This AdWords MCC Script Will Save You An Hour Every Day!

google-bulb-logo-ceiling-1397043754 If you've kept count of how many of my posts during the past year have touched on AdWords Scripts (6 out of 16), you'll know how useful I believe they can be to streamline repetitive tasks in AdWords. I use them all the time for accounts I manage; and without them, I simply couldn’t be as efficient as I am now. Because I've become so reliant on Scripts, I've secretly been worried that one day they might face the same fate as some other Google products that get cancelled during their annual spring cleaning. So imagine my excitement when I read the announcement from Google that AdWords S [...]

Chrome Getting Closer To Releasing New Tab Page

google-chrome-logo It looks like Chrome's New Tab Page (NTP) may be available to everyone soon. While an experimental version was launched last December to a small selection of users, Chrome announced yesterday that they are continuing to test the new feature, and extending the number of beta users. In their continued quest to speed up search and reduce the average time from query to answer, Chrome also reminded developers that the experimental feature includes open APIs, making it possible for a user to add a search box to their default search provider or customize the new tab page. [...]

Slick New Overhaul Brings Rank Tracking Back To Raven Tools

raven-black Late last year, many Raven Tools users were surprised to find that Search Engine ranking data had been removed. Under pressure from Google, Raven yanked the SERP data and focused the tool on helping SEOs and Internet Marketers with analytics tools. Well, Raven users that have missed the tracking data can now rejoice, as rank tracking for your website is coming back to Raven (along with major UI changes.) Raven will now be leveraging Google Webmaster Tools (WMT) data to display ranking information for a users's site. This will operate along the same lines as Rimm Kaufman's Blueprint Search A [...]

Another Tool Maker Forced To Choose Between AdWords API And Scraped Data

Ahrefs Last week, search marketing software provider Raven decided to stop using scraped data after Google's AdWords API team threatened to revoke the company's token. Now, a second tools provider, Ahrefs, says it, too, will remove functionality that uses scraped data, to maintain access to the AdWords API. [caption id="attachment_142198" align="aligncenter" width="565"] Ahrefs announced the change on its website[/caption] A third provider, SEOmoz, has said it has lost access to the AdWords API, but didn't elaborate on the reason. Though Google denies conducting any sort of crackdown, it doe [...]

Raven Tools To Remove Scraped Data To Maintain Access to AdWords API

google-adwords-square-logo While there has been lots of talk about a Google crackdown on developer access to the AdWords API, there have been few details about what the disputed issues may be -- and why they're coming up now, with tools-makers like Raven and SEOmoz that have had access to the API for years. Now, Raven Tools, which was warned about possibly having its API token revoked back in November, is opening up about what's going on in its case, at least. The issue: Raven has long been using data scraped from search engine results pages (SERPs) to display ranking and keyword data for its customers. While the [...]

Update: Is Google Cracking Down On Tool Makers Using Its AdWords API? No More Than Usual, Says The Company

google-adwords-square-logo In the last couple of weeks, two well-known search tool providers -- Raven and SEOmoz -- have had their access to the AdWords API revoked, with little public explanation, as was reported by Kahena Digital Marketing. But Google denies that this is a "crackdown" or widespread enforcement activity, saying it's all in a day's work of ensuring compliance with the terms of service for its API. Here's the official statement from a Google spokesperson: "We regularly audit developers to make sure they comply with the terms of our AdWords API so that AdWords customers get the best experience when t [...]

How Google Autocomplete Can Affect Your Brand’s SEO & ORM Strategy

google-autocomplete-featured Have you ever typed a company name into Google and been instantly greeted with words like ‘scam’ or ‘complaints’ by Google Autocomplete? That can’t be good for business, and it is a situation that more and more organizations are finding themselves in. Being part of a firm that is heavily involved in Online Reputation Management (ORM), we take on a wide range of tasks. There is a bit of everything, from helping individuals clean up search results for their names to partnering with corporations to identify and fix reputation problems. One of the most common issues we get now, fro [...]

Google Expands Maps & Places APIs With Reviews, Transit & More

google-maps-featured Google announced a few upgrades and new features to its Maps and Places APIs during the Google I/O developers conference on Wednesday. On the API front, Google Maps' Product Manager Thor Mitchell announced that business reviews are now available in the Google Places API. Developers will be able to access the top five reviews associated with a business listing, but there was no explanation for how the top five reviews are determined. Mitchell also said Google is working on adding full Zagat review data to the Places API. The Google Maps API now includes one of the most oft-requested deve [...]

Google Angers AdWords API Developers By Revoking Access, Then Begins To “Provisionally” Allow Access Again

google-adwords-square-logo In a move that Google says was designed to "ensure quality, improve Google products and services and compliance with AdWords API Terms and Conditions," the company earlier this week revoked access to the AdWords API to a large number of developers, raising the ire of many who complained about a lack of warning and communication, along with damage to their businesses and clients. The reverberations of the apparent attempted clean-up has been significant, with nearly a hundred AdWords API developers reporting in a discussion group that their developer token had been suddenly revoked -- though [...]

Google To Offer Content Delivery Service For Page Speed

Google announced they are starting a new service named Page Speed service. Essentially, this service will be Google fetching the content on your web site and then serving it up with speed improvements of 25% to 60% to the rest of the world, including Google's bots. Google will eventually charge for the service but has not yet said how the pricing structure will look. The service includes: An online service that automatically speeds up loading of your web pages. Switch your domain name to point to Google's DNS. Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers It rewrites your [...]

Google Releases First AdWords API Upgrade Of 2011

Google today announced the first upgrade to its AdWords API this year, touting features like the ability to run reports across clients, better filtering, improved geo-targeting, and the ability to deploy and measure "experiments," or A/B split testing. In coming weeks, API v201101 will also feature the ability for agencies to use interest-based advertising at scale, meaning they can set conversion events on their own web sites and easily target the people who visit certain pages, or do specified things. For example, an automobile manufacturer might want to target people who've visited a se [...]

Google Drops Facebook Sync On Nexus S: Google/Facebook Battle Continues

TechCrunch reports Google has intentionally dropped the phonebook data sync from Facebook. The reason Google cites is because Facebook contacts "cannot be exported from the device" and thus do not allow users to "control their data" as freely as Google would like. This topic has been going on for months, starting back in November when Facebook removed the ability to export email addresses to some third-party applications. Google responded by warning Google users to not export their contracts to Facebook. The Google & Facebook conflict is nothing new, especially with Bing & Facebook's spe [...]

Google To Replace Base API With Two Shopping APIs

Google is retiring its Base API and replacing it with two shopping-centric APIs, requiring developers to modify applications that manage and search product data.  Google Base will be shuttered permanently as of June 1, 2011. The Content API for Shopping will be used for uploading data, and the Search API for Shopping for accessing product data. The Content API can be used to add, delete, query or modify any item individually or with a batch protocol. The Search API is aimed at helping Google Affiliate Network publishers and Google Commerce Search customers. Both of the new APIs use the [...]

Facebook Drops Gmail As Find Friends Option

TechCrunch reports Facebook has removed the Gmail option of finding friends on Facebook. If you go to the find friends section on Facebook, you will find options to find your friends via Skype, AIM, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, MSN, sbcglobal and, but you won't see Google's Gmail as an option: This doesn't come as a surprise to many. Earlier this month, Google changed their terms of service to force Facebook to either open up more of their information or have to drop Gmail as a friends find option. Here are more of the related stories below to track this [...]

Google/Facebook Saga Continues: Google Warns Not To “Trap” Your Data

Continuing on from Danny's Facebook: You’ve No Right To Export Email Addresses , it appears Google has upped the ante. ReadWriteWeb noticed that when you try to export your contacts to Facebook, Google gives you a big warning. This warning stems from Google recently changing their terms of service of their contacts API to prevent Facebook from using it without allowing Facebook users to export their data. Yesterday, Facebook began allowing you to export the names of your friends, but nothing all that useful. Google's response is a new warning page having you think twice before exportin [...]

Will Facebook Lose Google’s Contacts Integration?

TechCrunch reports Google has made a small but significant change to their Google Contacts API terms of service that technically prevents Facebook from using it to improve their friends database. When users sign up to Facebook, they are prompted to add friends. They can do so manually or by uploading their contacts or email lists. To make this process easier, Facebook, like other sites, integrate with the various APIs to allow users to enter their username and passwords on third party sites so Facebook can get the data for them. Google is one of those main data sources for Facebook, [...]

Google Places API Offers Local Data To ‘Check-in’ Developers

Google previously announced (at its I/O developer conference) the creation of a Places API as part of the Google Maps API. That Places API is now open for business and being made available to third party developers. Booyah's MyTown "check-in" app is one that has already been using it. In short all the information and data that Google has about a place, say Gramercy Tavern in New York, will become available to developers through the API. This is exciting to many and offers the promise of a kind of open or "free" database of places (an LBS meme of late), though some might prefer a "neutral" d [...]

Google Already On Next AdWords API: v201003 Beta

Just about a month ago Google shut down v13 of the AdWords API for v200909. Now Google announced the next version of the AdWords API, v201003 beta. Google explained that v200909 is not going away anytime soon. But they want to release this new beta to enhance the current offerings of their AdWords API. The enhancements include: ReportService beta: generate reports about the performance of your AdWords campaigns Bid simulator: see estimated clicks, cost and impressions corresponding to various Max. CPC bids Ad Sitelinks extensions: include up to four additional links in your ads to [...]

Google’s Preferred AdWords API Pricing Model Equals Big Changes

Google announced Monday about upcoming changes to its AdWords API fees. This change has been a long-time waiting for many agencies that have often had a constant battle gaining respect from Google. The Google API platform is structured to allow developers to interact with AdWords. This permits agencies to create their own bidding and reporting tools. Through these tools, agencies are able to automate keyword generation, ad text, dynamic URL’s and much more.  However, many of those enhancements have been limited because of the cost constraints. The recent API announcement was buried wi [...]

Google Shuts Down AdWords API v13 Today

After much warning, Google will be sunsetting much of the AdWords API v13 today. Today the following v13 services will go offline: CampaignService AdGroupService CriterionService AdService InfoService KeywordToolService SiteSuggestionService How will you know exactly when they go offline? When you receive the error code 213 response from Google's API servers. So if you have not done so already, make sure to upgrade to v200909. [...]

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