Google Presents The Evolution Of Search In Six Minutes

google-g-logo-96x100 Google released a short video today highlighting some of its key milestones in search over the past decade. It's both a fun blast from the past and a worthwhile reminder of how much things have changed over the years. The video is also a nice follow-on to the look under the hood of search that Google released in August. From the Google blog post announcing the video, Google sums up its approach to improving search: "Our goal is to get you to the answer you’re looking for faster and faster, creating a nearly seamless connection between your questions and the information you seek. That mean [...]

Timing Is Everything: How Google Staged A Benevolent “Smear” Campaign

Google operates one of the largest cloud-based computing systems in the world, and takes great pride in its reliability, investing significant amounts of both money and human resources to make sure that all of its services are always-on and accurate. Here's the story of how, to eliminate what many would consider an almost insignificant issue, Google conducted a "smear" campaign and created software that "lied" to its own servers—all to improve performance and eliminate potential errors that most of us wouldn't even notice. Inside Google's Time Warp As searchers, we want fresh resul [...]

Live @SMX East: Google’s Future, & Book Signing By Bestselling Authors Levy & Jarvis

Google’s going through an extraordinary time. It faces anti-trust investigations in the US and the EU. Competitors worry more and more about it, as the company seems to continually expand into new areas, such as social. Some consumer groups worry about privacy issues and data collection. Some marketers worry that the company might be too powerful a "gatekeeper" of traffic. Yet the company remains popular with consumers. Can Google navigate the challenges it faces and come through living up to its "Don’t Be Evil" motto? We're delighted to have some of the world's foremost experts on Goog [...]

Google To Offer Content Delivery Service For Page Speed

Google announced they are starting a new service named Page Speed service. Essentially, this service will be Google fetching the content on your web site and then serving it up with speed improvements of 25% to 60% to the rest of the world, including Google's bots. Google will eventually charge for the service but has not yet said how the pricing structure will look. The service includes: An online service that automatically speeds up loading of your web pages. Switch your domain name to point to Google's DNS. Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers It rewrites your [...]

Google Launches “What Do You Love” Search, To Find Google Services

Google has launched a new service at, which stands for "What Do You Love" from Google, which allows users to search for anything and see what comes back from a variety of Google's many different search resources. Over the years, Google has continued to add new products, services, portals, and features to their portfolio. Keeping up on all that Google has to offer has been hard. There are pages that show Google products options, or new products and pages that have Google ad options and the list goes on and on. One single page of all of Google's services and products is hard [...]

Google — With Help From YouTube — Hits One Billion Visitors Before Facebook

Google & Facebook, Sitting In A Logo We continue to hear about Facebook's 700 million users, on the way to a billion worldwide. According to comScore Google is already there, at least looking across all its websites. Google: The Biggest Network Of Sites The chart below, provided to us from comScore, shows the number of unique visitors that went to each company's network of web sites over the past year: comScore gets its data from a global panel of roughly two million internet users from which it extrapolates findings to the entire online population. This sampling methodology has been much criticized but remains the stand [...]

Seeking To Avoid A “Fractured Internet” Google Pulls Out Of Kazakhstan

In the words of Borat, the fictional Kazakh journalist and alter-ego of comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, the government of Kazakhstan is not being "very nice" to the internet. The autocratic government of President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been for the past several years seeking to assert more control over the internet and online content available to Kazakh citizens. It recently issued an order that all internet traffic with ".kz" domain names had to be routed through servers within the country. Google isn't having any of it and said that it would no longer operate Last month, the Ka [...]

The Top 10 Things Eric Schmidt Revealed At D9

eric schmidt at d9 Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt just finished being interviewed at the D Conference by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, and there were a number of interesting revelations that came out. I thought a list of highlights was in order. The highlights below are roughly listed in the order they came up during the interview, rather being in order of what I think are most important. Anything quoted is the quote as best I caught it. These all come from my full live blogging of the event. See also coverage from others on Techmeme. Any typos, I'll catch later. Right now, I need to seek out fo [...]

Amazing Early Google Video Shows Boyish Larry & Sergey, Bored Employees Who Would Become Millionaires

Picture 55 With management changes and numerous other efforts Google is trying to "get back to its startup roots." So how about a video from when Google was really a startup. On the Xooglers blog (and below) is a video of a "TGIF meeting." Taken in 1999 by Doug Edwards, who was then the director of consumer marketing and brand management for Google, it almost plays like a scene from the NBC show "The Office." The video presents a pretty routine employee meeting: announcements are made, some new employees are introduced and an informal birthday party happens. According to Edwards' blog post the comp [...]

Google Q1 Revenues $8.58 Billion, Some Investors Unhappy

google-earnings-featured Google had a strong Q1 with $8.58 billion in gross revenue. Net revenue was $6.54 billion. Both figures were somewhat better than some expected, although many are calling them "mixed." Growth was 27 percent year over year. Expenses and costs were higher and some investors are expressing disappointment; Google shares are down almost 5 percent in after-hours trading. Here are some highlights from from the release: Revenues – Google reported revenues of $8.58 billion in the first quarter of 2011, representing a 27% increase over first quarter 2010 revenues of $6.77 [...]

Google Hires Georgia Tech To Build Internet Monitoring Tools

Ars Technica reports Google has given a $1 million grant to a team at Georgia Tech in order to build tools to help users around the world monitor the internet for free. The goal is to build web-based tools any user can use that enables them to detect Internet throttling, government censorship, and other transparency problems. It will let users verify that their ISPs are delivering the upload and download speeds they were promised. It will let users learn if their governments are blocking or modifying the Internet without their knowledge. It will basically help users know if they are being [...]

Google Preparing To Launch Social “Circles” — Or Maybe Not

There's lots of buzzing and posting this morning based on a couple of tweets from Tim O'Reilly and Steve Case. They state that "Google Circles" (which is "awesome") is going to launch "possibly today." (See updates below.) ReadWriteWeb has a lengthy discussion of the reportedly impending product launch. It's based largely on hearsay but here are the main bullets from that post: The service will offer photo, video and status message sharing Everything shared on Circles is shared "only with the most appropriate circle of social contacts in their lives, not with all your contacts [...]

Google Ventures Backs Another Marketing Company, Hubspot

Hubspot, a software company that makes tools for online marketing, has garnered a $32 million series D funding round from Google Ventures, along with Sequoia Capital and The firm's original investors also participated in the round. Hubspot, founded in 2006 by two MIT alums, offers businesses a suite of software to help them attract more visitors to their web sites and convert those visitors into leads and customers. The tools do everything from help optimize landing pages, to blog, to manage e-mail campaigns, to lead tracking. The company also offers search engine optimizati [...]

Google Launches A Worldwide Science Fair For Teens

So you or your child has already conquered the annual school science fair? And you've even dominated at the regional and state levels, too? And you're thinking to yourself, "We need a real challenge. Competing against Johnny down the block was too easy." Well, Google has something just for you: the first Google Science Fair. Any student from 13 to 18 years old can enter, no matter where you call home. The only requirements are a computer, Internet access, and a web browser (because you'll begin by building and submitting the science project online). Registration is open until April 4th. [...]

Facebook: Most Popular Search Term & Most Visited Website in 2010, Hitwise Says

Facebook passed Google as the most-visited website in the US in 2010, according to a new end-of-year report from Experian Hitwise. And not only that, but Facebook was also the most searched-for keyword of the year, too, just as it was a year ago. In fact, Hitwise says four of the top ten most popular search terms in 2010 involved people searching for Facebook. According to Hitwise, Facebook accounted for 8.93% of all US website visits between January and the end of November, 2010. Google, which was the most-visited site in 2009, dropped to second this year with 7.19% of all visits. But, [...]

Google And George Clooney Founded NGO Launch “Anti-Genocide Paparazzi” Project To Prevent Sudanese Violence

Satellites have long been used for good and ill but never before have they been marshaled to help prevent human rights abuses and political violence -- before they happen. But that's the aim of a project that involves the UN, Google, Harvard and a non-profit organization called Not On Our Watch, co-founded by US actor George Clooney. The objective of what's being called "The Satellite Sentinel Project" is to monitor and thereby prevent anticipated violence expected to coincide with a vote in Sudan about whether to split the country into two: north and south. The project is the brainchild o [...]

Google’s New Social Project Is … A Toolbar? Yawn.

Google Me. Google Emerald Sea. Google +1. Those are some of the names thought to be in play for Google's much hyped, discussed, and anticipated social project. Maybe "overhyped" is the right word because, if TechCrunch got its hands on a real screenshot (and it appears they did), it's just a toolbar with a "share" button. A toolbar? With a share button? That's Google's big social project? Well, just a couple months ago, CEO Eric Schmidt did clarify that Google was working on adding a social "layer" to its products, not on a specific social product. And a toolbar certainly qualif [...]

Google Me: Is It Really Named Emerald Sea Or Google +1?

The subject of "Google Me" has been discussed and debated and picked apart at length already. It's already tired and the "product" hasn't even launched. A new round of rumor and speculation has emerged from Quora (and TechCrunch). The supposed internal-testing name for Google Me was reported to be "Emerald City" but is now actually, supposedly, "Emerald Sea." But wait, it could also be called "Google + 1" and be a toolbar or browser extension that will try and duplicate the function of Facebook's Like. It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma -- or rather that was Russia. H [...] A Very Different Shopping Site For Women, From Google

Earlier this week Google launched offline product inventory for Google Shopping/Product Search. And this morning the company is going live with the decidedly un-Googly On the surface Boutiques may resemble other "social shopping" sites such as Polyvore or Stylehive, among others. But the underlying technology, I'm told, is much more sophisticated than comparable female-centric shopping sites. (There's also an iPad app.) Boutiques is a highly visual, social and personalized shopping destination built on sophisticated machine learning and visual recognition technology. M [...]

Live Blogging Google CEO Eric Schmidt At Web 2.0 Summit

Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be speaking today at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. I'm here and will be live blogging his remarks, when the session begins. Schmidt is set to speak at 2:35pm Pacific, and he'll be interviewed on stage by John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly. Live blogging to start shortly. There's also a live stream here. John asks about news from a new device from Google... Eric: we don't make devices John: A new device powered by software. Eric: I have an unannounced device here. Showing an Android phone, looks like the Nexus 2 / Nexus S that's been rumored. S [...]

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