Useful Search Options Comes To Google Video

Google Operating System noticed Google Video added the search options feature that recently came to Google Web Search. The search refinements, which are viewable by first conducting a search on Google Video and then clicking on "Show Options" include: TV View: List vs Grid View Video Duration: Short (0–4 min.), Medium (4–20 min.) or Long (20+ min.) Freshness of Video: Any time, Past 24 hours, Past week or Past month Sort By: Sorted by relevance or Sorted by date Video Quality: Any quality vs. High quality Video Sources: Such as any source,,, [...]

YouTube Leads Surge Of Online Video Watching In April

Online video watching jumped by 16% in April according to comScore, with YouTube getting "a significant increase in video viewing" during the month. Overall, comScore says U.S. Internet users watched almost 17 billion online videos in April, up 16% from March. YouTube's share of that increase was about 900 million additional video views. Despite the substantial increase, YouTube's overall share dropped slightly, from 40.9% in March to 40.7% in April. But certainly no one at Google is sweating bullets over the drop; Fox remains a distant number two with about 3% market share. Google [...]

New Google Blog Targets YouTube’s Big Brands & Advertisers

Google has launched a new blog, the YouTube Biz Blog, that continues its effort to "help partners and advertisers find a home on YouTube." It's a theme we've written about recently when YouTube signed deals with major TV studios and announced plans to create the "Hulu" of music videos. YouTube is trying to transform from a home video repository into a business/professional content destination. In today's first post, Google cites some of its successes in this area: "We've helped popular media companies leverage our analytics and content management tools to build large, sustainable au [...]

Google Search, Video & Finance Testing Interface Changes

It appears that Google is testing new user interfaces for Google Web Search, Google Video Search and Google Finance. On Google Web Search, Google is testing showing "Review This Site" as a link, as opposed to a graphical comments icon. On Google Video Search, Google is testing additional search filters on the left hand side. And on Google Finance, Google is testing a new side bar. Let's dig deeper into each Google test. As reported at the Search Engine Roundtable, Sam from Oh Nuts noticed Google testing what appears to look a lot like the Google Wonder Wheel in the video search results. [...]

Google Still Owns Online Video, But Hulu Is Rising

Google remains the dominant player in the online video space, but Hulu is on the rise. It's now the number three video property according to the latest comScore numbers out today. According to comScore, Hulu has passed Yahoo properties and moved into the third spot with 2.6% of all videos viewed during March. Yahoo dropped to fourth with 2.3 million videos watched on its sites. Google properties (primarily YouTube) are still miles ahead of the competition with almost 41% of all videos viewed during the month. ComScore estimates that almost 150 million Internet users watched an averag [...]

Google Video Updates Search Results Design

Google Video has updated the search results design and interface recently. The new design shows search results along the left hand column and the selected video on the right hand side. The video on the right hand side expands and contracts based on the size of your browser window. It also displays the video's title, source, primary sections within the video (anchors in videos), related videos and useful links. Videos are played in the Google Video results page by default. The redesign comes after Google dropped video uploads on Google. The last major redesign of the video results page [...]

South Korean May Take Legal Action Over Google’s YouTube Law Loophole

paidContent reports South Korean officials are not happy with how Google skirted around their law to continue to allow YouTube to operate in Korea by simply turning off video comments and upload ability in that country. South Korea passed a new law requiring sites with 100,000 unique visitors per day to require users to provide their real name and national ID card number before posting videos and comments. Google decided to simply remove the ability to post videos and comments on YouTube Korea, but allowed it on other YouTube properties, i.e. YouTube US, even while accessed within South Ko [...]

YouTube To Become More Kid Friendly?

Ars Technica reports Google has informed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that they have been working on a new filtering system for videos, comments and communication on YouTube. It is believed that Google is working on these changes in order to make YouTube more kid or family friendly, by complying more with the FCC regulations for TV viewing. Google wrote to the FCC: Google Inc. ("Google"), by its attorneys, files these comments in response to the Notice of Inquiry ("NOI") issued by the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC" or "Commission") initiating a proceeding as requi [...]

YouTube Moves: Google TV Ads And More Premium Content

YouTube is clearly evolving before our eyes -- from a site that was largely about viral, user-generated content (UGC) to a premium content destination that may one day be a viable replacement for cable TV. First the news. Google/YouTube has signed deals with more studios to expand the range of full-length TV and movies content on the site. From the NY Times today: The agreements with the studios, which include Sony, Lions Gate, MGM and others, are significant because YouTube dominates online video. Nearly two-thirds of all video views in the United States occur on YouTube, according to the [...]

Google Skirts Around South Korea Law With YouTube

PC World reports Google has disabled the ability for users to upload videos or comment on videos at YouTube Korea. Google made this move after South Korea passed a new law that requires sites with 100,000 unique visitors per day to require users to provide their real name and national ID card number before posting such videos and comments. Google still allows videos to be uploaded and comments to be added while in Korea, as long as you change the YouTube Korea site to a non-Korean version, within the YouTube settings section. This is Google's way of "skirting around" the new law. YouTube [...]

Google To Create “Hulu” For Music Video, Moves Toward Inclusion Of More Professional Content On YouTube

YouTube spawned Hulu and Hulu is having a big influence on the future of YouTube. Hulu has had great success with brand advertisers, while YouTube has struggled to sell itself to brands despite being the dominant video site online (see chart below). Accordingly, last month ClickZ reported that YouTube was getting a Hulu-like makeover that would better showcase some of the professionally produced TV and film content YouTube has been working to acquire: The new design will offer four tabs: Movies, Music, Shows, and Videos. The first three tabs will display premium shows, clips, and movies from [...]

Google Slowly Turning YouTube Into A Moneymaker

There are signs this week that Google is slowly turning YouTube into a legitimate source of revenue, but there are also questions whether that's happening quickly enough and if the revenue will ever become a profit. Let's start with an AdAge article that reports YouTube is selling ads on about 9% of its video views -- up from 6% a year ago. A slow increase for sure, but with comScore estimating YouTube showed 5.3 billion videos in February, it means YouTube is selling ads on almost 500 million video views. According to AdAge, that's more videos than its nearest competitor has total views. [...]

Google Employee Alleged To Have Bypassed AdWords Trademark Policy For Own Benefit

Well-known internet marketer Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker has filed suit against Keyen Farrell, apparently a Google employee alleged to have used Schoemaker's US-registered trademark in search ads on Google. While issues over trademarks in search ads are heating up, the bigger issue in the case is why Google itself didn't take action to stop the ads and whether an employee did indeed access Schoemaker's AdWords account to gain competitive data. Google's trademark policy allows for trademarks to "trigger" ads -- make ads appear when a trademark word is involved in a search query -- [...]

Google “TV Ads Online” Dangles Multi-Platform Lure For Brand Advertisers

It's now a cliche to point out that consumer audiences have fragmented. However, once mighty media have seen audiences dwindle over the past five or so years. Accordingly almost all traditional media are struggling, exacerbated by the recession to be sure but caused by the rise of the internet (mobile will fragment audiences further). Many advertising sales channels are trying to respond to the audience fragmentation issue with network and/or multi-platform strategies. Call it an effort to put "Humpty Dumpty back together again." Google for its part had once seen itself as a kind of medi [...]

Hitwise: Visits To Gmail Surpass YouTube

Hitwise reported that "for the past two weeks, the market share of US Internet visits to Gmail has been higher than visits to YouTube." Accordingly, the measurement firm says that Gmail is now second only to in terms of visits among Google's properties. Gmail has recently had a number of problems, with several outages and problems of varying degrees of severity. I wonder if there's a relationship between the growth of Gmail and these problems. As they say correlation doesn't equal causation, but it would make sense. I took a look at Compete and Google trends comparing traffic [...]

Google Brings Back Video & Drops Shopping From Top Navigation

Google has dropped the "Shopping" link from the main top navigation on and replaced it with a "Video" link. What is the big deal? Well, in November 2007, Google did the exact reverse. They dropped the video link for products to replace it. Then Google renamed products to shopping but that link remained at the top. Google has now brought back the video link, which has recently dropped the top viewed, top blogged and so on features from the home page of Google Video. We know Google Video also stopped allowing uploading directly to Google Video, so one may have thought Google w [...]

Judgment Day For Four Google Execs In Italian Court

Today is judgment day for the four Google executives charged by Italian prosecutors in June 2008. The New York Times blog reports a trial against them involving criminal charges of defamation and privacy violation begins this week in Milan. Like we reported in the past, the case is about a video uploaded to YouTube where a disabled child is being taunted. This case was supposed to go to trial in September, but did not actually happen until today. The four executives include David Drummond, Google’s senior vice president and chief legal officer; George Reyes, its former chief financial o [...]

400,000 Google Video Searches Are Polluted: Report

400,000 search queries on Google Video lead to poisoned results and may lead users to download malicious software. That's according to a Trend Micro blog post this weekend reported today by The Register. Trend Micro believes this "blackhat SEO poisoning" comes from a group that maintains multiple domains with "keyword-riddled pages" that often appear on top of the search results. When users click through to one of these domains, the problems begin: "... instead of legitimate videos researchers found some 400,000 queries returning video results that have a single redirection point, and on [...]

YouTube Searchers: It’s All About The Music

You can learn a lot about a web site by peeking below the hood of its internal site search. And, based on Hitwise data out today, YouTube is a surrogate music video search engine. Hitwise research suggests that 72% of the site's Top 50 search terms from December 2008 are music-related -- from L'il Wayne to Beyoncé, to song titles like "Womanizer" and "Heartless." That YouTube leans heavy toward music shouldn't be a surprise. Universal Music's channel is the most popular on the site, with 3.3 billion views, and seven of the top ten channels are music-related. We've reported previously t [...]

Google Ends Google Video Uploads, Shutters Notebook, Catalog Search, Dodgeball & Jaiku

Google's announced they're closing or ceasing development of a variety of products as part of an already continuing move to keep efforts focused on other products with greater usage. These include an end to video uploads to Google Video, closure of Google Catalog Search, Google Notebook, Dodgeball, the microblogging service Jaiku and the Google Mashup Editor. Google's written officially about the closures and changes in these posts: Turning Down Uploads at Google Video Farewell, Google Catalog Search Stopping development on Google Notebook Changes for Jaiku and Farewell [...]

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