Google Trends is a service that launched in May 2006 that allows you to see how popular search terms have been over time on Google. You can also see how popular web sites are, along with related demographic information as estimated by Google. Google Hot Trends is a subsection of Google Trends launched in May 2007 that shows the “hottest” searches at Google on an hourly basis.

Google Says New Parents Perform Twice As Many Searches As Non-Parents

google-homepage-search-600 According to a recent survey conducted by Google's Think Insights, new and expecting parents perform 2.7 times the number of online searches as non-parents, with 56 percent of maternity-related searches completed on a mobile device. Google claims baby- and parent-related mobile searches are on an upward swing. During the first quarter of this year, mobile searches for baby development grew 72 percent, and since last year, mobile searches for baby-related and parenting topics have climbed 25 percent. Not only are baby-related searches on the rise, but YouTube has seen a significant increa [...]

Google Trends Now Lets Users Subscribe To Receive Email Notifications

google-trends-featured Google Trends announced today it has added a "Subscribe" feature, allowing users to receive email notifications on search topics, Hot Searches for any country, or any US monthly top chart. From the announcement by Googler Gavri Smith on the Google Search blog: I'm a Liverpool F.C. fan, so I set up a subscription to get notifications about searches for the team. I don't always have as much time as I'd like to keep on the daily scores, trades and gossip, so Trends email notifications have been a great way to make sure I catch big news. Here's a snapshot of what Smith's Google Trends email [...]

Study: Researchers Blame Google Flu Trends Inaccuracies On Ongoing Algorithm Updates

google-health-medical Researchers at Northeastern University in Boston claim the regular overestimation of flu cases by Google Flu Trends can be blamed on Google's ever-evolving algorithms and the inaccurate analysis of big data. Google Flu Trends often has been cited for incorrectly projecting the number of flu cases. In 2010, a University of Washington study claimed Google Flu Trends was 25 percent less accurate than reports from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Just last year, reported Google Flu Trends overestimated the number of people with influenza like illnesses (ILI) by nearly double. [...]

Nelson Mandela Ranks #1 On Google’s Top Trending Searches For 2013

google-trends-featured Google has published its top ten global trending searches of  2013, with the recently deceased South African leader Nelson Mandela ranking No. 1 for this year's top global searches: It's perhaps unsurprising that the #1 trending search of 2013 was an international symbol of strength and peace: Nelson Mandela. Global search interest in the former President of South Africa was already high this year, and after his passing, people from around the world turned to Google to learn more about Madiba and his legacy. Unlike Yahoo's celebrity-focused list of top searches or Bing's collection of top s [...]

New Google Trends Topic Reports Designed To Deliver More Accurate Results

google-trends-featured Google Trends is rolling out new topic reports designed to deliver more accurate results, as well as offer topic predictions within the reports. Using Google's example, now when a user searches for "rice" in a trends report, they will see topic predictions like "Rice University" and "Rice Cereal" to better qualify the search topic. To illustrate how the reports have improved, Google showed what a report comparing "Harvard" and "rice" looked like before the new updates, when the search term "rice" would have pulled data for a number of rice related terms. Now, according to the announc [...]

Google Claims Government Requests For User Information Have Increased Over 100% Since 2010

google-transparency-report Google released an updated Transparency Report today, claiming government requests for user information have increased more than 100 percent since it began posting transparency reports in 2010. According to Google, this is the eighth update to its transparency report in the last three years. Google said the climb in requests is in part a result of an increase in the number of governments wanting information, "More governments have made requests than ever before. And these numbers only include the requests we're allowed to publish." The top three governments requesting information between [...]

Google Trends Gets “Trending Top Charts” To Show Interest Spikes; Hot Searches Go Back 30 Days

google-trends-featured What's hot in search? Often, it's the same-old, same-old. That's why Google Trends has added a new feature today, "Trending Top Charts," to show interest areas that are spiking in popularity outside the norms. Most Searched For Vs. Trending For example, the Top Charts area shows the Ford Mustang and Ford F-Series are the most searched for cars in general. But by using the new trending option, you can discover there's spiking interest in the Tesla Roadster & the Mini: Similarly, while US president Barack Obama tops the most searched for list of politicians, it's Syria president Bas [...]

Google Trends Gets New Monthly Top Charts & Trending Topics Displayed In Bold Color Visualizations

trends_logo_lg Google Trends has started a new monthly "spirit of the times" Top Charts feature with more than 40 categories of Top 10 lists that include people, places and things ranked by search interest. According to today's post from Google's Official Blog, the Top Charts go back to 2004 and will continue to be updated monthly. You can find the Top Charts link from the Google Trends homepage on the left-hand side of the site. While Google states that the Top Charts include their most accurate search volume rankings, they note that no algorithm is perfect and anomalies in the data may be found on rare [...]

Google’s April Fools’ Day 2013 Joke-A-Thon: YouTube Shutdown, Google Nose & More

google-jokes-funny-april-fools-featured April Fool's Day is pretty much like a national ... err, international holiday for everyone that works for Google. It seems that nobody else on the Web takes the tradition of pranks and jokes as seriously as Google does -- just see our coverage from the last few April Fool's Days for proof: Google's Gags Go Worldwide For April Fool's Day 2012 It's Over: Google Has Already Won April Fools Day 2011 Google Books, Google Maps Get 3D View – But Only For April Fool's Day April Fools' Day 2009: Google CADIE & More From Search Industry It may still be March 31st for me, and maybe [...]

Google Trends Now Shows YouTube Searches

trends_logo_lg Google announced on Google+ that they have expanded Google Trends to add YouTube search support. Now you can use Google Trends to see what searches are trending and spiking across the world from within YouTube search. The trend data for YouTube goes back to 2008. To use this, go to Google Trends and search for something. Then on the left-hand panel under "Limit to," choose "YouTube" to restrict the data to just YouTube searches. Here is a picture: For more details, see the YouTube Blog. [...]

Panic Flu Searches May Have Tricked Google Flu Trends Into Thinking Things Were Worse

Flu-2013 Google Flu Trends has been a critical tool for many trying to gauge the severity of influenza since it's launch in 2008. Each year, Google Flu Trends attempts to show flu prevalence based off of flu-related Google search queries. Flu Trends has been quite accurate throughout its history... until this year. reports that Google Flu Trends overshot the percent of the U.S. population with influenza-like illness by nearly double what the CDC reported. But why? Well, for starters, the flu hit early this year. The peak of the flu  outbreak occurred late December, something that is [...]

Green Ribbon, Minimum Wage, Climate Changes: Google Searches For The State Of The Union

photo Last night, President Obama gave his State of the Union address. During his address, Google was plotting how his speech impacted the types of search queries done on Google last night. Google was sharing statistics and charts throughout the night on their Google Politics Google+ page. Here are some of the interesting trends we saw last night on Google due to the State of the Union address. During the first 15 minutes of the speech, the top rising terms on Google were Green Ribbon, Eliot Engel, Supreme Court Justices, and Steven Chu. There was a 950% spike in interest on search terms [...]

Searching for The Super Bowl Start Time: 2013 Edition

nfl-logo-mcgee-photo Surely every organization managing an event site knows at this point that people want to know what time things start. And that those potential viewers are likely to turn to Google to find out. This year, Google just provides the answer right at the top of the page: February 3rd at 3:30 pacific. Just as we saw last year, the NFL understands what their target audience is looking for and has built a page that provides exactly what they need (that ranks first in the search results), as well as invites them to tour the rest of the site (which gives the NFL the page views they need - win/win!) [...]

12 Top Search Trends To Kick Off 12/12/12 Google Zeitgeist

Don't worry, Google's year in review for 2012 isn't that predictable for the once in a lifetime calendar event. On the official Google 2012 Zeitgeist website, you'll find their biggest list ever published, with a total of 838 lists from 55 countries, covering 1.2 trillion searches done worldwide. Digging in deeper, Google has divided the massive data set into two major buckets: Trending Searches: What was hot in 2012? The "trending" queries are the searches that had the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in 2012 as compared to 2011. Most Searched: What topped Google’s [...]

Can Search Queries And Social Data Predict The Presidential Election Outcome?

Red vs. blue map By the time this election is over more than $2.6 billion will have been spent by the two US presidential candidates on political advertising. I've also seen some estimates that say total political advertising this election cycle will top $6 billion. Yet, remarkably, The Atlantic points to a Google Trends report showing a huge November spike for the query "Who's running for president?" "Who's Running for President?" If you compare "Obama" to "Romney," Google Trends reflects that Obama comes out just ahead of Romney, the same way many believe this election will turn out later this evening. [...]

Google Merges Insights For Search With Google Trends

google-g-logo Google has merged two of its popular search/keyword research tools. Google Insights for Search has been absorbed by Google Trends; the combined tool keeps the Google Trends name and exists at the address, too. If you try to access the Insights for Search address (, Google redirects you to the new Google Trends. When Google launched Insights for Search in 2008, I remember one of the first really helpful uses that I had for it was to help a client figure out if he should be using the term "lawyer" or "attorney" more frequently. As I use [...]

Google Updates “Hot Searches” With Images & Stories

search-hot-fire-featured Google has announced an update to Hot Searches, formerly known as Google Hot Trends. The update gives the page a more magazine look with images from news papers, news stories, related searches, and more. But it appears to remove the ability to search for hot trends by date. Here is a close up of what the top trending search concept is right now, Apple: As you can see, the image used is from the New York Times coverage of the WWDC Keynote given by Apple's CEO. There are also news stories from news sources and related searches that make this a trending search concept. In addition, it s [...]

Google Zeitgeist 2011: Rebecca Black, Lego Alien & Steve Jobs

google-zeitgeist-2011-featured Google released the Google Zeitgeist 2011 today. Google made several lists this year and even broke them down by country. You can play with the interactive lists at Those in the picture above are included in the "fastest rising searches" category, including Rebecca Black, Google+, Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony, Battlefield 3, iPhone 5, Adele, 東京 電力, Steve Jobs and iPad 2. Google summed up the year also in this video: Here is a partial text based list: Fastest-Rising Toys 1. Lego Alien Conquest 2. Unova Pokedex 3. Fluttershy Fastest-Rising Costu [...]

Steve Jobs Searches Spiked At Google

Graph of Queries for Steve Jobs It's as you would have expected -- searches for Steve Jobs skyrocketed at Google, after news of his death spread. Oddly, Google Trends -- which shows spiking search queries -- failed to show this activity until hours later. Google, Yahoo Didn't Show Spike Yesterday, I had some people ask me why Steve Jobs wasn't showing on Google Trends. This is how things looked at 7:15pm PT yesterday, about 2 1/2 hours after the news that Steve Jobs had died broke: As you can see, "steve jobs" wasn't in the top trending searches. There was nothing related at all. Going to the full list: You can see t [...]

Google Decides Fate Of More Than Half Of Labs Projects; Correlate Survives, Sets Doesn’t

google-labs-featured Another week, another round of updates from the slow phase-out of Google Labs. This week, good news for fans of one keyword-related tool, but bad news for fans of another. Google Correlate Added To Google Trends Google Correlate has survived the chopping block. Previously available at, it's now been given a permanent home as part of Google Trends and can be found at Correlate has been described as "Google Trends in reverse." With Trends, you provide a search term and get back data related to the term. With Correlate, you provi [...]

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