FAQ: What We Know So Far About Google TV

It's very had to overstate the potential impact of Google TV (GTV) announced today. While there have been numerous efforts to put the internet on TV in the past (including Apple TV), none have really succeed with mainstream consumers. This may be the first Web-TV integration that has that potential. Our Why Google TV Might Threaten The iPad post has some reflection on the potential deeper implications of Google TV, and we'll have even more "big picture" pieces later. But for now, the nuts-and-bolts of on how it will work, how to get it and more: What is Google TV and when will it be [...]

YouTube Surpasses 13 Billion Videos Viewed In March, comScore Says

There seems to be no end to our collective appetite for watching video online. According to the latest comScore numbers, more than 180 million U.S. internet users watched video online during March. That number is a 3.5% jump from the February video viewing audience. As you'd expect, the vast majority of all this happened on YouTube. While YouTube's share of that total dropped slightly as a percentage, its total number of videos viewed jumped from 11.95 billion in February to 13.05 billion in March. For perspective, it was only seven months ago that comScore said YouTube became the fi [...]

Google Adds Episodes Filter To TV Searches

Google noted that they added a new search option for TV show related queries that let you filter by show episode. For example, here is a search query with the search options showing video and episodes: This is a pretty neat filter to have, especially when you are trying to find that show you remembered, but didn't quite know how to find. [...]

Google-Viacom Court Documents Out; Google Says Viacom ‘Secretly’ Uploaded Videos

The three-year-old lawsuit in which Viacom is seeking $1 billion from Google over copyrighted videos on YouTube moved a step forward today with the release of several court documents. The three documents unsealed today are: Viacom: Memorandum in support of motion for partial summary judgment (2.7mb PDF) Viacom: Statement of undisputed facts (5mb PDF) Google: Memorandum in support of motion for summary judgment (500k PDF) As a refresher, Viacom sued Google in March 2007 for "massive intentional copyright infringement," claiming that Google allowed thousands of Viacom videos to be po [...]

Italian Court Finds Google Execs Guilty Of Violating Privacy Code

Three Google executives have been found guilty of criminal charges over a bullying video that appeared on the Google Video service. Google has responded with a blog post pledging to appeal the convictions and suggesting that they undermine "the very principles of freedom on which the Internet is built." The video involved a youth with Down's syndrome in Italy being taunted by four teenagers. The video was posted to Google Video in September 2006. Google has argued that it removed the video within hours and worked with authorities to find the teenagers, something it repeated in its blog post [...]

The Key To Top Video Rankings On YouTube & Google

Can a YouTube video rank well on both YouTube and Google? Yes. But it’s not easy. Here’s a look at the ranking algorithms on both, and SEO tactics you can use to improve your chances of gaining top listings.

The YouTube Music Discovery Project

YouTube has launched the YouTube Music Discovery Project. It is a new tool they are testing, which helps you search for music and create YouTube playlists based on that query. You basically enter an artist's name into the search box, hit "Disco" and it then returns results which you can add to your playlist. Here is a screen shot: In other YouTube news, they are now testing HTML5 support on TestTube, YouTube's play site. They are also offering movie rentals, which you can learn more about in the help section. [...]

Google Video Adds Cartoon & Slideshow Search Filters

Google Operating System noticed that Google Video added two search filters to the search options side bar. One option is to filter for videos that are slideshows and the other is to filter for videos that are cartoons. Here is a picture of those new search filters: I am not sure how good these filters are at picking out slideshows and cartoons, some of my early tests were not too positive. But for more generic queries, such as [run], it worked pretty well. [...]

Google Experiments With Paid Inclusion & Does “Promoted” Meet FTC Guidelines?

Just when you thought paid inclusion was finally dead with holdout Yahoo getting out of the space, it's come back from the most unlikeliest of sources: Google. Below, a look at the experiment plus reexamining the FTC's guidelines about disclosing paid ads. Does saying "Promoted Videos" on YouTube rather than "Sponsored Videos" meet these? For those unfamiliar with paid inclusion, it is where advertisers pay to have their listings included within editorial results, rather than being listed separately from them as paid placement search ads. In paid inclusion, there's also no guarantee that th [...]

Google Testing Comment Search On YouTube

Though the level of discourse in YouTube comments will never win awards, Google appears to be quietly testing a comment search feature. You won't find it anywhere obvious in the YouTube interface -- not on a video page, not even in Advanced Search. It's available at this URL (you can change the query at the end): http://www.youtube.com/comment_search?q=U2+360+Tour As ReadWriteWeb points out, this actually could be a valuable monitoring tool for companies, individuals, artists, and other celebrities that are the subject of a lot of YouTube videos and comments. There's even a real-time [...]

Buy YouTube Promoted Videos Through Google AdWords

The Google Blog announced you ca now buy YouTube Promoted Video ads directly in the Google AdWords console. Google said that any advertiser with video content in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands can do this today. Previously, all YouTube Promoted Video ads were managed on YouTube at ads.youtube.com. Opening up the management within the AdWords console will hopefully give the product more exposure to advertisers. I personally tried to find this in my AdWords account, but could not find it. So maybe the roll out has not hit all advertisers just [...]

YouTube Promoted Videos Land On AdSense Ads

The Google AdSense Blog announced they are now bringing YouTube Promoted Videos to AdSense ad spots throughout the web. Initially, Promoted Videos were shown on YouTube search results and then on related videos. Now, if an AdSense site has ad slots for 300x250 Medium Rectangle, 336x280 Large Rectangle, 728x90 Leaderboard, 250x250 Square, and 200x200 Small Square, the YouTube Promoted videos can show up there as well. Yes, AdSense already has video ads, but these are different, in that these are YouTube videos and not video ads published directly to AdWords. To learn more about the st [...]

Google Served 10 Billion Video Views In August, Says ComScore

Years ago, McDonald's restaurants advertised how many burgers they had served right on the big sign at each location. And when it got too many to count, the signs changed to simply say, "Billions and billions served." YouTube is quickly reaching that same tipping point for online video views. According to comScore, Google/YouTube served up more than 10 billion video views in August -- the first time any video site has surpassed the 10 billion mark. Other firsts during the month of August? Online users watched more than 25 billion videos overall, an all-time high. And 161 million U.S. Intern [...]

Google Formally Announces New DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick's advertising exchange has been in the works since at least 2007 and before Google acquired the company. But this morning Google is formally announcing the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which reflects a milestone of technology and platform integration between Google and its DoubleClick unit. Google sees this an an opportunity to attract more display and brand ad dollars online and to boost revenues on that side of the house, where there is much more room for growth than in paid search (at least in the US business). Some version of an "exchange" has been around for awhile at D [...]

India (Hearts) Google … Brazil (Hearts) It, Too

No one reading Search Engine Land should be surprised to hear stories about Google's dominance of the search landscape. But the degree to which Google dominates in some areas is sure to make you raise an eyebrow. Consider India and Brazil, two growing Internet markets. ComScore released some stunning numbers about what's happening in those two countries and how Google owns a lot of the online experience there. In Brazil, for example, about 30% of a person's online time is spent on a Google property. In India, it's about 29% of online time. For perspective, comScore says that the worldwid [...]

Get YouTube Videos In Your Google Product Search Feeds

The Google Base Blog announced they have added a new attribute for Google Product Search merchants to submit product videos for specific products. Google Product Search can now show videos from YouTube. Here is a picture of the Nikon D90 with YouTube videos: How do merchants get their videos to show up for Google Product Searches? When you submit your Google Base data feed, make sure to include the new youtube attribute. This will help Google determine if they should show a video for that product listing. Google said, "we can't guarantee that submitted videos will be selected." [...]

YouTube Emphasizes Search In New Design

YouTube appears to finally be embracing its status as the second most-used search engine on the planet. Its new masthead design, just announced tonight, puts a much bigger emphasis on the site's search capabilities. The new masthead looks very much like the Google.com masthead on a search results page: logo, large search box, and a few navigational text links. (With the obvious difference that YouTube's links are below the seearch box, and Google's are above.) YouTube's blog posts says to expect more changes in the masthead: "Next up, we'll be focusing on giving you the controls to m [...]

Google Buys Video Compression Company On2

Earlier today Google announced that it had acquired On2 Technologies in a stock deal worth approximately $106 million. There's little true information about how Google intends to use On2 in the release. Here's the Google quote: "Today video is an essential part of the web experience, and we believe high-quality video compression technology should be a part of the web platform," said Sundar Pichai, Vice President, Product Management, Google. "We are committed to innovation in video quality on the web, and we believe that On2's team and technology will help us further that goal." On2 essential [...]

Google Launches Content Powered YouTube Promoted Video Ads

Google has expanded the YouTube Promoted Video ads product to enable advertisers to place their videos in the "related videos" section of other videos. Prior, Promoted Videos only displayed on the YouTube search results page. Now, advertisers can opt their promoted videos into the 'content network' and have them displayed in the related videos of other videos. Here is a picture of a "promoted video" in the "related videos" box: How does this work? Well, it is similar to AdSense, in that Google determines the contextual relevancy of the page and then matches ads to that page. So a [...]

YouTube To Launch “Call-To-Action Overlay” Ads

TechCrunch reports that YouTube is adding a new ad type to its ad mix named "Call-To-Action Overlay" ads. These ads are very simple, they basically allow you to add a link to a third-party site, off of YouTube. The ad is a transparent background with an ad description and link to any site you want. I can see the ad live on this video and here is a picture: This new ad type is reportedly launching today at https://ads.youtube.com/. It is interesting to note that the small vertical line in the YouTube play bar is where the ad starts to display. YouTube officially launched sponsored [...]

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