Search Engine Land's Guide to the Google Panda search filter

What Is The Google Panda Update?

Google’s Panda Update is a filter introduced in February 2011 meant to stop sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. Panda is updated from time-to-time. When this happens, sites previously hit may escape, if they’ve made the right changes. Panda may also catch sites that escaped before. A refresh also means “false positives” might get released.

Our Guide To Google Panda:

Read Search Engine Land’s latest news related to Panda updates:

Google Panda Update Version #24; 1.2% Of Search Queries Impacted

google-panda-generic-featured Google has announced a new Panda refresh, making this version number 24. This refresh has a noticeable impact 1.2% of English based queries according to Google. The previous confirmed update was #23 and it impacted 1.3% of English queries on December 21, 2012. Prior to that was a refresh on November 21st that impacted 0.8% of queries. It seems like Google is now rolling out these updates every 4 weeks or so. Last week there were significant reports of a Google update, which Google denied. Here are all the releases so far for Panda: Panda Update 1, Feb. 24, 2011 (11.8% of querie [...]

Official: It’s Google Panda Update 23, Impacting ~1.3% Of Queries

google-panda-generic-featured Google has confirmed rumors of a Google update announcing on Twitter that they pushed out a Panda data refresh today impacting about 1.3% of English queries. This would make for the 23rd Panda update since the first Panda algorithm was introduced on February 24, 2011. Since then we had 22 updates both to the algorithm and also to the index or data refreshes. The latest impacted 1.3% of the queries, whereas version 22 impacted only 0.8% of English queries. We did see signs of a major update a week ago but Google told us there was no such update. Then again, I reported early signs of an [...]

Confirmed: Google Panda Refresh #22 On November 21st; 0.8% Of Queries Impacted

google-panda-generic-featured Google has confirmed that they ran a refresh to the Google Panda algorithm on Wednesday, November 21st. On November 20th, we asked Google about a Panda refresh - since we were fairly confident there was some sort of update. Google told us there was no update but an update would be coming within 7 to 10 days. The update came a day later, not several days later. This would make this the 22nd Panda refresh we've tracked. The 21st Panda refresh was on November 5th and impacted about 1.1% of English queries. This update, Google told us 0.8% of English queries were affected to a degree that a [...]

No, That Wasn’t A Panda Update — But One Is Coming

Google Panda - Effect on Local SEO & Local Business Market We've been hearing reports from within the SEO community that a significant Google update happened starting this past Friday throughout the weekend. Google tells us there was no Panda update over the weekend but is not confirming or denying if there was another type of update over the weekend. Google did however tell us they plan on releasing a Panda refresh within a week or two. So do expect a Panda refresh sometime by the end of this month, leading into early next month. We did ask Google twice about the reports of a Google update. We asked them if they can tell us if it wasn't Panda, [...]

Google Releases Panda Update 21, Impacts 1.1% Of US Queries In English

google-panda-featured Did you feel it yesterday? Some did, a slight shaking in the Google results. Yes, it was real. Google's confirmed to us that a Panda Update happened yesterday. Google said that worldwide, the update will impact about 0.4% of queries that a regular user might notice. For those searching in the United States in English, the percentage is higher. 1.1%, Google says. This marks the 21st confirmed Panda Update by Google and stays in keeping with the roughly 4-6 week release schedule. Here are all the releases so far: Panda Update 1, Feb. 24, 2011 (11.8% of queries; announced; English i [...]

Verisign Blames Google For Drop In Domain Registration & Renewal Rates

google-panda-penguin-blame-featured The number of new domains being registered, and existing domains being renewed, is slowing down and Verisign -- the company that operates the .com and .net domain registries -- says Google is a main reason why. On the company's Q3 earnings call yesterday, Verisign shared the following data related to domain registrations and renewals: total .com and .net domain registrations grew only one percent in Q3, below the company's previous guidance to investors registrations of .net domains were down one percent from a year ago the domain renewal rate was 72.3 percent in Q3, down from 72.9 p [...]

The EMD Update: Like Panda & Penguin, Expect Further Refreshes To Come

seo-domain-ranking-featured Last week, Google announced the EMD Update, a new filter that tries to ensure that low-quality sites don't rise high in Google's search results simply because they have search terms in their domain names. Similar to other filters like Panda, Google says EMD will be updated on a periodic basis. Those hit by it may escape the next EMD update, while others not hit this time could get caught up in the future. How Periodic Updates Work: The Panda Example Google has several filters that it updates periodically, that is from time-to-time. The Panda Update is the best example of this periodic na [...]

Google Panda Update 20 Released, 2.4% Of English Queries Impacted

google-panda-generic-featured Google has confirmed with us that on Thursday, September 27th, they released a Panda algorithm update - this would be the 20th Panda update and thus we are naming it Panda 20. This is a fairly major Panda update that impacts 2.4% of English search queries and is still rolling out. Late Friday afternoon, Google announced a exact match domain update that removed the chances of a low-quality exact match domain from ranking well in Google. But over the weekend, many non-exact match domain site owners noticed their rankings dropped as well. What was it? Google confirmed that they pushed out a [...]

The Google Dance Is Back

Dance, Dance, Google Baby Vets in the SEO space remember the "Google Dance," how search results used to jump around on a monthly basis as Google rolled out algorithm changes. The dance eventually died, but now it's back. My latest column over at our Marketing Land site, The Return Of The Google Dance, covers how the dance has made a comeback. The column takes you through the history of the old Google Dance and how we've returned to a monthly "Panda Dance." It also explains how the results at Google may dance for other reasons that Google doesn't announce, like refreshes of the Penguin or Top Heavy updates. [...]

Panda Update 3.92 Rolling Out (Or Is It Panda 20 Time?)

google-panda-update-featured Google's announced that another Panda Update is being unleashed on its results, one that it says will impact 0.7% of queries. We're calling it Panda 3.92, through we're wondering if it's time to declare Panda 4.0 upon us. Here's the official news from Google: Panda refresh is rolling out—expect some flux over the next few days. Fewer than 0.7% of queries noticeably affected: The link leads to Google's official announcement of the first Panda Update back in 2011. Panda Update History We've had a string of updates since then, as follows, along with the perc [...]

Content Marketing: What Are The Implications When Working On A Global Scale?

Great Ideas For Reaching A Global Audience - Providing They're Relevant As "online marketing" evolves, you'll note I've used a generic term there rather than SEO -- the titles and descriptions of what we do on a daily basis change as does the focus of the effort. Both "Panda" and "Penguin" in their different ways have had a dramatic influence on how important people think "content" is. That's a huge revelation, of course. Never before had any of us figured out that the giving people access to rich information in the form of "content" could have any relevance whatsovever. (Don't forget my British upbringing and look for the huge irony there, just in case you thi [...]

Google Panda Refresh On August 19th: Version 3.9.1

google-panda-update-featured Google has confirmed they have pushed out a Panda refresh this past Monday. This updated affected less than 1% of search queries and is a "minor" Panda refresh. We emailed Google, after hearing speculation of a Panda update and Google confirmed it by tweeting it. Here is that tweet: Panda data refresh this past Monday. ~1% of queries noticeably affected. More context:— A Googler (@google) August 22, 2012 Google has said the Panda updates will be smoother and more consistent going forward, unlike the Penguin update, which will be more jolting. The previous [...]

Google: Further Penguin Update “Jolts” To Come; Panda Is Smoother & Monthly

google-lightning-featured Fasten your seat belt, if you've been spamming Google. The anti-spam "Penguin Update" will have more jolts in the coming months, as Google continues to adjust it. In contrast, updates to the Panda algorithm aimed at low-quality pages are now so minor as not to be noticed, when they roll out monthly. Speaking yesterday at the SES San Francisco conference, the head of Google's spam fighting team Matt Cutts talked about how Google is still adjusting the Penguin Update algorithm that's designed to penalize sites that spam Google. Technically, Google's saying that Penguin isn't a penalty but [...]

Google Pushing Out Panda Update 3.9 Tonight

panda-face-top-news Google says it will roll out the latest update to its Panda algorithm later tonight. The company posted the news a few minutes ago on Twitter, saying this update will affect about one percent of search results. New data refresh of Panda starts rolling out tonight. ~1% of search results change enough to notice. More context: — A Googler (@google) July 24, 2012 By our count, this is Panda Update 3.9. The previous update, 3.8, occurred just about a month ago -- on June 25th. Panda rolled out initially in February 2011 and was designed to remove low-quality/thin content f [...]

Google Panda Hits Japanese & Korean Languages

panda-google-korea-japan Google announced they have now migrated the Panda algorithm to Japanese and Korean languages. Google also added that this is likely to affect about 5% of queries for those languages. No other Asian or other languages were affected by this update. This comes over 16 months after Google released the original Panda update for English language search results, which impacted 11.8% of those search queries. Here is the tweet from Google: We're launching Panda for Japanese & Korean. <5% of queries affected (no other languages affected today). Context: — A Googler (@g [...]

Official Google Panda Update Version 3.8 On June 25th

panda-face-top-news Google has announced they pushed out a new refresh to the Panda algorithm recently. This update "noticeably affects only ~1% of queries worldwide," said Google on Twitter. There were earlier rumors of an update over the weekend but Google said the rollout started today and not over the weekend. The previous Panda update was on June 8th and before that on April 26th. Typically, Google pushes out algorithm updates for Panda and Penguin every month or so. While the last Panda update was just over 2 weeks ago, Google felt they wanted to push out a new refresh. Here is the tweet: H [...]

Official Google Panda Update Version 3.7 On June 8th

google-panda-update-featured Google has confirmed the rumors of a Panda refresh happening over the weekend. Google said this refresh started rolling out on Friday, June 8th and has an impact of less than 1% of search queries in the U.S. and about 1% worldwide. As I said, the search forums took notice to major changes in the search results, specifically impacting sites that were originally hit by the Panda update. I reached out to Google this morning for a confirmation and they have confirmed the update. Previously, Google pushed out Panda 3.6 on April 27th, about 6 weeks before this update. Google tends to do Pan [...]

Confirmed: Panda Update 3.6 Happened On April 27th

google-panda-generic-featured Google has confirmed they have pushed out a refresh on the Panda algorithm on Friday, April 27th. I noticed an uptick in Webmaster discussion around Google changes over the weekend, mostly at WebmasterWorld and asked Google to confirm if there was an update. Google confirmed they refreshed the Panda update on the 27th, but it was a limited update not affecting that many sites. This was an unusual update being that Panda 3.5 was released on April 19th, making a 8 day gap between 3.5 and this update, 3.6. Typically Google pushes out a refresh of Panda every 6 weeks or so. A Google Spoke [...]

Panda Update 3.5 Is Live: Winners & Losers

panda-face-top-news Last week, Google released a new update to its Panda algorithm that targets low-quality content. Who won and who lost? Searchmetrics has posted an analysis of that. Our original story here reported the winners/losers list, as Searchmetrics did, showing who was estimated to have gained and lost in the new Penguin Update that was released this week by Google. Penguin targets not low-quality content but outright spam. No one knew that there had been a Panda Update that also happened, one that in fact was likely responsible for most of the changes on the lists. This was confirmed by the h [...]

Google Says Panda 3.4 Is ‘Rolling Out Now’

panda-face-top-news Google has announced the latest in its ongoing updates to the Panda algorithm that targets low-quality websites. And they've taken the somewhat novel approach of using Twitter to make this announcement: Panda refresh rolling out now. Only ~1.6% of queries noticeably affected. Background on Panda:— A Googler (@google) March 23, 2012 As the tweet above says, Google estimates that about 1.6 percent of queries are affected by this "Panda refresh." I'm calling this Panda update 3.4 primarily because we don't know how substantial the update really is beyond the 140 [...]

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