Wife Googles Husband, Discovers He Kept Lottery Win A Secret

Miami woman sues missing husband for share of lottery win from the AP reports a husband was keeping a huge secret from his wife. The secret? He won $19 million in the Florida lottery jackpot! Donna Campbell is now suing her husband for half of his winnings, which turned out to be $600,000 after he had to split his winning with the group he bought the ticket with, who opted for the lump-sum payment of $10.2 million. Donna Campbell became suspicious when her husband was insistent on keeping the television off at all times. Reportedly, her husband was an avid TV viewer. But when she receive [...]

Stumped By Safe, Burglars Google For Help, Steal $12,000

Via John Battelle, Bumbling Bigg City burglars got $12K from the Colorado Springs Gazette covers how two burglars turned to Google to crack a safe. After breaking into a Colorado Springs amusement center, the burglars spent over an hour working the safe. Finally, they used a computer in the next room and searched for "how to open a safe" and "how to crack a safe" on Google Success! They opened the safe and stole $12,000. So far, they haven't been caught. [...]

If Search Engines Were Frat Houses From Movies

I love search engines. I love comedy movies. So let's have fun putting the two together. Which search engines are most like some famous movie fraternities? Yes, there is an Animal House of search! Google: Lambda Lambda Lambda (Revenge Of The Nerds) As I pondered how to match search engines to movie fraternities, this one was easy. How could Google not be like the nerds that joined Lambda Lambda Lambda in Revenge Of The Nerds. Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin literally shopped their technology around to all the other search engines back in the late 90s, only to get rejected. So th [...]

Marge Simpson “Googles Herself” & Uses Google Maps

YouTube has a clip from the popular TV cartoon The Simpsons showing Marge "googling" herself: Here's the clip itself: "629,000 results. Wow, and all this time I thought 'googling' yourself meant the other thing," exclaims Marge. She then appears to click into Google Maps to see her house, where husband Homer is sunbathing naked on a hammock in their backyard. The clip apparently comes from the most recent episode to air in the US, called "Marge Gamer." More about that episode here and here. Hat tip to Valleywag. [...]

TiSP: Google Flushes Free Wireless Broadband For All

Now posted on the Google Blog, news of the new Google TiSP service offering free wireless to homes via their, ahem, plumbing systems. Sir Thomas Crapper would be proud. See discussion at Techmeme. Google's latest feature will better connect you with previous Google products that have been rolled out on the first of April: Google Romance in 2006, Google Gulp drinks in 2005, Gmail in 2004 (hey, that was real!) and PigeonRank in 2002. What happened in 2003? Google was very serious in 2003 and unable to release any new products. TechCrunch (soon to merge with F*kedCompany), also notes that [...]

The Matt Cutts Blog Gets Hacked

The Dark SEO Team has had a bit of a beef with Google's Matt Cutts from back in 2005 over URL hijacking. Looks like they've pulled a prank on him today. Matt's blog is down, hacked -- and archives wiped out as well. Matt has posted previously to this about the site being slow (post gone, but you can see his Twitter comment here) and heading offline through Monday, so you might be seeing the screen above for awhile. FYI, be sure to check out CuttsCon, that I posted about earlier. [...]

Toilet Humor From Google AdWords CAPTCHA

We descend now into Beavis and Butthead territory, but a reader sent this in, and it gave me a chuckle for the same reason it did him. When signing up for AdWords, he was presented with a CAPTCHA code -- an image of letters that you enter to prove you're not some automated system hitting Google: The code? Down at the bottom in the big read letters: "PNESS." Go on, read it aloud, if you don't get it. Heh, heh, you said penis. Shut up, Butthead. Well, I suppose it's better than the correct spelling. [...]

5 Shiny Reasons Google Should Take Over Ford’s Twin Cities Auto Plant

Ed Kohler makes a pitch for Google to come to St. Paul, Minnesota -- and it's both a fun and compelling one. He points out that Ford is abandoning its Twin Cities Assembly Plant that comes complete with its own hydro-electric power station, handy for power-hungry (that's electric power I'm talking about) Google. But frankly, I think Larry and Sergey would find the underground tunnels a sweet enough reason to grab the giant area smack in the middle of the Twin Cities. The five coolest reasons from his pitch: Power Plant: 100 million kilowatts of energy per year from the included hydro-electri [...]

Google Ink Sends Ask.com New Google Pen

First Ask.com had some fun with Google earlier this month, joking about how their Google pen "flatlined" and ran out of ink during a crucial meeting. Now Google gets in on the joke in good spirit, sending Ask a new pen along with a letter discussing the Google Pen's "redundant" architecture. Ask.com's Google Pen Service Restored from the Ask.com Blog share a picture of the pen and the letter, which offers Google's apology for the pen failure. The letter reads: We noted your suboptimal experience with our Google pen and are thus pleased to send you -- at no charge -- a re [...]

Let Google Drive Your Car For You

Google wants to take over car driving at the Inquirer completely takes Larry Page's quote out of context to write a hilarious article. Larry Page, Google co-founder, said "40,000 people die annually in US car crashes." Page then "proposed giving computers control over cars" so that there will be fewer accidents. Well, we already have the Lexus that parks itself. So why not cars that completely drive themselves. This is not really an original thought, and many people see this as the future. But will people trust Google to drive them around? [...]

Google’s Pen Flatlines For Ask, Parody Of Recent Capacity Problems

The Ask.com Blog made me laugh with their The Latest Google Flatline post. In that entry, Ask.com writes about the recent Google capacity issues reported at Techcrunch and describes how it is so true. In fact, they say that when they were using a Google pen, and it "ran out of ink without warning." They described the flat-lining of the Google pen to cause "considerable inconvenience and loss of data." But in fact, last week, Google noticed several issues with uptime on several of their products. Techcrunch sums many of them up including these reports: Google Analytics being down Google [...]

Google TV Rumors Not Legit

Over the weekend two YouTube videos were released, the first named How to Sign Up for GoogleTV Beta and then a follow up named UPDATE: GoogleTV Beta. Both are attempts by the video author to prove that Google TV is a real thing. But so far, everyone reporting this knocks it down as elaborate hoax. Both Techcrunch and Google Blogoscoped call it a hoax, explaining that the DNS information doesn't match. Is Google TV a possibility? I believe so. Is this it? I doubt it. Postscript: See this article, FAQ: What We Know So Far About Google TV, for more information about the announcement of G [...]

If Google *Really* Copied Yahoo…

About a month ago, Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny and Google's Matt Cutts traded a number of sharp barbs over design similarities in Yahoo and Google. Google copied Yahoo! No, Yahoo copied Google! Danny described the tiff in Google Copies Yahoo's IE7 Page; Originality War Breaks Out!, writing "If I had time and desire, I'd sit here all day pointing out similar things that Google has copied from others, that Yahoo has copied from others, that Microsoft has copied from others, that Ask has copied from others. There's no end of finger pointing that can be done." Over at Google Watch, Steve Bryant has c [...]

What Google Can’t Do

There's an amusing item over at the Google Operating System (Unofficial news and tips about Google) weblog on What Google Can't Do, and screenshots are included. The things that Google can't do include translation, mail, blogs, news, ads and a few other things as well. It's a very tongue in cheek piece, and it should give even the most dedicated fan of Google a wry grin. [...]

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