New Google Sports Knowledge Graph May Include NBA Video Recaps

google-nba-recap-video Search for [miami heat] on Google and you may not just see information about scores, schedules, standings and so on, but you may also see a video hosted on YouTube from the NBA with a game recap. Google is now showing video thumbnails in the NBA knowledge graph. The picture above shows how the result looks like today but when you click on the video, Google overlays a black background on top of the results and plays the full video on top of the search results. The video contains data on the top of it, including the teams that played, their standings and the final score, including thei [...]

DailyMotion Says Google Is Cheating, Serves Up Its Own Video Content Over DailyMotion Videos

DailyMotion-logo-Feb-2014 The president of French video platform DailyMotion Giuseppe de Martino told UK newspaper The Independent he believes Google is leveraging unfair search practices, serving up YouTube videos in place of DailyMotion content. Independent reporter Ian Burrell writes: [De Martino] claims that sometimes when internet users search Google for DailyMotion videos they mysteriously don't appear - yet YouTube-hosted alternatives appear among results. According to the report, Google denies they have engaged in any unfair search result practices. DailyMotion boasts 120 million monthly unique visitor [...]

New AdWords For Video Reporting Now Rolling Out In Google Analytics

YouTube Growth-BrightEdge Google is introducing a new Video Campaigns report in Google Analytics to give advertisers more insights into the performance of their YouTube TrueView ads that are managed through AdWords for Video campaigns. The new report is rolling out in Analytics accounts over the next few days and can be found in the AdWords section under the Acquisition menu. The Video Campaigns report includes TrueView related metrics including Paid Views, Cost Per View, and Website Clicks. New metric groups such as Engagement provide a look at how users engage with both a video ad and the advertisers' website. [...]

Google Showing Large Video Embeds In Some Search Results

youtube-keywords-featured Now, if you search Google for video related content, Google may return a large, playable, video directly at the top of the search results. For example, searching for [sing it loud come around] shows a large YouTube video that you can play directly in the search results. Searching for [neil young cinnamon girl] also shows a YouTube video, as does [the killers mr brightside] and many other searches. I have yet to see any other source, outside of YouTube show up in any of my tests. Last year, Google began testing video thumbnails on tablet devices. This was spotted by Moz and [...]

Searching For Super Bowl Ads? Watch Our Official Playlist

Marketing Land's Official Super Bowl Ads Playlist on YouTube With all the excitement of the big game building and our third annual #Hashtag Bowl quickly approaching at our sister site, Marketing Land, we've put together a special page where you can watch all of the official Super Bowl ads as they go online. You'll also find teaser ads as well as alternate ad versions that won't make the broadcast, plus behind-the-scenes footage from commercial filming. The Marketing Land #Hashtag Bowl is our annual coverage of how social and other digital media are leveraged during America's premier marketing event, the Super Bowl. Tune in for pre- and post-game [...]

Why The YouTube Keyword Tool Is So Amazing For Link Building

youtube-keywords-featured Debra Mastaler mentioned the YouTube keyword tool again recently, and I don't think I've been this excited about keywords in, well… ever. I confess to only now realizing how much of a help it can be. Never mind the awesome fact that you can get keywords and easily import them into Google AdWords for your PPC campaigns. What's really fantastic for me is that you can generate the truly random and crazy search terms that help you find those hidden gems on the Internet -- the sites that might not yet be inundated with link requests or spammed up with paid links. You can find a void and fill i [...]

Essential YouTube Optimization Tactics

SMX East - Up Close Logo During the YouTube: Optimization Tips For The Second Most-Popular Search Engine session at SMX East we were treated to smorgasbord of tips, tricks and sound advice for marketers wanting their video marketing to leap-frog the competition. Manny Rivas, Online Advertising Director at aimClear got us all excited by saying “B2B can be sexy” and started his talk by giving us a pep talk in digital storytelling, explaining that successful video online is all about the narrative and that it’s the story that keeps it sexy, not necessarily the product. How do you measure success with onl [...]

Google Does Love Windows Phone, When It Comes To Search — Angering YouTube Users

Google | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)-1 Google doesn't care about Windows Phone, given the latest spat over its YouTube app? Think again. Google cares very much, at least when it comes to search. That apparent double-standards is something users of its Windows Phone search app have taken to its review page to express upset over. Windows Phone Doesn't Matter To Google? I've read a couple of news reports now where the whole dispute between Google and Microsoft over its YouTube app is taken as proof that Windows Phone just doesn't have enough market share for Google to care about. In contrast, Google makes a wide-range of apps for [...]

Google Claims Searches & Paid Clicks Can Predict Box Office Success With 92% Accuracy

Google admit A newly released white paper from Google claims the search engine can predict a movie's opening weekend performance within 92 percent accuracy based on search query and paid click volume. After evaluating search and paid click data for 99 top box office films in 2012, Google correlated the data with each film's success by analyzing search and paid click volume during the seven day window prior to the film's release date. According to Google, if 250,000 more search queries happen for one film over a similar film, the film with the most search queries is likely to generate up to $4.3 milli [...]

Google’s April Fools’ Day 2013 Joke-A-Thon: YouTube Shutdown, Google Nose & More

google-jokes-funny-april-fools-featured April Fool's Day is pretty much like a national ... err, international holiday for everyone that works for Google. It seems that nobody else on the Web takes the tradition of pranks and jokes as seriously as Google does -- just see our coverage from the last few April Fool's Days for proof: Google's Gags Go Worldwide For April Fool's Day 2012 It's Over: Google Has Already Won April Fools Day 2011 Google Books, Google Maps Get 3D View – But Only For April Fool's Day April Fools' Day 2009: Google CADIE & More From Search Industry It may still be March 31st for me, and maybe [...]

Google Shopping Visibility Plunges In “Universal Search” Results; Video Stays Dominant

Google logo Findings from a new study show the visibility of Google Shopping in Google's "Universal Search" results dropped significantly after the search engine implemented a new paid inclusion model. Video content also dropped but still remained by far the most dominant source mixed with web page listings. Searchmetrics, a provider of search and social analysis software, conducted the study by analyzing millions of listings to evaluate Universal Search results for videos, images, maps, shopping and news. Google implemented Universal Search in 2007 to offer an improved search experience for users [...]

Google Trends Now Shows YouTube Searches

trends_logo_lg Google announced on Google+ that they have expanded Google Trends to add YouTube search support. Now you can use Google Trends to see what searches are trending and spiking across the world from within YouTube search. The trend data for YouTube goes back to 2008. To use this, go to Google Trends and search for something. Then on the left-hand panel under "Limit to," choose "YouTube" to restrict the data to just YouTube searches. Here is a picture: For more details, see the YouTube Blog. [...]

These Five Websites Captured 20% Of All Search Result Clicks

search-click-top-news Once in every five times that someone clicks a search result, it goes to one of five websites: Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia or Amazon. That leaves about 80 percent of search clicks for the rest of us. Going further, the top 500 websites received almost 50 percent of all clicks from search results, and the top 10,000 websites got almost 75 percent of all search clicks. All of this is according to the 2013 Digital Marketer Report from Experian Marketing Services (Hitwise). The company says that those five sites I listed above combined to get 20.07 percent of all clicks from US [...]

YouTube Search Adds Time Watched As Ranking Factor

youtube-featured The YouTube Blog announced they have adjusted their ranking algorithm to include the time a video was watched. YouTube said they experimented with this ranking factor with suggested videos and it lead to "less clicking" and "more watching" and thus feels it is a good idea to add to the overall YouTube Search ranking algorithm. Part of this announcement, YouTube also added the time watched statistics to video producers YouTube Analytics dashboard. You can access the time watched statistics under the "Views" report. There is a section labeled "Estimated minutes watched." Here are screen sh [...]

The Google Dance: Google’s Eric Schmidt and PSY Dance “Gangnam Style”

Technology news site The Verge shared a photo and video of Google chairman Eric Schmidt doing the "Gangnam Style" dance while visiting Korea this week. He took a break from his tour of East Asia where he is launching the Nexus 7 to meet the PSY - the rapper behind the record-breaking viral YouTube hit. It's a good thing he brought his dancing shoes. The song is currently number two in the country on the Billboard's Top 100. Hankyung journalist Kim Kwang-hyun intially shared the photo in a tweet. You can also get a brief sense of Schmidt's dancing skills in the video below. Perhaps we ca [...]

Google: Many Popular Sites Will Escape Pirate Penalty, Not Just YouTube

youtube-featured Google says that YouTube isn't going to somehow solely escape its new "pirate penalty." Any popular site may be OK, as the penalty works off of more than pure copyright infringement reports. Nuances in calculating the penalty should save popular user-generated content sites, the company said. The Pirate Penalty Initially, it sounded as if sites with many copyright infringement complaints filed against them with Google -- such as those listed here in the Google Transparency Report -- would be at risk under the new pirate penalty Google will begin imposing next week. If that were the c [...]

How YouTube Will Escape Google’s New Pirate Penalty

youtube-featured Google has announced that it will soon penalize sites that are repeatedly accused of copyright infringement. But one site in particular doesn't need to worry: Google's own YouTube. It has a unique immunity against the forthcoming penalty. POSTSCRIPT: Please also be sure to read our follow-up article, Google: Many Popular Sites Will Escape Pirate Penalty, Not Just YouTube The penalty -- which we've dubbed the Emanuel Update -- impacts Google's web search results. If someone has reported a web search listing as being a copyright violation, using the DMCA takedown mechanism, that's a stri [...]

Google To Discontinue iGoogle, Once Google’s Fastest Growing Product

Google announced they are shutting down several products as part of their "summer spring cleaning" efforts. One of those products is iGoogle, once known to be Google's faster growing product. In fact, iGoogle at one point accounted for 20% of all visits to Google's homepage! Now, Google decides to kill it off on November 1, 2013. Why? Google said since the web and mobile are changing, and "with modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for iGoogle has eroded over time." Google is giving iGoogle users 16 months to learn to use something else. Google is als [...]

Google Recommending New Video Markup

Google announced on the Google Webmaster Central blog that they are now adding video support for They are doing this in combination with Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search as a "joint effort." Google says using the video markup is the "recommended way to describe videos on the web." Google added that they still recommend you continue with your other video XML formats, such as Video Sitemaps and mRSS feeds, if you use them. The new video markup won't impact the Video Sitemaps and mRSS feeds. The technical details on video markup can be found on an [...]

Dear Google: Crappy Results Like This Don’t Give The Impression You Care About Search

google-g-logo-96x100 The debate about what should -- and shouldn't -- show in a Google search result for "santorum" has been well-documented, at this point. But I'd like to use this now famous search to illustrate something else: how it appears Google is taking its eye off the ball of being a search engine. Searching For Santorum: A New Surprise I did a search for santorum a few minutes ago, and this is what I got: See the YouTube link showing up there? It helps illustrate all that I think many people are feeling is wrong with Google right now. It's a pretty bad result, and it's also something getting there p [...]

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