WSJ Report: Apple Buys Topsy, A Leading Twitter Search & Analytics Company

Topsy-Plain-Logo The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has purchased Topsy, one of the leading Twitter search and analytics companies, for more than $200 million. The WSJ report says that Apple has confirmed the deal but wouldn't comment more beyond this statement: Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans. Topsy is about the only decent third-party Twitter search service to have survived, in recent years. Google had a wonderful service for finding Twitter content called Google Realtime Search that died in 2011, when Google [...]

Finally, You Can Search All Your Tweets Via Twitter

twitter search results It's been one of the biggest problems Twitter has had for years, that it's difficult to find your own tweets on the Twitter. The new Twitter Archive service that Twitter launched today goes a long way in solving this issue. Step-By-Step: How To Download All Your Tweets With The New Twitter Archive Service is our story on our Marketing Land sister-site that covers how the new service works. Here on Search Engine Land, we'll focus on the search aspect. After you've downloaded your tweets, you can hunt through them in one of two ways: browsing by month or by keyword search: Browsing [...]

Google Search Results Show Some Facebook User Posts Leaking Out Of Walled Garden

[caption id="attachment_130897" align="alignright" width="192" caption="Walled garden"][/caption] Facebook has earned its reputation as an AOL-like walled garden by keeping most of the content generated within Facebook hidden from those who haven't logged in. Not only does a login screen stop general Internet users from viewing Facebook content without logging in, it also impedes search engine indexing. Currently, Google can index: a limited view of Facebook user profiles "Fan" Pages, including user posts Facebook comments left on third-party sites At one point in time, sea [...]

Google+ Expands Search Options, Adds Trending Topics To Search Results

google-plus-featured Google+ has made a few tweaks to how its search function operates, and has added the obligatory trending topics its search results pages. The first change begins right in the search box itself: As you type a search query, Google+ now separates possible matches in a pop-up window with People or Pages that may match your query. There are more changes if you follow through on the search itself. When Google finally added search to Google+, the search results page had four tabs: Everything, People, Google+ Posts and Sparks. Now, the search results have two tabs with different options [...]

Up Close With Google+ Search

google-plus-search-featured It seemed pretty odd that a social network from the leading search company, Google, didn't offer a way to search through all its posts. But that oddity is over. Google+ now allows you to search through its content. Here's how it works. Do You Have It Yet? First, you might not have Google+ search enabled yet. If you do, you'll see this at the top of the Google+ pages: See the "Search Google+" text in the search box? That means you've got the new search feature. If you see this: A box with "Find people" text in it, then you haven't gotten Google+ search yet. Hang in there. Google say [...]

Twitter Renews Deal With Bing; Google Deal Remains MIA

bing-twitter-hearts-featured Twitter and Bing announced that they have extended their deal that allows Bing to tap into Twitter's information in a cutesy exchange on Twitter itself. As for Google, which Twitter's been on the outs with since July, Twitter says there's no similar happy news to report. Dear Twitter, I Love You! Kisses, Bing Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner compiled the exchange using the awesome Storify service, as you'll find here: It's perhaps the first press release via Twitter conversation that I know of. Details? You Don't Need No Stinkin' Details! But how about details? How long is the de [...]

Google Realtime Search & The Aftermath Of The Google-Twitter Split

google-realtime-search-featured Last Friday, Twitter quietly shutdown its "firehose" of tweet data that was being piped to Google. Like a gas station no longer getting deliveries, Google in turn effectively had to hang a "Closed" sign on its Google Realtime Search service. What happened, and what's next for those who depended on Google to get some of their Twitter gas? Some thoughts and advice, below. Topsy Provides Twitter Archive Search First, there's a great alternative to Google Realtime Search: Topsy. Indeed, the company has just put out a blog post reminding the world that it's the only Twitter archive search ser [...]

As Deal With Twitter Expires, Google Realtime Search Goes Offline

google-realtime-search-featured Yesterday, we reported that Google Realtime Search had mysteriously disappeared. Today comes the reason why: Google's agreement with Twitter to carry its results has expired, taking with it much of the content that was in the service with it. Google sent us this explanation: Since October of 2009, we have had an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results through a special feed, and that agreement expired on July 2. While we will not have access to this special feed from Twitter, information on Twitter that’s publicly available to our crawlers will still be s [...]

Google Realtime Search Goes Missing

google-realtime-small Update: A couple hours after this post was published, Google spokesperson Gabriel Stricker shared this statement with us: We've temporarily disabled We're exploring how to incorporate our recently launched Google+ project into this functionality going forward, so stay tuned. Also see our updated article with more details, As Deal With Twitter Expires, Google Realtime Search Goes Offline. Below is the original article.... * * * * * As I noted a couple of days ago, Google has started rolling out user interface changes to many of their products, including search. G [...]

Who Started The “Dear Yahoo, I’ve Never Heard Anyone Say ‘Let’s Yahoo It’ Sincerely Google” Twitter Joke?

As you might expect, I monitor a number of search-related topics being discussed on Twitter. Over the past few days, there's been spike in funny bit of advice that Google is giving Yahoo -- that no one says, "Let's Yahoo It." But how did that get started? Let's start with the joke first: Dear Yahoo, I've never heard anyone say, "I don't know, let's Yahoo! it..." just saying... Sincerely, Google Was It eLDee? When I first noticed this taking off this week, I traced it back to musician eLDee, who tweeted it out there and got a number of retweets from his 35,000 followers: Did Fu [...]

Google Real Time Search Adds More Sources: Quora, Gowalla & More

A Quora thread noticed that Google Real Time Search is now including more sources beyond Twitter, Google News, Buzz and other sources. The new additions appear to be from, Gowolla, Plixi, Me2day, Twitgoo and some others. Public Facebook profiles and fan pages have been included for a while. So to update our Google Real Time source list, here is our revised list: Twitter tweets Google News links Google Blog Search links Newly created web pages Freshly updated web pages FriendFeed updates Jaiku updates updates TwitArmy updates Google Buzz posts MySpace u [...]

An Illustrated Guide To Searching For Shared, Tweeted & “Realtime” Images

Looking for images that are being shared and posted in realtime? That image search space has gotten more competitive, as Nachofoto reenters the field. Below, what it offers, along with general realtime image searching tips using other services like Topsy, Google Realtime Search and Twitter itself. I've used realtime search tools often, in order to see if people are tweeting and sharing images from news events, such as when the tsunami hit Crescent City. At times, they can provide a faster way to see images before news outlets themselves. Nachofoto Nachofoto launched in April 2010 but clos [...]

Google Webmaster Video Reconfirms Use Of Social Signals

What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count? from earlier this month confirmed that Google and Bing were both using social signals from Facebook and Twitter in their search algorithms. Today, Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, posted a new video on the Google Webmaster YouTube Channel reconfirming Google uses social signals. The key takeaways from this video is that in May 2010, Google did not use any social signals in their algorithms. Today they do. Matt explained it is mostly used in the real-time search index but they are "studying" how they may expand it more into other areas of se [...]

Google Tweaks Realtime Search Display

There's no specific blog for Google's Realtime search, so the folks in that department used their Twitter account to spread the news that Realtime has tweaked how its search results look. The new stuff seems to be what you see in the right column. The trend graph and date options previously showed right below the search box. Below those are two features that I think are new (but don't hold me to it): Top links and Top updates. Those appear to simply be the URLs and tweets that are most popular among Twitter users (which appears to be the only source populating Google Realtime, at least [...]

What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count?

Both Google and Bing have added many social search features over the past year. There's also been talk about using "social signals" to help rank regular search results. But are either of the major search engines actually using those social signals to rank regular search results? A bit, they tell me. In particular, your stature on Twitter could help influence how a page ranks in web search. I gave Bing and Google six questions about how they use social data from Twitter and Facebook. In particular, I wanted to know how that data influenced regular web search results, not the impact it ha [...]

In The Wake Of Bing & Facebook, Google Web Search Tests Getting More Social

Last week, Bing added new results showing what your friends are sharing on Facebook. This week, Google's bringing more social to its results with new "Shared By" and "Recent Update" elements. This appears to be a test, so not everyone may see it. Malcolm Coles is part of the test and posted some screenshots of what he sees. At least two editors here at Search Engine Land can also see the new links. (POSTSCRIPT: This is now officially confirmed). "Shared By" Links For example, in a search on tom bosley, I get a news section blended by Google Universal Search into Google's regular results. [...]

Google Realtime Search Gets Home Page, Conversation View, Alerts & Geosearch

Google Realtime Search has finally gained its own home page, as well as some new tools including "conversations view," Google Alerts for real time content and the ability to see tweets filtered by geography. New Home Page Back in June, my Can Google Real Time Search Have Its Own Home Page Now? covered how frustrating it has been that there's no way to point people directly at Google Realtime Search (the product now goes from being "Google Real-Time Search" to "Google Realtime Search" -- one word -- with this launch). Now we get it, a sign of the service growing up. You'll find it her [...]

Can Google Real Time Search Have Its Own Home Page Now?

Google's Real Time Search is awesome. I'd love to point more people at it, but I can't. That's because unlike many other specialized Google search services, Google Real Time Search doesn't have its own home page. That sucks, and it's time to change. Want to search for images on Google? Head over here to Google Image Search. Videos? Here's Google Video Search. Books? Google Book Search. Heck, even Google Patent Search has its own home page. I can point readers at any of these with a simple URL. But to point them at Google Real Time Search, I have to explain things. Painfully. Like: Go to [...]

Live Blog: Google’s Dylan Casey On How Real Time Is Changing Search

Next up at TWTRCON, where I'm at today, an honest-to-goodness search panel! Moderator David Berkowitz of 360i will be interviewing Dylan Casey, Search Product Manager at Google, about real-time search.Not up to speed about what Google's been doing with real time search? Might I recommend these background pieces from Search Engine Land: Google Launches Real Time Search Results Google Real Time Search Now Shows Updates From Facebook Fan Pages Google’s Real Time Search Results Gets "Top Links" Section Google Adds Images To Real-Time Results All The Old Tweets Are Found: Google [...]

Google Adds Images To Real-Time Results

There's no formal blog post about this that we know of yet, just a tweet from Google's Jeremy Hylton announcing that images are now showing up in Google's real-time search results. Actually, you have to specifically request to include images with your results. After doing a search for "lunch" and clicking to see Updates from the left options menu, you then have to click the new "Updates with images" to see results like this. Note that the focus here is still on the update; this is not a real-time image search tool. If you're looking for that, here are several options: TwitCaps [...]

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