Post-Click Marketing For Search Marketers

Over the past year, the term "post-click marketing" has come up more frequently in search marketing discussions, especially in the context of improving conversion rates and overall search ROI. At SMX West earlier this month, Gordon Hotchkiss of Enquiro unequivocally declared that post-click marketing moves the needle for their clients more than any other aspect of search marketing. So what exactly is post-click marketing and how can you leverage it in your search marketing program? Here's a brief introduction. Post-click marketing > landing pages The simplest definition of post-cli [...]

Location in the Browser: What Does It Mean?

Not long ago, Google rolled out its "Geolocation API" (via Google Gears). Initially it was intended to enable third party publishers and developers to get location for their apps on mobile devices using a combination of the phone's inherent location-awareness technologies (i.e., GPS) and Google's cell-tower database (which has been expanded now to include WiFi locations). However it also works for destkop browsers, provided that Gears is installed on the computer. Here's the Google Code Blog discussing the impact: When we originally proposed the Gears Geolocation API our goal was to make i [...]

Yahoo Improves Content Match Targeting

The Yahoo Search Marketing Blog announced they have improved the targeting and relevancy of their content match product. The improvements will lead to a higher click through rate on ads and higher satisfaction. The specific improvement is that they now not only target the ads based on the content of the page, but also based on the user viewing the page. Yahoo will tailor the ad based on the "users' geographic and behavioral profiles." [...]

Behavioral Targeting Under Fire As ISP Backs Away From Tracking Subscriber Activities

Privacy is dead, get used to it. In the effort to rescue display advertising from its historically dismal performance and so-called "banner blindness," behavioral targeting (BT) was born a few years ago with Tacoda. It has both increased in popularity and infamy since that time. Consumers prefer more "relevant" ads but they also dislike being tracked. That's the paradox and the problem with BT. Here's the issue in a nutshell. According to a March 2008 survey by Truste (written up in MediaPost), "nearly three out of four people, or 71%, said they realize that companies track their Web browsin [...]

The Facebook Privacy Fallout Continues

For those just joining us, Facebook was overly aggressive with its Beacon tracking program, one of several new ad programs launched in early November. Beacon required users to opt-out or have their activity and transactions on Facebook partner sites broadcast to their networks back on Facebook. Discovering this, many people were frustrated and upset by what they felt was a lack of disclosure regarding the implications of the tracking. Under pressure from users, the media, and privacy groups, Facebook modified Beacon's opt-out policy on Friday, apparently making participation opt-in. But the [...]

Danny Sullivan & Rand Fishkin Talk About Search Ads Vs. Facebook Ads

Forget Facebook. Search Ads Are the Revolution from Danny Sullivan's monthly AdAge column talks about how search ads compare to Facebook's ads. That column is the topic in this week's SEOmoz's Whiteboard Friday. Danny sat down with Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz's office in Seattle to create the following video. Enjoy! [...]

Facebook Modifies “Beacon” To Mollify Privacy Critics

As we wrote yesterday, Facebook faced a furor from critics who argued its Beacon program went too far in tracking its users' actions on non-Facebook sites and broadcasting those back through Facebook newsfeeds. As of last night the company had decided to make changes in the advertising program to appease critics who have brought much unwelcome negative publicity to the social network. Here's the New York Times' coverage. The biggest change appears to be that the program will now require an "opt-in" rather than an "opt-out" by users. The actions will still be tracked and captured, but they will [...]

Facebook Tripartite Ad System Launched: Facebook Pages, Social Ads, & Beacon

Facebook has launched a new Facebook Ads program offering three major products for advertisers: Facebook Pages, a way for businesses to build branded pages on Facebook to connect with their audiences; Facebook Social Ads, an ad system allowing Facebook users to be targeted by demographic interest, and "friend activities," and Facebook Beacons, allowing activities at sites off Facebook to flow back in. Facebook Pages allow brands to have profile pages on Facebook in the same way that people have them. (see Coca-Cola's screenshot from ZDNet) with marketing messages, games, video, et [...]

Google Sends Speakers To FTC Town Hall Meeting On Behavioral Advertising

Google is attending and sending high-profile representatives to speak at the US FTC's "town hall" meeting, which starts today, on "behavioral advertising." The broad phenomenon of behavioral targeting will be under scrutiny as privacy and consumer advocates presumably point out the risks of the practice. On the rewards side will be Google and other Internet stakeholders who argue that without advertising – and increasingly personalization – the Internet as we know it wouldn't exist. Tim Armstrong, Google’s President of North American Advertising and Commerce, as well as two Google atto [...]

Want To Opt Out Of Behavioral Ads? AOL Says It Is Your Choice

AOL Will Let Consumers Opt Out of Targeted Ads from the Wall Street Journal reports that AOL will announce today a new tool that will enable AOL users to opt out of targeted or personalized ads. (NOTE: The AOL announcement is now live). AOL has behavioral ad technology that stores consumer's preferences and then tailors ads based on the sites' users' visits. AOL is expected to announce a system that will give these users the ability to opt out of those ads. The Wall Street Journal says AOL most likely timed this announcement to pre-empt the Federal Trade Commission meeting tomorrow on "con [...]

Facebook To Launch Personalized Ad Program

Facebook Gets Personal With Ad Targeting Plan from the Wall Street Journal reports Facebook will be launching a new ad service as early as late fall. The ad service will generate very personalized results, based on the wealth of information Facebook has on their users. The ads will not just be generated based on gender, age or geo-location but also based on personal preferences such as religion, music, family and more. The ads will be displayed on a profile's "news feed" and on several other pages. It is still early in the game, and Facebook has not released any details about their ad pro [...]

FTC Town Hall Meeting To Examine ‘Behavioral Advertising’

The US Federal Trade Commission is going to have a public forum in Washington, DC on Nov. 1-2 to bring together various consumer groups, academics and interested parties to address concerns "raised by the practice of tracking consumers’ activities online to target advertising." The last time the FTC looked into "online profiling" for the purposes of ad targeting was 2000. However, "technology advances and the evolution of business models since that time have raised concerns by consumer advocates, privacy experts, and others about the implications of data collection in online advertising now [...]

Google: Not Ready To Behaviorally Target

We explained last week how Google was using search history to refine the ads it shows to searchers. But for now, Google says that's as far as it plans to go to behaviorally target people. Google wary of behavioral targeting in online ads from Reuters goes into more about this, from a talk between reporters and Susan Wojcicki, Google vice president of product management for advertising. Reuters summarizes: "Google was shying away from the industry race to deliver tools for advertisers that stitch together a user's various online actions into one profile." Susan told Reuters: Specifically, [...]

FAST Buys Recommendations Engine AgentArts

Enterprise search provider FAST Search & Transfer has acquired personalization platform and recommendations engine AgentArts. The technology will be folded into FAST's various enterprise search offerings, which include a range of site search and monetization options for online publishers. The company also has a mobile search partnership with InfoSpace. FAST has positioned itself as a complete platform to help publishers of all stripes essentially compete with Google and avoid dependence on AdSense and other third-party contextual ad networks. [...]

New SmartAds: The Future Of Graphical Advertising At Yahoo

Yahoo is introducing new SmartAds that deliver display ads to people across the web based on their demographic and geographic profiles, plus search and web browsing behaviors. These ads represent the future of graphical advertising at Yahoo, according to Gaude Lydia Paez, director of corporate communications at Yahoo. SmartAds have been successfully tested over the past four to five months in the travel category, and they will eventually roll out across the larger Yahoo network and ultimately on RightMedia and other partner sites. While SmartAds won't replace pure branding in all circumst [...]

Turn Your PPC Advertising Campaign Into An Effective Search Marketing Machine

Are you treating your PPC campaign as an advertising outlet or a marketing opportunity? Many PPC advertisers treat the engines as advertising distribution, but fail to create marketing messages. PPC engines have many features that let you have control over ad display, however, if you just use these features to serve ads—then you're not taking advantage of the opportunities available. You should move past just serving ads to putting forth comprehensive strategies that will grow your business. Just to clarify, advertising is the paid promotion of goods and services. Advertising is [...]

Four Steps To Better Business Leads From Search

So you got a click on your PPC ad. Now what do you do? The job of the B2B search marketer is only beginning when a prospect clicks. As MarketingSherpa points out, the decision to click is microscopically unimportant compared to all the things you are asking from a prospect after they've clicked: Stick around and read your copy, fill out a form, risk getting their privacy invaded, take a meeting, recommend your product, make a purchase, and so on. When the goal of search marketing is to drive high-quality leads to sales, no B2B pay-per-click campaign is complete without these additional & [...]

How Microsoft’s Behavioral Targeting Works

Microsoft Ad Push Is All About You at the Wall Street Journal has a nice overview of how Microsoft's behavioral targeting ad software works, nothing ground breaking, but a nice overview. I'll quote a piece of the article for you: Here's how it works: If someone types in "compare car prices" on Live Search, Microsoft's computers note that the person is probably considering buying a vehicle. The computers then check with the list of Hotmail accounts to see if they have any information on the person. If they do, and an auto maker has paid Microsoft to target this type of person, the computer wi [...]

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