Google Authorship is a way to link content you create with a Google+ profile, which provides benefits such as your headshot image appearing next to your content in Google’s search results. Google provides a means to get started and more information here, and our The Definitive Guide To Google Authorship Markup guide will help you through the process. Stories below cover the latest developments with authorship at Google.

No, Publishership Isn’t Coming Soon To Google Search To Join Authorship

Google logo There are expectations in some quarters that publishers will soon be able to have their logos showing up in Google in the way that authors can have their pictures appear. But, Google says there are "no plans" for some type of "publishership" to go live similar to the way it handles authorship. Expectations were raised after Kahena Digital and Standing Dog noted that publishers using rel=publisher can see how their logos would look in Google's Rich Snippets testing tool. However, Google told us generally that this has been working that way in the testing tool for months and that there are [...]

Google Downplays Google+ With Updated Authorship Snippet?

google-authorship-new-1366893396 Google has quietly changed the user interface for how they display the authorship snippet in the search results. The largest difference is that they removed the "more by" link that linked to additional stories written by that author. The other changes include that now clicking on the author's image and name will take you to a similar result set that you would have seen if you clicked on the old "more by" author link. I believe the author image and name use to take you to that author's Google+ page, when available. Now, the only way to get to the Google+ page of the author is to click o [...]

4 SEO Recommendations For Dealing With B2B Lengthening Sales Cycles

Many of our clients face sales cycles in a six- to twelve-month duration. In a recent client interview, one of the sales directors revealed that they were on the verge of closing a multi-million dollar deal that took nearly three years of nurturing alone to finally get to the proposal process. With multiple decision makers and departments impacting complete B2B solutions, marketing plays a pivotal role. A recent news release, which summarized a comprehensive survey of B2B marketing professionals put together by BtoB Magazine and Bizo revealed that the sales cycle is lengthening for many B2 [...]

Author Rank, Authorship, Search Rankings & That Eric Schmidt Book Quote

google-plus-authorship-featured Last month, an excerpt from Eric Schmidt's forthcoming book came out where he discussed how identity and authorship might be used to better rank search results. Since then, I've seen that widely cited as proof Google is already doing "Author Rank." It's not, nor was Schmidt describing a Google-specific system. But that could come, and Google's existing authorship program may be a part of it. Schmidt On Potential Future Of Profiles & Ranking The excerpt came from the Wall Street Journal, which quoted from The New Digital Age, the book due out next month that Schmidt has coauthored wit [...]

Is Bing Testing “Subjectship” Rather Than Authorship In Its Search Results?

bing-logo Some are spotting new author images appearing in Bing's search results today, similar to the way Google shows author images. Except, they're not really author images. They're what I'd call subject images, something that might be coming more formally to Bing. Author Images At Google Here are two examples of authorship images as they appear on Google: The first is a picture of Kara Swisher, next to a search that brought up an article that she wrote on the new season of Game Of Thrones. The second is for myself, for an article I wrote about a test I ran to see if my two boys would ch [...]

Google’s Authorship Fail: How Truman Capote Was Credited As A NYT Writer 28 Years After His Death

rel-author-google-featured If you happened to do certain abortion-related searches in the past few days, you might've been surprised to see the late Truman Capote getting Google+ Authorship credit for an article from The New York Times. What makes it odd, of course, is that Capote died in 1984. He wrote numerous classics that showed up on the Times bestseller list but, as far as I know, he never actually wrote for the Times itself -- and he certainly didn't write an article that was first published in 2010. Capote also died a couple decades too soon to have a Google+ account, which makes this search result -- shar [...]

Google Confirms Hidden Benefit Of Authorship: Bonus Links After A Back-Button Click

google-plus-authorship-featured Google has confirmed that there's a hidden benefit to having authorship status: If a user returns to the search results after reading an author-tagged search result for a certain period of time, Google will add three additional links to similar articles from the same author below the originally clicked link. Say what? A couple visuals will help explain what this is, so follow along. If I do a Google search for "marketing land feedburner," Google shows one of my recent articles in the top spot, and it includes my authorship status -- name, avatar, Google+ information, [...]

Google Emails Authorship Confirmations To Bloggers

google-authorship-plus Did you receive an email from Google Authorship this morning? It seems that many writers and bloggers who work with sites that have set up Google Authorship have received email confirmations from Google today, confirming their participation. The email welcomes the participant to Google Authorship, and shows how authorship works in search results. Here's the email: Not everyone who uses authorship received confirmations, however. Only a few of us here at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land received the email, so it's unclear what the criteria was to get one. At SMX Advanced 2 [...]

Want Your Picture In The Google Search Results? Add A Google+ Profile

google-authorship-plus Google has supported the ability to add authorship tagging to your web pages in order to give authors the ability to get more face time in the search results. But often web sites do not implement them fully. So how do 1 out of 5 results have an authorship image? David Harry dug into it and found that although many blogs and web sites do not properly markup their web pages with authorship and many do not have authorship at all, those sites may still show an authorship image in the search results. How so? David saw that when there is a Google+ profile completed with links to "contributed t [...]

Only 9% Of Tech Blogs Implement Google Authorship Properly

authorship-adoption A study by Conductor shows only 9% of technology blogs have fully implemented the authorship, rel=author, attribute fully on their site. That is less than 1 out of every 10 blogs. This is somewhat shocking because (1) these are technology blogs that should know about the feature and (2) it is shown to increase the click through rate from the Google search results to the web site. A higher click through rate leads to more ad impressions, which leads to more revenue for these technology blogs. We've seen reports of authorship increasing click through rate by 30% to 150% or more. The [...]

The Definitive Guide To Google Authorship Markup

google-plus-authorship-featured At SMX Advanced 2011, Matt Cutts announced the Google initiative to begin attributing content to original authors. Since that time, the process in which authors and websites attribute content to authors has evolved. A lot. Many times over, in fact. If you’ve heard about Google authorship markup, but have been confused as to how to get started with it, you are definitely not alone. I’ve been writing about this topic since August of 2011, and have worked to get this process up and running on three separate blog sites (Search Engine Land, Internet Marketing Ninjas, and The SEO Ace– all c [...]

Almost 1 Of Every 5 Google Searches Shows Rel=Author In Top 100 Results, Study Shows

google-g-logo What began as an experiment 10 months ago is now showing up in nearly one of every five Google search results. I'm talking about authorship -- Google's use of the rel=author markup to identify content creators next to their content. A new SearchMetrics study published this week says that about 17 percent of queries included at least one instance of rel=author within the first 100 search results. The company analyzed a million keywords -- including a mix of navigational, information and transactional -- and found that more than 170,000 included a rel=author display somewhere in the first [...]

Google Removes Author: Search From Google News

google-news-logo-square You can no longer search for articles from specific authors in Google News. As Barry Schwartz reported this morning on Search Engine Roundtable, using the author: firstname lastname command at Google News brings up no results now, and Google has disabled it on purpose. If you think it has something to do with the rel=author movement, it seems that you're correct. Here's what a Google employee named Erik explained in the Google News help forum: The author: search operator is no longer available. For author-specific Google News content, I would recommend use of the Authorship capabilities in [...]

Google Authorship Rich Snippets – Is Google Promoting Authors Or Google+?

More and more, Google has been showing pictures of article authors next to search results. But what began ostensibly as simple adoption of industry standard Web markup seems to have become an exercise in promoting the Google+ social network. In June 2011 Google began to pilot a way for content authors to associate a photo and an author byline to the display of their articles in Google search results. Google extended the pilot to Google News searches in November 2011. The addition of author information in search results continues Google’s support of microformat html markup to enrich a s [...]

Google Adds Author Stats To Webmaster Tools

google-webmaster-tools-logo Google has introduced a new report in Google Webmaster Tools named "Author Stats." Author Stats shows you how often your content is showing up on the Google search results page. This will show up under Google Webmaster Tools in the "labs" section in Webmaster Tools. It shows the impressions and clicks of the stories found in Google and shows up when you associate your content with your Google Profile. Here is a picture: Google said if you have issues with it, you can email them at Also, Google has promoted the authorship stories in the Google search [...]

Journalists Get Their Profiles Featured In Google News … Their Google+ Profiles, That Is

Google News will soon start highlighting journalists' profiles in Google News. But rather than highlighting the profiles from their primary website/writing venue, Google will be highlighting their Google+ profiles. In a blog post today, Google showed an example of how the profiles will be featured within Google News. The journalist has to first have a Google account that's linked to their articles, and when that's the case, Google News will show the journalist's Google account profile photo along with information about his/her from Google+ -- how many followers and an "Add to circles [...]

Google Tweaks Its Rel=Author Display, Promotes Google+ In Search Results

rel-author-google-featured Google has rolled out a few changes to how it shows results that use the rel=author markup. Some of these are things that have been spotted in testing in recent weeks, so today's announcement formalizes how that markup will display in Google's search results. Here's how it currently looks using one of Danny Sullivan's recent articles: (I was going to use one of my articles as an example, but Google has turned off my rel=author status for some reason. But I'm not angry. At all.) Anyhoo, the author's image is justified to the left of the snippet information -- that was changed some [...]

Google Starts Showing Author Images In Search Results

Online authors are now being highlighted in Google's search results ... if they're using the recently announced rel=author markup language. Right now, Google says it's working with a small group of authors who have linked their Google Profiles to their online content. One of those authors is Search Engine Land's Editor-In-Chief, Danny Sullivan, and his content will be highlighted like this in Google's search results: The author's name and avatar comes from his/her Google Profile. Google says it will also show the authors' content on their Google Profiles, too. The rel=author ta [...]

Google Now Supports “Author” Tag

google-g-logo Google announced support of the authorship markup, enabling content sites to help identify their authors on the site and across the web. The markup links up authors to content, for example, this content would be linked up to my name and can be used to find all the stories I've written here and on my other sites. It uses the rel attribute, so all you need to do is add the rel="author" to your author's hyperlink on the article page. For example: Written by <a rel="author" href="../authors/mattcutts">Matt Cutts</a>. As Google explained, this tells search engines: "The link [...]

Google’s Agent Rank / Author Rank Patent Application

Google returns results based upon content appearing upon individual pages, or at specific URLs. But that content could come from different authors, who have different levels of control over it. For example, a blog page may have posts written by more than one author, comments penned by others, and advertisements showing ads that even the owner of the site has no direct control over. A forum might have many different authors responding to an initial post, and may also display advertisements. Imagine a system that instead of ranking content on a page level, breaks those pages down and looks at [...]

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