Google Trends is a service that launched in May 2006 that allows you to see how popular search terms have been over time on Google. You can also see how popular web sites are, along with related demographic information as estimated by Google. Google Hot Trends is a subsection of Google Trends launched in May 2007 that shows the “hottest” searches at Google on an hourly basis.

Google Correlate: A New Way To Research Keyword Popularity & Trends

google-correlate-cartoon-featured I love search data. Being able to mine through millions of search queries to find out what people are really interested in is fascinating (and useful!). Google provides search data a number of ways, including Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, and via the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, and Microsoft has some great stuff via its Excel Advertising Intelligence add in (if you have Office 2007 or higher running on Windows). Google has also done some cool things with search data, including forecasting Flu Trends and predicting the impact of the Gulf oil spill on tourism in Florida. Now, t [...]

Google Search Globe: See Searches Happening Visually Around The World

Google announced a neat new visual display of Google's search volume by search query language. The tool is named the Google Search Globe. Search Globe plots different colored bars protruding from the globe. Each color represents a different language, and you'd see a nice diverse set of colors (i.e. languages) over places like Europe and parts of Asia. Here is a video of how it works: [youtube width="600" height="480"][/youtube] The Google Data Arts Team put this together to help Internet accessibility throughout the world by geographic ar [...]

Internet Lowlifes Already Targeting Japan Quake Search Results

With much of the world's focus on the tragic earthquake in Japan, Internet security watchers are warning about dangerous web pages showing up in some quake-related search results. Trend Micro reported earlier this morning that malware sites had started targeting search terms shortly after the quake hit. As shown in the image above, Trend Micro found several sites offering fake anti-virus software in the search results for the term, "most recent earthquake in Japan." Thanks to Trend Micro's post and related coverage, the first page of Google's results for that phrase now includes several [...]

Google Asks: Can Search Trends Predict The Oscars?

Search activity on Bing didn't help predict the Grammy winners this year; Lady Gaga was the subject of about a zillion more searches than Album of the Year winner, The Arcade Fire. Klout scores also couldn't predict the Grammy Award winners. In fact, social media as a whole failed to tell us who the winners would be in advance. But despite all that, Google is asking if search trends can predict the Oscar winners, and it's created a mini-site called Oscar Search Trends to let us see who's winning the search activity race. As of this moment, Black Swan would be the favorite for Best Pi [...]

Scoring the 2011 Super Bowl Commercials For Search Visibility and Visitor Engagement

Every year, advertisers pay millions to air commercials during the Super Bowl. (The price this year is around three million dollars for a thirty second slot.) Advertisers are looking not only for conversions (sure, Hyundia would love for you to run out and buy that new Elantra tomorrow) but also heightened awareness and engagement. The more you engage with a brand and have a positive association with it, the more likely you'll buy that brand in the future, so conventional wisdom goes. Why should advertisers care about showing up in search results? More and more, we're using the internet and [...]

What Time Does the 2011 Super Bowl Start? A (Continuing) Lesson in Search Visibility

(For those wondering what time the game really does start, the 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers kicks off on Fox at around 6:30pm ET.) Before the Super Bowl in both 2009 and 2010, I checked out the search engine results for the Super Bowl start time. In 2009, the results were abysmal. No one was taking advantage of the clear searcher interest. One could argue that the search engines themselves did a poor job at surfacing relevant results but that argument assumes relevant results existed. The official sites were virtually uncrawlable. In 2010, the se [...]

Google Releases Zeitgeist 2010: Justin Bieber To Chatroulette & iPad To Haiti

Google has announced their Zeitgeist, the popular and fastest rising queries from 2010. Google published it over here and for the first time has included an "interactive HTML5 data visualizations" to page in order for you to see how hot a particular query was across the globe. Here is a look at the Top Global Events including World Cup, Olympics, and the Haiti Earthquake: Here is the list: Fastest Rising 1. chatroulette 2. ipad 3. justin bieber 4. nicki minaj 5. friv 6. myxer 7. katy perry 8. twitter 9. gamezer 10. facebook Fastest Falling 1. swine flu 2. [...]

The Google Beat: Google Starts Vlogging About Hot Search Topics

Google has launched a new videoblog series that will highlight "some of the hottest searches" on Google's U.S. search engine. It's called The Google Beat, and the first weekly video was published this morning. Here's how Google explains it: Using data from Google Trends, Google Insights for Search and some additional tools, the Google Beat will give you a snapshot of some of the topics that prompted people to turn to the web over the past week. A weekly video is small potatoes to what Yahoo's been doing for a long time now. Its Yahoo Buzz Blog posts several articles per day looking at da [...]

Study Calls Google ‘King Of Malware’

Google has twice as much malware in its search results as Yahoo, Bing, and Twitter combined. That's one of the findings in the Barracuda Labs 2010 Midyear Security Report, which will be presented tomorrow at the DEFCON 18 hacking conference tomorrow in Las Vegas. Barracuda Labs says it studied the four search engines for about two months and reviewed more than 25,000 trending topics and almost 5.5 million search results. The results aren't good for Google: Overall, Google takes the crown for malware distribution – turning up more than twice the amount of malware as Bing, Twitter and Ya [...]

The Google Sewage Factory, In Action: The Chocomize Story

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has quite famously been on record many times talking about how the web is full of garbage. It's a cesspool out there, he's said. Today, a short fast look at how his own company pollutes the web. Right now, one of the "trending topics" on Google is the word "chocomize," as you can see here: A term like "chocomize" will "trend" on Google when there's a sudden, out-of-the-ordinary spike in searches using it. That's certainly the case with chocomize, which Google Trends reports as having "volcanic" activity: What's going on? Brent Payne wondered and tweet [...]

Google Flu Trends Is Under The Weather, Study Says

Google can do a lot of things, but a new study says it can't estimate flu activity across the United States with a high degree of accuracy. A University of Washington study says Google Flu Trends is about 25% less accurate at estimating flu rates in the U.S. than the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) national flu monitoring programs. Dr. David Ortiz, who led the university study, says search activity isn't necessarily the best way to gauge the flu's spread. "Internet search behavior is likely different during anomalous seasons such as during 2003-4," explained Dr. Ortiz. "We hypothe [...]

Report: Some Google ‘Hot Topic’ Searches Return 90% Malicious Links

A blog post from cloud security company Zscaler suggests that some Google searches recently returned results with 90% malicious links, and the spammers are using Google Trends to do it. The example used in the post is a search for [tri energy], a phrase that was the hottest search on Google Trends on Friday, April 2nd. On its first check, Zscaler says 90 of the top 100 results were malicious -- 86 of which sent users to a phony anti-virus page that tries to install malware. For its part, Google is well aware of the problem. "Utilizing popular search terms and events to lure users into v [...]

Can Google Tell Us What Men and Women Are REALLY Thinking?

Last week, a post on the Predictably Irrational blog described the differences in what boyfriends and girlfriends were looking for their beloveds to do based on Google Suggest. Google Suggest can provide hours of fun. Just spend some time at Autocomplete Me or QuestionSuggestions. But can it provide useful audience analysis for understanding our customers, building products for them, and marketing to them? We'll take a look at that next, but first, let's see what Google has to say about men and women are really thinking. I should warn you, not all of these search queries are safe for work, but [...]

Google Ranks Real-Time Tweets Based On Followers?

The Technology Review magazine has an article named How Google Ranks Tweets. They interviewed Amit Singhal, a Google Fellow, who led development of Google's real-time search, on the topic. Amit explained that in the social context, the number of people following someone is similar to the number of links pointing to a page. We know Google ranks web pages on the number and quality of those links (amongst other factors). Amit explained it is not just about the number of Twitter followers, but also figuring out who the "reputed followers" are. Amit explained, "You earn reputation, and then y [...]

Take That, Twitter: Google Hot Trends Integrated Into Google Search

Twitter and real time search continues to attract buzz, and Google's reacting by positioning its "Hot Trends" information in a place where more people will see it, within Google's regular search results. Starting around 3:45 Pacific Time today, those searching on topics that are spiking or "hot" in popularity should see a new Hot Trends OneBox near the bottom of the search results page and just above the related search area, similar to below: Here's another example: "The idea behind the [Hot Trends] OneBox is to not only provide you with search results as you'd want but al [...]

Google Launches “Google Internet Stats”

It appears Google has pulled together a bunch of statistics throughout the web and created a small landing page named Google Internet Stats on the Google UK front. The page explains that this service "brings together the latest industry facts and insights together in one place." Google collected this data from many third party vendors, on a wide range of topics. In fact, you can submit your data using this form. Here is a picture of the mobile technology internet stats from this tool: The categories of statistics include: - Consumer Trends -- Community -- Entertainment -- Infor [...]

Google Giving Stock Tips With Domestic Trends

The Google Blog announced a new trends project named within Google Finance named Google Domestic Trends. In short, Google tracks searches on and then groups those search volume metrics into industry sectors. Google will then plot the search volume by several industry sectors on a trends graph and allow you to then overall stocks and indices on top of those search volume trends. For example, I plotted Continental Airlines stock price on Google's domestic trends index for airline travel: Google thinks there may be some useful insight into search volume for economic forecas [...]

Google Trends Features ASCII Art Of 9/11

A reader tipped us off to how ASCII art of an airplane is showing up in the number two position at Google Trends. When we first looked ourselves, we thought the image was that of an airplane approaching a landing strip. But a reader suggests it represents a far more disturbing scene, that of an airplane crashing into New York's former World Trade Center towers on 9/11. The ASCII image is this ✈ ▌▌. Below, how it appeared on Google Trends: The "Hotness" level is "Volcanic," which is hottest level Google Hot Trends can see. The related searches include trends, google trends, be [...]

Google 2008 Year-End Zeitgeist; Fastest Rising Searches

Google's official list of the most popular search activity for 2008, aka Zeitgeist, has yet to make its debut, but the search giant has been leaking out tasty tidbits of data to get us salivating for even more search data. The fastest-rising search terms of 2008 Obama Facebook Att iPhone YouTube Fox news Palin Beijing 2008 David Cook Surf the channel These queries have seen the most growth since 2007. It will be interesting to see which ones stick around for 2009, and compare scorecards at that point. Facebook, iPhone and YouTube are the most likely candidates, th [...]

Who’s Got The Flu? Google Flu Trends Reveal State-By-State Activity

Wondering if it's just you or if others have the flu, too? Google's announced a new tool that tells you. Google Flu Trends allows you to see flu activity across the United States. How's Google doing this? Is it now indexing actual human beings, in the way it does web pages? Nah. Turns out that when you're sick with the flu, you search for that word and other flu-related topics. Google can tell which areas are seeing a spike in flu-related searching, and from that, trends can be plotted. Consider this chart that compares actual flu activity to searches for flu-related terms, ove [...]

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