Search & The 2011 Sundance Film Festival

The annual Sundance Film Festival is about to converge here in Utah January 20-30, 2011, with and YouTube as Leadership Sponsors. Bing is the official search engine of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival website, and YouTube has two special channels for the event, the main Sundance Film Fest channel, and the YouTube Screening Room, featuring 12 short films from this year's festival, which will only be available on YouTube until February 3. Bing Continues To Cozy Up To Hollywood Earlier today, the Bing Entertainment team announced earlier a special new video site: [...]

Bing Terminates Relationship With Publisher Doing Tricky Home Page Switch

Is Facebook's third largest advertiser really a site that tries to trick people into switching to Bing? Apparently not. Still, Bing's not happy with the tactics and is ending its relationship with the publisher. The site,, now appears to have gone down. But earlier today, it was suggesting that people needed a plug-in to use it -- one that would install a toolbar and change their search provider and home page to Bing. The site had allowed people to create baby characters. Not Facebook's 3rd Biggest Advertiser An Ad Age article suggests that Make-My-Baby is Facebook's [...]

Bing Set To Advertise During Golden Globe Awards

Microsoft is set to run a pair of television ads during Sunday's broadcast of the Golden Globe awards, according to the Seattle PI. Bing is, of course, no stranger to TV advertising and marketing in general -- what with that $80 million marketing war chest and all back on day one. But the commercials that will air Sunday are different from what you've seen before; they're "not very search-y," as we might say around the SEL water cooler. There are two ads: one for Bing and one for Windows Phone 7. Both play on the Bing "decision engine" idea by having aspiring actors explain why they dec [...]

The Best Android Fragmentation Example: No Google Search App On Android 2.1

Android "fragmentation" is back in the news this week, thanks to the Angry Birds game needing to release two different versions for Android. But I have a better one: Google itself needing to make two different versions of the Google Search app. Where's Google Search? For about three months, I've been using the Motorola Droid 2 phone on Verizon. It's an awesome phone, and I'll be sad to see it go, when I finally send the review unit back next week. And yes, I'll have a review of it to come. To quell my loss, a review unit of the Samsung Fascinate -- one of its Galaxy S class phones -- arri [...]

Google Starts Using Promoted Accounts On Twitter; Microsoft Uses Promoted Trends

It looks like one of the early adopters of Twitter's "Promoted Accounts" advertising program is ... Google. I took the screenshot at left just moments ago when I visited my Twitter home page. Right at the top, under the "Who to follow" heading, is an ad encouraging me to follow Google Mobile's Twitter account, @GoogleMobile. Twitter just formally launched Promoted Accounts a little more than a month ago with "only a handful of companies" in the program. I'm waiting to hear from Twitter if Google has been added as a new advertiser and if Promoted Accounts is being opened to additional compan [...]

Dear Bing, We Have 10,000 Ranking Signals To Your 1,000. Love, Google

Back in October, Bing announced that it uses over 1,000 signals used to determine how to rank pages. Google has typically quoted using more than 200. Game on! I predicted Google would quickly find a way to match Bing's figure. Yesterday, it did. Google's 200 Factors For several years now, Google has said that it uses more than 200 signals to rank pages. The figure has been designed to explain the complexity of deciding what pages show up first, but never as some type of "bragging" rights of having a more complicated algorithm. Schmidt: Listing Google’s 200 Ranking Factors Would Reveal Busi [...]

Microsoft Launches A New Loyalty Program: Bing Rewards

Prior Microsoft search loyalty programs, SearchPerks and Cashback, were retired. But maybe the third time's the charm: today Microsoft is rolling out Bing Rewards Preview (beta). It's a credit card or airline-style loyalty program that offers users credits that can be redeemed for products, gift cards or charitable donations. People must first install the Bing Bar toolbar, have a Windows Live ID, be on a Windows machine and use Internet Explorer. No Chrome or Firefox, no Macs. You get 250 credits for signing up and accrue additional credits by taking desired actions or conducting sea [...]

Bing Takes Center Court As “Official Decision Engine” For LeBron James

Once again taking advantage of top trends in pop culture and social search, is hoping to shoot and score a large number of new fans as a presenting sponsor of the widely anticipated press conference, titled "The Decision," to be aired live on ESPN (tonight) Thursday, July 8, at 9 pm ET, where NBA player LeBron James will announce his move from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bing is participating as the "Official Decision Engine" for LeBron James' forthcoming announcement, which is also acting as a fundraiser for one of James' favorite charities, Boys and Girls Clubs of America. A Bing se [...]

Bing It? “Bring It,” Says Google

I got a chuckle out of this on Google. Do a search for bing it, and Google comes back with a suggestion of "bring it." Is Google telling Bing to bring it on? It's all automated, of course. This is just Google's spelling correction kicking in. Many more people are likely typing in "bring it" than "bing it," so Google's trying to do the right thing and help them. But it's still funny to me. Over at Ask, the same thing happens there: So see, it's not just Google being mean to Bing. Yahoo also does something similar. It brings back results for for both "bring it" and "bing it" [...]

Live From Hollywood: It’s Bing & Ryan Seacrest

Bing's holding a big press event here tonight in Hollywood, California. We're live on the red carpet. OK, no red carpet, but we do have Ryan Seacrest hosting the event. Sit back and stay tuned as we live blog what's to come. NOTE: See our Bing Entertainment, Unwrapped: Music, Movies, Games & TV story which covers in non-live blog format the changes announced today. I'm here at the Soho House with Search Engine Land managing editor Elisabeth Osmeloski, who will be both shooting photos and filling in the massive gaps in my knowledge of popular culture (Me: who's Ryan Seacrest? Elis [...]

Colbert Goes From 0-To-40 “Bing” Mentions In 2 Minutes, For Charity

Bing bought a pretty funny product placement on the Colbert Report this week. Comedian Stephen Colbert was promised $2,500 for each mention he did of Microsoft's Bing search engine, with the money to go to his Gulf oil spill relief charity fund. Colbert did 40 within 2 minutes in various ways, racking up $100,000 in all. The Huffington Post highlighted the clip, which you can watch below: The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Charity Begins at 11:30 Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Fox News I a [...]

Yes, People Do Say “Bing It” — Barely

It was around 2001 when I first really noticed the transition from people talking about "searching" for something to "Googling" information. As Google's brand grew, it also became a synonym for search engines in general. That's something Bing, coming up on its first birthday, has hoped to challenge. Good news. Yes, people are saying "Bing It." That's a huge accomplishment. Bad news: many, many more continue to say "Google It." Binging It On Twitter I came across people saying "Bing It" on Twitter recently. It's easy to find real-life examples. Here are are some from the past few days, [...]

Bing Offers Free T-Shirts … For Your Xbox Avatar

Let's give Microsoft's marketing folks some credit for thinking inside the box. Literally. They've taken their Bing promotional efforts inside Microsoft's own Xbox gaming platform with free codes that let Xbox Live users outfit their avatars in Bing t-shirts. That's what you'll see when you search Bing with the magic search phrase. As Bing said on Facebook, "Your Xbox LIVE avatar might not be a real person -- but that doesn't mean they shouldn't still be fashionable." So very, very true. Microsoft made an $80 million push when Bing launched last year. Some of that advertising was cle [...]

Some SEO Advice For Bill Gates

What do you get for Bill Gates, the richest person in the world? How about a little free SEO advice for his new blog? It could use some. Bill, I went looking for your blog today on Google. Sorry, like many people, I have a habit of using that search engine first. What did I find for bill gates blog? Good, you're there in the top 10 results, listed fourth. And your official page at Microsoft shows at number one. But your blog could be so much better. Look at all those fake parody blogs! One of them is out ranking you. Some simply seem real because they have titles that actually say "B [...]

With Mobile Ad Networks Being Snapped Up By Google And Apple Will Yahoo Or Microsoft Be The Next To Buy?

In November, Google surprised many when it announced that it was buying mobile ad network AdMob for a massive $750 million in stock, bringing mobile advertising suddenly into the consciousness of people who'd simply not paid attention before: "Hey, maybe this thing IS for real." Now Apple is reportedly buying another tier one mobile ad network, Quattro Wireless, for $275 million. That immediately raises the question: What will Yahoo and Microsoft Do? Yahoo already is a top mobile ad network and so is Microsoft -- in both traffic and estimated revenues. Both rank in the top five in terms [...]

Bing Logo The Worst Identity of 2009, According To Brand New

Under Consideration's Brand New division posted their best and worst identities of 2009. Guess who made the top of the list for the worst identity? Bing, bing, bing - you got it, it was Microsoft's new brand for their search engine - the Bing logo. Honestly, I am not sure how reputable the Under Consideration site is, but I did see the Seattle Pi magazine mention this - so it did get some attention. Under Consideration's comments about the logo were: When I first posted the new logo for Microsoft’s search engine I blasted it for using scaled typography then "Bob," who designed the [...]

Bing… In… Space! (& Google, Too)

A reader pointed us to the Delta 2 rocket launch where Microsoft was a co-sponsor. If you look closely, you can see the Bing logo on the rocket ship. While Bing's logo went into space, Google today announced a partnership with DigitalGlobe to launch a satellite into space to provide "high-quality imagery in Google Earth & Google Maps." What about Yahoo? Well, they did bury a Time Capsule in earth in October 2006 which wont be opened until March 2, 2020. Not exactly space, but still feels a bit futuristic. [...]

Obama Praises Twitter, Google & Facebook — But Not Microsoft’s Xbox

Does today's speech from President Barack Obama to school children across the United States need any more controversy? Having listened to it, I personally can't see many parents objecting. But I could see one tech company not happy: Microsoft. Competitors like Google got called out as "good" things to aspire to while a Microsoft's Xbox was something he suggested should be turned off. From his prepared remarks, which should be pretty close to the exact speech he delivered: Microsoft gets the bad news early: I’ve talked about your parents’ responsibility for making sure you stay on track [...]

Microsoft Now Promoting Cashback Program With TV Ads

TechCrunch reports Microsoft is continuing with the Bing TV commercials but this time promoting the Cashback program. Most recently, Bing doubled the Cashback rewards to drive more awareness to the program. That double reward increase was so successful on some sites that Microsoft had to pull the program four days early. Maybe TV commercials end up being cheaper than double rewards? Here is the ad: [...]

Microsoft Doubles Up On Cashback To Give Bing A Boost

Microsoft announced that they have created a "Bing stimulus package" using the Cashback program, in an attempt to encourage searchers to use Bing more often. Cashback is a way for Microsoft to give searchers who buy products from select merchants, after discovering those merchants through Bing, a gift, a discount. In the past, Microsoft Cashback was offering up to 35% off on certain products, now Microsoft has boosted those rewards to up to 50% off for select merchants. I have used Cashback in the past to get discounts and it does indeed work. It is a bit confusing for searchers to get [...]

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