Announced in February 2013, Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords is a next-generation ad system that is especially noteworthy for eliminating mobile bidding options. The articles below have more about the new system.

7 Takeaways From The Local Search Association Annual Conference

Earlier this month, local search marketing leaders from the U.S., Canada and 12 other countries gathered in Las Vegas for the Local Search Association’s 2013 annual conference, "Search Starts Here." Over several days, attendees engaged in informative discussions about the numerous opportunities and challenges facing our industry, ranging from the growing importance of original digital content to the rise of mobile and social media. In this month’s column, I will highlight my key takeaways from the LSA conference, which are focused on both the strides I believe local marketers should [...]

The Enhanced Campaigns Waiting Game

Like many of my fellow PPC colleagues, I feel uneasy about the impending move to Enhanced Campaigns and the lurking cutover deadline of July 22nd. Should we convert now and get it over with? Should we run a few tests with our smaller, simpler accounts? Should we abandon tightly-crafted, geo-segmented campaigns in favor of the new geo-bidding options within Enhanced Campaigns? Or, do we wait? Do we keep reading articles like this one, hoping to find guidance, when what we really want to find is some secret AdWords hack that lets us keep targeting tablets and bidding on mobile keywords [...]

New Upgrade Center For Enhanced Campaigns Lets Advertisers Do Bulk Upgrades & More

Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Google AdWords is rolling-out a new upgrade center today for advertisers using Enhanced Campaigns. Accessible from the left-hand nav bar on the Campaigns tab, the upgrade center lets advertisers managing several campaigns perform bulk upgrades to multiple campaigns simultaneously and merge selected campaigns in a few simple steps. The bulk upgrade feature allows advertisers to select multiple campaigns, choose a mobile bid adjustment, view traffic estimates and upgrade their Enhanced Campaigns with fewer clicks, making it easy to upgrade individual campaigns all at once. The upgrade cent [...]

Adwords Adds Social Annotations, Targeting For In-App Ads To Enhanced Campaigns

Starting today Google is adding functionality for social annotations and in-app ad targeting to enhanced campaigns. Social annotations, really Google+ annotations, display the number of Google+ followers an advertiser has under the ad text. Here's an example from Home Depot on a search for "dining room chairs" Social extensions have been available for nearly a year and a half. The difference is in enhanced campaigns social annotations can show automatically and don't have to be set up at the campaign level.  Advertisers' Google+ pages must be linked to their websites and display URL [...]

How To Determine Your Hourly Bid Multipliers In AdWords

Since I received some solid feedback on my last column detailing how to determine mobile & geo bid multipliers for enhanced campaigns, I thought I’d share some more actionable stuff this time around. While hourly bid multipliers aren't new, they remain a crucial tactic for optimizing your AdWords campaigns. They work by reducing your ad spend at poor-performing times of the week and increasing your exposure at the best times of the week. Here, I'm going to share the steps you can take (along with a helpful spreadsheet) to determine your hourly bid multipliers for better campaign opt [...]

4 Simple Lessons To Make CPA Bidding Work For You

I’m a huge fan of Google’s CPA bidding system. Setting bids is necessary; but merely setting them only leads to short-term progress. Your bidding work is only useful until the data changes, and then you have to set bids again. The maxim, "your data are only good until the data changes," can be applied to ads, landing pages, placements and any data point within your PPC campaign. The issue that needs to be examined, here, is the frequency of data changes and how that affects your strategy. Typically, ads do not need to be changed every few days. An ad or a landing page can perform wel [...]

How To Prep Your B2B Search Program For Google Enhanced Campaigns

According to the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus, change is the only constant. As you have most likely heard by now, Google is making major adjustments to its AdWords platform that will have sweeping changes to the ways and means of how you execute your search campaigns. For B2B search, this is going to have a specific impact on your programs, and getting ready for the coming changes will require a bit of forethought into how you maximize the results of your campaigns. In a realm like B2B, there is always the dual challenge of a diffuse customer base with ever changing needs and a lim [...]

6 Requirements For A Sound Paid Search Bidding Strategy

[caption id="attachment_154994" align="alignright" width="225"] Courtesy of Marin Software[/caption] Whether it’s to drive traffic, increase conversions, or maximize revenue, bid optimization is the cornerstone of any effective paid search program. Across industries, publishers, devices, and geographies, bidding strategies vary tremendously as search marketers leverage a wide variety of proprietary, publisher, and third-party bidding tools and solutions. However, the success of these tools and solutions is tied to their ability to not only address the needs of the advertisers, but also [...]

Report: Tablets Yield 15% Lower RPC Than PCs; (Another) Rebuttal To AdWords Tablet/PC Combo

RPC Tablet v Computer The proliferation of tablet devices has begun to lower the value of the tablet segment overall for paid search marketers, even as competition heats up. That's according to the Q1 Digital Marketing Report by RKG, which finds that tablets generated 15% lower revenue per click than traditional computers. Revenue Per Click by Device Type vs Computer "Discrepancy is More Likely to Increase" Much has been made of Google's decision to combine tablets and PCs in enhanced campaigns. The RKG  report is not alone in challenging Google's claim that usage behavior and ad performance among the devices [...]

The Date: Enhanced Campaigns Rollover Starts July 22

Paid search managers: mark your calendars. Buried toward the bottom of today's announcement on ad group-level mobile bids becoming available in enhanced campaigns is this: We will begin automatically upgrading all AdWords campaigns to enhanced campaigns starting on July 22, 2013. The post, from group product manager, Bhanu Narasimhan, includes no other details about the transition timeline. At this point, PPC managers should expect their legacy campaigns to become enhanced campaigns on that date. [...]

Ad Group-Level Mobile Bids Coming to Enhanced Campaigns

Google announced today that ad group-level mobile bids will be coming to enhanced campaigns. The added functionality will be available to all advertisers in May. This is a fairly substantial modification. Currently mobile bids can only be set at the campaign level in enhanced campaigns. It is unclear if this change is in reaction to advertiser feedback or if this was a planned change. API access for mobile bids at the ad group level will be available in early May. Look for that announcement to come on the Google Ads developer blog. [...]

“Advertisers Deserve Control” Bing Ads Responds To AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

bing-ads-featured Reiterating statements he made at SMX West last month, David Pann, general manager of the Search Network at Microsoft, is making it clear that Bing Ads will not go the way of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns in reducing device targeting options. He spoke to advertisers at a San Francisco Forum yesterday about the concern and addressed the question formally in a blog post yesterday. Under a bold "ADVERTISERS DESERVE CONTROL" headline, Pann writes: "At Bing Ads, we believe very strongly in giving advertisers the tools and flexibility to control their spending, target the most relevant audiences, a [...]

3 Location Requests For Enhanced Campaigns

The shift to Enhanced Campaigns is important to every advertiser, but critically important to Enterprise programs, particularly those with meaningful brick and mortar footprints. The reality of Enhanced Campaigns today doesn't create much urgency to switch over. We don't get any more controls, and in fact, we lose some. However, the near-term future of EC is very exciting, particularly with respect to improved location targeting. Chain business operations from retailers, to package delivery firms, to insurance companies with local agents will see the true benefits of the new structure; h [...]

Report: PPC Tablet Spending Up 112%, Smartphones Up 113%

smartphone-tablet-featured The new IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Report for Q1 finds that overall paid search spend in the U.S. was flat for the quarter, while mobile and tablet growth remained strong. Tablet spending rose 112% and smartphone spending jumped 113%. The study suggests that the growth in tablet and mobile is coming from a reallocation from existing budgets for Desktop/PC ads, rather than net new spend.                   While the gap is smaller than when the report last looked in Q3 2012, the report found a clear differentiat [...]

How To Determine Your Mobile & Geo Bid Multipliers For Enhanced Campaigns

As every search marketer should be aware by now, AdWords enhanced campaigns now allow you to set campaign-level bid multipliers for your mobile impressions, and also by geo. While mobile bid multipliers seem to be more of a step backward compared to mobile targeted campaigns, geo bid multipliers are actually a nice feature and definitely a step forward in terms of control and transparency. Anyway, this post is about helping search marketers determine those mobile and geo bid multipliers based on historical data. 1. Pulling The Data From AdWords In AdWords, first go to the ‘Dimensions [...]

Google Says No To Phone Numbers In PPC Ads, Forcing The Use Of Call Extensions

Google logo You may have missed Google’s quiet and brief announcement that starting in April, AdWords ads with phone numbers in the text will be disapproved. Advertisers who want to display phone numbers will have to use the call extensions feature instead. Google states in the announcement, “We are making this change to foster a safer, more consistent user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.” As others have stated, what this change really does is allow Google to charge for mobile ad engagements as part of its transition to enhanced campaigns. With call extensions, advertise [...]

Workarounds To Make Enhanced Campaigns More Flexible

Enhanced Campaigns Bid Strategies Last week at SMX West, I was on the "SEM Best Practices Debate" panel. Several of the topics we debated were related to Enhanced Campaigns, clearly something on the minds of search marketers these days. This month, I’ll recap a few take-aways from the event and share some ideas for workarounds and automation that may make your transition to Enhanced Campaigns a bit easier. Does It Make Sense To Target Tablets & Desktops In The Same Campaign? This debate topic was a tongue-in-cheek jab at Enhanced Campaigns which make the answer largely irrelevant since splitting out desktops and tablet [...]

Google AdWords ValueTrack Updates Let Advertisers Direct Users To Device-Specific Landing Pages

For advertisers using keyword level URLs, Google AdWords will soon be launching new ValueTrack features to help improve enhanced campaign performance by device. Based on feedback from advertisers, the new features will make it possible to direct users to a device-specific landing page at keyword level and enable better tracking of enhanced campaigns. The ValueTrack features include the new parameter {ifnotmobile:[value]} that allows advertisers to replace [value] with text that will appear in the keyword level URL when the ad is clicked from a computer or tablet. Google AdWords is also modi [...]

Geographic Targeting In An Enhanced Campaign World

AdWords enhanced campaigns will force many advertisers to change their campaign structures. One of the benefits that have been touted for enhanced campaigns is that you will need fewer campaigns, thus making AdWords easier to manage. For mobile targeting, this is true, as the ability to target mobile devices is now gone. However, for the targeting features that are left, such as location targeting, you might not want to consolidate your campaigns just for easier management. In today’s column, we will examine how locations affect your campaign structure and if you should change your s [...]

Enhanced Campaigns: Product Listing Ads Now On Smartphones

Google has announced on its Commerce blog that product listing ads (PLAs) are now showing on smartphones in all markets that currently serve PLAs. To be eligble to run on smartphones, product listing ad campaigns must be upgraded to enhanced. Below are two screenshots of how the ads are appearing:   [...]

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