Microsoft Bing Now Added To Google Chrome New Tab Page

bing-chrome-start-page Microsoft's search engine, Bing, is now an option within Google's Chrome new tab page screens. Prior, if you changed your default search provider in Chrome, the new tab page would still show Google has the search option. It would change the search provider in the URL/omnibox area but it would not replace Google from the new tab page. Now, when you change your search provider, the change will be also available in the new tab page in your Chrome browser. To change your go to Chrome and click on preferences/settings and then and set your search engine to Bing (under “Search”). [...]

Chrome Getting Closer To Releasing New Tab Page

google-chrome-logo It looks like Chrome's New Tab Page (NTP) may be available to everyone soon. While an experimental version was launched last December to a small selection of users, Chrome announced yesterday that they are continuing to test the new feature, and extending the number of beta users. In their continued quest to speed up search and reduce the average time from query to answer, Chrome also reminded developers that the experimental feature includes open APIs, making it possible for a user to add a search box to their default search provider or customize the new tab page. [...]

Google, Mozilla Renew Firefox Search Deal For 3 More Years

google-firefox-featured Google and Mozilla have struck a deal that renews their agreement making Google the default search engine in Firefox browsers. No financial terms were announced, but Mozilla's blog post says the agreement extends the companies' agreement "for at least three additional years." The renewal comes about three weeks after the previous contract expired. The two companies previously had another three-year deal that expired at the end of November. A couple quotes from the Mozilla announcement: "Under this multi-year agreement, Google Search will continue to be the default search provider for [...]

Google Search Globe: See Searches Happening Visually Around The World

Google announced a neat new visual display of Google's search volume by search query language. The tool is named the Google Search Globe. Search Globe plots different colored bars protruding from the globe. Each color represents a different language, and you'd see a nice diverse set of colors (i.e. languages) over places like Europe and parts of Asia. Here is a video of how it works: [youtube width="600" height="480"][/youtube] The Google Data Arts Team put this together to help Internet accessibility throughout the world by geographic ar [...]

IE9 Is Boosting Bing Usage, Study Says

Does the web browser you use say anything about your preferred search engine? It might, according to some data just published by Chitika. After measuring activity across the 80,000 or so sites in its ad network, Chitika reports that Bing usage is tied to which version of Internet Explorer a person uses. Specifically, Bing usage increases as users upgrade to newer versions of Internet Explorer. As you can see, Bing usage jumps from 16.9% among IE8 users to 22.9% among IE9 users -- that's a 35% gain. Is this just a case of IE9 making Bing the user's default search engine? No, not r [...]

Browsers To Offer Official Behavioral Targeting Blocking

Yesterday, Google and Firefox announced new tools to block behavioral targeting across the web. Behavioral targeting are a form of ads that use your online behavior to target specific ads to you, as you browse the web. Google calls these interest based advertising but most of the web calls them behavioral targeting. Google released a new Chrome extension named Keep My Opt-Outs. The extension helps block some of the personalized advertising and related data tracking performed by companies. I should note, Google has an older Chrome extension named IAB Opt Out that blocked Google's inter [...]

Has Google Missed Its Window For “ChromeBooks”?

At the recent Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco Google CEO Eric Schmidt seemed to suggest that Chrome-based netbooks wouldn't be available for holiday shopping (or even before the end of the year). A year ago, however, Google said it was aiming for the "holiday season" with the intended release of the first Chrome-powered machines. (There's lots of conflicting information around release timing.) It's unclear what's causing the delay but in the intervening year the iPad arrived and the first viable Android tablets are starting to appear, led by the appealing but flawed-and-too-costly Galax [...]

Xmarks Shuts Down After Failing To Sell Its Search Engine

Xmarks, the popular browser bookmark synchronization service, is going to shut down on January 10, 2011. Xmarks is a free service that saves your bookmarks across different browsers and different computers, and currently boasts about two million users. I'm a longtime user and fan of the service, going back to when it was called Foxmarks; but personal attachments aside, the story behind why Xmarks is shutting down makes for an interesting read. In his blog post announcing the decision, co-founder Todd Agulnick explains how, inspired by the crowd-sourced success of Wikipedia, Xmarks was inspi [...]

Eric Schmidt’s Favorite Google Product? Chrome!

What's Google CEO Eric Schmidt's favorite Google product at the moment? When I asked him that this week, I expected a "I love all my children equally" answer. Instead, Schmidt surprised me answering without hesitation: Google's Chrome browser. "The one that I am the most pleased with is Chrome. This is a personal answer. Because Chrome has a lot of subtlety to it," Schmidt said. "It's all of these complex design choices that the Chrome team made that makes Chrome faster and just [intuitive]. And once you start using Chrome it's very hard to go back to a different browser. And you can' [...]

Google’s Founders & CEO Didn’t See Eye To Eye On Chrome

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google's founders and CEO didn't see eye to eye on building out the Chrome browser or OS, at least, not initially. Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, said that initially when Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google's co-founders, brought the idea of building a browser or operating system to him six years ago, he was not interested. Schmidt said recently, "At the time, Google was a small company." "Having come through the bruising browser wars, I didn’t want to do that again," he added. But when Schmidt saw what a Googler (previously Firefox developer) built, he [...]

Chrome Comes Out of Beta with 10 Million Users

As was reported yesterday, Google's browser Chrome is coming out of beta -- a mere 100 days after it was introduced. When I commented to Sundar Pichai, Product VP, that this had to be one of the fastest exits from beta for Google in recent memory he explained that "Google has a very traditional approach to our client software products," meaning it accelerates the process of getting them to a general release. There were suggestions on the TechCrunch blog that third parties were potentially exerting pressure on or encouraging Google to hurry up the general release of Chrome. I asked Pich [...]

Waiting For Google Chrome To Launch

Obviously the big story of yesterday and today in the technology world is the impending launch of Google's open-source browser Chrome. It will likely be available for download here later today. (TechCrunch and Google Blogoscoped have a few screenshots.) There are dozens and dozens of stories on Techmeme. Most of the coverage, from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and elsewhere, focuses on several themes: Google going directly after Microsoft (browser wars redux); it's even being called a "windows killer" by some Google trying to guarantee access to its search box Google now competing [...]

Google Chrome – Google’s Finally Launching Its Own Browser

So much for a quiet Labor Day off. Google Blogoscoped has news of Google Chrome, a new browser that Google plans to release. More coverage can also be found on Techmeme. No -- it's not just a rumor. Google tells me that it is indeed a real browser it plans to release. Expect more news to come when we're back at things on a normal schedule tomorrow. Postscript Barry Schwartz: The Google Blog now has a posted on the news. Basically, the Google browser is coming out in Beta for Windows users tomorrow. [...]

Google Acquires Stake In Maxthon Browser?

Google Takes Partial Ownership Of Maxthon Browser from TechCrunch covers rumors that Google has purchased a minority stake in the Maxthon Browser and that a much larger deal between the two companies is in the works. See related discussion on this via Techmeme. [...]

Google Copies Yahoo’s IE7 Page; Originality War Breaks Out!

Google Blatantly Copies Yahoo!? from Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny makes a pretty damning case against Google for blatantly ripping off Yahoo's Internet Explorer 7 promo copy. Yahoo offers a custom version of IE7 via a pitch page you'll see here. Google appears to have launched its own pitch page yesterday, one that was amazingly similar in look and feel to Yahoo's. Jeremy has the side-by-side photos of how the pages looked. Google's page has since changed. In many places, the copy was either identical or the word Yahoo was simply swapped for Google. At best, I thought perhaps Google was using some [...]

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