Google Launches “What Do You Love” Search, To Find Google Services

Google has launched a new service at, which stands for "What Do You Love" from Google, which allows users to search for anything and see what comes back from a variety of Google's many different search resources. Over the years, Google has continued to add new products, services, portals, and features to their portfolio. Keeping up on all that Google has to offer has been hard. There are pages that show Google products options, or new products and pages that have Google ad options and the list goes on and on. One single page of all of Google's services and products is hard [...]

Google Rolls Out New Custom Search Features, Including Wikipedia Integration

Google has made a series of announcements today about its Custom Search Engine service, including a new integration with Wikipedia that substantially changes the search experience on that site for users who opt-in. Other Custom Search announcements today include new custom themes and layouts, as well as better support for "rich snippets." More on those in a moment. With the new Custom Search Wikipedia Skin, users can now get Wikipedia search results from Google inline on the Wikipedia page you're viewing. The skin provides tabs to show custom search results from all Wikipedia pages, only Wi [...]

Google Custom Search Mobile For iPhone, Android & Palm Pre

The Google Custom Search Blog announced the release of a mobile friendly Google Custom Search engine interface support for devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Palm Pre. Google will now automatically detect the device you are using to access the Google Custom Search Engine and serve up a mobile friendly version, when necessary. If you host it yourself, you can redirect the users yourself and serve up the proper mobile version to your searchers. For more details about this feature, see the Google CSE blog and Google Mobile Blog. Here is a picture of how it might look [...]

Google Pushing Hard(er) To Get Webmaster Products Adopted

I was setting up a new domain last year, something I'd done countless times and could do with my eyes closed, when my hosting provider suddenly started pushing several Google products on me. Did I want to use Gmail for my domain? Did I want to use Google Apps for Domains? Well, no, but thanks. I think. I found out later it was Google pushing those products via the "Google Webmaster Tools Access Provider Program," which gives web hosting companies easy access to integrate Google products into their hosting services. Google has announced this week that the program has been expanded to [...]

BioNumbers – Specialty Biology Answer Search Engine

Today, I met with Dr. Ron Milo who works in the field of plant sciences at Weizmann Institute in Israel, who showed me a specialty search engine project he built from the ground up named BioNumbers. In short, BioNumbers is a collection of common biological numbers that is useful to one's research. For example, the average diameter of a protein is 5 nanometers. This week, I am on a special trip known as the Blogger Delegation to Israel. We are being taken around by the Israeli Consulate to learn about Israel and the people who live here. Clearly, my focus is on search - so when I went to the [...]

Google Launches AdSense For Mobile Search

Google has announced a new AdSense mobile product named AdSense for mobile search. AdSense for mobile search gives carriers and mobile publishers a quick way to simply embed a Google search box on their mobile sites. This is a lot like AdSense for Search, but the mobile version. Currently, this is a private beta so you need to fill out a form and be accepted into the beta to give it a try. Plus, this is fully hosted by Google and runs of their servers. [...]

Google’s Site Search Gets Faster; Yahoo’s Goes Away

Google has upgraded its Site Search tool to give users more control over the frequency that Google spiders a site. But, if you think this is something that will help your site's performance on search results, it won't. Site Search is Google's on-site tool for individual websites; you use it to add a search engine to your own website. The new feature, On-Demand Indexing, lets site owners tell Google to index their site by clicking a button, rather than waiting for Google to do it on its own schedule. A Google spokesperson tells us that this has no impact whatsoever on a site's [...]

Google Rebrands Custom Search “Business Edition” As “Google Site Search”

Google launched its Custom Search Engine (CSE) in late 2006. It has gone through various changes and feature upgrades since that time and Google just announced that what it was calling CSE "Business Edition" has now been renamed "Google Site Search." There are several new features that offer increased customization to site owners implementing the tool. Those new features include look and feel customization, deeper crawling, the ability to upload specialized synonym dictionaries, "date biasing" (recent results can be more heavily weighted), and "Top Results Biasing." Google explains the latt [...]

Google Adds Subscribed Links To Universal Search Interface

Google Subscribed Links Integrated Into Universal Search from Google Blogoscoped reports Google has integrated subscribed links into the Universal Search interface within the search results. In the past, subscribed links, which is part of the Google Custom Search Engine initiative, would be listed in a green box at the top of your search results. Now, these subscribed links can appear anywhere on the page, from the top to the middle to the bottom of the search results. Here is a picture showing the Search Engine Roundtable Subscribed Links within the middle of the search results for a sear [...]

Google Groups Coop Subscribed Links Under “Search Add Ons”

Google Operating Systems reports that Google has grouped your Google Subscribed Links in the preferences page under the "Search Add-ons" section. Here is a picture: They show you your current subscriptions and offer you others that "you might also be interested in..." [...]

Google Launches Custom Search Business Edition

Google has announced a beefed-up version of Google Custom Search, a site search product aimed at small and medium sized businesses. The new service is hosted by Google and offers all of the same functionality of the free Google Custom Search product, with a few key differences: Customized search results. You can change the look and feel of search results to match the underlying design of a website, using a relatively straightforward XML API provided by Google. Optional ads. With the free version of Google Custom Search, Google displays ads alongside search results. With the Business Edition [...]

Google Launches APIs For Custom Search Engine

The Google Custom Search Engine blog announced the launch of the new APIs for Google Custom Search Engines. The new APIs enable you to better manage the linked CSE feature. In short, instead of you managing all the criteria on Google's console, you can manage it via your own tool by using this API. The API documentation can be found here. Eric Enge wrote a very clear explanation on how this works, with examples. [...]

Google Custom Search Engines Easier To Build With New Link Learning Tool

The Google Custom Search blog announced an interesting new feature that allows you to tell Google to customize the search results of your Google CSE based on who you link to within your site. Google will look at who you link to, then use that information to add content that your custom search engine searches against. Imagine, if you have a resource page of mobile products and you constantly update that page with more resources. In the past, if you had a Google CSE, you would have to manually add the new resource to your Google CSE sites list. Now, Google will automatically pick up that you [...]

Google Custom Search Engine For Book Search Partners

Google Launches New Tool for Google Book Search Partner Program from the Book Standard reports that Google is launching a new tool for Google Book Search partners. The new tool appears to be like Google's Custom Search Engine, but specifically designed around Google Book Search. Partners will be able to place code a search box on their site that will enable users to search for books. The search results will be returned within your site, with your logo and your name. The Book Standard explains that 20 percent of the book will be searchable at one time. In addition, features such as print, [...]

Getting Link Love From Google Custom Search Engines

I've written previously about Google Custom Search Engines.  These vertical Googlettes let anyone create a search engine with results based on Google's index, with an added layer of human editorial selection. Put more simply, you create a Google CSE; you select the sites you want in it, and then you let anyone search your CSE from your site. New Google CSEs appear almost daily. You can see examples at Google here, and there's even a directory of them being maintained here. Google CSEs offer a couple link building opportunities, one of which might be described as affinity link [...]

Google CSE Adds Show Popular Queries

The Google Custom Search Engine blog announced that you can now add a snippet of code on your site to show off the most popular queries (searches) performed by your readers. I am a huge fan of the Google Custom Search Engine but I am not a fan of this implementation. (1) Of my Google CSEs, I have only one that has popular queries because the queries performed on the sites are so diverse that none are popular. And of that one site that has popular queries for me to display, it is only available for the "overall" statistics view. (2) The code you place on your site shows the most popular [...]

Google Custom Search Engine Gets Supplemental Results

The Google Custom Search Engine Blog announced that Google has added supplemental results to the results displayed in Google Custom Search Engines (CSE). In addition, Google has updated the FAQs to explain that the supplemental results are shown only if one of two conditions are met: Your search engine includes only the patterns you specified and searches over three or fewer sites. Your search engine includes the whole web, giving preference to the patterns you specified. I have confirmed spotting supplemental results in some of my Google CSEs. Google says that this is good because now i [...]

Google Customized Search Engines to Harness The Wisdom of Experts?

Back in October, 2006, Google announced on the Official Google Blog that they were enabling people to create their own custom search engines. If you asked yourself why they were doing this, and how it might provide benefits to individual site owners, searchers as a whole, and Google itself, there are some answers that came out yesterday at the US Patent Office... Google has published a series of five new patent applications on "programmable search engines," with Ramanthan V. Guha listed as the inventor on the patents (his name was also on the announcement linked to above on the Google Blog) [...]

Search Search Marketing Blogs With A Google CSE

Todd Malicoat created a new Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) seeded by Lee Odden's comprehensive list of must read search marketing blogs. You can access Todd's Google CSE over here, I like some of the results so far. Todd, also added the search box to his right side navigation, just in case you forget about it. Yes, yesterday I did post about my search forum Google CSE and some people asked if they can add the CSE to their Google home page, you can by visiting here or by clicking here. [...]

Search SEO & SEM Forums With Google Custom Search Engine

I have created a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) that specifically searches the various search marketing and search engine optimization forums on the web. Currently, the Google CSE searches 14 SEM/SEO forums, and I have honestly been very surprised at how relevant the results have been. You can give the Google CSE a try over here or directly below. If you would like to recommend adding and forums to the Google CSE, feel free to comment here or in the original post. Give it a try: Postscript: Some people asked if they can add the CSE to their Google home page, you can by visi [...]

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