Google’s Matt Cutts: We Reserve The Right To Use EXIF Data For Image Search Rankings

t-google-images-1312982585 Google's head of search spam posted a video today reconfirming that while Google may not be using EXIF, exchangeable image file format, data for ranking images today, they do reserve the right to use the data in the future within their ranking algorithm. Google does recommend you use the EXIF data, if it is readily available but if it is hard to get to the data, then don't bother. EXIF data includes data such as the date and time the photo was taken, the location of the photo, which camera it was taken on, as well as a lot of other technical details about the photo. Here is the vide [...]

Google Image Search Adds Usage Rights To Search Tools

google-images-usage-rights Now, when you go to Google Image search, you will see an extra option under the search tools for "usage rights." Searching and filtering images by "usage rights" is not a new feature for Google Image Search. The feature has been around since 2009; but, Google's head of search spam Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that these features are now added to the main filter options on search tools. You no longer need to dig into the "advanced image search" features to get them. My only word of caution, despite your filtering for creative commons rights in Google Image Search -- the image found i [...]

Google & Microsoft Agree To Block Child Sexual Abuse Material From Search Results

google-bing-featured The Mail Online reports Google and Microsoft Bing have adjusted their search results to block child pornography and other child sexual abuse content from being accessible through their search engines. The news is being widely covered, some claiming that over a 100,000 unique searches and keywords have been blocked from showing up in the search results. Microsoft has already been issuing warnings for such queries in the UK and other countries but this is now being expanded beyond the UK, to all English language search results and then hopefully many more languages in the near future. Goog [...]

European Publishers File New Antitrust Complaints Over Google News & Images

t-google-images-1312982585 European newspapers, magazines and photographers are not happy with Google and how their content and images are shown in the Google search results. IDG News reports Google was slapped with a new antitrust complaint over Google Images. EMMA wrote that newspapers and magazines are "extremely concerned by the Commission’s on-going assessment of the new set of commitments proposed by Google as part of the EU competition investigation." Google Image Search Complaint The Center of the Picture Industry, CEPIC, is saying that Google uses images without the rights of the copyright holders consen [...]

French Court Orders Google To Remove Max Mosley Images From Search Engine Results

Google logo After making a public plea for the European courts to dismiss a lawsuit filed by former Formula One president Max Mosley, Google found out today the French court has ruled in favor of Mosley and is forcing the search engine to censure search results. According to a report on, the French court has ordered Google to, "Remove and cease, for a period of five years beginning two months after this decision, the appearance of nine images identified by Max Mosley in the Google Images search engine results." To keep the images in question from showing up in search results, Google says it [...]

Google Images: Search By Image Not Working For Many

search-by-image-logo Google's Search By Image feature is currently not functioning for many searchers. The search by image feature allows a searcher to take an image from their computer or plug in an image source URL into Google Images and Google will return related images, with web pages that may have more information about the image. The feature launched in June 2011 and has been a pretty big hit since. Now, it appears, that many searchers who are trying to use it are being sent away. When you upload an image, Google returns the message "The image must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, [...]

Google Authorship Launches Within Image Search

google-plus-authorship-featured Today at SMX East, Google's Pierre Far told the audience Google launched a small update to authorship by adding authorship rich snippets to Google Image Search. To see it, go to Google Images and search for named of people who may have authorship. Click on the image and if the image has markup on the article, it may show a byline, linking to the authorship link. Here is an example: Pierre Far from Google said this launched quietly a couple weeks ago. Related Stories: Google Adds Automatic Authorship With Google+ Sign In Google Provides FAQ About Authorship, From Blocking To [...]

Google Image Search Adds Arrows To Browse Through Image Thumbnails

t-google-images-1312982585 Google Operating System noticed that Google Image search added navigational arrows to browse through image search results large thumbnail by large thumbnail. When you load the image results, click on an image to see a larger preview; you will see arrows left and right on each side of the black background of that image thumbnail preview. Here is a screen capture: We suspect with these navigational arrows added to the new image search design that referrer traffic from image search will even decline more so than before the navigational elements that have been added. We will keep an e [...]

Google Images Tests New Related Searches User Interface

search-by-image-google The Google Operating System reports Google is testing a new Image Search interface for related searches. The example given shows images for [nexus 7], At the top is a carousel of related searches to the [nexus 7]. When you click on one of those related images, Google will show you a larger thumbnail image of the images that match that related search within the black preview window. Below are screen shots from Alex Chitu: Then, click on a related search phrase: [...]

Sorry, BuzzFeed: Pinterest Isn’t A Better Search Engine Than Google

Pinterest I went on a BuzzFeed diet about a month ago, where I stopped following the site and reading the content there. I should have stuck to it, because I wouldn't be wasting my time now dissecting one of its stupid, pageview-baiting stories. In this one, Pinterest is positioned as a better search engine than Google. The story runs through 10 examples illustrating how Pinterest "beats" Google "nine out of ten times." But despite the headline, these aren't examples of Pinterest being a better search engine than Google. They're examples of Pinterest supposedly being a better image search engine than [...]

“My Photos” — Google Now Lets Find Your Google+ Photos Within Search

google+photos Google now lets you search your private photos and the photos your friends on Google+ share with you. All you need to do is search on Google for keywords such as [my photos] or [my photos sunset] to bring up matching photos. You can even search for your friend's photos such as [danny's photos sunset] or [matt’s photos of food]. Note, Google explains that they use "computer vision and machine learning to help recognize more general concepts in your photos such as sunsets, food and flowers." So this appears like it will get better over time, as it is used more and more by searchers. [...]

Google’s Latest Easter Egg Brings Atari Breakout Game To Image Search

Add this to the big list of Google easter eggs: do an image search for "atari breakout," and you'll be able to play the classic video game online, right in your search results. In fact, the image search results become the bricks that you have to eliminate as you play the game. Google is calling the game "Image Breakout." You can use your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your paddle, and when you've used up all five chances, you can share your score on Google+. I'm not sure who reported/discovered this first (if it matters); TechCrunch, which may have been first [...]

Google Experimenting With New Related Image Search Interface

Google appears to be trying on a new look for its related image search interface. While the standard interface for related image searches includes a list of the related image queries that only show image thumbnails when you mouse over the related search query term, the new interface shows a collection of images right above the related search query terms.   By clicking a related search option, Google displays an addition box similar to the black box users see when clicking on an image search result. (Image credit: Google Operating System Blog) [...]

Study: Google Image Search Referrer Traffic Drops 63% Since Upgrade

google-image-search-featured Define Media Group released statistics from 87 different websites on the images the new Google Image Search design features have impacted on publishers websites. Overall, sites in the study saw an average decline of 63% of their traffic from Google Image Search. Industries hit the hardest, according to the report, were Fashion & Lifestyle, Entertainment, News and Photo verticals seeing about a 78% decline in Google Image Search traffic. Google will likely say the decline is due to a decline in "phantom visits" where publishers counted impressions in the old design even when the searc [...]

Google Shopping Visibility Plunges In “Universal Search” Results; Video Stays Dominant

Google logo Findings from a new study show the visibility of Google Shopping in Google's "Universal Search" results dropped significantly after the search engine implemented a new paid inclusion model. Video content also dropped but still remained by far the most dominant source mixed with web page listings. Searchmetrics, a provider of search and social analysis software, conducted the study by analyzing millions of listings to evaluate Universal Search results for videos, images, maps, shopping and news. Google implemented Universal Search in 2007 to offer an improved search experience for users [...]

New: Find Animated GIFs In Google Image Search, Images With Transparent Backgrounds

t-google-images-1312982585 Animated GIFs have been making a comeback, particularly since Google+ gave them support when it launched, not to mention Tumblr. So, no surprise, Google's now pushing a new way to find GIFs within Google Image Search. Google posted the news today on Google+, explaining that a new "Animated" option is available for those who search on Google Image Search: "Starting today, there’s an easier way to unearth those gems: when you do an image search, click on “Search tools” below the search box, then select “Animated” under the “Any type” dropdown box." You can see the option [...]

Google Launches Streamlined Image Search

google-image-search-featured Like how Google Image Search works on a tablet? Good news, then. That simplified experience is coming to Google Images on the desktop. Out With The Old Currently, viewing an image through Google Image Search is a multistep process. You do the search, see several images and can hover to get a slightly larger thumbnail: If you want to see a larger version of the image, you have to click on the image, which brings up a bigger version superimposed over the actual web page the image is from: In With The New With the new system that's coming out today, selecting an image after a search br [...]

Baidu Testing Facial Recognition Search; Similar To Google’s “Search By Image”

baidu-logo The most popular search engine in China, Baidu, is reportedly working on a new image search feature for facial recognition. Searchers can upload an image of a face and Baidu will try to return other photos of the same person, with information on the name of the person. There are reports that the feature works well with celebrities but not unknown or not-well known people. I tested this with my own image and it does return a match for me. Google does have a similar feature named Search By Image that has been around since June of 2011. Google also does have a feature in Google+ named [...]

Google Updates SafeSearch Filter In Image Search

google-safesearch-prompt Google has changed the default behavior of their image search to work similarly to how web search works. Now when you search for less explicit search terms while in image search, Google is more likely to filter out explicit images and set your default SafeSearch filter to the on position. When I searched for the keyword [porn] in Google Image Search I was prompted with this warning to "Use the SafeSearch menu to filter explicit results." It knew I searched for something explicit and was educating me on how to remove those results. Prior, Google didn't give such a warning, instead the [...]

Google Fined $208,000 In Australian Defamation Case, May Appeal

google-australia-200px Google has been told to pay the equivalent of $208,000 (USD) after recently losing a defamation case in Australia involving how it showed a 62-year-old man's name in search results. Google is examining the original jury verdict and may file an appeal. A judge in the supreme court of the Australian state Victoria issued the fine today and, according to, compared Google's search results to that of an online publisher: Google Inc is like the newsagent that sells a newspaper containing a defamatory article," Beach said in his judgement. "While there might be no specific intention to [...]

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