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Bing Previews Its Role In Providing Natural Language Voice Search On Xbox One

xbox bing voice search When Microsoft's next-generation gaming console, the Xbox One, comes out on Friday, it will arrive with Bing built-in to power a range of searches from games to music to television programs -- and searches you can do just by speaking to the Xbox. Today, Bing shared a preview of how this will work. On the Bing blog, Microsoft highlighted some of the searches Bing will be able to perform, writing: When we watched Star Trek decades ago, the idea of talking to a computer seemed like pure science fiction. Fast forward to the present and your voice has replaced the remote control for your li [...]

Google & Microsoft Agree To Block Child Sexual Abuse Material From Search Results

google-bing-featured The Mail Online reports Google and Microsoft Bing have adjusted their search results to block child pornography and other child sexual abuse content from being accessible through their search engines. The news is being widely covered, some claiming that over a 100,000 unique searches and keywords have been blocked from showing up in the search results. Microsoft has already been issuing warnings for such queries in the UK and other countries but this is now being expanded beyond the UK, to all English language search results and then hopefully many more languages in the near future. Goog [...]

Bing Homepage Showcases Art Installment Of 2,000 American Flags To Celebrate Veterans Day

bing-featured Bing is celebrating Veterans Day today by featuring an image on its homepage from the Covina Rotary's Club Field of Valor, an art installment of 2,000 American flags constructed on the grounds of a Covina, California school. The homepage includes links to: More images of the Covina art installment Bing search results page for Veterans Day Bing search results page for Woodrow Wilson who made November 11 a national holiday following World War I A link to a YouTube video on the History of Veterans Day Veterans Day began as Armistice Day when Woodrow Wilson declared it a national h [...]

Bing’s New Music Video Search Results Page Showcases Popular Videos With Related Artists & Albums Lists

bing-music-featured Bing has rolled out a new music video search results page today. From now on, when searching for a music video by song title, artist or album, users will see the following box at the top of their search results, showcasing the "most popular" music video related to the search, along with details and a list of "Top Songs" connected to the video. Bing says it is showcasing videos from, "Leading sites including YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Artist Direct and more." The subsequent videos listed under the featured video are sorted by relevancy based a user's search by song title, artist or album. [...]

Potential Microsoft CEO Elop Would Consider Selling Bing

bing-featured The Microsoft CEO derby is heating up. As we discussed earlier this week the short list is down to a handful of candidates, including current Ford CEO Alan Mulally and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (soon to rejoin Microsoft in charge of devices). Apparently Elop has floated some bold ideas that may vault him to the head of the class or could disqualify him based on their potential heresy. Businessweek reports that as Microsoft CEO "Elop would probably move away from Microsoft’s strategy of using [Office] to drive demand for its flagship Windows operating system on personal computers and [...]

Bing Really Doesn’t Want You To Search Google

Bing logo Go to and search for [google], you may see Bing get a bit upset. In fact, when I search for Google at Bing, I get a big black box in the search box that says, "In blind tests, people preferred Bing to Google for the web's top searches. See for yourself." Here is a picture of the call-out box: Andrew Girdwood asks if this type of call-out box should be labeled as an ad of some sort. Clearly, the intent here is someone trying to find Google. So why is Bing encouraging the searcher to go elsewhere? Is that a good and relevant alternative to the query? We've seen time after t [...]

Bing, Twitter Renew Deal To Include Tweets In Search Results

bing-twitter-logos Bing has announced a renewal of its long-standing deal with Twitter to include tweets in Bing's search results. The Bing-Twitter partnership began in 2009 and was renewed in 2011. Tweets are primarily available and searchable at Bing's social search page,, but they're also showing up in Bing's main search results. A search for "lax shooting" shows recent tweets on the right side of Bing's results (though I'm amazed that Vanity Fair and People would get prominence over more trusted and traditional news sources): The companies have been pretty quiet in the past on [...]

Bing Celebrates Halloween By Showcasing 6 Classic Hollywood Horror Movies On Its Homepage

bing-2013-logo-featured To celebrate Halloween, Bing has turned its homepage into a horror movie homage with hidden links leading to search results for six classic scary movies, including The Amityville Horror, the original Halloween released in 1978, The Shining, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Friday the 13th film series, and Poltergeist. Hovering over different elements on Bing's homepage launches quick images related to each of the six films, from the eerie twins in The Shining lurking in the hallway to the flashing pumpkin at the top of the stairs from Halloween. Other interactive images on the page include [...]

Yahoo-Microsoft Search Tensions On Public Display In Court Ruling

Microsoft has essentially had to sue Yahoo to get the company to fully comply with the terms of their 2010 "Search Alliance" agreement. Yahoo under Marissa Mayer had sought to delay rollouts of Bing search results in Taiwan and Hong Kong, awaiting a new Microsoft CEO. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer resigned ahead of schedule under board pressure because of a growing sense that Microsoft's core businesses were increasingly under siege and the company wasn't making sufficient headway. Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is arguably the leading candidate to succeed Ballmer. Regarding the Bing rollou [...]

The Curious Case Of Bing Search Results In Google Search Results

google-bing-featured Over the weekend, Bill Hartzer noticed that some Google searches returned Bing search results. As of last night, Google search results are once again Bing-free. What happened? Taking a closer look, the Bing search results weren't URLs, which are correctly blocked by Bing's robots.txt file. They were coming from This pattern is not blocked, which is how the related URLs ended up indexed by Google. As for why those URLs are no longer indexed? Google may have noticed and pulled them. But what are these /entities URLs? They seem to be a hybri [...]

Microsoft Touts Bing Smart Search In New TV Ad For Windows 8.1 Release Tomorrow

bing-logo-2013-200px Microsoft is pushing its new Bing Smart Search feature, which will hit the streets tomorrow when the company releases Windows 8.1. Bing Smart Search is a feature in the new OS that simultaneously searches the web, the cloud (Microsoft SkyDrive), your PC and -- if you're using a mobile device -- your device and the apps on it. Microsoft pushed out a TV commercial about it a month ago, and has posted a new ad today on YouTube: There's also a lengthy post on the Windows blog about Smart Search that dives into a lot of the details about the new technology, including its reliance on B [...]

Bing Gives IE11 Users A Quick Look At The Top Search Result With New “Pre-Rendering” Feature

bing-2013-logo-featured Bing released a new search feature today that "almost instantly" renders the associated page of the top search result when clicked. With the goal of providing a "faster end-to-end search experience," the new "pre-rendering" feature is currently available only to IE11 users. According to the announcement, this update follows a series of recent updates by Bing to minimize the search completion time, staring with Snapshot released in June of last year. The company rolled out its auto-suggest "Ghosting" feature in February, claiming it speeds up search time by 16 percent, reducing both clicks [...]

Microsoft Takes Its ‘Bing It On’ Campaign To The UK, Where Google Has Royal Grip On Search

bing-uk-featured Hey search engine users in the UK, Microsoft wants a few minutes of your time. The company this week launched its "Bing It On" campaign in the UK, inviting searchers to compare its search results directly against Google's. Microsoft is challenging Google's seemingly unassailable status as the king of search there. Google, which has an estimated 65 percent of the US search market share, has an even tighter grip in the UK, with an estimated market share between 85 and 90 percent. But Microsoft seems to be undaunted by that. In launching Bing It On this week, the company pointed to [...]

Bing Gets ‘Klout-orship” As Verified Klout Snapshots Now Identify Authors & Content In Bing

Klout-Logo Klout has becoming a much more powerful tool than simply measuring social significance. Bing and Klout have teamed up to form a puesdo-authorship alliance that will appear in the search results pages. A new Klout-verified 'Snapshot' will show in Bing along with social icons, Klout scores and even the two most influential public moments from Twitter over the past 7 days and the best of your Instagram feed over the past 3 months. According to an official Klout blog post, this integration this is a significant partnership for Bing users: "Search is one of the most common ways that informa [...]

Bing SEO Ranking Factors 2013 Study By SearchMetrics

searchmetrics-bing-ranking-factors Searchmetrics has released their SEO ranking factors for Bing, Microsoft's search engine, today. Similar to their Google ranking factors, Searchmetrics analyzed 10,000 popular keywords and 300,000 websites appearing in the top 30 search results and looked at how various factors correlated with rankings. The top five key findings were: (1) Top brands rank higher on Bing, as they do in Google. (2) Backlink numbers are closely linked to higher rankings on Bing (3) Social signals closely linked to higher rankings (4) Quality content is important for search rankings (5) On page te [...]

Niagara Falls Photo Wins Bing Hometown Homepage Photo Contest

New Bing logo After asking users to submit photos of their hometown back in August, Bing announced today Prasad Karkera's photo of the Niagara Falls has won its Hometown Homepage Photo Contest. Karkera's photo was one of ten selected by Bing and then voted on via a public vote by Bing users. Taken from the New York State Observation Tower in Prospect Point Park on the Fourth of July, Karkera's photo will be showcased on Bing's homepage today, along with links to more information about Niagara Falls. As the photographer of the winning photo, Karkera will be awarded a Nokia Lumia 1020 camera, 500px memb [...]

New Disconnect Tool Enables Private Searches Without Logging Out Of Online Accounts

Disconnect Logo_Oct2013 Online security software provider Disconnect launched their latest search tool, Disconnect Search this week. According to the announcement, Disconnect Search allows users to perform private searches on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing via their address bar or omnibox, "without having to change their behavior." Disconnect says their new tool routes search queries through the company's servers, making it appear as if the queries are, "coming from Disconnect instead of a specific user's computer." Disconnect's technology also prevents search engines from passing along keywords to the websites [...]

Bing Slams “Freakonomics” Bing It On Challenge Critique

Bing logo Yesterday, we reported on a study appearing on the "Freakonomics” blog that disputed the "Bing It On" claim that people prefer Bing to Google in a blind comparison of search results. Study author Ian Ayers sought to replicate the Bing It On challenge methodology and argued that Bing's claims were false and its messaging deceptive. Bing pushed back hard yesterday in several ways. There was a lengthy point by point refutation of the Ayers report in comments posted to the story I wrote at Search Engine Land from Matt Wallaert, behavioral scientist at Bing. Wallaert also responded to a s [...]

Study Disputes “Bing It On” Claim That 2:1 Prefer Bing To Google

bing-it-on-featured A new study appearing on the "Freakonomics" blog aggressively disputes the claim that people prefer Bing to Google and especially the statistical contention that they prefer the search engine over Google 2:1. In an article explaining the study, law and economics professor Ian Ayers argues that the Bing television and related media campaigns based on the Bing It On challenge constitute deceptive advertising. Ayers says the 2:1 claim comes from a study of just 1,000 users. Using Mechanical Turk, he sought to replicate it with help from students at Yale Law School where he teaches: [T [...]

Bing(ing) It On At A Seattle Seahawks Football Game [Photos]

bing-seahawks-2 I'm not sure why I was surprised to see a small army of uniformed Bing reps standing around a big booth before the Seattle Seahawks game this past Sunday at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. After all, Bing has been sponsoring the Seahawks for a few years now. The players wear Bing logos on their practice uniforms. Bing signs are visible in the stadium. There's a Bing logo on the microphone when players and coaches do their pre-scheduled media interviews. In other words, Bing has a pretty deep relationship going on with the hometown NFL team. My son and I were walking through "Touchdown City [...]

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