All about Google’s Instant / Predictive search feature launched September 8, 2010

Google Adds Video Instant Previews To Some Results

Google has added a new type of instant previews to the Google search results. The new previews are designed specifically for video results. The video instant previews show you several frames from a video and may even play the video preview when you mouse over the thumbnail image. I should not, not all video results have instant previews, the video providers have to opt to show these previews. How Instant Video Previews Work: (1) Search Google or Google Video search and look for a video result. (2) Mouse over or click on the magnifying glass preview icon. (3) A drop down of 4 f [...]

Google Instant Now On Product Search

Google announced they have added Google Instant to Google Shopping Search view within the web results. If you are on, search for a product and then filter your search on the left hand side by "Shopping", Google Instant will allow you to search for new products. Interestingly enough, this does not seem to work off the Google Product Search home page. Here is a screen shot: Google said, "now you can shop faster than ever and get the speed of Google Instant when comparing prices, looking for nearby stores and learning about products you want to buy." Keep in mind, af [...]

Google’s “Instant Previews” Now On iOS (iPhone/iPad) Browser

9to5Mac reports Google's instant previews is now on Google's search results on iOS devices. Instant Previews, which was introduced on Google's desktop results back in November 2010, enables you to see a preview of the web page before you click through to that page. Many iOS users on both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices are reporting seeing the instant previews button on the right side of the search result. The icon looks like a magnifying glass and seems to replace the "star" icon used to bookmark (or starred results) your favorite results in Google. Here is a picture of the in [...]

Google Removes Piracy-Related Terms From Instant Search

As it promised in early December, Google has begun to remove terms associated with piracy from producing search results in Google Instant Search, and from appearing in Google Suggest. That includes searches involving the word "torrent" as well as "BitTorrent," which is both the name of a company in San Francisco that produces torrent software, as well as the peer-to-peer sharing protocol itself. Google promised this was coming in a December 2, 2010 blog post that addressed several issues related to copyright protection. The company said it would remove terms like this from autocomplete: [...]

Google Analytics Data Skewed Because Of Instant Previews

There are confirmed reports that Google Instant Previews may be skewing your web analytics data. It appears that in some cases Google will conduct an on-demand fetch of your page to dynamically create an Instant Preview. The on-demand fetch happens when a searcher places his mouse over the search result on Google and the image preview comes up. Some analytics tools, including Google Analytics, may consider that a visit, because Google Instant Preview is actually visiting the page in real-time to get that on-demand Instant Preview. There are several complaints about this issue in the [...]

Google Instant, Meet Yahoo Instant – Er, Yahoo Rich Search Assist

Yahoo is following Google by rolling out its own version of Google Instant, with a twist. Called "Rich Search Assist," the feature automatically shows results as you type, though only in the top half of the page. Meet Rich Search Assist The screenshot below shows an example of this: As you type, Yahoo suggests search topics using its preexisting Yahoo Search Assist service. But now, next to the suggestions, Yahoo flashes up a closer look at the first result you'd get for each topic. As you move down through the other suggestions, the preview changes to match those. The short vid [...]

Official: Google Instant Now Available On iPhone & Android

The blogs are buzzing about Google Instant finally coming to iPhones and Android devices now. If you go to and conduct a search using one of those mobile devices, you may just see it if you have the latest operating system, Android 2.2 or iOS 4. Google has just confirmed the new features, which many were spotting earlier. I believe I saw it start yesterday, but being that I often use the Google search box in the toolbar of the browser, as opposed typing in a query on's search box within the browser, it didn't stand out to me. Anyway, here is a picture from my iPhone [...]

Google Instant’s Impact On Trigger Keywords & Performance In Paid Search

From a paid search standpoint, the effects of Google Instant are intriguing. What is the real impact on trigger keywords and other key performance indicators? Here is an attempt to quantify those effects. Methodology We studied an aggregated data set on Google US from the period prior to the launch of Google Instant and compared it to the week following the launch for a wide range of clients. Our client base is mainly retail, so other sectors may experience different results. Also, this analysis is about triggered keywords, not user queries. To clarify, we are looking at the impact on [...]

Google Instant Search Has Already Made Millions: Report

A new study suggests that Google Instant Search has already had a positive impact on search advertising, benefiting advertisers through higher impressions and clicks, and adding to Google's bottom line in the process. Marin Software, a company whose search marketing products are used to manage more than $1.3 billion in annual search spending, studied the impact of Google Instant on "a few hundred" of its clients, tracking statistics for the two weeks before and after Instant's September 8th launch. The results? Marin says ad impressions increased more than 9%, clicks increased more than [...]

Google Suggestions Get Localized For Countries Around The World, News Alerts Improved

The Google Blog announced a few new features for Google search this week. First, they confirmed the realtime counter we reported earlier last week. Second, local search suggestions are now for cities around the world, not just in the US. Finally, Google Alerts for news based alerts is now improved. In April 2010, Google made Google Suggest -- which is now is calling "Autocomplete" -- locally relevant, so that if you are in a specific city or metropolitan area, Google will tailor the autocompletions based on that area. Google said they have extended the "hyper-local predictions" around [...]

At Google Images, “G” Is For “Girls In Bathrooms”

The launch of Google Instant last month drew new attention to what Google suggests that people search for -- and what it purposely omits to keep things family friendly. But over on Google Images, some of the suggestions that appear as you type are more of the soft-porn variety. Girls Gone Wild On Google Here's what I currently see when I enter the letter G at Google Images: Fair to say, autocomplete suggestions like: girls without dress girls breast feeding each other girls in bathrooms aren't exactly the type of things that Google generally wants to suggest to most people. [...]

Blue Arrows Hit Google Instant

Did you notice the blue arrow that's showing next to the first result in Google's listings? It's part of the new keyboard navigation system that rolled out for Google Instant this week. A reader contacted us about the arrow that he started seeing, and that caused me to see them for the first time myself. Maybe they've been there for me since Google's announcement earlier this week, and I didn't notice. Maybe it's part of a wider rollout (I'm checking). But here's a closer look. Notice how in a search below, there's a blue arrow next to the first listing: The blue arrow, or blue de [...]

Google Instant Expands, Adds Keyboard Navigation

Google Instant is expanding. The company has just announced new features and wider availability of the search-as-you-type feature. Let's start with the latter; Google says Instant is expanding in two ways: Google Instant On Vertical Search Properties: In addition to being available on searches, Instant Search is now functioning on "many" of the vertical search options in Google's left navigation column, like Videos, News, and Blogs. Google Instant In New Countries: Instant Search is now available to signed-in users in 12 new countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Repub [...]

How To Use Google Instant As A Powerful Link Building X-Ray

Google instant caused a near freak out within the SEO world, but oddly there has not been a peep about Google instant and link building. Have a look at the below Google search results as of 9/28/2010. Exact Match Search TermResults "google instant and seo"36,700 "google instant and ppc"25,800 "google instant kills seo"2,700 "google instant and link building"0 What? Instant has been out for less than a month and there's already nearly 40,000 articles about the impact on SEO, (some of which have been truly excellent), but there hasn't been a single article about the effect instant mig [...]

What Do Pamela Anderson, New Pornographers, & Women Rapping Have In Common? Google Blacklist Knows

Pamela Anderson is a well-known actress. The New Pornographers are an indie rock band. Women rapping are ... well, presumably just females making music. All three are also part of a growing list of known "naughty" phrases that trip up Google Instant. Danny Sullivan has already written about this topic here on Search Engine Land (see The Five Words You Can Never Suggest On Google Instant), but the folks at 2600 -- a hacker community magazine -- are compiling a Google Blacklist of words that Google Instant filters. The list, which is not safe for work and perhaps not safe for other rea [...]

How Google Saved $100 Million By Launching Google Instant

It seems fitting that from the moment it was announced, Google Instant became an instant headline news story. For the past few week, industry pundits have been talking, tweeting and writing about Google Instant and offering their theories on its implications for SEO and paid search. On one hand, there are Googlers like Marissa Mayer and Matt Cutts and some bloggers who have heralded Google Instant as a game-changing, time-saving search innovation. On the other hand, more than a few writers have greeted the announcement with some wariness, perhaps because it has conjured up dark memori [...]

Not Sure What To Do About Google Instant? Stop The Insanity!

We’ve all been abuzz over Google Instant. I’ve seen some ridiculous articles written on the subject – some are claiming that it’s the "death of SEO", and have read some very insightful articles on it. There still seems to be a big question that is hanging out there – "Great new feature! So… what are we supposed to do?" Is it over-hyped? In some ways, yes. Marketers seem to be a little paranoid that this changes everything with search. Google has stated that there have not been any changes to the algorithm. You'll get the same results for "shoes" as you would with "sho" and se [...]

Assessing Google Instant’s Effect On B2B Marketers

As Google moved from Google Suggest to Google Instant last week, I began to wonder what impact it may have on B2B marketers and how to assess that impact. As with any significant change, the results will be positive for some, negative for others. Here are some things B2B marketers should watch to determine the effects on their sites. Monitor keyword diversity One of the things that makes B2B search challenging is the lack of shared lexicons in most industries. As a result, the same product or service may have 6-7 different, yet fairly popular, names for it. And with each of those names c [...]

Good News, Lesbians — Google Instant May Soon Suggest You!

As you know, Google won't show certain search results in Google Instant for search results that seem pornographic, violent or hateful. The includes the word "lesbian," even though few would consider it to be pornographic on its own. I reported this morning at the Search Engine Roundtable that Google said they will try to fix lesbian so that search results show up in Google Instant as you type that into the search box: Kelly from Google said this in a thread, lesbian not showing search results as you type in Google Instant "is a bug and we are working to see if we can fix it," Google [...]

The Five Words You Can Never Suggest On Google Instant

Like it or not, lots of people search for nude celebrities on Google. But with Google’s new Google Instant Search, those inclined to seek celebs in the buff have to figure out their queries without any help from Google. The same is true for those interested in nude beaches, famous nude artwork or "innocent" topics such as the Naked Brothers Band and nude lipstick. Below, a closer look at pros and cons to Google Instant's filtering, including a nod's to George Carlin's famous "Seven Words You Can Never Say In Television" bit. A Good Reason To Filter Adult Terms As we've covered, Goo [...]

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