100 Day Reminder: AdWords API v13 Sunsetting

The Google AdWords API blog posted another warning that on April 22, 2010 there will be a major sunsetting of the version 13 API features. As of April 22, 2010, the following v13 services will no longer be accessible: CampaignServiceAdGroupServiceCriterionServiceAdServiceInfoServiceKeywordToolServiceSiteSuggestionService However, the AccountService, TrafficEstimatorService, and ReportService will remain available until they replace it with v200909. [...]

Google AdWords Now Allows Dynamic Parameters, Such As Prices, Via API

The Google AdWords API Blog announced that advertisers who use the v2009 API can now use up to two dynamic parameters in the ad copy. The ad parameters include numbers such as prices, discount percentages, quantities, and so on. For example, if you run an airline and you want to display the latest prices for a trip from New York to Los Angeles, you can do so using the API. The ad copy can read something like, "Fly from NY to LA for $249, Act Now, Only 3 Seat Left." See the power in running an ad like that? Here is an example of the dynamic parameters in an ad and how it might show: [...]

Reminder: AdWords v200906 API Sunsetting February 2, 2010

The Google AdWords API blog reminds us that version 200906 of the beta AdWords API will be shut down on February 2, 2010. Replacing that is version 200909, which has been available since October. Also, as a reminder, version 13 of the API is closing April 22, 2010. I keep reminding AdWords advertisers and developers, because these dates are incredibly important to keep your campaigns, reporting and tools up to date. [...]

AdWords API v200909 & V13 Sunsets April 22, 2010

The AdWords API Blog announced a new version of the v2009 API and also released a date as to when version 13 of the API will sunset. The new version of v2009, known as v200909 has many changes, but the most important include: Asynchronous calls - Asynchronous calls allow you to work with large sets of data faster and more easily. Instead of having to wait for our system to fully complete your request before you can make another one, you’re now able to make another call as soon as the API service confirms that it has received your previous call. No more waiting for the server to complet [...]

9/11, Google & The Internet

As everyone knows, today is the 8th year anniversary of the terrible 9/11 attacks. Many people, companies and organizations are doing things to remember the day. A lot of people are asking why there is no logo from Google for today. The quick answer is that Google does not do Google Doodles (aka logos) for sad days like this, they typically only do these types of logos for happier occasions. But that does not mean Google is not doing anything. They have partnered up with several organizations and companies to bring together a web site named Make History at 911history.org. The site ha [...]

Hasbro To Create “Monopoly City Streets” Game Using Google Maps

TechCrunch reports Hasbro company, the company behind many board games, including Monopoly, is making a new Monopoly game at MonopolyCityStreets.com. The game is expected to launch tomorrow, September 9th and use the Google Maps API. The site explains: On the 9th SEPTEMBER, a world of property empire building on an unimaginable scale will be launched! A live worldwide game of MONOPOLY using Google Maps as the game board. The goal is simple. Play to beat your friends and the world to become the richest property magnate in existence. In addition, the game uses Google SketchUp to create 3 [...]

Two Months Later, Google Releases AdWords API v2009 (Beta) To All

The Google AdWords API announced the new beta version of the AdWords API, i.e. API v2009, is available for all advertisers to give a try. Google first released the beta just about two months ago, as a limited beta. Now, any advertiser can sign up at this page. Note, there are significant changes and improvements made to this API. The rate sheet for API calls shows a reduced rate and new features are coming, such as asynchronous calls, partial failure acceptance, keyword optimization tools, and reporting. If you are using the current API (v13), it is important to start looking at [...]

Google Releases AdWords API v2009 (Beta)

The Google AdWords API Blog announced the new AdWords API v2009. The new API promises "more speed, scale, and flexibility to developers, at a lower cost." The AdWords API v2009 will ultimately replace version 13, and there are "significant" differences between the two. The biggest additions include: Partial failure acceptance - We plan to support partial failures, which means that large posts won't be completely rolled back due to a few small errors. This allows you to keep moving forward with development without halting to re-do posts. Asynchronous calls - We’ll offer asynchronous ca [...]

Google I/O: New Advances In The Searchability of JavaScript and Flash, But Is It Enough?

This week at Google I/O, Google talked a lot about the evolution of the technological capabilities of the web. HTML 5 is ushering in new era of browser-based development and applications. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, kicked things off with, "My message to you is that this is the beginning of the real win of cloud computing, of applications, of the internet, which is changing the paradigm that we’ve all grown up with so that it just works … regardless of platform or hardware you’re using." Which is great and all, but if "the web has won", as Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering at Google procl [...]

Did Google Cleverly Upstage Microsoft’s Bing?

Mike Arrington thinks that Google engaged in "a little stealth black ops mission" and blunted the full impact of the Ballmer Bing announcement yesterday by announcing Wave. Whether Wave represents a huge new development in digital communications remains to be seen, but almost every major news outlet had to cover it and divide its attention between Bing and Wave. Indeed, many journalists and bloggers were physically divided between the AllThingsD conference near San Diego and Google's developer event I/O in San Francisco. Arrington also cites the lack of access to Bing/Kumo as a PR mistake. [...]

Google Names Marchex First ‘Google AdWords Authorized Reseller Technology Platform’

As we've seen several times recently, there's a chasm between consumer usage of search and SEM by small business advertisers (SMBs). Google developed its authorized reseller program to address this issue in part and create a network of third party relationships that could help it gain more traditional small business (SMB) advertisers, which it had difficulty doing through traditional AdWords self-service. These third parties were and are largely established media companies (i.e., yellow pages publishers, newspaper publishers) and selected others who sell directly to small businesses (e.g., [...]

Google Improves APIs For Webmaster Tools & AdWords

Google announced they have or will be improving the API controls for both Webmaster Tools and AdWords. API access gives developers a way to communicate with Google through a structured coding format, in short, it can help automate functions that are done through the standard Google interfaces. The Google Webmaster Central blog announced that the Google Webmaster Tools API now has added message central data to the API. The additional features include the ability to retrieve messages, mark messages as read or unread and the ability to delete messages. This would come in handy if an SEO com [...]

Google Announces Google Book Search APIs

The Google Book Search Blog announced the new developer site for the Google Book Search APIs. The API allows developers to add Google Book Search features to their web site. For example, you can now embed book previews, when available, to books listed on your site. For example, if you are on Books A Billion and find a book named Google Advertising Tools but you're not clear on if you should buy it, just click on the Google Preview icon and up comes a preview of the book. With this API, anyone can: Embed book previews on your siteAdd book search results to your siteLocate book information [...]

Google Adds Location To Mobile Web Search

Last November, Google introduced its My Location feature in Google Maps for Mobile. It uses cell tower IDs to triangulate the location of the phone and then identifies that location on the Google Maps interface. With a bit less precision, it essentially does the same thing that GPS does: eliminate the need to enter a geomodifier to find things nearby. It thus saves keystrokes in mobile and also lays the groundwork for more precise mobile ad targeting at some point in the near future. Google has now taken that same cell tower triangulation approach and brought it directly into Google Search fo [...]

Mine The Web’s Socially-Tagged Links: Google Social Graph API Launched

Did you know there's a way to tag links on pages to indicate social connections? I'd heard about this vaguely, but you can bet there's going to be much more public awareness and potential use, thanks to Google launching its new Google Social Graph API. Now available, the API allows developers to discover socially-labeled links on pages and generate connections between them. "We want to make the connections searchable. We think there are a few things people will do with that. We think they'll build some [social linking] exploration tools," said David Glazer, a director of enginee [...]

Google Launches APIs For Custom Search Engine

The Google Custom Search Engine blog announced the launch of the new APIs for Google Custom Search Engines. The new APIs enable you to better manage the linked CSE feature. In short, instead of you managing all the criteria on Google's console, you can manage it via your own tool by using this API. The API documentation can be found here. Eric Enge wrote a very clear explanation on how this works, with examples. [...]

What To Make Of Google Gears

Being a non-developer I was a bit of a fish out of water at Google Developer Day yesterday. The event, which took place in the 10 countries where Google has offices, was intended to showcase Google Gears and the company's various APIs. I attended the event in California, which was moved from Google's Mountain View headquarters to the San Jose Convention Center to accommodate demand and attendance. The Gears initiative is about creating an open standard to help turn the Web browser into a better, richer development platform and enabling applications to work "offline," when there's an inconsis [...]

Google Maps API Adds KML And GeoRSS Support

Google has added support for its KML (Earth) format and the open GeoRSS format to the Google Maps API. I'm not a programmer, but what this means as a practical matter is that the GeoRSS standard gets a big boost. Developers and mashups builders can now use a range of formats to add data layers to Google Maps and their sites using the Maps API. And it also means that there will be more geo-data on maps and on the internet generally in the future. Google Maps and Google Earth (and maybe Coop and Google Custom Search Engines) are where Google is building its social media franchise. More on tha [...]

Mapshark: A Search Engine For Mashups

Since the advent of the Google and Yahoo (and more recently Virtual Earth) mapping APIs there are hundreds of developers and entrepreneurs who have built interesting and useful mashups. But how does one find them? Of course you could search on Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Live or look at some of the worthy blogs devoted to mapping such as Google Maps Mania or The Map Room. But you could also search Mapshark, pointed out to us by Philipp Lenssen. According to Philipp's post the site was created by Alaska attorney Andrew Mitton, who says he's only spent $100 on the site (plus his time: $350 per h [...]

Why Did Google Stop Supporting The SOAP API?

Earlier this week, Google dropped some support for the SOAP API, finally making a formal announcement about it here. New sign-ups aren't allowed, but the API calls will continue to be served. Why did they drop sign-ups? Google doesn't explain, and so others are speculating. Techdirt feels they did this for business reasons over technical reasons. John Battelle quotes Tim Bray's [...]

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