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At Five Years Old, Bing Has Come Far Yet Has More To Grow

Bing 5th Birthday Microsoft's Bing search engine has turned five this week. There are good reasons for some birthday celebrations at Microsoft. The company has created a solid competitor to Google, grown its market share and created a search platform for other Microsoft products. But when it comes to mindshare, Bing is still far behind rivaling Google as a search leader. Give Bing A Week & You Might Think You Were At Google I know what some might be thinking. Bing's a solid competitor to Google? Bing certainly has had its stumbles. Every year, it seems like it redoes its search results pages in an at [...]

Apple Drops Google For Bing As “Spotlight” Search Provider In iOS 8 & Mac OS X “Yosemite”

apple-spotlight-600 Bing has gained another win with Apple, becoming integrated into a new version of Spotlight in Apple's forthcoming Mac OS X "Yosemite" operating system and in the coming iOS 8 mobile operating system. Spotlight will also tap into a wide-range of search resources similar to how Siri works on iOS. During Apple's WWDC keynote today, the company shared how a revised version of Spotlight will allow typing on the desktop (rather than clicking on small magnifying glass in the menu bar) in order to search your computer for apps and documents. Beyond that, Spotlight is gaining search smarts that [...]

Microsoft Translation In Real-Time Over Skype

skype-translation-real-time Last night at the Re/Code Conference, Microsoft demoed real-time translation over Skype. Imagine talking to someone over a video call, they spoke a completely different language than you did, but the technology did real time translation as you spoke. Microsoft has a beta they demonstrated last night at the conference. Gurdeep Pall, Corporate Vice President of Skype and Lync at Microsoft conducted the demo in front of the audience. The demo worked pretty well, although I do not speak German. The demo showed a "near real-time audio translation from English to German and vice versa, com [...]

Bing To Shut Down Webmaster Forums

bing-2013-featured Bing is shutting down their Bing Webmaster Forums by the end of this month or early June. Duane Forrester of Bing said that the forums were turning into the place Bing expected and they have decided to shut it down to give them the "time and resources to focus energies in other directions." So what are you going to do for support now when it comes to Bing? Well, the Bing forums was rarely a good place to get Bing support. It really was not. Duane said: For general questions, our Help & How To section is built to handle the top line stuff. This includes housing our Webmaster Guide [...]

Microsoft Offers Skype Promotion For Making Bing Your Default Search Engine

bing-brazil-skype-promo WinBeta reports that Microsoft is offering a promotion to Brazilian searchers to make Bing their default search engine and in exchange, they will get $2 of Skype credit to be applied to your Skype account. When you go to Bing Brazil (clicking this will set your Bing home page to the Brazilian version), the offer at the top of the page will read: Resgate seus creditos de Skype agora, uma cortesia do Bing. Translates to: Redeem your Skype credits now, courtesy of Bing. If you click "earn here", you are taken to this page but the credit would only work, if you are within Brazil [...]

Bing Expands Snapshot With New Food & Drug Entities

food-apple-drug-pills-600 Bing is getting smarter today with the addition of food- and drug-related entities to its library of facts. The new at-a-glance information for these searches will appear in the Snapshot area on the right side of Bing's search results. In some cases, like the hamburger search shown below, the Snapshot includes a dropdown to further refine the information -- in this case, giving options for single patty, double patty or double patty - large. (Yum. And now I'm hungry.) The data above come from Freebase and, in the case of medical search, the National Institutes of Health. There may be [...]

Bing: Adding Markup & Schema Is “Worth” It For Search Engines

schema Duane Forrester from Bing posted a new article on the Bing Search Blog named Mark It Up. In the article, Duane explained the upmost importance of marking up your content with schema and meta data. Duane said "it's worth completing this work to help the engines understand your content more clearly." Why? Duane explained that it enables Bing to "make richer search experiences" and while Bing says it "does not itself lead directly to higher rankings" it does however impact your click rates on your search listings. Duane sums it up saying, "the bottom line here is this. If you’re marked [...]

Bing Launches On Firefox OS, Does It Matter?

Firefox OS phone Bing has launched an app for the Firefox Marketplace. As pointed out by The Next Web, Google doesn't yet have an official app there. Firefox OS is a mobile operating system "built entirely using open web standards" (HTML5). It's both an effort to reinvigorate the mobile web and keep Firefox from falling into total mobile irrelevance. The first Firefox OS phone is the Chinese-made ZTE Open. It's selling for between $70 and $99 (unlocked) on eBay. This low-end strategy could work well in developing countries and provide an even lower-cost alternative to Android devices in those markets. [...]

Bing On Links: You Should Never Know In Advance Where A Link Is Coming From

bing-links-600 Duane Forrester from Microsoft's Bing team wrote a blog post today on the official Bing Search blog named 10 SEO myths reviewed. There are many good and obvious points Duane makes in the post but one point he makes about links is very revealing. Duane wrote: You should never know in advance a link is coming, or where it’s coming from. If you do, that’s the wrong path. That obviously means you should not buy links, but it also goes as far as saying that you shouldn't ask other webmasters to link to you. You shouldn't do any action at all, that you know, for a fact, will lead to you get [...]

Bing Now Searches Music That You Can Listen & Play On Xbox Music

xbox PC World reports that Microsoft Bing has added a way to search for music available within Xbox Music. Now, if you search for a song, for example [U2 all that you can't leave behind] on Bing, on the right hand panel, you will see a box for "Listen to music." There, you will be able to either buy the song on Apple iTunes or Amazon MP3 or listen to it on Xbox Music. Here are a screen shots: Xbox Music allows you to stream a few hours of music per month before requiring you to pay for an Xbox Music Pass, which offers access to 18 million tracks for $10 per month. [...]

Bing Ends Sponsorship Deal With WNBA’s Seattle Storm

Bing logo large After a four-year sponsorship deal with the WNBA's Seattle Storm, the Seattle Times reported yesterday that Bing will no longer be the marquee sponsor for the team co-owned by Microsoft executive Lisa Brummel. The report claimed the deal had been valued at $1 million per year, giving the Bing premium marketing space at Seattle Storm's Key Arena, along with its logo prominently displayed on team jerseys. In January, Brummel told the Seattle Times her team had an alternative plan should Bing not renew its sponsorship. "While it's beneficial, it's not essential. If we were not to land a sp [...]

Sell Bing? Makes No Sense, Says Microsoft’s Bill Gates — It’s A “Core Business”

bill-gates-600 Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was interviewed on Fox Business News yesterday. Among other things, he was asked about investor and analyst suggestions that Xbox and Bing be spun out or sold. Gates deferred to newly minted CEO Satya Nadella but said that he would support an Xbox spin-off if that was the decision. He was more strongly opinionated about Bing, however. Gates characterized the Bing technology and business as more "fundamental" to a number of Microsoft products and initiatives, including Office. He's quoted by Mashable as follows: I see [Bing] as a pretty fundamental techno [...]

Bing Tests Search Results Without Underlining Hyperlinks

bing-600 Rubén Gómez reports that Microsoft is testing removing the underlines on the hyperlinks within the search results in Bing. The Bing search results still have the blue hyperlink look, but the underline was removed in this Bing test. Bing is constantly testing large and small changes like this to see how searchers interact with the change and if it leads to a higher click through rate and a happier searcher. Here is a picture of a typical Bing search results set with underlined links: Here is a picture of Bing testing removing the underlines: Google has also recently gone f [...]

Spider-Man Switches From Bing To Google

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie poster Spoiler alert: reported this weekend everyone's favorite spider-bitten superhero has switched from searching on Bing to being a full-fledged Google user. According to the report, Spider-man alias Peter Parker used Bing in the 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man film, much to the disbelief of many hardcore comic book fans: In a world where somebody bitten by a radioactive spider in an experimental laboratory with very little oversight gains super powers and dons spandex to save New York City from a rampaging lizard man, many fans felt that the most unrealistic element of The Amazing [...]

Bing: New York Sleeps Late; SF Gets Up The Earliest

bing-city Microsoft Bing posted data on the earliest risers by city based on Bing usage data. Bing said they "thought it would be interesting to look at Bing usage as a proxy for when people get online, start work or otherwise wake up." The earliest city to rise is San Francisco, reaching 50% of Bing traffic at 6:43AM and on the other side of the country is the latest, New York City, which achieves 50% of peak traffic on Bing 43 minutes later at 7:32AM. That shouldn't surprise most, being that those on the West Coast typically are trying to get up early enough to start their business day around the s [...]

“Bing For Schools” Becomes “Bing In The Classroom” & Makes Program Available To All Schools

Bing for Schools Originally launched in August of last year as Bing for Schools, the new Bing in the Classroom program has moved out of its pilot phase and is now available to all US schools, grades K through 12. For participating schools, the free program offers ad-free and safe searches, daily lesson plans, as well as opportunities to earn Reward Points that can be redeemed for Surface tablets. According to the announcement, Bing in the Classroom is already being used by more than 4.5 million students in over 5,000 schools, and has produced more than 500 lesson plans. Bing also claims 9,000 people [...]

Bing: Again, Why We Are Better Than Google At Image Search

bing-photos-images-featured Several months ago, Bing told us seven ways Bing is better than Google at image search. This week, Bing posted more examples in the Bing blog of why Bing is better than Google at image search. The examples are of course specific sets of queries that show better results for Bing over Google. I wouldn't be surprised if Google can do the same thing on a set of examples on their end. That being said, here are some of the new examples: (1) Bing says they are better at understanding image quality, just compare a search for [photos of yunnan] where Google shows maps and Bing shows images of [...]

Bing Supports Today’s Boston Marathon By Spotlighting Runners On Its Homepage

Bing Boston Marathon home page 2014 Bing made an unconventional move today and changed its homepage image midday, switching from its initial image of Boston's Bunker Hill Bridge to a photo of Boston Marathon runners with fans cheering them on, and two BostonStrong flags waving in the foreground. To start the day, Bing tweeted the following picture of its homepage: Beyond this bridge is TD Garden, home of the @NHLBruins and the @Celtics. — Bing (@bing) April 21, 2014   Later in the day, Bing announced it had changed its homepage image with the following tweet [...]

Bing Predicts Reality Show Winners Using New “Bing Predictions” Search Technology

prediction-crystall-ball-guess-600 Bing announced today it is launching Bing Predictions, a new feature that uses search query data and social signals to predict outcomes and events. To kick-off its latest technology, Bing is applying its new search feature to predict the results of voting-based reality shows like The Voice, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Users can perform searches on terms like "The Voice Predictions," or "The Voice," or even contestant names like, "Bria Kelly," and Bing will deliver a carousel of a show's contestants along with an estimation of who is winning, as well as which contestants are [...]

Bing Testing New Search Results Design

bing-test-experiment-600 Bing is testing a new search results layout that changes the color of the logo from gray to the yellow/orange, changes the color of the search button and removes the gray background color from the right side rail. Bing has also cleaned up the interface, giving it a tighter but more open look, while keeping most of the existing content and features. @rgomezric notified me of the change and posted a YouTube video. Here is a comparison, showing you both the new and the current design. New Test Bing Layout: Current Bing Layout: [...]

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