of +1 buttons: It’s Here: Google +1 Buttons For Websites. Google tells me that any site will be able to to add the +1 button code to their site as of tomorrow, through a self-serve process. The company says a full blog post and more details will be posted tomorrow. My previous post from earlier this month, Just Weeks Away, A P [...]

Google’s Matt Cutts Riffs On J.C. Penney, Panda Update & Other SEO Topics In Live Webchat

matt-cutts-youtube-featured Google's Matt Cutts confirmed this morning that Google has lifted J.C. Penney's SEO penalty, that the Panda update will continue to rollout internationally and offered numerous SEO- and search-related tips in a live webchat on the Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel. More than a thousand viewers tuned in but, for those who weren't able to stay for the full 90 minutes, or who missed it entirely, here's a recap of some of the more important topics.. J.C. Penney Penalty Lifted Responding to several questions about J.C. Penney, Cutts confirmed our report earlier this week that the pe [...]

Examining Facebook’s “Smear Campaign” Concerns About Google Social Circles

Google & Facebook, Sitting In A Logo I read the news today, oh boy. The Facebook army had just declared a war. Well, a smear campaign against Google. For the record, Facebook denies that it actually ran such a campaign, but it does confirm it has issues with how Google is using some of Facebook's social data. Do those allegations stand up? Let's take a look. The required prerequisite reading is the Daily Beast article talking about the PR campaign that Facebook attempted. Also see reactions to the news in this Techmeme roundup. Let's start with the allegations. I emailed over to Facebook: So I read the Daily Beast article. [...]

Just Weeks Away, A Preview Of The Google +1 Button For Websites

google-plusone-featured Today at the Google I/O conference, Google gave developers a preview of how the Google +1 button can be inserted into websites, some of the stats it will offer and said it would be available "in a matter of weeks." The button will have a counter display similar to how other buttons from Facebook and Twitter work. The image over on the right is a mockup of how it might look at the Huffington Post, as created by Google. +1 Button Comes In "Weeks" No, the Huffington Post doesn't yet have this button. No one does yet, Google said. But Timothy Jordan, the developer advocate from Google who lea [...]

Don’t Expect A Big Social Announcement At Google I/O 2011

io icon The Google I/O developers conference has turned into an event where people anticipate big announcements about forthcoming Google products. But at Google I/O 2011 next week, don't expect Google to rollout a shiny new social network. Expect little to do with social at all. That's the word from a source close to Google. There will be no major social announcement coming. Google apparently wants to set expectations appropriately after months of rumors that something would be coming. Sniff, No Social Circles? No Video Conferencing? What rumors? Back in March, Google Preparing To Launch Social " [...]

Has Facebook Become The Master Key To Unlocking The Web?

facebook master key featured When Facebook rolled out its Send button last week, I laughed. I even mocked on Twitter that Facebook wouldn't be happy until our pages were full of buttons. But the Send button, as well as integrating other aspects of Facebook into websites, does make a lot of sense. In fact, it's beginning to make so much sense I've begun to wonder if Facebook has won the battle to be the one true login. So Many Doors, So Many Keys For as long as I can remember on the web, there's been talk about what a pain it is to remember a million passwords to sign in to a million different sites. Wouldn't it be bette [...]

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