Bing Webmaster Tools Integrates Yahoo Traffic Data

bing-logo Bing Webmaster Tools now has fully integrated in Yahoo's traffic numbers as well. So if you have seen a spike in your Bing Webmaster Tools traffic charts, this is the reason why. You should see your impressions and clicks data spike up, while the click through rate numbers may fluctuate from the norm as well. Since Bing now fully powering Yahoo search's organic results, virtually in most geographic locations now, Bing has decided to integrate their data in the tool. There are many webmasters who would love an option to filter this data by search provider, i.e. see Bing vs Yahoo [...]

Google & Bing (Still) Handle Underscores & Dashes Differently

It's one of the longest-running SEO questions around, and still something many of us get asked by clients, readers, conference attendees and so forth: Should we use dashes or underscores in our URLs? Google re-opened the discussion recently with a new YouTube video that highlights how Google currently handles dashes and underscores, and also reminds us that Google and Bing differ on this bit of SEO minutiae. Many of you will recall this was a pretty hot topic a few years ago when Google originally announced that both dashes and underscores both served as separators, and then backtrac [...]

Bing Webmaster Tools Enables HTML5 Interface

I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable this morning that Bing Webmaster Tools no longer requires Silverlight. Now, if you login to Bing Webmaster Tools without Silverlight installed on your computer, you can see all the reports, graphs and charts that you were unable to see days ago. In July 2010, Bing revamped Webmaster Tools adding some additional reports and information but did not remove the requirement of having Silverlight to view the detailed reports. Vanessa Fox said this was a major draw back to the tool since "most of the data is available only graphically, and not as a down [...]

Meet +1: Google’s Answer To The Facebook Like Button

google-plusone-featured Nearly a year after Facebook Like buttons spread out across the web, Google has announced its own rival, the +1 button. It launches today as part of Google's search engine, allowing you to "+1" the search results and ads that you like. And in a few months, it'll be arriving at a web site near you. Is +1 (pronounced "Plus One") part of the new social network that Google's long been rumored to be building? Or is +1 simply that "social layer" that Google has said would come and isn't really meant as a rival to Facebook? Yes. Come along -- let's see how it works now, where it might go, an [...]

Lessons Learned at SMX West: Google’s Panda Update, White Hat Cloaking & Link Building

An amazing amount of great information came out of SMX West this week. Below is a summary of some of what I found to be the most actionable and useful. Google's Own Words About the Farmer/Panda Update Google's Matt Cutts said that while the change isn't 100% perfect, searcher feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. He noted that the change is completely algorithmic with no manual exceptions. Blocking "Low Quality" Content Matt reiterated that enough low quality content on a site could reduce rankings for that site as a whole. Improving the quality of the pages or removing the pages alto [...]

Bing Webmaster Tools Launches New Link Reports; Google Webmaster Tools Changes Theirs

Bing Webmaster Tools has relaunched inbound link reports for verified site owners (as announced at SMX East back in October). I dove in to check out what the new reports include. Google has recently revamped their inbound link reports, so I made note of those changes well. Read on for more details. Want a quick summary? Here you go. Bing Webmaster Tools: Total incoming links over time (currently the previous three weeks) Total incoming links to each page on the site (up to a maximum of 20,000 pages on the site) List of incoming links and corresponding anchor text (up to a maximum o [...]

What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count?

Both Google and Bing have added many social search features over the past year. There's also been talk about using "social signals" to help rank regular search results. But are either of the major search engines actually using those social signals to rank regular search results? A bit, they tell me. In particular, your stature on Twitter could help influence how a page ranks in web search. I gave Bing and Google six questions about how they use social data from Twitter and Facebook. In particular, I wanted to know how that data influenced regular web search results, not the impact it ha [...]

Bing Uses Click Through Rate In Ranking Algorithm

Bing has just confirmed at SMX East that they use click through rate (CTR) in their ranking algorithm. I personally walked over to Steve Tullis, Senior Program Manager Lead, Bing, Microsoft and asked him if he really said they use click through rate in the ranking algorithm. He said, yes we do - but it is one of the many factors. In my live blogging coverage of the "ask the search engines" panel, I wrote that Steve said they "are using the data to improve the search results. He is saying it in a way that implies it is not site specific but more overall. Not on an individual level." I [...]

Bing To Add Link Reports To Webmaster Tools & Google Adds More Data To Query Reports

Yesterday at SMX East the Bing Webmaster Center team announced new features for their Webmaster Tools. The new features include the link report that went missing when they relaunched Bing Webmaster Tools and a feature called Link Explorer. And today, Google quietly added percent change data to the query reports in Webmaster Tools. The new link report shows links gained and lost over time. It also shows you where the links came from and you can even export them. Here is a pretty hard to see pictures I took of the Link Report on my iPhone during the presentation yesterday at SMX. T [...]

Yahoo-Microsoft Organic Transition Happening, Site Explorer, Search Monkey Holding For Now

The Yahoo-Microsoft search transition is picking up momentum. Yahoo announced a number of things today relevant to the change over. They concern the organic search transition, SearchMonkey and Site Explorer. Yahoo announced that later this week the organic transition will commence for PC and mobile results in North America: This is an important step toward our goal of improving the overall relevance of Yahoo! organic search results and attracting a larger audience to Yahoo! Search, to ultimately put your ads in front of more potential customers. You'll want to make sure that you're pr [...]

All New Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools

Today, Microsoft launched a revamp of their Bing Webmaster Tools. I talked to them back in June, when they previewed the tools at SMX Advanced, and they told me that they were starting from scratch and rebuilding the tool from the ground up. So how are things different? They say they are focused on three key areas: crawling, indexing, and traffic. They provide charts that enable you to analyze up to six months of this data. Note that none of this information is available unless Silverlight is installed. See more on that later. Crawling, Indexing, and Traffic Data Microsoft tells me that [...]

Microsoft To Replace MSNBot With BingBot October 1, 2010

The Bing Search Blog announced that on October 1st, MSNBot will be renamed to BingBot. Bing has been testing a beta bot since November of last year. On October 1st, the beta label will be removed from the Bot name and it will be named BingBot. You should see the following useragent in your log files: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0 + Note, if you already have directives for MSNBot in your robots.txt file, BingBot will obey those directives. It is important to note that if you have two different directives, one for MSNBot and one for BingBot [...]

SMX Advanced Session: SEO For Bing Vs. Google

SMX Advanced kicked off this morning in sunny Seattle (yes, seriously) with a packed house for the opening session of the SEO/Social Media track, "SEO for Google vs. Bing: How Different are They?" I won't be recapping all of the sessions I attend today and tomorrow, but will do my best to share any interesting info that comes out of SMX Advanced. (Oh, and I will be live-blogging the two keynotes.) Janet Miller of Search Mojo opened the session with what she described as a "big picture" look at the differences between the two engines. She explained that, for some of her company's clients, Bi [...]

Bing & Yahoo Soon To Support Canonical Tag

More than a year since the three major search engines united to announce the canonical tag, neither Bing nor Yahoo formally support it. But that could be changing soon. Speaking during the "Ask the Search Engines" session at SMX West on Thursday, reps from both search engines said they're in the process of supporting rel=canonical right now. Bing's Sasi Parthasarathy told attendees that canonical tag support should be in place by the end of March or early April. Arnab Bhattacharjee of Yahoo said they're currently rolling out support of the tag, but cautioned that Yahoo will only use it " [...]

Bing Updates Webmaster FAQs

Bing has updated their Webmaster FAQs document. The new PDF download it 28 pages long, 82 questions and answers deep and broken out in 12 categories. The questions and answers are all hyperlinked within the FAQs PDF document. PDF does add a level of readability but why not publish them as a web document as well? In any event, print them out and read them when you have some downtime. There are often nice little gems in these FAQs for webmasters to pick up on. [...]

Some SEO Advice For Bill Gates

What do you get for Bill Gates, the richest person in the world? How about a little free SEO advice for his new blog? It could use some. Bill, I went looking for your blog today on Google. Sorry, like many people, I have a habit of using that search engine first. What did I find for bill gates blog? Good, you're there in the top 10 results, listed fourth. And your official page at Microsoft shows at number one. But your blog could be so much better. Look at all those fake parody blogs! One of them is out ranking you. Some simply seem real because they have titles that actually say "B [...]

7 Ways To Conquer Natural Search When Google & Bing Face Off In 2010

When it comes to search marketing, the Big Three is about to become the Big Two. The deal heard round the world this past July comes to fruition in 2010—and the much-anticipated partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo! will have significant implications for search engine optimization. Paid search will no doubt face its share of opportunities and challenges, yet I suspect the crux of the one-on-one match-up between Google and Bing will lean toward the algorithmic side.  In the months following the announcement there’s been no shortage of uncertainty around what exactly the partn [...]

Bing Admits MSNbot Is Slow

Via Search Engine Roundtable comes news of refreshing candor from a Bing employee about the performance of Bing's crawler, which is still referred to as MSNbot. The admission happened yesterday in the Bing Webmaster Center forums, when Brett Yount, a program manager for Bing, replied to a question about why Bing has only indexed one page from a sitemap that was submitted six weeks ago. (In case the image is difficult to read, Brett Yount's statement is: "It is well known in the industry that MSNbot is fairly slow. I suggest reading our FAQs stickied at the top of the indexing forum to g [...]

Bing Still Working On Canonical Tag Support, Suggests Other Ways To Manage Duplicate Content

While Google has recently announced its support of the canonical tag across different domains, Bing says it's still working on supporting the canonical tag on a single domain, and suggests webmasters should rely on other means to manage duplicate content. The rel="canonical" link element was introduced earlier this year as a way for webmasters to define the canonical version of a page within a single domain. A Bing spokesperson says their "plan is to have this supported in the next several months," and that they also plan to support cross-domain canonical tags, too: "Based on how we are [...]

Does Bing Have What It Takes To Flaunt Video Search Results?

Now that Bing is officially a major player, it's time to ask some important questions. Are Bing video search results delivering a winning performance? Does Bing match searcher queries with relevant results? For advertisers, what is needed from an optimization standpoint to make your video standout among a search crowd? Let’s use the popular music group "Black Eyed Peas" as an example. After conducting a series of different searches with the band name being the basis of the query I observed the following: Query 1: black eyed peas. Images of the band were among the top positions, while t [...]

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