Infographic: The Biggest Changes To Google Search In 2013

What were some of the biggest changes to Google Search in 2013, in terms of how its search algorithms ranked and displayed information? How about an infographic rundown, as we close out the year? Produced by the folks at E2M Solutions, the infographic covers a number of important updates and other developments relating to Google Search over the past year, ranging from continued refreshes of Panda to the announcement of Google Hummingbird. Not everything matches to the exact dates shown on this infographic, such as Hummingbird marked as happening on August 20, 2013. Also, the "Link Devalu [...]

Infographic: How To Troubleshoot Google Authorship Issues, A Step-By-Step Flowchart

google-authorship-featured In October, I spoke at SMX East about some of the opportunities and challenges when implementing Google Authorship. At about the same time, a good friend of mine reached out to me with her authorship issue. While she appeared to have authorship markup set up correctly on her blog and linked correctly from Google+, her author image wasn't appearing in SERPs -- but did show for others writing on her blog. She's not the first person to reach out to me with an issue like this. Authorship setup can be confusing at best, and even when you think you have everything set up correctly, you still may [...]

Infographic: What Is The Nofollow Tag; When & How To Use It

rel-nofollow-featured The nofollow tag is a way publishers can tell search engines not to count some of their links to other pages as "votes" in favor of that content. Why would publishers need to block such votes? Doing so can help them avoid problems with search engines believing they are selling influence or are somehow involved in schemes deemed as unacceptable SEO practices. Our Search Engine Land infographic below, made with the help of the good folks over at Killer Infographics, explains more about the nofollow tag, including when and how to use it. Also see additional references and background informatio [...]

Infographic: Kenshoo Global Paid Search Trends, Through Q2 2013

Kenshoo-Q2-2013-Global-Search-trends-inforgraphic1 Global ad spend is positive for the fourth quarter in a row, versus the same time the previous year. The same is true for click volume, impressions and clickthrough rates. And EMEA -- the Europe, Middle East and Africa region -- has the highest cost-per-click rate in the world. These stats and more come from Kenshoo, a digital marketing management company that analyzes $4 billion in paid spend that happens through its systems each quarter to spot trends. The highlights: Year-over-year spend has stayed in positive territory for four quarters in a row, with Q2 2013 being 16% above Q2 2012 [...]

Infographic: 2013 SEO Ranking Factors, From SearchMetrics

us_ranking_factors_2013 The folks at SearchMetrics have released their SEO ranking factors for 2013. This is their ranking correlation study they worked on for the past 3-months, right after the second-generation Penguin update was pushed out by Google. Want to understand everything that was in it? They've got an infographic for that (click to enlarge): The key takeaways from their study included: Keyword domains and keyword links have lost relevance Brands are the exception to many rules Social signals continue to correlate very well with better rankings Good content is always important: it comes down t [...]

Now Updated: The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Periodic Table of SEO Success Two years ago, we released "The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors." Now we're back with an update. We've introduced some new elements, adjusted a few rankings and given the table a more encompassing name, The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors. Clicking on the image above will take you to the permanent home of the table, where you can see a larger copy. You can also view a "condensed" version without the descriptions on either side of table. Both versions are available if you wish to embed on your web site or in PDF form, should you want to print them. Philosophy Behind The Tab [...]

Infographic: The Matt Cutts Debunking Flowchart

matt cutts featured Officially, Google distinguished engineer Matt Cutts heads Google’s web spam fighting team. Unofficially, he’s Google’s chief debunker. If someone seems to be talking crazy about Google, Matt may turn up with a polite clarification. When does Matt react? This is Search Engine Land’s guide, based on years of observations (you can click to enlarge it). Origin Of The Flowchart This flowchart originally appeared two years ago, on May 31, 2011. I was delivering on a promise I once jokingly made to Matt, that I would outline his debunking process as I'd observed it from afar to work. [...]

Social Signals Are So Last Week – Use Infographics to Drive Real Leads

There is a lot of talk these days about social signals affecting Google Search Results, and many SEOs are feeling the effects for their clients, who are disconnected from the social world. When it comes to infographics, you may find yourself scratching your head at the many conflicting claims out there from the marketers that be. “Infographics are dead,” they say, but you must have a content strategy to survive. “Infographics are dead,” they say, but Facebook and Google+ are putting more and more emphasis on visual content. The complexity of marketing your business on Google is r [...]

Infographic: 26 Ideas For Split Testing Your Search Ads

ppc split test If you want to always be closing, then you need to always be testing, a long-standing mantra (and title of a popular book) in the search marketing space. When it comes to search ads, always be testing means trying out variations of ad copy to see which works best. Feeling like you're out of ideas of what to test next? The folks at Avalaunch Media have created an infographic designed to get you inspired. From asking questions to being funny, here are 26 ideas to consider: [...]

Infographic: Google’s Mobile World, From Ads To Apps To Android

Grading Google's Mobile Products Mention Google and mobile together, and Google's Android mobile operating system probably comes to mind. But Google's mobile world is much larger than Android. It includes everything from ads, to offers, to apps like Google Now and yes, even Google Glass. The folks at WordStream have put together an excellent infographic covering 20 different ways that Google has a mobile presence. Even if you might not agree with WordStream's assessment of how effective particular areas are, it's a great guide for navigating the mobile world of Google. Here's the infographic (you can click to enlarge i [...]

Infographic: When Link Building Turns Into A Linkpocalypse

If you want to succeed with gaining search traffic through SEO, building links is one of the most important ranking factors that can help you. But go too far, and the search police might crack down on you. How do you avoid a disaster? To help, the folks at DNA created a "Link Apocalypse" infographic summarizing some recent missteps in building links and the consequences, including Google even punishing itself for buying paid links (click to enlarge it):     A note about the first example. iAcquire is called a "gray-hat" firm (well, the "grey-hat" spelling is used). It [...]

Infographic: SEO Hot Cities – New York, San Francisco & LA

So you want to be an SEO? Try moving to New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles, which have the most job postings. Being an SEO might lead to bigger things, too, as the skill is listed as part of jobs such as "marketing manager" and "director of marketing." These stats come from an infographic from the folks at Conductor on the SEO job industry, based on 1,500 job postings on and Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here, along a downloadable guide to the job details behind the infographic: SEO Jobs Salary Guide. [...]

Infographic: SEO For Siri & The Mobile Search World

Searching with Siri It's been just over a year since Apple's Siri was unveiled with the iPhone 4S. The latest version works with the iPhone 5 and newer versions of the iPad. Siri didn't cause an overnight revolution of how most search on their phones. Many iPhone users still type keywords into Safari and get back answers from Google. But Siri, along with mobile apps and mobile searching in general, are changing searcher habits and posing new challenges and opportunities for search marketers. The people at Alchemy Viral have created an infographic that covers a variety of things to keep in mind about how to bette [...]

Infographic: How Google Fights Bad Ads

Google carries billions of ads each year, but it's not anything goes. The company seeks to stop "bad ads" that might push illegal products or harmful goods. A new infographic from Google, out as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, covers the process. The infographic explains that 134 million ads from 824,000 advertisers were stopped last year, a figure we've heard before, and highlights parts of the process used, automated systems, Google's internal expert review and reports from outside the company: Want the infographic yourself? You'll find it here in PDF format. Of course, the [...]

Infographic: The Death Of SEO, Failed Predictions Over The Years

Death Of SEO Infographic SEO has been declared "dead" almost from when it first began, as our post from a few years ago, Is SEO Dead? 1997 Prediction, Meet 2009 Reality, covers. Now, a new infographic is out looking at how SEO has been "dying" over the years. The infographic is from SEO Book and is interesting in that rather than taking a timeline approach, it instead shows examples of various types of people who've declared that SEO is dead and why they are, as the infographic puts it, "deluded." The infographic is below; click to enlarge it: If you want the infographic for yourself, you'll find it here: Info [...]

Infographic: How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

Good SEO begins with good keyword research. After all, if you don't know the ways people are seeking your content, it's pretty hard to ensure that your content "speaks" to them using the words they search for. The folks at Promodo have an infographic outlining some key parts of the keyword research process. Understanding that each page has its own terms to target, brainstorming possible terms, researching with the Google Keyword Tool and more are covered. Check it out: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Keyword Research Infographic. Looking to improve your key [...]

Infographic: How To Rank For Your Name In Google (Hint: Use Social Media Sites)

Droplr • BrandYourself Infographic.jpg-1 Want to rank better in Google? If you're an individual, you could build your own site and hope it does well. But you might have more success by creating a page for yourself on a social media site like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Ranking On Google: The SEO Way For those unfamiliar, the process of trying to rank better on Google and search engines in general is called search engine optimization. We've even got a short SEO video that explains it: [youtube width="560" height="315"][/youtube] Success with SEO depends on a range of signals th [...]

Infographic: Describing Your Content Better With Google Rich Snippets

Rich-Snippets-Guide Rich snippets are a way that Google provides more information about a web page than standard short text descriptions. Number of stars for a review, business location, video images, price ranges, event times and more might all be shown. How do you get rich descriptions? Google might do it naturally for your site, but there are a variety of techniques that can increase the odds. The folks at SEOmoz and BlueGlass teamed up to produce the infographic below that explains more about rich snippets and how to make use of them: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: A Visual [...]

Cutts: Infographic Links Might Get Discounted In The Future

infographic-featured In an in-depth interview between Eric Enge and Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts - Cutts said that Google may discount the value of links generated by infographics. Matt Cutts told Eric: This is similar to what people do with widgets as you and I have talked about in the past. I would not be surprised if at some point in the future we did not start to discount these infographic-type links to a degree. The link is often embedded in the infographic in a way that people don’t realize, vs. a true endorsement of your site. Why? Aren't infographics great linkable content? They are [...]

Infographic: Goldilocks SEO, Getting Search Engine Optimization “Just Right”

goldilocks With worries of "over-optimization" on the minds of many SEOs right now, it's a good time to remember that it's long been good advice in search engine optimization never to do anything to an extreme. Cue the concept of "Goldilocks SEO," which SEO Book introduced in the form of a good infographic fairly recently. Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Goldilocks SEO. Related Articles Too Much SEO? Google’s Working On An "Over-Optimization" Penalty For That Is Google’s "Over Optimization Penalty" Its "Jump The Shark" Moment In Web Search? Dropped In Rankings? [...]

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