Bing’s New Social-Friendly Search Interface Now Live

bing-logo The new Bing interface, with a healthy dose of social connections and discovery, is now live for all users. Bing's announcement today says that anyone can access the new interface at, but you should also see a new message atop the Bing home page that invites you to try "the best search, now with people from your social networks." Even without clicking the "Check it out" link or first going to, I was shown the new, three-column display on a search for "seattle restaurants." When Bing announced the new interface last week, it included "Snapshots" - [...]

Head-To-Head: Bing’s Social Search Vs. Google’s Search Plus Your World

penguin Earlier this year, Google made its results more social with Search Plus Your World. Now Bing has reshaped how it handles social information as part of its "The New Bing" launch. Which does better, Google's blended search+search model or Bing's more segregated approach. Let's look at some examples. Hey Google, How's New Girl? I thought I'd start with a search for New Girl. It's a great show. I should know. I was a Fan of the Week. What's Google show me? The arrows point at things that have come because of social connections, and I'm only going to focus on these things, in this head-to-he [...]

Bing Relaunches, Features New Social Sidebar, Snapshots

bing-social-featured Bing announced a relaunch of its search engine today, with a big emphasis on bringing social into search. But wait! Didn't Bing already have social as part of its search experience? Yes, but now the search engine hopes to do it better, especially by largely off-loading social elements into a new sidebar area. The new features will appear for Bing users in the United States the coming days, taking several weeks to go live fully for everyone. Postscript: The new Bing should now be live for everyone. If you don't have it, see the instructions here: Bing’s New Social-Friendly Search Interfa [...]

How People Power (& Personalize) Bing’s Social Search

The good folks over at Stone Temple Consulting released an in-depth interview with Bing's Principal Group Program Manager for Bing Social Search, Paul Yiu.  The Bing social search team integrates social content and indicators into the search results to add both personalization and relevance to the search results.  Bing currently ties in data from both Facebook and Twitter to improve the overall quality of the results.  In contrast, Google only ties Google+ data into their search results pages. Eric Enge performed the interview for Stone Temple and didn't pull any punches on social indica [...]

Bing Launches Linked Pages, Promises Better People Search Results

bing-b-logo Microsoft Bing announced a new feature named Linked Pages. The purpose is to make the search results for you and your friends more personalized as well as richer. If I am friends with you and you do a search in Bing for [barry schwartz] you will see the following search result at the top: Linked Pages lets you tell Bing which pages in the search results are specifically about your friend. The example Microsoft gave was the common name John Smith, but it also works with less common names such as Barry Schwartz. If you follow search, you are probably more interested in seeing informati [...]

Microsoft’s Is Alive & Well & Turning Search Results Into Social Content

microsoft-logo Microsoft's search/social hybrid project is alive and well and, if current reports are to be believed, may be headed toward some kind of private beta test in the near future. If you were with us back in July, you might recall the small firestorm that burned for a couple days after news spread about At the time, it was called Tulalip and, when Microsoft published a very early version of the site, the home page promised a way to "Find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever." At the time, Microsoft described it as an "internal project" and said publishing it was an [...]

Bing Gets More Personal With Adaptive Search

bing-search-featured Bing has announced at SMX East today a new personalization feature named adaptive search. It seems a lot like Google's previous query feature but supposedly, it goes well beyond just the previous query. Bing said the "more you search, the more Bing can learn" and thus adapts the search results for YOU based on your past searches - not just your immediate previous search. Here is a video that explains it, we hope to have more information on this new feature soon: Video: Adapting Search to You Note, it is rolling out slowly over the next few days in the US. Stefan from Bing add [...]

Twitter Renews Deal With Bing; Google Deal Remains MIA

bing-twitter-hearts-featured Twitter and Bing announced that they have extended their deal that allows Bing to tap into Twitter's information in a cutesy exchange on Twitter itself. As for Google, which Twitter's been on the outs with since July, Twitter says there's no similar happy news to report. Dear Twitter, I Love You! Kisses, Bing Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner compiled the exchange using the awesome Storify service, as you'll find here: It's perhaps the first press release via Twitter conversation that I know of. Details? You Don't Need No Stinkin' Details! But how about details? How long is the de [...]

Microsoft Tulalip: Is A New Social/Search Hybrid On The Way? It appears that Microsoft is planning a new project called Tulalip and could be positioning it as a hybrid search/social networking service. First reported by Fusible, Tulalip currently sits on the domain, which is owned by Microsoft. You can see the WHOIS record on DomainTools to confirm. Tulalip currently only offers a "welcome" message that explains itself this way: With Tulalip you can Find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever. There's a non-functioning search box at the top of the page, preceded (mysteriously) by the word "OPEN." There ar [...]

Google Realtime Search & The Aftermath Of The Google-Twitter Split

google-realtime-search-featured Last Friday, Twitter quietly shutdown its "firehose" of tweet data that was being piped to Google. Like a gas station no longer getting deliveries, Google in turn effectively had to hang a "Closed" sign on its Google Realtime Search service. What happened, and what's next for those who depended on Google to get some of their Twitter gas? Some thoughts and advice, below. Topsy Provides Twitter Archive Search First, there's a great alternative to Google Realtime Search: Topsy. Indeed, the company has just put out a blog post reminding the world that it's the only Twitter archive search ser [...]

Bing Ups Ante In Social Search, Adds More Facebook “Likes” To Search Results

bing-facebook-likes-featured Bing is taking the next step in its self-conscious evolution from "search engine" to "decision engine." Perhaps we could equally use the term "conversation engine," as Bing begins to emphasize social content and even tries to enable connections between people through the deeper integration of Facebook and "Likes" data. It isn't news that Bing is integrating the Facebook data; that was originally announced in October last year. Rather the news today is that Bing is entering a kind of "phase II" of the process, doing some more interesting and potentially useful things with Likes. According [...]

In Challenge To Google Places, Microsoft Launches “Bing Business Portal” For SMBs

bing-business-portal-featured This morning Microsoft is launching the "Bing Business Portal" (BBP). It replaces the the Bing Local Listing Center, and all listings already there have already been migrated over. The BBP allows local business owners or their agents or designated representatives to claim and enhance listings with additional content including deals. Business owners can also add links to Facebook and Twitter. Here's what you can do in the Bing Business Portal: Claim, create, verify, and manage local business listings Identify key search categories where you want your listing to appear Customize l [...]

Meet +1: Google’s Answer To The Facebook Like Button

google-plusone-featured Nearly a year after Facebook Like buttons spread out across the web, Google has announced its own rival, the +1 button. It launches today as part of Google's search engine, allowing you to "+1" the search results and ads that you like. And in a few months, it'll be arriving at a web site near you. Is +1 (pronounced "Plus One") part of the new social network that Google's long been rumored to be building? Or is +1 simply that "social layer" that Google has said would come and isn't really meant as a rival to Facebook? Yes. Come along -- let's see how it works now, where it might go, an [...]

Bing News Adds Tweets To News Results

Bing has added tweets from Twitter on the Bing News search results pages. The tweets are public updates from the Twitter stream related to the news query. For example, search for [japan] on Bing News and you will see a box on the right that says "Public updates for japan." You can pause the stream of tweets, if you want to slow down the stream. You can also click through to read the tweet by the Twitter user directly on Finally, you can click on the "more updates" link to be taken to Bing's Social Search results for that query. Min-John (MJ) Lee, Senior Program Manager [...]

Bing Expands Use Of Facebook ‘Likes’ In Search Results

One of the many Bing announcements today focused on an even deeper integration of Facebook data into Bing's search results and rankings. For a couple months now, Bing has integrated "liked" content from Facebook into its search results in a distinct content area like this: But soon, Bing says it will show (to U.S. users only for now) which individual pages/URLs have been liked by your Facebook friends right inline as part of the regular search results -- not just in a separate box/display like you see above. Since it hasn't been rolled out yet, you can see a screenshot of the new fea [...]

Bing Releases Huge Set of Upgrades: Maps, Local, Mobile, Travel, Image Search

At the Bing Search event in San Francisco today, Microsoft unveiled a dizzying array of nearly across-the-board updates and improvements for Bing online and mobile apps. Some are minor and some are more significant. Most of these upgrades and feature enhancements will be available starting today or later this month. There are in fact so many things rolling out simultaneously that it's a bit overwhelming. Accordingly in this post I'm just going to offer up an edited version of the information provided by Microsoft. We'll explore selected features and products later in subsequent posts. Fa [...]

What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count?

Both Google and Bing have added many social search features over the past year. There's also been talk about using "social signals" to help rank regular search results. But are either of the major search engines actually using those social signals to rank regular search results? A bit, they tell me. In particular, your stature on Twitter could help influence how a page ranks in web search. I gave Bing and Google six questions about how they use social data from Twitter and Facebook. In particular, I wanted to know how that data influenced regular web search results, not the impact it ha [...]

Bing Shopping Adds List Sharing Through Facebook

One of the things that people do with their smartphones in stores is take pictures of products and send them to friends and family for feedback and advice. A version of that process has been developing in parallel online through the numerous "social shopping" sites and has existed forever in good old-fashioned email. Now Bing has added a "shopping list" module to Bing Shopping to enable one or more products to be captured and shared through Facebook. You can create the shopping list by checking a box next to each product you want to capture and share: Products will then appear in the [...]

Bing Says Its New Facebook Like Integration Really, Really Is Live

The Bing Search Blog officially announced that the Facebook integration on Bing is live. Last week, we reported some were already seeing "liked results" on Bing. But now or by the end of today, "all US users" should have access to this feature. Personally, I still do not see it, but you may. To test this yourself, search at when logged into Facebook. You may see a box at the top right corner of that says "Hi [insert your first name here], Bing just got better with your Facebook friends." Bing mentioned minor changes to the feature. You can learn more about t [...]

Bing Finally Getting Facebook “Liked Results”

Earlier this month, Bing announced a new deal with Facebook, where it would be showing you what your Facebook friends liked within search results. People are now reporting seeing the personalization appearing. Bing originally said the new feature was rolling out in the US when it launched on October 13 and that it would be going live worldwide over a period of months. However, no one seemed to actually spot it live and in the wild. Today, at least once person did see it. The user who spotted this was a bit taken back, saying, "How in the world did Bing get the right to snap up my profi [...]

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