Google Changes AdWords Campaign ‘Limited By Budget’ Estimator

google-adwords-square-logo Google has rolled out a new campaign daily budget estimator for campaigns with the "limited by budget" alert in AdWords. Sergey Rusak of WordStream tweeted the new pop-up view earlier today. The updated budget estimator provides estimated weekly clicks and impressions and cost per week for each proposed budget setting. The graph no longer displays a historical picture of the additional clicks or impressions your campaign would have received by day over the past week if your budget had been set higher. For example, you used to be [...]

FAQ: All About The Banner Ad Test In Google’s Search Results

google-display-ads-featured Yesterday, Search Engine Land broke the news that Google is running a test to show banner ads on branded search results. While the search giant has introduced images to its ad formats, including product listing ads and image extensions, the introduction of banner ads is a noticeable change for the company. Here's what we know so far. Do these new ads include the image banner and text listings? Despite appearances, the ad is comprised of the image banner only. In the Virgin America screenshot below (sent to us by @SynrgyHQ), for example, the text listing for and subs [...]

The Double Serving Myth: When One Company Monopolizes PPC Ad Results

monopoly-game-featured Here are two scenarios that are currently keeping many PPC advertisers up at night -- maybe you're one of them: A parent company buys up a significant portion of the competitors in a sector, and with the backing of large budgets,  advertises each site on AdWords and Bing Ads, shutting out most of the competition. A parent company launches several brands in the same sector and advertises them all with the same keywords on AdWords and Bing Ads, shutting competition out of the auction. Cases of one player monopolizing ad share happens more than you may realize, often devastating the onc [...]

Google AdWords Third-Party “Review Extensions” Start Rolling Out To All Accounts

adwords-quality-score-featured In June, Google announced the beta release of Review Extensions which allow advertisers to append a quote of endorsement from a reputable publication in their AdWords ads. Today, these Review Extensions will begin to roll out to all AdWords accounts. You should see the Review Extensions option under the Ad extensions tab in your account within the next few days. The blurb you include in your ads can be a paraphrased review or an exact quote from the publication. Review Extensions can take a few days to be approved. Google recommends setting one Review Extension at the campaign level fo [...]

Bing Ads Analysis Tools Go Live: Dimensions Tab, Performance Comparison Graph

bing-ads-square Bing Ads launched two very handy tools today that make account analysis from within the web interface a reality. The Dimensions Tab provides a shortcut to performing campaign analysis and includes access the fantastic Distribution graph. If you're not using the distribution graph already, do yourself a favor and start. The graph is hidden at log-in, so you need to click on the orange arrow for it to display. From the Dimensions Tab, you can drill into a variety of "dimensions" including time, search terms, location, publisher website (complete with Syndicated Search Network partners), desti [...]

AdWords Smartphone CPCs Drop Sharply After Enhanced Campaigns Transition [RKG Report]

Mobile CPCs versus Desktop Q3 2013 With two months of enhanced campaigns behind us, RKG's Q3 Digital Marketing Report offers a look at the near-term impact of the roll-out on its client set, which includes 40 of the top 500 online retailers. Most metrics remained relatively stable; however, the effects were seen in smartphones where CPCs dropped significantly after the transition. RKG transtioned most campaigns to enhanced in late June after refining changes to its in-house bidding technology. As the graph below shows, CPCs dropped dramatically after the transition. The agency offers two reasons for the huge drop: 1. bids we [...]

Study Finds Small Businesses Waste 25 Percent Of Their PPC Budgets

money-garbage-shutterstock While pay-per-click marketing has become an integral part of many small businesses' marketing plans, most SMBs struggle to find the time and resources to manage their PPC campaigns. A new study finds that, due to managerial and strategic errors, SMBs inadvertently waste a quarter of their paid search budgets. Paid search software firm, WordStream, conducted the study by reviewing the accounts of 500 small and mid-sized business clients who manage their own AdWords accounts. WordStream found that less than half of the businesses have conversion tracking installed on their landing pages. A la [...]

Bing Ads Launches Its Own “Express” Program For Local Small Businesses

bing-ads-express-logo This week, Bing Ads unveiled Bing Ads Express, a pay-per-click program for small local businesses that is clearly modeled on Google's AdWords Express program. Businesses can launch a single ad campaign tied to their Bing business listing and geo-target the ad to show in their locality. There is a monthly minimum spend requirement of $50. Beyond that, advertisers can control their spend. Whereas AdWords Express customers have the option to use Google+ pages in lieu of a website, Bing Ads Express customers can use their Facebook page or another web page that is associated with your busi [...]

Hot Tactics For Geo-Targeted Ads On Google & Bing

Geographic Segmentation Map for PPC Ads At SMX East this morning, I sat in on the Improving Your Geographic Targeting Tactics On Google & Bing session, in large part because I'm far more familiar with SEO than with paid search, so I like to stretch myself and learn more about the advertising side of the local search equation. The session was moderated by Matt Van Wagner (President of Find Me Faster), and featured speakers Kevin Lee (CEO of, Sam Owen (PPC & CRO Account Manager of Hanapin Marketing), and Paul Corkery (Senior Operations Program Manager at Microsoft). I actually have quite a lot of familiari [...]

Google Launches ‘Estimated Cross-Device Conversions’ In AdWords, First Stage Of New ‘Estimated Total Conversions’

google-adwords-numbers-featured Today, Google launched estimated cross-device conversions in AdWords. It's the company's first step in providing advertisers with conversion insights that reflect the real-world impact of their campaigns. The new conversion type is the first to roll-out as part of the new Estimated Total Conversions, which will eventually include phone calls and in-store visits. Estimated cross-device conversions is rolling out globally over the next few weeks. "Consumers just want information, they don't care how they get it. Today's announcement is about measurement and catching up to the consumer [...]

WordStream Launches PPC Landing Page Creator, Lead Management Tool For SMBs

Successful PPC lead generation campaigns demand good landing pages. Yet many small business marketers are left without the resources to create solid landing pages that will convert visitors into leads. WordStream, a PPC platform designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses and their agencies, sees this problem up close every day. In response, the company launched Landing Pages & Leads as part of the platform's PPC Advisor software. Advertisers and agencies using WordStream now have access to a simple tool to build custom landing pages. Users can select the color scheme, a [...]

Google AdWords Debuts Ready Image Ads: Enter A URL, Get IAB-Sized HTML5-Ready Display Ads

google-adwords-square-logo The latest roll-out from Google AdWords could dramatically change the number of advertisers running display campaigns - and whether anyone gets paid to make display ads anymore. While that might sound far fetched, the launch of Ready Image Ads introduces a slick new option for advertisers that want to get optimized display ads up quickly and painlessly. The company introduced two new tools at IAM MIXX: Ready Image Ads and Ready Ad Gallery to make it as easy as entering a URL to create IAB standard, HTML5 compatible ads on the fly. All you have to do is add a URL and display ads are automati [...]

Google Expands AdWords Conversion Window Settings

google-adwords-square-logo In a small but significant change, Google is doing away with the 30-day conversion window in AdWords. Now advertisers can customize the conversion window from 7 to 90 days. Extending the window up to 90 days is good news for marketers whose sales cycles typically take longer than 30 days after an ad click or for those advertisers focused on luring repeat buyers back to the site and want to track performance on that metric. Advertisers with shorter sales cycles that don't want lagging conversions to cloud their attribution data, can opt to shorten the window. Some may wish for an even sho [...]

Trust In Search Ads Rises, Along With All Other Ads Except Newspaper [Nielsen]

nielsen-logo A new Nielsen study on consumer trust in advertising shows trust in search ads has risen since 2007. Nearly half (48 percent) of consumer respondents now say they trust search ads, that's up 14 percent since 2007. This is certainly good news for search advertisers. In more good news, with the exception of ads in newspapers, which saw a slight slip, consumers displayed an increased level of trust across all ad formats. Search along with other online ads still lag behind traditional ad mediums -- including newspaper ads -- in consumer trust, however. To find out how other digital ad [...]

New Bing Ads Location Extension Features Roll Out To All US Advertisers

bing-ads-square The added features Bing Ads introduced to Location Extensions in June are now available to all advertisers in the US. If you're running mobile or local paid search campaigns, you'll want to be sure your location extension data is comprehensive to take advantage of these features. Here's a look at the latest location extensions in Bing Ads: Click For Directions: When enhancing an ad with location details, a "Directions" link automatically appears next to the business address. Clicks on the Directions link (shown below) are charged on CPC basis just like clicks on ad headlines. Clicks on the [...]

Bing Ads Introduces Performance Comparison Graphs

bing-ads-square The Bing Ads UI has long been plagued by obfuscation. Yes, there have been improvements such as the addition of performance trends and change history visualization, but there hasn't be a way to compare performance data without downloading, formatting  and analyzing reports on your own. Finally, Bing Ads is working on a solution. Today the company announced it's working on new performance comparison feature to: Compare your current performance to that of a previous period. Compare your performance with the MOVING AVERAGE, a reliable performance baseline to measure the success of your [...]

Paid Search Drives Store Revenue… But How Much?

Category Test Set Up RKG has long been interested in the question of online to offline spillover. We've also long been critical of the sloppy, ill-conceived tests that have misled many advertisers on this spillover in the past. We've recently participated with a few of our retail-chain clients on more carefully designed studies to get a more responsible answer to this question. The Conventional Wisdom You hear numbers thrown around all the time about the online to offline spillover factor. I've heard that for every order tracked online there are 4, 6, 7 -- I even heard 10 once -- offline orders driven. All of th [...]

Google Adds Conversion Estimates To AdWords Bid Simulator

google-adwords-square-logo Bid Simulator, the AdWords tool that shows click, impression and cost estimates, now includes conversion predictions. The Bid Simulator displays estimates for both 1-per-click and many-per-click conversions you might have received with different bids. As with the other estimated data, the conversion estimates are based on clicks from a recent seven day period. So far, conversion estimates appear to be very limited to high volume keywords. Many accounts may see conversion estimates in the Bid Simulator only for brand keywords. Sparse conversion data clearly makes it hard to make any w [...]

Bing Ads Expands To 5 Southeast Asia Countries

bing-ads-featured As of today, advertisers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam have access to Bing Ads. The roll out of Bing Ads means marketers in these countries can use one platform to advertise on both Yahoo and Bing. It also expands the geographic targeting capabilities for existing customers to reach users in Southeast Asia. Microsoft claims a reach of nearly 13 million users in Southeast Asia, and 489 million users worldwide every month through the Yahoo! Bing Network. The addition brings the total number of countries served by Bing Ads to 32. In July, the company added Aus [...]

Bing Ads Releases New API, Version 9

bing-ads-square Microsoft rolled out version 9 of the Bing Ads API for developers to start using immediately. The API will include the following additions to functionality: Bulk upload and download methods for campaign management which utilize comma separated values (CSV) and tab separated values (TSV) as the data interchange formats. These data formats are identical to the formats that will be used for importing and exporting of campaigns by the next version of the Bing Ads Editor. Support for new features related to compatibility with AdWords enhanced campaigns. Streamlining of campaign ma [...]

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