Google Voice Search Easter Egg Unlocks “Cheat Mode”

google-easter-egg-featured Googler Pierre Far has found a Google Easter egg  that opens up "Unlimited free Google searches" for everyone. According to Far's Google+ post, doing a Google voice search for, "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right" on his Android phone prompted the voice response, "Cheat mode unlocked, unlimited free Google searches." According to Search Engine Land news editor Barry Schwartz, the search only works by speaking your query from the Google Search App or Google Search page on your smartphone, or using voice enabled search on a Chrome browser. Schwartz created the following video [...]

The Marquee HTML Google Easter Egg

google-easter-egg-featured We got another easter egg for you within Google. Yesterday, we wrote about the blink HTML easter egg, where the search results blinked on and off. Now, there is another one for searching for [marquee html] at Google. When you do that, the results count will scroll from right to left on the page. How funny! Here is a video of this easter egg in action: To see some of the past Google easter eggs, see our story The Big List Of Google Easter Eggs. [...]

The Blink HTML Google Easter Egg

google-easter-egg-featured There is a new Google Easter Egg now available in the Google search results. All you need to do is search for [blink html] to activate it. When you search for [blink html] you will see the words "blink" and "html" blink in and out of the search results page on Google. Here is an animated GIF of this in action: Every now and then Google decides to drop a new easter egg in the search results for us. To see some of the past Google easter eggs, see our story The Big List Of Google Easter Eggs. [...]

“Let’s Go Caroling” Google Easter Egg Gives Mobile Users Their Very Own Christmas Carol Karaoke Machine

google-easter-egg-featured, a website devoted to Android news and updates, has discovered Google's latest holiday-themed Easter Egg. When performing a Google search for "Let's go caroling" on an Android or iOS device, the first result includes the question "Which carol would you like to sing?" along with a list of the following five carols: "Jingle Bells" "Up on the Rooftop" "Deck the Halls" "O Christmas Tree" "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Selecting one of the carols delivers a karaoke-style music player. The song's music plays while lyrics are displayed below the control buttons, help [...]

Google’s Knowledge Graph Ready For Halloween With Fun Easter Eggs

google-halloween Mashable spotted some clever easter eggs from Google for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Google is utilizing the knowledge graph to provide fun answers to searches for [Ghost], [Witch], [Skeleton], [Grim Reaper]. For example, if you look at the knowledge graph for Witch, you will learn that to defeat them, you just need to throw a pail of water at them. While to defeat a Ghost, you need to call Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz, from the movie Ghostbusters. Here are screen shots of these Halloween easter eggs from Google. Can you find more? For more fun, check out th [...]

Google’s Latest Easter Egg Brings Atari Breakout Game To Image Search

Add this to the big list of Google easter eggs: do an image search for "atari breakout," and you'll be able to play the classic video game online, right in your search results. In fact, the image search results become the bricks that you have to eliminate as you play the game. Google is calling the game "Image Breakout." You can use your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your paddle, and when you've used up all five chances, you can share your score on Google+. I'm not sure who reported/discovered this first (if it matters); TechCrunch, which may have been first [...]

The Big List Of Google Easter Eggs

google-easter-egg-featured Google is well-known for its lighter side, including things like whimsical logos, april fools' gags and more. In the spirit of the Easter holiday, here's a big list of "easter eggs" that Google engineers have hidden for enterprising searchers who take the time to hunt them down. Easter eggs? "A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke, or feature in a work such as a computer program, webpage, video game, movie, book, or crossword," according to Wikipedia. A classic Google example: An animated, rotating graph of a 3D easter egg (click the link to see the animation). [...]

“Not Deliberate” Says Google, On Google Finance Showing Apple Stock Chart For “Sell”

Apple Inc._ NASDAQ_AAPL quotes & news - Google Finance Do a search on Google Finance for the word "sell," and Google returns the stock chart for Apple. Why? Some thought Google had rigged this as an "Easter Egg" or joke. However, Google says this isn't so. In the first edition of this story, I could see no good reason why this was happening, something spotted by PFhub and which has since been noted by The Next Web and also a discussion on Reddit. I'd seen a few comments that this was due to the Reuters-description that Google Finance shows for Apple having the word "sell" in it several times. Google tells us that is indeed the case, sen [...]

Google’s New “Bacon Number” Search Answers Those “Degree Of Kevin Bacon” Questions

Kevin Bacon Six Degrees Of Bacon is a popular game where people try to guess how actors are connected to Kevin Bacon through movies they've been in. Now Google is making it easy with a new "bacon number" search. Measuring Bacon Numbers To get the "bacon number" of any actor, simply start your search with "bacon number" followed by the actors name. For example, "bacon number scarlett johansson" gives you this: The result shows that Johansson has a "bacon number" of two, which means you can get to a movie she's been in with an actor connected with Kevin Bacon in only two jumps. The result also expla [...]

I’m Feeling Doodly, Playful, Artistic: Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button Gains New Choices

google-lucky Google's famous "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on its home page has been changed to add new options such as "I'm Feeling Playful" or "I'm Feeling Trendy." The long-standing "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, when selected (if Google Instant is off), will automatically take someone to the first page that appears in Google's results for a particular search, hence the "feeling lucky" aspect. Now the button, for some users, is sporting these new options: I'm Feeling Doodly: random doodle I'm Feeling Playful: random interactive doodle I'm Feeling Artistic: random Google Art Project I'm Fee [...]

New Google Easter Egg: Conway’s Game of Life

Google's latest easter egg in the search results leads you to the Game of Life. Search for [conway's game of life] and the search results page will start to be over run by cellular automaton. It was created by British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970 as a zero-player game. Yes, once the game is started, it plays out by itself. What do you do? Just watch it evolve. Here is a video of the game in action on Google: I spotted this on John Mueller's Google+ page. Other Google Easter Eggs Chuck Norris Stars In Google’s Latest Knowledge Graph Joke Google’s Latest [...]

Chuck Norris Stars In Google’s Latest Knowledge Graph Joke

The legend of Chuck Norris lives on in Google's latest Knowledge Graph easter egg. Do a name search for the veteran, bad-a** actor and Google's Knowledge Graph box will include a "fact" such as "Chuck Norris counted to infinity -- twice." The joke changes with each search refresh. I'm not even going to try to figure out how many different "facts" there are, but I did see these: The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain. Chuck Norris doesn't cheat death. He wins fair and square. Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He waits. Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door. This shouldn't [...]

Google’s Latest Easter Egg: Search For Lionel Richie

Oh, Google, you slay me. And it might slay you, too. Go do a search for "lionel richie" (or just click here) and -- if you've been alive long enough -- you'll get a kick out of the joke that shows up in the Knowledge Graph box. That, for you youngins, is a reference to the lyrics of Richie's "Hello," one of the sappiest songs ever, and one of Richie's biggest hits, too. The video just oozes cheese, in ways that few 1980s songs could ever hope to match. We're pretty certain that Google must have more jokes built-in to its Knowledge Graph (just like Apple's Siri has numerous funny [...]

StarCraft Themed Google Easter Egg “Zerg Rush” Calls An Attack On Your Search Results

Google's newest Easter egg, a search for "zerg rush," forces to to fight an onslaught of invaders to save your search results.  This Easter egg is themed after the popular strategy game StarCraft, and may just be the geekiest Easter egg to date. In Starcraft a variety of races exist, one of which are "Zergs."  These insect-like creatures don't overpower, rather that overtake others by sheer numbers.  The zerg attack is also know as "zerging" or the "zerg rush" and is popular gamer jargon for both Starcraft and other video games. The following video depicts an actual Zerg Rush video [...]

An Easter Egg For The Qingming Festival On Google

Searching for the [Qingming Festival] on Google will return a little bit of an easter egg within those search results. Here are pictures: Clicking on the page initiates special animations, including a fish jumping out of the water and back in causing a splash in the water and the man's hand petting the animal. This feature is currently live today and can be replicated on Google India announced this on their Google+ page: Have friends, family, colleagues in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan? Wish them a Happy Qingming Festival today! Not sure what this holiday is? Try searc [...]

Google’s Easter Eggs For Binary, Octal & Hexadecimal

Log out of Google and search for [binary], [octal] and [hexadecimal] and you will see a little geeky easter egg. The easter egg shows the value of the results in that number systems. For example, here is a picture of searching for [binary]: When you convert that value, it returns 29,200,000 results. So there are 29,200,000 results for binary in Google's index. Here are the others: Hat tip to Google Operating System and Related Stories: VIDEO: Google’s "Do A Barrel Roll" Search Is Latest Easter Egg Google’s Let It Snow Easter Egg Google’s New [...]

Google’s Let It Snow Easter Egg

Google has a new easter egg for the winter holiday season - search for [let it snow] and Google will turn the search results page into a powdery snow covered set of search results. The search results will become so hard to see that you will instinctively want to wipe the screen clean with your hand. Instead, use the mouse and it will help you wipe off the snow. Don't have any patience for that? No worries, click the "Defrost" button at the top and the snow will melt away. Finally, you can draw shapes in the snow and share them on Google+ with your friends. Here is a video of it in act [...]

VIDEO: Google’s “Do A Barrel Roll” Search Is Latest Easter Egg

If you have vertigo, be careful with this one: Google's latest easter egg search result comes in the form of a nifty, spin-tastic search results page for the query do a barrel roll. When you do that search, Google listens and make the search results page do a barrel roll. Here's a video that we've posted on YouTube: If you're wondering "why?," well … we were, too. Here's the official word from a Google spokesperson: Today's fun query, 'do a barrel roll', was created by a Google software engineer with the primary goal of entertaining users -- while showcasing the power of CSS3, a p [...]

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