Google Launches Hashtag Search, Shows Google+ Posts On Search Results Page

Google logo The integration of Google+ across Google properties continues in a big way today with the launch of hashtag search. Simply put, if you search Google for a hashtag, you might see Google+ posts using that hashtag to the right of the regular search results. Google's Zaheed Sabur announced the new feature this morning on Google+, saying that it's available initially for English language searches on both and The only posts that will show up on Google searches are those that were shared publicly, or shared with you (if you're a Google+ user). Clicking on one of the Goo [...]

Official: Google Rolling Out App Launcher, Flat Logo

google-app-launcher-box The testing is over. Google has confirmed its plans to add a new app launcher to the main Google navigation bar that will give users quicker access to other Google products. It's the same grid-style app launcher that many users will already recognize from Android devices and Chromebook computers. Google has been testing this nav launcher since February, if not earlier. Here are screenshots provided by Google: Also announced today is a very slight change to Google's logo. It's hard to notice in the image above, but the logo is flatter (the hot thing in design at the moment) and [...]

Léon Foucault Honored With A Google Logo To Mark His 194th Birthday

Leon Foucault Today's Google logo is an interactive image of Foucault's Pendulum, a device created by French physicist Léon Foucault who was born on this date 194 years ago in Paris, France. The Foucault Pendulum was the first experimental demonstration of the Earth's rotation on its axis. Showing the rotation of the plane of oscillation of a pendulum hung from the roof of the Pantheon in Paris, Léon Foucault's experiment became a major attraction in 1851, and was recreated in a number of European and American cities. Google's logo includes a rendering of the Foucault Pendulum swinging, along with [...]

Google Logo Celebrates Hull House Founder & Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jane Addams

jane-addams Today's Google logo celebrates Jane Addams, a woman of many disciplines, including social worker, peace activist, settlement house founder, suffragist and author. Included in her extensive list of accomplishments, Addams was the first American woman awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The Google logo illustrates Addams' civic-minded roles, highlighting Hull House, a settlement house co-founded by Addams with Ellen Gates Starr located on the west side of Chicago. Born September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois, Addams attended Rockford Female Seminary and studied medicine for one year at the Univ [...]

Google Tablet Interface Tests Card Styled Layout

Google-Mobile Google is reportedly testing a new tablet design and interface for their search results. Spotted first by Techno-Net, the new tablet design is going with that card style interface. So when you search, the results are laid out in boxes or cards of information. This goes along well with the tests Google deployed for mobile results, as well as the Google Now-like interface results. Google also has been playing with this card style interface for one box related results. Here is a video of it in action: Related Entries Google News Sources Grow 15% In 2012 & Continue To Climb With [...]

Google Recognizes 50th Anniversary Of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech

MLK Today's Google logo is a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic "I Have a Dream Speech" that was given on August 28, 1963 to a crowd of 250,000 from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. King's speech was a call for racial justice and harmony, and became a defining moment in America's civil rights movement. In his recent Time Magazine cover article, author and historian Jon Meacham writes, "With a single phrase, Martin Luther King Jr. joined Jefferson and Lincoln in the ranks of men who've shaped modern America." The logo includes the script of the speech as the backdrop for the Googl [...]

Chrome Getting Closer To Releasing New Tab Page

google-chrome-logo It looks like Chrome's New Tab Page (NTP) may be available to everyone soon. While an experimental version was launched last December to a small selection of users, Chrome announced yesterday that they are continuing to test the new feature, and extending the number of beta users. In their continued quest to speed up search and reduce the average time from query to answer, Chrome also reminded developers that the experimental feature includes open APIs, making it possible for a user to add a search box to their default search provider or customize the new tab page. [...]

Google Logo Honors Claude Debussy On The Occasion Of His 151st Birthday

Claude Debussy Today's Google logo is a melodic and artful animated illustration to honor French composer Claude Debussy on the occasion of his 151st birthday. Set to the tune of Debussy's popular Clair de Lune, the logo depicts a riverside scene on a moonlit night as silhouettes of cars, bicycles, steamboats, and row boats pass by. Born August 22, 1862, Debussy's piano talents earned him a spot in the Paris Conservatory at the age of eleven. By 22, he was attending the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Rome on scholarship after winning the 1884 Prix de Rome with his composition L'enfant Prodigue. During his ti [...]

Google Tests Search Results Overview Snippets Overlay

Google logo Google is testing a new search feature within the search results to show you a search result snippet overlay with additional details about that search result. The interesting fact is that this overlay doesn't have text from the search result itself, the text may be sourced from Wikipedia or other third-party sources. Techno-Net first spotted this and Google Operating System covered it in more detail. Here are some screen shots of the overlays: You can even test this yourself by editing your cookies and go to and change the value of the NID cookie to: 67=p2 [...]

Google Pays Homage To Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Erwin Schrödinger

Erwin Schrodinger Today's Google logo marks the 126th birthday of Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger. Awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1933 while at the University of Oxford in England, Schrödinger is considered a founding father of quantum physics. Google's logo honors Schrödinger by highlighting the physicist's two most enduring legacies to quantum physics: the wave equation and Schrödinger's Cat. A fundamental theory of quantum mechanics, Schrödinger's wave equation demonstrates how the wave-function of a physical system evolves over time. Schrödinger's Cat , a thought experiment that pose [...]

Bing: We Added A Border To Our Ads To Make Them More Visible

In response to our post yesterday about the often-invisible background shading on ads in the search engine results, Derrick Connel, Corporate Vice President of Bing Program Management at Microsoft, followed up with Danny Sullivan on Facebook to say: As a small comment on Bing -- the ads have 2 design elements for mainline ads. We have the background shading and a line on the right. We added the line as a design element to help users understand where mainline ads starts and ends. Your point about background shading varying by screen is right. Given background colors show up differently on vari [...]

The Great Fade Out? How The Search Engines Stack Up On Ad Backgrounds In SERPs

google-bing-yahoo-ad-colors-featured A few weeks ago, Barry Schwartz reported that Yahoo was testing ad background colors -- a pale green instead of pale blue. The search engines frequently test ad background colors in the SERPs. Google has tested blue, green, purple, and yellow variations. What struck me in looking at the Yahoo test, though, was how faint the background colors on both the test and control are. So, I decided to take a look at how Yahoo, Bing and Google are using background colors in the search results. The screen you're using can make a big difference in what you see. For example, looking at Yahoo results [...]

Google Honors Maria Mitchell With Logo To Celebrate Her 195th Birthday

Maria Mitchell picture Today's Google logo celebrates the first professional female astronomer in the US, Maria Mitchell. The animated logo depicts Mitchell atop a roof, staring at the stars with a handheld telescope. Before becoming a professional astronomer, Mitchell discovered a comet in 1847 that was named Miss Mitchell's Comet. In recognition of her discovery, she was awarded a gold medal prize from King Frederick VII of Denmark with the inscription, "Not in vain do we watch the setting and rising of the stars." Mitchell was the first librarian of the Nantucket Atheneum where she would remain employed for [...]

Google Pays Tribute To Renowned Biophysicist Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind_Franklin_headshot Today, Google is paying tribute to British biophysicist and X-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin on what would have been her 93rd birthday. The logo highlights Franklin's contribution to DNA research with an illustrated image of the biophysicist examining the double helix structure of DNA via an X-ray image. It was Franklin's X-ray images of DNA that led researchers to identify DNA's double helix structure, a discovery that resulted in a 1962 Nobel Prize for Francis Crick, James Watson and Maurice Wilkins. Francis Crick claimed his and Watson's 1953 hypothesis on DNA structure was based [...]

Today’s Google Logo Marks The 66th Anniversary Of The Roswell UFO Incident With A Video Game

Google animated logo In early July of 1947, sightings of an unidentified flying object were reported, along with crash remnants found near Roswell, New Mexico. While a public information officer from the Roswell Army Airfield initially published a release on July 8, 1947 stating a "flying disk" had been recovered on a nearby ranch, military officials would later claim the found objects to be pieces of a surveillance balloon. Whatever it was that crashed in the southeastern area of New Mexico started an outpouring of conspiracy theories that have lasted throughout the decades and inspired many documentaries, mov [...]

Google News OneBox Card Style

google-news-logo-square Aaron Bradley spotted a new look for the Google News OneBox results, as you would see them in the Google web search results. The new design for the news results in the web search results look more like "Cards" that Google has been using within their Google Now and mobile views. Here is a screen shot from Bradley: The top image is the new card view, the middle image is the standard news result with an image and the bottom image is the standard news result without an image. I would not be surprised if we see Google continue to unify the interfaces among desktop and mobile. If you [...]

Google July 4th Logo Answers The Question: When is Independence Day?

Google july 4 2013 Today's Google logo celebrates this year's Independence Day with an interactive image of an illustrated family of dogs road tripping across the US. Set on the background of a paper map like your dad may have used before Google Maps, stars highlight trip locations across the country to spell out "Google" with an old style station wagon driving along the route. The logo includes a slide show of family vacation photos from the Golden Gate bridge, through the Redwood National Forest, and Mount Rushmore to New York City. Clicking on the logo after the final picture takes users to the search r [...]

Google Logo Celebrates the 130th Birthday Of Franz Kafka

Frankz Kafka Today, Google's logo celebrates the 130th birthday of one of the most influential authors of the 20th century, Franz Kafka. Born into a German-speaking family in Prague on July 3, 1883, Franz Kafka's publishing career began with a number of short stories published in German literary magazines such as Hyperion and Bohemia. Kafka's frequently referenced novella The Metamorphosis and the inspiration for today's Google logo was originally published in 1915 in the German literary magazine Die Weißen Blätter. The Metamorphosis tells the story of traveling salesman Gregor Samsa who wake [...]

Google Testing Larger News Photos In Search Results

google-news-logo-square Google Operating System reports Google is testing showing larger photos in the News OneBox Google Web results page. Often, when you search for news related topics in, Google will show news results at the top, middle or bottom of the results. This is part of Google's universal search launch from years ago. Often, the news onebox result will show a small photo next to the news items. Now, it seems Google is testing showing larger news photos. Here is a screen shot from Google Operating System showing the larger version of the news OneBox photo: Here is what it typic [...]

Google Logo Kicks Off The 100th Tour de France

Google Tour de France logo Today's Google logo marks the commencement of the 100th edition of the Tour de France. Covering a total of 3,404 kilometers (2,115.15 miles), the multi-stage bicycle race runs from Saturday June 29 through Sunday July 21. The 22 teams competing in the 2013 Tour de France are comprised of nine teammates each, for a total of 198 cyclist. The Tour de France course is different every year. For the first time ever, the race begins today in Porto Vecchio, Corsica and will finish on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. Set on a lavender background, Google's animated Tour de France logo includ [...]

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