George Bush “Miserable Failure” Google Bomb Back, This Time In Knowledge Graph

george-bush-featured The Google Bomb is back! Searching for [miserable failure] in Google now returns George W. Bush's knowledge graph in the search results. The Google Bomb first became popular back in 2004 when Google and some other search engines ranked George W. Bush as the number one result for a search on [miserable failure]. In 2007, Google killed the Google bomb from showing up. But why did it rank in the first place? Google ranks pages based on anchor text of links, among other factors, and many sites bombed Google by linking to George Bush's webpage with the anchor text [miserable failure]. In [...]

Romney’s “Binders Full Of Women” Takes Over Google Images

binders mitt? I don't know what images were showing up for a "binders full of women" search on Google Images before last night's US presidential debate. But today, they're dominated by a meme started from a comment last night by Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Romney was commenting that he sought to increase the number of women in his cabinet as governor of Massachusetts by asking for more women candidates. As a result, he was delivered "binders full of women" to review. While some are now questioning the story, others are taking part in a new meme, making pictures poking fun at the idea of "binder [...]

Google Images Dominated By Pictures Of Romney For “Completely Wrong” Search

completely wrong - Google Search It's not a Google Bomb, but that doesn't make it less embarrassing for US presidential candidate Mitt Romney or Google, that a search on Google Images for "completely wrong" brings up results that are dominated by Romney's picture. Completely Wrong & Google Images Here's an example of what you currently see in a search for "completely wrong" on Google Images (you can click to enlarge): It's not clear when the results shifted this way. The Huffington Post notes that comedian Rob Delaney joked about them on "Thursday," but that seems to be a typo. Delaney joked about them today -- W [...]

“Spreading Santorum” Drops At Google; New Site Keeps Anal Sex Definition At Number One

before and after As Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum loses two primary races to rival Mitt Romney, perhaps he can console himself with, ironically, another loss. Spreading Santorum, the page defining "santorum" as a by-product of anal sex, has finally dropped from the top results on Google. The related anti-Santorum blog, however, remains. And a page from Urban Dictionary keeps the definition alive, more explicit than before. Santorum: The Definition Page The page at, created by columnist Dan Savage as a protest against Santorum's views about homosexuality, has maintain [...]

Bing & Google: “Spreading Romney” Ranking Tops For “Romney” Is Normal

spreading romney site Bing and Google have weighed in on the amazing rise in less than a month of the Spreading Romney site to the first page of their results for a search on "romney." That's apparently business as usual. Prepare for further "Spreading" sites for other candidates to rank as well? Perhaps, but without some Rachel Maddow-like mentions, they might not get there. Spreading Romney's Remarkable Rise My earlier story, Now, Mitt Romney Has A Santorum-Like Bing & Google Problem, explains how the Spreading Romney site created by Jack Shepler skyrocketed to the first page of Google's listings within [...]

Now, Mitt Romney Has A Santorum-Like Bing & Google Problem

spreading romney Perhaps Google may finally have to figure out a "fix" for Rick Santorum's "Google Problem," now that an anti-Romney site is making it appear that anyone can rank any protest page for any politician's name. Bing has the same problem, but no one ever seems to care about that. Spreading Romney I was pretty surprised to discover the "Spreading Romney" site appearing in the top results on Google and Bing in a search for "romney" that I did today. I don't recall seeing it recently, so it appears to be a new gain. Here it is on Google, as the ninth regular listing: I've also seen it as high a [...]

Why Does Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine Hate Rick Santorum?

Rick Santorum US presidential candidate Rick Santorum pulled off a surprise last night, winning caucuses and primaries in three states. So what's with Bing listing an anti-Santorum web site first in its results in a search for his last name? Does Microsoft have some type of liberal agenda! Wait, you didn't realize Rick Santorum has a "Bing problem" that's exactly the same as his well-documented "Google problem," where a search for "santorum" lists a web page defining that word as the by-product of anal sex above Santorum's official web site? He does. In fact, Santorum's had his Bing problem for months [...]

For “Define An English Person,” Google Suggests The C-Word

google-search-censored-featured I've seen some weird Google results in my time, but this one is pretty strange. Search for "define an english person" or some related queries, and Google brings up the Wikipedia page about the C-word in response. As spotted by Search Engine Roundtable, people were asking in Google's help forums why various searches related to defining English people returned the Wikipedia page about the C-word, as shown below: The screenshot shows Google listing the Wikipedia page first in a search for define english person. It also lists that page first or in the first page of results for related sear [...]

Obama: Tops For “Who Is Failure” In Google

I'd thought the googlebombs relating to "miserable failure" and "failure" had finally been defused earlier this year. Guess not. Ranking tops in Google right now, the official White House page for US President Barack Obama: I've not heard of any active campaign to linkbomb Obama to the top for these words, so I'm guessing this is fallout from the long-standing "miserable failure" googlebomb that was impacting his predecessor, President George W. Bush. Below, some key background from our archives: Google Kills Bush’s Miserable Failure Search & Other Google Bombs from January [...]

Obama Is “Failure” At Google & “Miserable Failure” At Yahoo

I told you so. Or I told anyone who cared. I even tried to reach the Obama administration in four or five different ways. Do a search on Yahoo right now for miserable failure, and you'll find President Barack Obama's page ranking either in the top spot or the second spot. Given a redirect that Obama's web team has put into place, he should solidify into that number one spot over time. Eventually, Microsoft's Live Search should reflect that, as well. And over at Google, Obama will likely gain a top page listing for a search on failure. I know. There are bigger issues Obama has to [...]

Bush: Fix Your “Miserable Failure” Googlebomb Legacy Before Obama Takes Office

Few realize that outgoing US president George W. Bush has left behind a unique legacy for future presidents, including Barack Obama -- that they are all condemned to rank tops for a search on "miserable failure" in major search engines. It's my hope that Bush will correct this before leaving office, or that Obama will fix it soon after he's inaugurated. Below, more about the situation and how it could be solved. Google Kills Bush’s Miserable Failure Search & Other Google Bombs is my article from January 2007 that covers the history of how it came to be that for many years, a s [...]

John McCain’s Google Bomb

Chris Bowers is trying to push in certain articles into the Google search results for a search on [john mccain]. His goal is to "Google Bomb" these articles into the search results before Labor Day. ComputerWorld has a write up on his efforts. But as Danny described in the past, this type of Google Bomb is likely something that Google cannot fix. There are nine articles Bowers is trying to Google Bomb to the top of the Google search results. Here is a listing of them and where they currently rank now for searches on both [john mccain] and [mccain]. (1) John McCain Votes to Filibuster Mi [...]

Bush – Tops For “Who Is A Failure” On Google

For years, US President George W. Bush was tops on Google for searches on miserable failure until last year's Googlebomb "fix" solved his problem on Google. But Bush is back, sort of. People are spotting that Bush's official White House page is ranking tops for who is a failure on Google. A new Googlebomb? If so, I've not seen any reports of people pushing to make this happen. My bet is that all those links out there with anchor text saying "failure" in them are making him come up for a variety of terms combined with "failure." And in fact, he looks to have bee [...]

Scientologists Google Bombed Or Not?

Just days after the one-year anniversary of Google's Google bomb fix, a new Google bomb may have gotten through -- dangerous cult, bringing up the Scientology web site, as shown above. But is it really getting past the fix? Considering one of the targeted words is being used on the page itself, it's hard to say. Both WebProNews and Google Blogoscoped have short stories on the listing. But as I noted in comments at WebProNews, the fix was designed to prevent pages from being Google bombed to the top if they do NOT use the words they are being bombed for on them. For example, "miserable [...]

Happy First Birthday, Google Bomb Fix!

Short but sweet -- one year ago today, a momentous event that must be recalled. Google bombing was defused. George W. Bush was no longer a miserable failure, and other mass link bombing attempts stopped working. For the most part, the Google bombing fix that Google put into place seems to have continued working. For those who don't recall the story, the links below provide background: Google Kills Bush's Miserable Failure Search & Other Google Bombs (the fix goes up, plus the Google bombing story)   George W. Bush: A Failure Once Again, According To Google (The White House uses the [...]

Man Arrested for Google Bombing Polish President Into Top Spot For “Kutas” (Penis)

Philipp Lenssen reports that a Polish newspaper says that a 23-year-old polish man was arrested for Google bombing. Marek W. from Cieszyn is accused of somehow causing the Polish president Lech Kaczyński's web site to rank tops for "kutas," which translates to penis. Marek reportedly used software to help produce the ranking. When questioned, he said: I just wanted to verify my skills and check if the software works [...]

Google Says Stephen Colbert Is No Longer The Greatest Living American

Sadness, Colbert fans! Last month, I reported in Google Declares Stephen Colbert As Greatest Living American how Stephen Colbert had defied Google’s link bombing defenses and rose to be the greatest living American, according to a search for those words at Google. Today, it is no longer so. Google has dissed Colbert. Google Drops The Bomb: Hand Job or Chron Job? from Jonah Stein over at Alchemist Media, who orchestrated the initial Colbert victory, notes the disappearance. When Colbert initially ranked, I’d written how odd it was that Colbert was ranking well for terms that di [...]

Google Declares Stephen Colbert As Greatest Living American

It’s official. Stephen Colbert is the Greatest Living American, or at least now ranks tops for that phrase at Google. It’s all come from the latest Google bombing campaign sparked off in part by Stephen himself. The backstory on this, plus the "I thought Google bombing didn’t work anymore" angle, all below. Jonah Stein from Alchemist Media raised the issue of Google-bombing during the audience Q&A with Mr. Colbert at a taping of his show (out of respect, I use the Mr. honorific. So say we all). What would Mr. Colbert like to rank for? Giant Brass Balls. Sure, Jonah tho [...]

George W. Bush: A Failure Once Again, According To Google

Remember how Google introduced a link bomb fix in January that, among other things, finally got US President George W. Bush out of first page of results for searches on miserable failure and failure at Google? Bush is back, at least for failure, and the White House has only itself to blame. Someone reading our article about the fix -- Google Kills Bush's Miserable Failure Search & Other Google Bombs -- commented yesterday about Bush's return to the results. I didn't see Bush's page ranking myself when I checked yesterday, but now I do: What happened? The White House used the w [...]

National Pork Board Says: Breastfeeding Is A Viable Trademark Threat

Jennifer Laycock's battle against the National Pork Board over her "The Other White Milk" slogan for breastfeeding t-shirts continues to pick up support. as you can see here at Techmeme. After I did my own write-up about the case yesterday, I followed my own advice and emailed the board. I just got their lame response: Thank you for your email to the National Pork Board. We appreciate you taking the time to send us an email regarding our communication with "The Lactivist" webstore on about our trademark rights. It is important to understand that our lawy [...]

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