Search & Display explores the intersection of traditional display media with search advertising and how online advertisers can leverage targeted keyword advertising alongside a branded display campaign to achieve greater lift, maximize click-through rates, conversion and engagement metrics. We’ll explore best practices and tactics for re-targeting, as well as share insightful data and meaningful case studies to help you navigate through the challenging, converging world of search and display.

Is Facebook Stepping Up to Search & Display?

If there is one company on a mission to capitalize on search and display, it's Facebook. Recent evidence this year shows that the social giant is stepping up its game across both channels – in search, they have announced the Graph Search, and in display, they have made big waves with consistent announcements surrounding the Facebook Exchange (FBX). Impact On Search Today, Facebook serves as a gateway to the Internet, much like Google. Until now, each company has taken its own approach via a specific channel – one through search and the other through social. More recently, they have begun [...]

How Search Retargeting Kick Started The Programmatic Marketing Revolution

programmatic-bigdata-signs-featured Buzz word or not, "programmatic marketing" is here to stay. Those CMOs who've embraced it have largely found their spend is more efficient, their targeting is more accurate, their customers are happier, and they have insights that were unheard of just a few years ago. But, programmatic marketing had a surprising start, coming in part from the world of Search Retargeting. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="270"] Image courtesy of Chango[/caption] Let's back up a little bit and start by explaining one of the biggest buzzwords of 2013: big data. "Big data" simply means lots and lots o [...]

Unstructured Data In Display: Cut Through The Fog To Provide Insight

In my last article, I talked about the importance of unstructured data for optimal performance in display advertising. This time, I’d like to bring that conversation full circle and explore another aspect of what unstructured data provides in spades: insight. While performance is typically the primary way of measuring advertising efforts, insight about your specific buyer is undeniably the best way to kick-start that performance. So, while advertisers find themselves in a foggy haze of excess information, clear and accurate insight becomes invaluable. Here’s a look at how unstructure [...]

Fresh Out Of The Oven: Contextual Tastes Way Better Than Cookies

In recent years, using cookie data in behavioral targeting strategies has been heralded as a game-changer by online marketers. A large part of this attention is focused on data management platforms (DMPs) that enable behavioral targeting through the use of cookie data to categorize a user's website activity and optimize ad buying. Although this has led to noted improvements in ad effectiveness for national campaigns, we posit that locally-targeted ad campaigns with strict geographic limits do not see as much of a benefit as from other targeting techniques, such as page-level semantic analys [...]

What Exactly Is Meant by “Retargeting”?

Retargeting is not a new concept to the digital industry -- in fact, it has been around for some time -- but its uses and forms have definitely evolved. Over the course of this evolution, "retargeting" has become somewhat of a loose term – we now see it used alongside "search" and "social" in addition to its original form, "site retargeting." In my opinion, there is a real need for clarification of, and education about, retargeting. For example, is search retargeting really re-targeting? Despite its name, search retargeting is more of a mid- to upper-funnel strategy that engages new users, [...]

Programmatic Attribution Modeling – Don’t Just Measure, Execute

Forrester-FrameworkForMulticampaignAttribution The goal behind an attribution model is to understand how all of your marketing touch-points fit together, showing you which dollars are working the hardest, and subsequently allowing you to make smarter decisions next time around. Sounds simple, right? Actually, it’s very far from simple, and is actually the wrong goal to be aiming for. Firstly, most of the barriers to building an attribution solution are extremely hard to overcome, and others are simply impossible to accomplish. Technical limitations mean we can’t tie together all of our digital touch-points, human limitations mean [...]

5 Keys To Success In Search Retargeting

When search retargeting was new a few years ago, marketers everywhere were excited about the concept. As a new audience acquisition solution, the ability to tie an advertising campaign back to a specific data set that declared a user’s intent, this was a refreshing breakthrough. At the time, of course, few online marketers even understood search retargeting, let alone used it. Yet, as word of its power spread, more and more users adopted it until there was a stampede of ad networks and DSPs eager to include search retargeting among their offerings. There’s nothing new about this. It [...]

Why Vertical Search Is Threatening Google’s Reign

Until recently, Google has dominated search. It has been the main stomping ground for consumers looking to buy products, visit sites, or conduct research. However, the nature of search is changing, especially on mobile devices. My own search behavior is a prime example. As a frequent traveler, I go straight to to search for flights. When I'm looking to buy a consumer product, I often sidestep Google entirely and go right to Amazon, eBay or PriceGrabber. Recent research proves that I'm not alone in this and that consumer search behavior is evolving. According to comSco [...]

Data: The Digital Common Denominator

In April 2013, the IAB released a report that revealed double-digit growth for both search and display. Additionally, within digital, video was named the fastest-growing sector, reaching $2.3 billion. I spoke with three industry experts in display, search and video to gain deeper insights into how and why search, display and video will continue to show a positive curve. Display: Audience Buying In Prime Time When it comes to display, it’s obvious that the driving force behind its growth is data. Gerry Bavaro, Chief Strategy Officer of Resolution Media, says, “Audience-based planni [...]

Study: What Actual Marketers Feel About Retargeting, FBX & More

I have very strong opinions about retargeting, as regular readers will know! Marketers seem to be on a crazy high these days, obsessed with the idea that their path to success is to spend more on site retargeting and keep finding ways to increase their audience pool or boost frequency caps to obscene levels. More spend is better? Garbage! Smarter spending is better. Over the last two years, I have discussed why marketers should cut their site retargeting budget, how programmatic marketing executions can change retargeting forever and, in a recent iMedia article, why retargeting is fund [...]

Unstructured Data: Turning Chaos Into Performance

As advertisers, we’re bombarded daily with new ways to work with our data, many of which promise  to streamline and maximize our efforts. Yet, while all of the tools and possibilities for digital advertising can lend significant potency to our marketing strategies, they can also result in frenetic chaos. Advertisers need to find ways to tame the chaos and deliver maximum performance on their advertising campaigns. Many see unstructured data as a chaotic addition to their advertising mix, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to use the powerhouse of unstructured data to tran [...]

How Search Retargeting Is Bridging The Gap Between Search & Display

Recently, Harvard Business School published a working paper, Do Display Ads Influence Search? Attribution and Dynamics in Online Advertising. While I won’t go into all of the details and findings from this paper, I want to focus on a few of the findings and explore some overarching themes: How Search Retargeting Bridges The Gap Between Search & Display How Search Retargeting Can Be Useful To Marketers In Making More Efficient Use Of Their Display Advertising Spend How Search Retargeting Can Help Minimize The Risk Of Adjusting Spend In Each Of Those Two Categories In the paper [...]

3 Real-Life ‘Programmatic’ Executions & What They Mean To You

Firstly, as a quick refresher, the terms ‘big data’ and ‘programmatic’ sound more complex than they are! In my last article, Why Do Big Data & Programmatic Marketing Actually Matter?, I described how big data can simply be thought of as ‘more data,' and that having more data makes us smarter marketers. Using more data can be difficult to do, and so, the way to use more data is with an approach called ‘programmatic.’ Removing all the complexity and BS from the term, at its highest level, ‘programmatic’ just means that you are writing some logical rules that combine bits [...]

The Recency Bump: In Retargeting Timing Is Everything

In retargeting, as in life, timing is everything. There are two major factors that make search marketing so successful. The first is marketer control at the keyword level. That’s about as granular as intent-based advertising gets. The second is that search ads have immediate recency. Meaning, the time between user intent and ad impression is nearly zero. As soon as the consumer hits search, the relevant ad is right there for him or her to click. This is one reason click through rates in search blow away social CTR. We refer to this impact of immediacy as the “recency bump.” Now, [...]

Keys To Making The Most Out Of Search Data

Search data is not one-size-fits-all – it goes way beyond search engine marketing and knowing which search led to a specific action. In fact, if search data can be used to forecast flu outbreaks, then I think we should consider the use cases beyond just an SEM campaign. There are various search entities where data resides – such as search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, and then other search entities including vertical sites, shopping comparison engines, e-commerce sites and social networks. The combination of all of these searches is creating opportunities for marketers to take s [...]

Why Do Big Data & Programmatic Marketing Actually Matter?

Did you know 2.5 quintillion bytes (25,000,000,000,000,000,000) of digital data is created every single day, the majority being centered around you? Every day, we send 145bn emails, 340m tweets and 2 million searches queries to Google. But, there is also the more invisible footprints you leave as you go about your day swiping your credit card, driving through tolls, visiting websites, etc.. So, when we talk about Big Data, we really mean it. Like many buzz terms, Big Data and Programmatic Marketing are actually nothing new, they are old ideas brought up to date to the modern need; and so [...]

The Rise Of Programmatic Branding In RTB

Does RTB really stand for Real Time Branding? Since the advent of Real Time Bidding, programmatic display advertising has largely been thought of as a technique for direct-response, performance based advertisers. This is largely because RTB has worked very well for performance advertisers. The ability to buy impressions one at a time (and more recently, the ability to buy audiences with similar granularity) has enabled performance advertisers to lower their cost per action (CPA), whether those actions are leads or purchases or something else. Despite its benefits, many “brand advert [...]

Facebook: The New Display & Search Channel

Facebook is the most preeminent social networking site in the world. It is not the first and probably won't be the last, but it is likely the most important. Facebook usage is massive because users spend large lengths of time on the site. If Facebook was a country, and its users were citizens, then it would be the second largest country behind China. But, Facebook has become far more than just social networking, expanding from company pages and fan pages to social gaming; the variety of ways that users interact with Facebook keeps growing. [caption id="attachment_146954" align="alignc [...]

Retargeting Tips For Highly-Regulated Advertisers

"Should or should I not include retargeting in a media plan?" is a regular question asked by clients. Although it is a fantastic technology and when used properly can drive huge results -- clients are often oversold and promised the world -- and it is ever so difficult for them to cut through the clutter. For direct-to-consumer advertisers and agencies, retargeting may be a no brainer. But for more regulated companies -- such as those in healthcare and finance verticals -- the questions are much more complex and not as easily answered. A Quick Recap On Retargeting There are two types of r [...]

What Is The Facebook Exchange Opportunity?

Welcome to 2013 folks, the year that programmatic marketing and big data will dominate the thoughts of smart marketers, now with the additive known as FBX, or the Facebook Exchange. Anything this big and new is bound to cause disruption, and therefore opportunity, and so let’s look at how you can take advantage of it. What Is The Facebook Exchange (FBX)? In some ways, FBX is another media exchange like the GDN, AdMeld, RightMedia etc., an open marketplace where display media ads are bought and sold using RTB (Real Time Bidding). As opposed to many different domains being aggregated toge [...]

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