Microsoft Bing Now Added To Google Chrome New Tab Page

bing-chrome-start-page Microsoft's search engine, Bing, is now an option within Google's Chrome new tab page screens. Prior, if you changed your default search provider in Chrome, the new tab page would still show Google has the search option. It would change the search provider in the URL/omnibox area but it would not replace Google from the new tab page. Now, when you change your search provider, the change will be also available in the new tab page in your Chrome browser. To change your go to Chrome and click on preferences/settings and then and set your search engine to Bing (under “Search”). [...]

Chrome’s Latest Updates Include New “OK Google” Voice Search Capabilities

OK Google Chrome Extension Earlier this week, Google released new updates for Chrome OS devices, including new "hotwording" capabilities. According to the announcement, the "Okay Google" voice search is now available on Chrome's New Tab Page and (the US version only). Darrell Etherington reported on TechCrunch that the new "Okay Google" voice search for Chrome works automatically, without requiring the user to click or do any other input prompts: Users will need to enable it once and provide Chrome permission to user their computer’s mic if they haven’t already, but after that, it’s as simple as [...]

Chrome Getting Closer To Releasing New Tab Page

google-chrome-logo It looks like Chrome's New Tab Page (NTP) may be available to everyone soon. While an experimental version was launched last December to a small selection of users, Chrome announced yesterday that they are continuing to test the new feature, and extending the number of beta users. In their continued quest to speed up search and reduce the average time from query to answer, Chrome also reminded developers that the experimental feature includes open APIs, making it possible for a user to add a search box to their default search provider or customize the new tab page. [...]

Google Voice Search Coming To iOS, Chrome For Android Gets An Update

Google released a couple of new UI features with the latest Chrome update for Android yesterday and announced that voice search will be coming to Chrome for iOS "soon". Android Updates With the Android update, the long search URL box is gone and search queries in Chrome display in the omnibox. And now, while browsing, webpages show in full screen; the top toolbar disappears when you scroll down to give more real estate to the webpage itself. Scroll back up to the top of the page, and the toolbar will reappear. Voice Search Coming To Chrome iOS Voice search made a big splash at Googl [...]

Will [Not Provided] Ever Reach 100% In Web Analytics?

not-provided-featured With the news today that Chrome is moving to secure search, marketers may be wondering about the larger picture of using search data in Web analytics. The searches people do that lead them to a site is valuable data to an organization. What other data source do we have that gives us direct access to our customers' wants and needs? Sure, we can ask them, but customers can lie. Or choose not to answer. By looking at exactly what visitors have searched for, we can learn a lot about who our customers are, what they really want, and if we're providing it to them. Search marketers have valued [...]

Google’s Gags Go Worldwide For April Fool’s Day 2012

google-racing It was right about this time last year when we gave Google the winner's trophy for a series of gags that put all others to shame. We could do the same again right now, because Google has tried to top itself with another round of April Fool's Day jokes that pretty well span the globe of Google's international properties. Below is a recap of Google's (and a few others) pranks, and we'll do our best to update this as the day goes along. Google Racing: Self-Driving Cars Hit NASCAR The main joke at the moment is Google's "announcement" of a partnership with NASCAR called Google Racing, which b [...]

Firefox To Use Google Secure Search By Default; Expect More “Not Provided” Keywords To Follow

firefox-secure-privacy-featured The popular Firefox browser is on track to use a secure method of searching Google by default, a change that will help prevent potential "eavesdropping" of what people are searching for. It will also further reduce the ability for publishers to know how people find their sites in Google -- except for Google advertisers. A loophole in Google Secure Search continues to provide them with this data. "We are currently testing the change to use SSL for built-in Google searches in our Firefox nightly channel. If no issues are uncovered, it will move through our Aurora and Beta release channels befor [...]

Google Chrome’s Paid Link Penalty Now Lifted

google-chrome-penalty-free Google has lifted the 60-day paid link penalty Google Chrome was given the first week of January. Now if you search for [chrome], [browser] or similar searches, the Google Chrome landing page will once again show up on the first page of the search results. Here is a picture showing the page ranking in position number for on Google: As you may remember, right after the New Years, Google was caught running a sponsored post campaign for Chrome. After a day or so, Google's Matt Cutts applied a link penalty to the Google Chrome landing page for 60 days. Now, about days later, Googl [...]

Google Screenwise: New Program Pays You To Give Up Privacy & Surf The Web With Chrome

google-g-logo-96x100 Google is quietly taking requests from web users who want to get paid to surf the web using the Chrome browser while sharing data with Google. The program is called Screenwise and, though we're not aware of any official announcement, Google has a signup page at The page explains that Google wants to create a panel of people to help it "learn more about how everyday people use the Internet." It explains that panel members have to be at least 13 years old, have (or sign up for) a Google account and use the Chrome web browser. They also have to be willin [...]

Chrome’s Market Share Drops In January; Was It Due To Google’s Penalty?

google-chrome-shock-featured After 17 straight months of gains in market share, Google's Chrome web browser dropped 0.17 percent in January, and the company that tracks browser market share suggests that it's because Google penalized Chrome after a botched sponsored blog post campaign. The figures come from Net Applications, which says it tracks about 160 million unique visits per month to a worldwide network of more than 40,000 sites. According to Net Applications, Firefox and Safari also saw market share losses in January. While they were declining, Microsoft's Internet Explorer gained 1.09%, its biggest monthly g [...]

Google’s Chrome Page No Longer Ranks For “Browser” After Sponsored Post Penalty

google-chrome-penalty-featured Searches for "browser" no longer bring up the Google Chrome home page after Google applied a penalty against the page because of Google's own sponsored post campaign. Google said even though it felt there were no "remaining violations" of its guidelines, the search engine's spam fighting team was going to reduce the PageRank value of the Google Chrome home page, which in turn lead to today's ranking decrease. From the statement Google sent us: We've investigated and are taking manual action to demote and lower the site’s PageRank for a period of at least 60 day [...]

Google: Yes, Sponsored Post Campaign Was Ours But Not What We Signed-Up For

google-g-logo-96x100 It's been about a day since we covered Google's sponsored post campaign to promote its Chrome browser, a campaign that produced posts that violate Google's guidelines against "thin" content and potentially those against buying links. Yes, it was a Google campaign, but not what the company says it signed-up for. One agency is falling on its sword; another is saying no paid links were purchased. Let's piece through what we've got. Google: We Only Meant To Buy Online Ads Google has sent me this statement: Google never agreed to anything more than online ads. We have consistently avoided paid [...]

Google’s Jaw-Dropping Sponsored Post Campaign For Chrome

google-chrome-shock-featured Google, the company that has been fighting against paid links and "thin" content, seems to be behind a campaign that's generating both on behalf of its Chrome browser. File this under "what were they thinking." "This Post Sponsored By Google" Aaron Wall wrote about the campaign today at SEO Book, spotting how a search for "This post is sponsored by Google" brings back over 400 pages written apparently as part of a Google marketing campaign: We're checking with Google for confirmation that the company is behind the campaign, but expect a response to be delayed, as Google's PR department [...]

Cats & Dogs Living Together: Bing Promotes Firefox

bing-firefox-featured If you ever wanted proof that Microsoft has learned that for Bing to succeed, it needs to spread its wings beyond Microsoft, look no further than today's news that Bing is offering "Firefox With Bing." That's right, Microsoft is pushing a rival browser to its own Internet Explorer. Firefox With Bing In a blog post today, Bing invites people to download a version of "Firefox With Bing" where Bing is used as the default search engine for the Firefox search box and for searches conducted from the "AwesomeBar" address window: In most countries, Firefox uses Google as its default search engine [...]

A Look Inside Google’s London Store

google-store-featured Dan Barker posted 14 images of the first Google Store that launched in London last week. Here are some pictures shared by Dan of Google's first retail store, named Chromezone, which he's given us permission to reprint: [...]

Bing Users Are From Internet Explorer; Google Users From Firefox, Chrome & Safari

bing-browser-chitika While almost 75% of Bing visitors in North America use Internet Explorer, only about 40% of Google's search visitors use the web's most popular browser. Instead, Google deals with Firefox, Apple's Safari and Google's own Chrome browser cause those to combine and outdistance IE usage. Internet Explorer Is Big On Bing The figures come from a new report by Chitika, which analyzed a week's worth of traffic across its ad network sites from July 20 to 26, 2011, for North America. Chitika says almost 75% of all Bing search traffic comes from IE users: Our internal stats here at Search Engin [...]

Google And Virgin Air Offer Clever Chromebook Promo

Google and Virgin America have teamed up in a clever Chromebook promotion that will benefit both brands. The airline sent out an email this morning that offers a free Chromebook test drive, "From July 1 to September 30 . . . on select flights from San Francisco, Dallas-Fort Worth, Boston, and Chicago, exclusively on Virgin America." This helps give users hands-on access to Google's PC alternative (an iPad with a keyboard) and it helps Virgin further brand itself as the coolest of domestic carriers (with WiFi on every flight). I suspect this will prompt a few flyers to switch from a dreary [...]

Is Chromebook Google’s True iPad Competitor?

Having used the Samsung 10.1 Android tablet (running Honeycomb) for a number of weeks I can tell you conclusively that it doesn't compete with the iPad. While the hardware is light and generally well designed, the overall software experience falls well short of the standard the iPad has established. An Unintentional iPad Competitor? Enter Google's Chromebook: is this Google's true competitor to the iPad? Chromebook is certainly not positioned as a tablet competitor or alternative. But it may turn out that way for some people in the market for a second (or third) computer. There are a fair [...]

Google Search Globe: See Searches Happening Visually Around The World

Google announced a neat new visual display of Google's search volume by search query language. The tool is named the Google Search Globe. Search Globe plots different colored bars protruding from the globe. Each color represents a different language, and you'd see a nice diverse set of colors (i.e. languages) over places like Europe and parts of Asia. Here is a video of how it works: [youtube width="600" height="480"][/youtube] The Google Data Arts Team put this together to help Internet accessibility throughout the world by geographic ar [...]

New: Block Sites From Google Results Using Chrome’s “Personal Blocklist”

Google has announced that a new way to block certain sites from appearing in Google's search results, though a special Google-made Chrome browser extension named Personal Blocklist. Using Personal Blocklist How do you use Personal Blocklist? (1) Download and install the extension over here. You will need Chrome. (2) When you are viewing search results on Google, you can then click "block URL" under the search result: (3) When a set of search results is impacted by this choice, Google will tell you at the bottom of the search results. The warning Google gives you reads "some result [...]

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