Google Web Search is a feature of Google that allows you to search for pages across the entire web. By default, it also will find matches from related Google search services, all mixed together as part of the “Everything” results that display.

Using Google Web Search is easy — just go to the Google home page and perform a search. However, you might find our guides below provide you some helpful information on how to get more out of your Google searching:

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Further below are recent articles from Search Engine Land related to Google Web Search:

Google Still Working On Promoting Subject-Specific Authorities In Search Results

google-knowledge-mortar-board-graduation Remember the video Google's Matt Cutts released in May, talking about the ten future Google SEO changes? One of those topics was about authority boost for authors and sites that are an authority on a topic? Well, Google is still working on that. In TWiG, This Week in Google, episode 227, Google's Matt Cutts said this is something his team is working on right now. In fact, it is not about demoting sites but rather promoting the "good guy." Craig Moore transcribed the snippet, which takes place an hour and twenty minutes into the video. Matt said Google is working on promoting the content of [...]

Yandex Does What Google Can’t: Provides Bitcoin Exchange Rates

bitcoin_dollars_—_Яндекс__нашёлся_1_млн_ответов-4 How much is one US dollar in UK pounds? Google will give you a direct answer to that and many other currencies with the conversion tool that's built into its search results. But when it comes to Bitcoin, Russian-based Yandex seems to have won the honor of being first to support conversion of that currency. The new feature, which digital currency news site Coindesk spotted, only seems to work on Yandex in Russia, as opposed to Entering a search like "bitcoin dollar" brings up the exchange rate and a currency calculator: Google has long had a similar feature for major world cur [...]

Nelson Mandela Ranks #1 On Google’s Top Trending Searches For 2013

google-trends-featured Google has published its top ten global trending searches of  2013, with the recently deceased South African leader Nelson Mandela ranking No. 1 for this year's top global searches: It's perhaps unsurprising that the #1 trending search of 2013 was an international symbol of strength and peace: Nelson Mandela. Global search interest in the former President of South Africa was already high this year, and after his passing, people from around the world turned to Google to learn more about Madiba and his legacy. Unlike Yahoo's celebrity-focused list of top searches or Bing's collection of top s [...]

Google’s Christmas & Kwanzaa Decorations Are Live For 2013

google-christmas-2013-600x A few weeks ago, Google added their Hanukkah decorations but now that Christmas and Kwanzaa are just around the corner, Google has now outfitted their top bar for the special holidays. The Christmas theme can be seen on Google by searching [christmas] and the Kwanzaa theme can be seen on Google by searching [kwanzaa]. The Christmas top bar is actually animated, here is a snippet of that animation of Santa's sled going through the snow: The Kwanzaa theme has the colorful designs, candles and a nice meal: You can see last year's Christmas and Kwanzaa Google decorations as wel [...]

This Holiday Shopping Season, Searching Google For “Pearl Necklace” Leads To NSFW Surprise

google-new-logo-tiny Those using Google to find the perfect pearl necklace for their significant other this holiday season may be in for a rude surprise. If you search for "pearl necklace," one of the top results is a definition from Urban Dictionary, which is completely not safe for work. A reader sent us an email about the shock she felt when she saw this search result appearing at the top of Google Canada results (on, we see it in position two). Here is a screen shot of the result, with the snippet blocked out. This does not come up on the first page when searching on Bing for [pearl neckl [...]

Google Expands In-Depth Articles

google-article-content-in-depth-featured Google had updated the in-depth articles feature they launched back in August 2013. The new additions, as they announced on Google+, adds more ways to see more in-depth articles within the search results. Google added a link under the main block of in-depth articles to "More in-depth articles." Clicking on that link will show an additional 10 articles. Google also added the ability explore related topics by adding an explore section next to an article, with a new keyword search that would show more in-depth articles on the related topic. Here is a screen shot: If you want to ju [...]

Google Webmaster Tools Adds Smartphone Specific Crawl Errors

google-webmaster-tools-featured Pierre Far, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, announced a new feature within Google Webmaster Tools that shows webmasters crawl errors specific to smartphone devices. The issue is: it is often hard for webmasters to detect and thus fix errors that happen on smartphone devices. Google decided to add a section to the crawl errors report that shows some of the more common errors Google sees webmasters make when smartphone users access the site. Google said that some of these errors may "significantly hurt your website's user experience and are the basis of some of our recently-announced rank [...]

Google’s Festivus Pole Goes Live In The Search Results

google-festivus-pole It is that time of the year again, if you search for [Festivus] in Google, you will see a Festivus pole show up on the left hand side rail. Here is a picture: Google adds the Festivus pole every year but it seems this year it went live a bit early. That being said, you can search for Hanukkah decorations since Hanukkah is early this year. Christmas and Kwanzaa decorations are not live yet. [...]

Google’s Dreidels Decorations Live The Night Before Hanukkah

dreidel-hanukkah-google-decortations If you search on Google for [hanukkah], [dreidel] or similar Hanukkah themed searches, you will see the holiday bar at the top of the search results. This year, Google uses a bluish bar with dreidels, a four-sided spinning top used by Jewish children during the holiday. Last year, Google had Jewish stars for the holiday, as they did in 2011. But in 2010 they had dreidels as well. The mobile version of Google has a similar look but the layout is card style. Here is a picture: Keep an eye out for the upcoming [christmas] and [kwanzaa] searches for those decorations in the nea [...]

Google’s Matt Cutts: Feel Free To Use The Disavow Tool Even Without A Manual Action

google analytics links In a new video answer today from Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts, he says that you can use the disavow tool even if you do not have a manual action. In which cases can you use this tool even without a manual action? (1) You tried to remove links but the webmaster linking to you will not remove the links. (2) You think you may have been hit by negative SEO. (3) You see links pointing to your site you do not want to be associated with. (4) You saw a link bomb attack and are afraid it might hurt your site. (5) You are afraid someone will submit a spam report about you. [...]

Google Scholar Library: Add Scholar Search Results To Your Library

scholar_logo_lg_2011 Google announced a new feature within Google Scholar named "My Library." This new section lets you save articles right from the search page, organize them by topic, and search full-text within your library to find what you are looking for. To enable this feature, you need to click on the "My Library" link on the left side after doing a search and then sign in. After you are signed in, you can click the red "Enable your Scholar library" button. This is how it works: Click “Save” below a search result to save it to your library. Click “My library” to see all the articles in your [...]

After Two Years Of Broken Promises, Does Google Need To Explain More To Maintain Trust In Search?

google-g-logo-2012 For two years running, Google's broken major promises about search. It began doing paid inclusion in 2012, which it once called "evil." This year, it's experimenting with banner ads it said would never be allowed. Both represent major philosophical shifts for the company about search, but shifts it has largely avoided explaining. Does that erode user trust? That's the focus of my column at Marketing Land this week, Google’s Broken Promises & Who’s Running The Search Engine? It looks at the history behind both promises plus how search has a "fuzzy management" structure at Google, [...]

Google & Microsoft Agree To Block Child Sexual Abuse Material From Search Results

google-bing-featured The Mail Online reports Google and Microsoft Bing have adjusted their search results to block child pornography and other child sexual abuse content from being accessible through their search engines. The news is being widely covered, some claiming that over a 100,000 unique searches and keywords have been blocked from showing up in the search results. Microsoft has already been issuing warnings for such queries in the UK and other countries but this is now being expanded beyond the UK, to all English language search results and then hopefully many more languages in the near future. Goog [...]

2014 SEO Playbook: Google Hummingbird, Content & Authority

seo-plan-featured It's November, which means it's time for my annual SEO Playbook for the coming year. Thanks to Google's Hummingbird, Internet marketers and search engine optimization professionals are thinking a lot about content and authority, as well as what this new algorithm means for keyword relevance and link building. At the same time, SEOs seem to have a difficult time figuring out what works for Bing. This year, I'm making my playbook a three-parter. Today, I'll discuss Hummingbird and content strategy. Next month, I'll dive into on-page and off-page SEO ranking factors. Let's dig in. The Algo [...]

How Recent Organic Search Changes Will Affect Paid Search

changes-ahead-exit-sign Search marketers were pitched not one but two curveballs recently which have forever reshaped the landscape of search engine optimization (SEO). The industry saw the first one coming a mile away as Google began encrypting organic search queries two years ago. Now, there's almost zero visibility into the organic keywords which drive visitors to websites (other than what is offered in Google Webmaster Tools). Understanding the granular relationship between a website and its organic keyword traffic has been the core of modern SEO. Without this deep level of insight, it becomes clear that or [...]

Image Mismatch: The Latest Google Webmaster Tools Manual Action Penalty

google-penalty-square Google has a new manual action penalty within their guidelines named image mismatch. Image mismatch is when the images on your website do not match what is shown in the Google search results. Google words it as "your site’s images may be displaying differently on Google’s search results pages than they are when viewed on your site." It is when you are serving Google one image and the user another image, also known as a form of cloaking - but Google doesn't call it cloaking in their document. This morning, I covered the first manual action publicly received for this image mismatch not [...]

Google Testing Site Name & URL In Search Result Snippets

Google iOS Search App Last month we saw Google testing displaying the site name in place of the URL in the snippets of the search results. Now, Rubén reports Google testing a nicer approach, showing both the site name and the URL in the snippet. So when you search for this site, it will show "Search Engine Land -" in the snippet. Here is a picture: If you want to see this user interface yourself, you can learn how to modify your browser settings to see it via this site. For more Google User Interface tests, see over here. [...]

Google Hotel Finder Goes Mobile

google-hotel-finder Google's Hotel Finder, which launched in June 2011, is now available on mobile devices. Google said all you need to do is go to directly on your smart phone and search for your destination. Listings will come up almost immediately, giving you the ability to filter the search results by price, hotel class, user rating and distance. Each hotel listing page will show you photos, hotel amenities, reviews and its location on a map. Google will also let you book the hotel directly through the site using Google Wallet or your credit card. Google said availability is cur [...]

Google Hummingbird & The Keyword: What You Need To Know To Stay Ahead

hummingbirdGraphic.HIRES On September 26, Google told participants at its 15th anniversary event it had a new algorithm impacting more than 90 percent of searches worldwide. They called it "Hummingbird." Google's Amit Singhal later said it was perhaps the largest change to the algorithm since he joined the company back in 2001. This information made some marketers nervous, but at PubCon last week, Google's Matt Cutts reminded the audience that the algorithm had been up and running for more than a month before it was announced, and no one even noticed. Hummingbird allows the Google search engine to better do its [...]

Don’t Want Your Searches Encrypted? Add ?nord=1 To Your URL Parameters

Google logo Not interested in having Google encrypt and secure your searches for some reason? Well, now there is a way to stop Google from forcing you to search using Google SSL search, as it made everyone use last month. All you need to do is add ?nord=1 to the Google URL parameter. For example, searching Google for SSL would bring you to this secure URL. Trying to remove the https in front of it, will still bring you to the https version. But if you add ?nord=1 and drop the https, the URL will stick on the non-SSL version. [...]

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